November 29, 2012 (Part 2)

And here they come:

New Items: Fragmented CrystalTea of the ShardA LiverBarrier BreakerTraveler's RucksackApparition FleshChunkFear Touched BootsDistorting Crystal GrimaceCorrupted CorePurple ShardUnbreakable SliverA TongueIce Plate ShoulderguardsClairvoyant OrbEnchanted Snow ;  1,700+ more after the jump

More New Items: Fossilized Whelpling WingAshen InsectAbandoned WeaponAn AppendixFear FungiPreserved FlamewingBosquetreader's Chain SleevesCaptain Dunstan Coldheart's Journal, Day 912Crystal RemainsWeight of the WildMask of the ChetariElemental Ice EssenceThe Matriarch's Hunting VestManticore VenomSample of Manticore SalivaCaptain Dunstan Coldheart's Journal, Day 906Fluffy White FurA Rabbit's FootFishing Report, Day 79Guard Report, Unknown DateFjeka's FangUnsigned NoteStalker's Poisonous WristbandDrapings of the WildFolded Pack of Frightforged PlateFolded Pack of Nint's HeirloomsA Spinal CordSilky BraFear Touched LeggingsFear Touched ArmguardsFear Touched HelmDrowned SpiderCoalescent SoulstoneFishing Report, Day 154MenuGuard Report, Day 142Wise Man DraggerFish SkeletonsicleShimmering EyeballYetarr's Fine DangleCocooned ArmorHalf-burned NoteUnnaturally Strong WebCrystal LegCotton CandyBloated AbdomenSharp WebbingIce Crystal RiviereCursed SashBeardpopRuby RedCharm of the Crystal CircleJust the StickPure IcePack of MarblesRoot Bee RocketLost PagesSparking ScaleSnow CordFear Touched BracerDistorted Cap of the ConjurorRust-Tinged Box of FearUlthork BlubberGildorn's Log, Page 79Snowflake CrestInfected Panther SampleTain Hammerfrost's Log, Page 33Minor DreadmoteA SpleenRed ShardVenomshell WingWanda's Pristine SkullDagger of Spectral DisruptionFear Touched GlovesFoul Breath of the CoronachLesson of AgesFear Stained BracerPatchy MessOath of MarrBone SpearA Pair of EyesGoateeFaleav's Lightweight EnergizerMessenger Rider's TassetUndamaged Naeya PeltHalfling SkullA Shiny ThingUnknown EssencePoira's CluePriest Confession #2Ophelia's ClueHuman FemurGhost-o-MaticMedian DreadmoteElgan's ClueRustling SkullHalfling BrainAnkle BoneCrow IdolPinky ToeSplit robeBlack StaffYngaln the Frozen's PropagandaGlowing DreadmoteCracked Rib CageRotten FleshRed Ghoul Energy ElixirLinen WrappingsBowl of EyesFear Stained LeggingsDisintegrating HandCorpse DustFear Stained HelmFear Stained BootsGentleman's FlairPlague-borne WallCollar of the WildTasset of the UnderworldFoul WrapCleric's Evening TunicOrnamental Chain CoifBracers of the UnderworldSir BravebladeLesser DreadmoteEthereal Mist of AcerbitySamhain CostumeDistilled Grade A Taipan VenomBurning Dead RobesDark HorseFear EssenceDistilled Grade A Mamba VenomDeer RemainsFrostcoat Hoof PrintFlask of Kromrif AleDire Tuning CrystalAkyail's PreciousGreater DreadmoteHelmet SpikeStone of the LandingTwisted ForkCrested ShieldSelf-made ShivIce BowMassive AxeHound's WhistleBeliever's Diary, Page 10Tainted CaladiumA JournalDefiled ScrollTainted LaburnumChin CurtainCooking PotGildorn's Log, Page 23Galrok the Cold's ChestGildorn's Log, Page 46Child's Drawing of a RatTempting HeartIntact CrystalShifting SnakeBlighted Prowler Paw PrintGriffon FeatherSlatescale Slither TrailChipped AmethystManticore SpikeNaeya Paw PrintIre of ReivajPakjol's Appetite for DestructionBoridain Glacierbane's Log, Page 28Firbrand the Black's LogSnow Bunny FootDevourer SketchRhino WoolVelium ShardKodiak ClawWalrus TuskScouting ReportThe Warden's Glacial StareInflexible ScaleSmall Fear ShardScroll: Bolt of Molten Magma Rk. IIJainar's SwordGlowing Eternal ShardSample of Pure Snow Bunny BloodBefouled Spinneret FluidRegal Longstrider HelmRegal Longstrider BootsRegal Longstrider GlovesRegal Longstrider CuirassRegal Longstrider SleevesRegal Longstrider GreavesRegal Longstrider ArmbandRegal Crystalweave ArmbandRegal Crystalskin GreavesRegal Crystalskin GlovesRegal Crystalweave SleevesRegal Crystalskin CuirassRegal Crystalskin ArmbandRegal Crystalweave BootsRegal Crystalweave CapRegal Crystalskin SleevesRegal Crystalweave BreechesRegal Crystalweave GlovesRegal Crystalskin BootsRegal Crystalskin HelmRegal Crystalweave RobeRegal Lightring SleevesRegal Lightring HelmRegal Lightring GreavesSlitherer VenomEnergized GemstoneSmall Glowing Fear ShardRegal Leatherfoot GlovesRegal Leatherfoot ArmbandRegal Leatherfoot HelmRegal Lightring GlovesRegal Lightring ArmbandRegal Leatherfoot CuirassRegal Leatherfoot BootsRegal Leatherfoot GreavesRegal Leatherfoot SleevesRegal