December 2, 2012

A very good Sunday evening to you!

New Items: Dagarn's TailPlanar AlloyBoreal Gauntlets of the ZealotDistorted Breastplate of the ZealotFlame Etched DaggerDread GlovesShiny Metallic SleevesAccursed Grin of MalevolenceAncient Wurm Hide RobeOversized AntSilver Whip of RageOnyx GauntletsTainted LoamReaper's RingRocksmasherWar Weilded GrotesqueLarge Double-bladed AxeKranigan's Fist OrnamentationSimple Robe of the HarbingersDevious Robe of the HarbingersDarkened Robe of the HarbingersSeafall Robe of the HarbingersIntricate Robe of the HarbingersSkysilk Robe of the Harbingers ;  350+ more after the jump

New Zones: Kael Drakkel: Raid InstanceKael Drakkel: The Madness of King TormaxKael Drakkel: Traitors Among UsCrystal Caverns: Danela's StandCrystal Caverns: Into the Caverns of FearZeixshi-Kar's Awakening: Raid InstanceZeixshi-Kar's Awakening: Defeat Zeixshi-KarZeixshi-Kar's Awakening: Confronting Your Fears

More New Items: Ancient Robe of the HarbingersBoreal Wristguard of the Frozen FlameRusty ScimitarBoreal Pants of the Frozen FlameBoreal Gloves of the Frozen FlameThe Mad's RavingPressure GaugeWinterwarden's BackplateFresh Evantil FruitKrattk the Lion Tamer OrnamentationEquifinis OrnamentationUnfired Krattk the Lion Tamer OrnamentUnfired Equifinis OrnamentBoreal Vambraces of the LightEnergized Clay Goo PotGalrok's TrickSinged BookDew ScepterAccursed Grin of MalevolenceFarseeing ChokerBarrel of DynamiteCorrupted Dragonthrall Bone NecklaceSong: Chorus of Salarra Rk. IISong: Kaficus' Song of Suffering Rk. IISong: War March of Protan Rk. IIBoreal Vambraces of the PerformerEternity BandA Cooked Selyrah EggRecovered Multiphasic RingXorbb Prison KeyComponent ShouldersAccursed Grin of MalevolenceAccursed Grin of MalevolenceRegal Dwarven Cultural SmithingLeaf-shaped ClaspGloom ManeRy'Gorr MortisHarmony of Essence 9 BenefitBoreal Sleeves of the Frozen FlameA Delicate Pearlescent GrowthWand of ShockingGlowing Gem of ZarinarnGlowing Gem of JuytabuGlowing Gem of XalzinaiGlowing Gem of LerabdiGlowing Gem of KagzinaiGlowing Gem of JexlplixOverseer's BindingsTainted Tentacle FlailDarkened Gem of JuytabuDarkened Gem of XalzinaiDarkened Gem of LerabdiDarkened Gem of ZarinarnDarkened Gem of JexlplixDarkened Gem of KagzinaiA Mysterious TomeTwisted Evantil TwigLarge Evantil TwigDripping EyeMiner's PickScroll: Nature's Withering Wrath Rk. IIBaneice GlobeBoreal Wristguard of the TenderBanescale ShoulderpadsA Slimy Pearlescent GrowthA Grimy Pearlescent GrowthA Small Pearlescent GrowthRust-Tinged Box of FearAn Oddly Shaped Pearlescent GrowthA Swirled Pearlescent GrowthA Large Pearlescent GrowthRust-Tinged Box of FearJeweled Plate BeltRust-Tinged Box of FearRust-Tinged Box of FearRust-Tinged Box of FearBoreal Boots of the RevenantBoreal Vambraces of the RevenantBoreal Helm of the RevenantBoreal Greaves of the RevenantBoreal Bracer of the RevenantBoreal Gauntlets of the RevenantGlowing Earth ChunkCrushing Aegis of DawnCLASS 9 Steel Shardpoint ArrowCLASS 9 Steel Fearbone ArrowCollar Bone Neck GuardArticular PlatingShifting ShankerForeman's Spiked BracerCentipedeCorrupted Evantil FruitRat King's TeethAmaranthine NecklaceFear Shard ChokerKyenka's Tuned SpauldersDexterous ShoulderguardsTwitching SnoodCorrupted FeelerWatcherPendant of the Lost ColdainBone Choker of the Frozen PriestSquare Cut Energized GemstonePear Cut Energized GemstoneTrilion Cut Energized GemstoneRound Cut Energized GemstoneOval Cut Energized GemstoneDredged HideCloak of Bloody ScalesCorrupted BrimstoneAshen ElixirGlacial Demon VisageAccursed Grin of MalevolenceShimmering VeilStrength of Mind 10 BenefitCrackersA Cooked Strip of Swinetor FleshFrayed WhipVibrant LeavesGalrok's Deceitful ResolveAlacritous WrapsCrystal VisorTainted BracersDragon Egg IncubatorScroll: Termination Rk. IICreepy DollEllyra's Dagger of RevengeAristo's Earring of InsightJansan's Armband of ArtistryDread TunicDragon Master's LashDistorted Gloves of the FangGlowing Lava RockPlanar Energy NostrumWet RopePurification TabletsA Brittle Dragon-Forged WeaponA Dragon-Forged WeaponA Corrosive SubstancePeople-eaterWatcherVanishing ScarecrowGalrim's Smithing HammerGalrim's