Lightring CuirassRegal Lightring BootsIdol of Cazic ThulePainting: Shard's LandingContract of the FallenFear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph TotemEvantil's AbodeJourneyman's Pocketed RucksackHolgresh House PetThulian Bracelet of the Severed HandBracelet of the Severed HandRegal Halfling Cultural SmithingRegal Halfling Cultural TailoringFire Roasted GarlicTrophy of the EyeFesik's Totem of MightTrophy of FilthTrophy of the FistBranded Servant's RemindersTrophy of the Breeding GroundsTrophy of the TreeDreadstone CompassWrapping AntennaeSatchel of the FearslayerTrophy of the CavernsTrophy of the LandingTrophy of the GiantExpert Fear Hunter's SatchelTrophy of the WasteSlippers of VerbosityRerebrace of the UnderworldAdept Fear Hunter's SatchelTaeinus' Fury BandsGirdle of the Expanding MindVoidwielding GlovesFabrege VisorFear Stained TunicFear-Tinged WeaponDragon Eye GemRepaired Feymetal Mining PickDragon Egg IncubatorMetamorph Totem: Night Harvest ScarecrowMetamorph Totem: VitrikFrozen Orb of the Fabled KingFrozen Orb of the Fabled KingFrozen Orb of the Fabled KingFrozen Orb of the Fabled KingFrozen Orb of the Fabled KingEgg Shell MaskStone of the Crystal CircleSignet of the Crystal CircleStone of the Crystal CircleStone of the Crystal CircleViolet Hero's Forge Cloth Robe OrnamentContract of the Apparitional AlaranHolgresh Metamorph TotemPainting: Rain of FearCollector's Dimensional CaseExpedient Delivery VoucherRegal Daybreaker ArmbandRegal Daybreaker BootsRegal Daybreaker GlovesRegal Daybreaker SleevesRegal Daybreaker HelmRegal Daybreaker GreavesRegal Daybreaker CuirassScorched Chain Arms TemplateScorched Breastplate TemplateScorched Plate Boot TemplateScorched Chain Legplates TemplateScorched Plate Belt TemplateScorched FillScorched Plate Visor TemplateScorched Plate Gauntlet TemplateScorched Chain Bracer TemplateScorched Plate Pauldron TemplateScorched BarbsScorched Chain Boots TemplateScorched Plate Vambrace TemplateScorched Chain Belt TemplateScorched Plate Gorget TemplateScorched Plate Greaves TemplateScorched Chain Gloves TemplateScorched Plate Cloak TemplateScorched StudsScorched Plate Helm TemplateScorched Plate Bracer TemplateScorched Chain Collar TemplateScorched Chain Cloak TemplateScorched Chain Coif TemplateScorched Chain Chestguard TemplateScorched Chain Faceguard TemplateScorched Chain Spaulders TemplateRegal Uninfused Charged War HammerRegal Uninfused Elegant Dueling BladeRegal Uninfused Shimmer AxeRegal Uninfused Knight's Hooked GreatbladeRegal Uninfused Spirit-Touched SpearRegal Uninfused Huntsman's SpearRegal Uninfused Commander's WarstaffRegal Uninfused Frosted Long SwordRegal Uninfused Battle Mage's BatonRegal Uninfused Holy Glossed HammerRegal Uninfused Giant Blade AxeRegal Uninfused Stormslash HalberdRegal Uninfused Tiger MaceRegal Uninfused Siege MaulRegal Uninfused Knight's Royal BladeRegal Uninfused Heartblood UlakRegal Uninfused Ragged CutlassRegal Uninfused Warhoned GlaiveRegal Uninfused Viper RapierRegal Infused Battle Mage's BatonRegal Infused Holy Glossed HammerRegal Infused Giant Blade AxeRegal Infused Stormslash HalberdRegal Infused Tiger MaceRegal Infused Siege MaulRegal Infused Heartblood UlakRegal Infused Ragged CutlassRegal Infused Warhoned GlaiveRegal Infused Viper RapierRegal Infused Charged War HammerRegal Infused Elegant Dueling BladeRegal Infused Knight's Hooked GreatbladeRegal Infused Spirit-Touched SpearRegal Infused Commander's WarstaffRegal Uninfused Brawler's Fighting KnifeTranscendent Reaching Symbol of the DepthsRegal Infused Shimmer AxeTranscendent Reaching Symbol of the SkepticRegal Infused Frosted Long SwordRegal Infused Brawler's Fighting KnifeTranscendent Reaching Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Reaching Symbol of the Fire LordRegal Infused Knight's Royal BladeRegal Infused Huntsman's SpearTranscendent Reaching Symbol of the WarmongerRat on a StickLead PipePlainskeeper PrintsKey on a ChainTable LegBeliever's Diary, Page 40Ulthark TuskSea ShellRegal StaffSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the VenturerSoloist Planar Sleeve Seal of the FirechiefRegal Infused Recurve BowSoloist Planar Legging Seal of the VenturerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the FirechiefRegal Uninfused Recurve BowSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the AssassinSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the DrummerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the SingerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the SeafarerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the StargazerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the DefilerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the TravelerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the BerserkerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the HealerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the WarchiefSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the FarseerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the PyromancerSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the ArcanistSoloist Planar Chest Seal of the CryomancerSoloist Planar Boot Seal of the SingerSoloist Planar Sleeve Seal of the WarchiefSoloist Planar Legging Seal of the BerserkerSoloist Planar Glove Seal of the DrummerSoloist Planar Helm Seal of the FarseerSoloist Planar Boot Seal of the SeafarerSoloist Planar Sleeve Seal of the HealerSoloist Planar Wrist Seal of the StargazerSoloist Planar Wrist Seal of the DefilerSoloist Planar Legging Seal of the TravelerSoloist Planar Wrist Seal of the HealerRegal Charm of Physical TenacitySoloist Planar Helm Seal of the ArcanistSoloist Planar Glove Seal of the CryomancerRegal Charm of Physical ConvictionSoloist Planar Sleeve Seal of the PyromancerSoloist Planar Wrist Seal of the AssassinRegal Charm of Physical PowerRegal Charm of Physical FoundationRegal Charm of Physical PurposeRegal Charm of Physical InventionRegal Charm of Physical RefinementRegal Charm of Physical ForceRegal Charm of Physical AudacityRegal Charm of Physical EnduranceRegal Charm of Physical CorruptionRegal Charm of Physical FerocityRegal Charm of Physical DiversityRegal Charm of Physical AdaptationBeliever's Diary, Page 36Icebeak SketchClickshell SketchVelious SnowballFear FruitRegal Charm of Derived TraditionUnfired Soloist Planar Sleeve SealRegal Charm of Derived ConvictionUnfired Soloist Planar Helm SealRegal Charm of Derived RefinementUnfired Soloist Planar Legging SealRegal Charm of Mental ConvictionUnfired Soloist Planar Wrist SealSoloist Planar Ceramic ClayRegal Charm of Derived TenacityUnfired Soloist Planar Boot SealRegal Charm of Spiritual ConvictionUnfired Soloist Planar Glove SealUnfired Soloist Planar Chest SealRegal Charm of Spiritual EruditionRegal Charm of Spiritual TenacityRegal Charm of Derived FerocityRegal Charm of Spiritual AdaptationRegal Charm of Spiritual FoundationRegal Charm of Derived AudacityRegal Charm of Derived InventionRegal Charm of Spiritual DiversityRegal Charm of Spiritual PurposeRegal Charm of Derived EnduranceRegal Charm of Spiritual FerocityRegal Charm of Spiritual TraditionRegal Charm of Derived ForceRegal Charm of Spiritual AudacityRegal Charm of Spiritual InventionRegal Charm of Derived CorruptionRegal Charm of Derived PowerRegal Charm of Spiritual EnduranceRegal Charm of Spiritual RefinementRegal Charm of Derived EruditionRegal Charm of Spiritual ForceRegal Charm of Derived AdaptationRegal Charm of Derived FoundationRegal Charm of Spiritual CorruptionRegal Charm of Spiritual PowerRegal Charm of Derived DiversityRegal Charm of Derived PurposeRegal Charm of Mental InventionRegal Charm of Mental EruditionRegal Charm of Mental TenacityRegal Charm of Mental CorruptionRegal Charm of Mental FerocityRegal Charm of Mental TraditionRegal Charm of Mental DiversityShard MessageBeliever's Diary, Page 24Sliver of FearUnfired Regal CharmCoralspine Footprint and coralGelid Soulrender WristguardGelid Dragonbrood WristbandGelid Warmonger CoatGelid Mindlock RobeGelid Dragonbrood WristguardGelid Dragonbrood TunicGelid Natureward WristguardGelid Spiritwalker WristguardGelid Flameweaver WristguardGelid Lifewalker WristguardGelid Mindlock WristguardGelid Shadowscale CoatGelid Loremaster BracerGelid Frostfire WristguardRune of the UnspokenGelid Legionnaire BreastplateGelid Legionnaire BracerGelid Exarch BracerGelid Illuminator BracerGelid Spiritwalker Wrist BandGelid Warmonger GauntletsGelid Soulslaver GlovesGelid Dragonbrood GlovesGelid Flameweaver SandalsGelid Warmonger WristguardGelid Flameweaver CapGelid Soulslaver SandalsGelid Flameweaver GlovesGelid Mindlock SandalsGelid Spiritwalker CoifGelid Warmonger BootsGelid Mindlock CapGelid Frostfire GlovesGelid Soulslaver WristguardGelid Frostfire SandalsGelid Mindlock GlovesGelid Dragonbrood BootsGelid Frostfire CapGelid