ToolboxChained Stalag Runes of SalikLoinTangible FearGoopy CoreFly TrapHydraulic BootsSaplingMedal of Deep ThoughtGirdle of Dark PowerBlueberriesFacesmasherWanda's Ravaged TorsoShield of MidnightDragonspine RapierSummoned: Imperious ServantBlackstar, Mace of NightBracing Choker of the Frozen ColossusTrophy of MarnekPain NullifierCrown of ResilianceShawl of PerceptionRusty ShacklesBracelet of the Deep SeaNet of the Deep SeaSledge of SmashingEnchanted SeedsAncient Fire Etched FlambergeAncient Wurm Hide GreavesOnyx Chain LeggingsPile of Tiny LeavesThunderstoneAmulet of the StormForge HammerGluttonous SpoonAmulet of the DreadgazerWretched Skull RingWretched Skull RingStrength of Body 10 BenefitOnyx CrescentRugged Silk BandStormwheel's Burning DebrisCLASS 9 Steel Shardpoint ArrowFilth-Covered ShivDaemonic HeartLysergic PowderThe Chief's InfluenceSurgeon GeneralBoreal Wristguard of CompulsionPouch of Used Faerie DustSacrificial TableScroll: Cloudburst Rk. IIMinotaur LimbFang WhistleWildflowersCazic's BloodVelium Knuckles of the PitTerror Fish Sushi RollsPlanar Energy AlePlanar Energy SpiritsBundle of ExplosivesPork ChopEnergized SeaweedTerror FishSlimy Fur GirdleSeashell of Calming SoundsXril'et Log, Page 15Rorce's Spike of Frenzied SwingsBroken HornBottle of Swirling AirDark CloakBoreal Breastplate of the ZealotVitreous LensPouch of SpicesTonic of Resonant Frost XVIIUnending Loop of the UndeadVelium Crawler FleshMultiphasic RingAuburn Hero's Forge Cloth Robe OrnamentMultiphasic FacetVisibility TotemFoul Soul of the ForemanThistlebrush's PoulticeKromrif Ale BarrelHalfling LegMinotaur HeadThistlebrush's Everburning TorchFilthy Piece of HamDusty Piece of HamFresh Piece of HamBrantun's Kitchen NoteRust-Tinged Box of FearDirty Piece of HamMagnifying GlassBrantun's Waterfall Cavern NoteBrantun's Forest NoteMinotaur LadderKrondal's MaskBrantun's Crater NoteLeather War HarnessSoulcapture Crystal Construction MaterialsFrigid BladeMane of Congealed RevulsionDistorted Coif of the WardenSummoned: Frightforged ShortswordCrystalline BookSevered HandInvisible OneLost FetishBelt of the Expansive MindGelatinous CylinderSample of Spinechiller VenomBruke's Fur Lined CloakBone FifeCloak of Piercing ThornsMini Welding TorchScrap HeapHandful of ScrewsRoly PolyCube JellyDistorted Gauntlets of the WardenSilken Cloak of PhantasmTick Tock Fear BombTick Tock Blast BombSmelly BracerPale FearshardFrosted Dragonscale BaubleMakeshift DiceTransmuted CoinCrystalized ScreamTen-pint MugCrystal-Studded CummerbundAura of Preservation II 1 BenefitBulwark of Honor 10 BenefitBlunder BlockersSnake Tooth SandalsDistorted Bracer of the RevenantThird Piece of the Amulet of Zeixshi-KarCloak of ChampionsSecond Piece of the Amulet of Zeixshi-KarGentleman's SwordRegal Vah Anima CuirassTerror's JujuBenefactor's BrogansBoreal Coif of the WardenShivering Witch's CloakLens of InspirationKopp's Ritualistic SistrumMedallion of Cazic-ThuleBlessed MaceBoreal Wristguard of the UnwaveringOne Last GemViridian Hero's Forge Cloth Robe OrnamentCarapaced Barbed CinctureBanescale PauldronsThe Murderer's HeartApothecary's SatchelRegal High Elven Cultural TailoringRegal High Elven Cultural SmithingRunic Bloodstained Maul OrnamentationKnot-Ridden MaskChipped ShieldDusty PelvisCrystallized Dragon BreathAmorphous HideBubbling ShoulderpadsGreen Evantil LeafJom'AgurdTainted Saver of LivesCrafted Axe ComponentsMace of Life DrainingPlanar OverdoseRust-Tinged Box of FearBlack VertebraeWand of Phantasmal ModulationRubbery TentacleTome: Gullible Mark Rk. IIStone-Cold RingHooked HornsChitinous StrapWoven Sapling Back BraceAccursed Grin of MalevolenceInfused ThreadFaintly Pulsing FearshardFaded FearshardDracnia's FocusBonebasherDull FearshardSpoonImrahil's Claidhmore of Raging FuryHardened Lurker VisageStarrla's Cloudy Pink Scepter of VeeshanBaneice OrbCommunal GlovesPiercing Wrath of the GroundsRotting Sylvan's RobesRigid tongueFlawless Walrus TuskPickaxeLeather Boots of the HarbingersLeather Pants of the HarbingersLeather Gloves of the HarbingersLeather Bracer of the HarbingersLeather Sleeves of the HarbingersLeather Tunic of the HarbingersLeather Cap of the Harbingers