Soulrender GauntletsGelid Lifewalker GlovesGelid Spiritwalker BootsGelid Loremaster HelmGelid Soulrender HelmGelid Natureward BootsGelid Shadowscale CoifGelid Shadowscale WristguardGelid Spiritwalker GauntletsGelid Soulrender BracerGelid Loremaster GauntletsGelid Illuminator HelmGelid Illuminator BootsGelid Loremaster BootsGelid Soulrender BootsGelid Shadowscale GauntletsGelid Exarch HelmGelid Exarch BootsUnspoken DeliveranceGelid Legionnaire BootsSilenceAntithesis of FearGelid Illuminator GauntletsShadebladeSlaughterGelid Legionnaire GauntletsGelid Legionnaire HelmTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of the BroodRegal Uninfused Spiked CudgelRegal Uninfused Razor-Tipped WhipRegal Uninfused Bladed Knuckle DustersTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Nimble Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Nimble Symbol of DecayTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of DecayTranscendent Nimble Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of MalignancyTranscendent Nimble Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Nimble Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Nimble Symbol of MalignancyTranscendent Nimble Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Nimble Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of StormsTranscendent Nimble Symbol of StormsTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of HateTranscendent Nimble Symbol of HateTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of the Fire LordTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the Fire LordTranscendent Nimble Symbol of ThaumaturgyTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of ThaumaturgyTranscendent Nimble Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Nimble Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of BelowTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Reaching Symbol of GrowthBefouled Hilt WrapRegal Infused Spiked CudgelTranscendent Reaching Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Nimble Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Reaching Symbol of JudgementRegal Infused Razor-Tipped WhipTranscendent Reaching Symbol of MalignancyTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Reaching Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Reaching Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Reaching Symbol of DecayRegal Infused Bladed Knuckle DustersTranscendent Nimble Symbol of BelowTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Reaching Symbol of ThaumaturgyTranscendent Reaching Symbol of HateBefouled Leather Boots TemplateTranscendent Reaching Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Reaching Symbol of BelowTranscendent Reaching Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Reaching Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Reaching Symbol of StormsBefouled Leather Leggings TemplateTranscendent Reaching Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Reaching Symbol of DevotionBefouled Leather Skullcap TemplateBefouled Leather Wristbands TemplateBefouled Silk Sleeve TemplateBefouled Leather Tunic TemplateBefouled Silk Pant TemplateBefouled Leather Belt TemplateBefouled Leather Mask TemplateBefouled Leather Gloves TemplateBefouled Silk Wristband TemplateBefouled Leather Shoulderpads TemplateBefouled Silk Boot TemplateBefouled Leather Sleeves TemplateBefouled Silk Belt TemplateBefouled Leather Gorget TemplateBefouled Silk Glove TemplateBefouled Leather Cloak TemplateRegal Runeseeker ArmbandBefouled Silk Shoulderpad TemplateBefouled Silk Cap TemplateBefouled Silk Tunic TemplateRegal Runeseeker GlovesBefouled Silk Cloak TemplateBefouled Silk Mask TemplateBefouled Silk Robe TemplateRegal Runeseeker HelmBefouled Silk Gorget TemplateRegal Runeseeker BootsRegal Runeseeker CuirassRegal Runeseeker SleevesRegal Runeseeker GreavesGelid Dragonbrood LeggingsVisage of the WildGelid Warmonger LeggingsFrostchain Gloves of the StalkerGelid Warmonger CoifHasteful Chain TreadsBand of Minimal EffortGelid Warmonger SleevesCuirass of the UnderworldGelid Soulslaver PantsGelid Soulslaver CapGelid Shadowscale SleevesGelid Loremaster BreastplateGelid Flameweaver SleevesGelid Mindlock PantsGelid Dragonbrood CowlGelid Loremaster VambracesGelid Mindlock SleevesGelid Soulslaver SleevesGelid Frostfire PantsGelid Dragonbrood ArmwrapsGelid Frostfire SleevesGelid Flameweaver PantsGelid Loremaster GreavesGelid Shadowscale LeggingsGelid Spiritwalker SleevesGelid Legionnaire GreavesDagger of Spectral DisruptionGelid Natureward CoatGelid Natureward LeggingsGelid Exarch VambracesGelid Illuminator BreastplateGelid Illuminator GreavesGelid Illuminator VambracesGelid Soulrender BreastplateGelid Natureward CoifGelid Soulrender GreavesGelid Soulrender VambracesGelid Natureward SleevesGelid Exarch BreastplateGelid Exarch GreavesGelid Legionnaire VambracesUnexpanded Tailored Flawless BackpackUnexpanded Tailored Supreme HaversackUnexpanded Tailored Flawless BagUnexpanded Tailored Supreme PackUnexpanded Tailored Flawless HaversackUnexpanded Tailored Supreme BackpackUnexpanded Tailored Flawless SatchelUnexpanded Tailored Flawless PackUnexpanded Tailored Supreme BagHeavy Tailored Flawless White PackUnexpanded Tailored Flawless RucksackUnexpanded Tailored Supreme Tool BeltUnexpanded Tailored Flawless Belt PouchUnexpanded Tailored Supreme SackUnexpanded Tailored Supreme SatchelUnexpanded Tailored Flawless Tool BeltUnexpanded Tailored Supreme RucksackUnexpanded Tailored Flawless SackUnexpanded Tailored Supreme Belt PouchHeavy Tailored Flawless Pink PackTailored Flawless Purple PackTailored Flawless Black PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Pink PackHeavy Tailored Supreme White PackTailored Supreme Black PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Purple PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Black PackTailored Flawless Pink PackTailored Flawless White PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Black PackTailored Supreme Pink PackTailored Supreme White PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Blue PackTailored Supreme Purple PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Purple PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Blue PackTailored Flawless Blue PackTailored Supreme Blue PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Red PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Yellow PackTailored Flawless Orange PackTailored Flawless Green PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Yellow PackTailored Supreme Orange PackTailored Supreme Green PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Orange PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Green PackTailored Flawless Yellow PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Orange PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Green PackTailored Supreme Yellow PackTailored Flawless PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Red PackTailored Supreme PackHeavy Tailored Flawless PackTailored Flawless Red PackHeavy Tailored Supreme PackTailored Supreme Red PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Pink BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless White BackpackTailored Flawless Black BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Pink BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme White BackpackTailored Supreme Black BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless Black BackpackTailored Flawless Pink BackpackTailored Flawless White BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Black BackpackTailored Supreme Pink BackpackTailored Supreme White BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless Blue BackpackTailored Flawless Green BackpackTailored Flawless Purple BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Blue BackpackTailored Supreme Purple BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless Green BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless Purple BackpackTailored Flawless Blue BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Purple BackpackTailored Supreme Blue BackpackTailored Flawless BagTailored Flawless Red BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless Yellow BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Orange BackpackTailored Supreme Red BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Yellow BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless BagHeavy Tailored Flawless Red BackpackTailored Supreme Green BackpackTailored Flawless BackpackTailored Flawless Orange BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Red BackpackTailored Flawless Yellow BackpackTailored Supreme BackpackTailored Supreme Orange BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Green BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless BackpackTailored Supreme Yellow