New Bestiary: Purveyor F`DevaxPurveyor Eilos BerenzaltekBanker Ismenaa sickwater crocodilea frostcoat grazera junk golema citizena blighted prowlera blightshell scaraba calculating overseera chillclaw wyverna clickshell pesta conscripted dredgera conscripted edgecraftera conscripted excavatora conscripted fightera conscripted gladiatora conscripted ironshapera conscripted liftera conscripted minera conscripted smitha conscripted tendera coralspine gorala corrupted coralspinea corrupted devourera council advisora council judicatora council overseera devout believera dire plainskeepera feeble devourera forsaken believera forsaken coordinatora forsaken overseera forsaken speakera forsaken supervisora forsaken torchbearera frostcoat patriarcha greater ivyscalea greater slatescalea kangon verdantbeaka lesser blightshella lesser hoardera lesser plainskeepera naeya plainshrouda pious believera plainsdweller guardiana plainsdweller wyverna ruthless overseera selyrah plainskeepera silent heralda slatescale serpenta slatescale slitherera soulless attendeea stoic believera taskmastera venomshell scaraba verdantbeak cuba wild naeyaa worntooth cuba worntooth grendlaena worntooth matrona zealous believeran arena sentryan arena wardan arena ward petan armory directoran armory foremanan armory guardan armory sentryan armory wardan armory ward petan elder naeyaan elder prowleran enforceran icebeak matriarchan icebeak pupan iceclaw wyvernan impassive clergymanan ivyscale serpentan ivyscale slithereran oashim hoarderan umbraphyte cultivatoran umbraphyte tenderAshki the ForsakenCamellia SpiretearDrakkEldwin SmashmasherEvoker FarleapEvoker RedwolfEvoker SlowtailEvoker WaylightGrazik RotscaleHigh Guard StavusHigh Guard StrakivHigh Guard VerichitekHigh Guard Verichitek petHigh Guard VolintiasHigh Guard Volintias petJimothy the DeliciousLady JenineLera the ForsakenRinaire SalvekSelya the ForsakenShardtender B`DrynnShardtender BabblemokShardtender N`LarisShardtender PuregladeShardtender TyvaleShardtender V`RaxSherry ShamblebootSister CyrinvaleSister FealcrestTakzic of the Dark CircleTerranceTorchbearer Lyris SinrathisTreddletek Cogwobblera well-groomed oashim corpseBurlshin`s supply chestXalzinaisupply barrelsupply boxenvoy`s supply boxan animated spell booka fearwinga fear shardlingJexlplixa nightmarea wayard nightmarea treasure chesta snow griffina treasure chest

New Recipes: Regal Infused Bladed Knuckle DustersRegal Uninfused Bladed Knuckle DustersRegal Infused Razor-Tipped WhipRegal Uninfused Razor-Tipped WhipViolet Hero's Forge Cloth Robe OrnamentSpell: Torrid Sands Rk. IIPlanar DonutsHand Copied Alaran NotesTranslated NotesSpell: Cloudburst Levin Rk. IITailored Supreme PackTailored Supreme BackpackTailored Supreme BagTailored Supreme Belt PouchTailored Supreme HaversackTailored Supreme RucksackTailored Supreme SackTailored Supreme SatchelTailored Supreme Tool BeltHeavy Tailored Supreme BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme BagHeavy Tailored Supreme Belt PouchHeavy Tailored Supreme HaversackHeavy Tailored Supreme PackHeavy Tailored Supreme RucksackHeavy Tailored Supreme SackHeavy Tailored Supreme SatchelHeavy Tailored Supreme Tool Belt

Updated Items: Mask of the ChetariZealots CollarSeptic SkewerMinor TerrormotePrimed Fragment of Fearlinked ZealLesser TerrormoteDread Touched LeggingsDread Touched ArmguardsDouble TroubleCarrion MantleWhispering CompassSurgeon GeneralKurlok's Maddening SongFear Touched GlovesMinor DreadmoteMedian DreadmoteLesser DreadmoteHardened Lurker VisageYunaizarn's FangGreater DreadmoteSteppewalker's AspectSlit SkullHooked HornsSpell: Cloudburst Levin Rk. IIDreadful VisageLast Light BoltersGrilled Goo SaladCloak of SerenityShivering Witch's CloakApothecary's SatchelFeartouched Wyvern BloodSmall Stack of PaperBloodred InkTome of Blank PagesNostulia's QuillTranslated NotesStone of the LandingMask of the ChetariCrystallized FearPlanar DonutsCrescent SlacksAntithesis of FearAiming BraceSpell: Torrid Sands Rk. IIFear Stained BracerIcy TouchIxyl's Diabolical PactFear Stained TunicFear Stained HelmPanic AttackFear Stained ArmguardsSunbeam BowFear Stained LeggingsPetrified MaskBlazing Hammer of DestructionNefori's HornMantle of IciclaneRed Eye of GosikAkyail's PreciousFabrege VisorEgg Shell MaskUpturned CollarGentleman's FlairFear Stained GlovesFear Stained BootsMedal of HonorMalorin's Service RingBattle Damaged RingPlague-borne WallBladed Shoulder BladesRotten FangLesson of AgesBone BraceFoul WrapCursed SashBraintaster's MessSorrow's BaneSticky DaggerFear Touched LeggingsLight of CorruptionRuaabri's FistOaken Spine GuardThe Queen's Diseased HeartBlack Chitin ShouldersFrostbitten BandFractured ShardTwisted Gorilla Hand

Updated Quests: Shard's #1: Welcome to Shard's LandingShard's #2: Words of the UnspokenShard's #1b: Exploring Shard's LandingShard's #2b: Unspoken VerseShard's #3: Unusual Goral CoralShard's #5: Conquering Your FearsROF Rank III Level 96 Spells: Minor TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 97 Spells: Lesser TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 98 Spells: Median TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 99 Spells: Greater TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 100 Spells: Glowing TerrormoteZeixshi-Kar #2: IndoctrinationZeixshi-Kar #3: The SacrificeShard Experiences

Updated Bestiary: an undead farmera harpy patrollerNoel GladestriderWent SteelhaftOverseer DrentCouncilman NostuliaMagus BurlshinLirit T`PrakkCobaltPlaguespineStonecoatDrummon ColdshanksKurlok the MadA Crystal LurkerA Ry`Gorr HerbalistA Bloated ToadA Blob of SapBurntbarkClizikRuaabriSeedspitterThe Ant QueenThornmawUzrinar the DamnedYunaizarnA Lost SoulA Mournful SpiritBraintasterFalhotep the CursedHalstor BonewalkerKaficus the UndyingPlaguetoothRalstok PlagueboneSergeant MalorinSir RaintThe FlesheaterBody of the ManyCompanion of the DeadCorpsehideDeepcoreFacenibblerFacet of FearFrothtoothGruden the PulverizerIxyl the ClaymasterKalken`s Bloody BonesKrondalLiving ShardMindseepRitualist BlezonShroomdeathStormwheelTerrorfistThe VisionaryTunnel SlitherXolok the BlindXorlex the Seer


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