BackpackTailored Flawless Belt PouchTailored Flawless SatchelHeavy Tailored Supreme RucksackHeavy Tailored Supreme HaversackTailored Supreme Belt PouchTailored Supreme SatchelTailored Supreme BagHeavy Tailored Flawless Belt PouchHeavy Tailored Flawless SatchelTailored Flawless RucksackTailored Flawless HaversackHeavy Tailored Supreme Belt PouchHeavy Tailored Supreme SatchelHeavy Tailored Supreme BagTailored Supreme RucksackTailored Supreme HaversackHeavy Tailored Flawless Tool BeltHeavy Tailored Flawless RucksackHeavy Tailored Flawless HaversackTailored Flawless SackHeavy Tailored Supreme Tool BeltHeavy Tailored Flawless SackTailored Flawless Tool BeltHeavy Tailored Supreme SackTailored Supreme Tool BeltTailored Supreme SackGelid Frostfire RobeGelid Flameweaver RobeGelid Lifewalker BootsGelid Lifewalker LeggingsGelid Soulslaver RobeGelid Lifewalker CowlGelid Lifewalker ArmwrapsGelid Spiritwalker CoatRust-Tinged Box of FearGelid Lifewalker TunicTranscendent Helm Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Helm Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Helm Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Helm Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Helm Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Helm Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Helm Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Helm Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Helm Symbol of StormsTranscendent Helm Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Helm Symbol of HateTranscendent Helm Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Helm Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Helm Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Helm Symbol of BelowTranscendent Helm Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Helm Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Glove Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Glove Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Glove Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Glove Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Glove Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Glove Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Glove Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Glove Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Glove Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Glove Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Glove Symbol of HateTranscendent Glove Symbol of StormsTranscendent Glove Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Glove Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Glove Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Glove Symbol of BelowTranscendent Glove Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Wrist Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Wrist Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Wrist Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Wrist Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Wrist Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Wrist Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Wrist Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Wrist Symbol of HateTranscendent Wrist Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Wrist Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Wrist Symbol of StormsTranscendent Wrist Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Wrist Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Wrist Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of StormsTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Wrist Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Wrist Symbol of BelowTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Wrist Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Chest Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Chest Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of BelowTranscendent Chest Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Chest Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Chest Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of HateTranscendent Chest Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Chest Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Sleeve Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Chest Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Chest Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Chest Symbol of HateTranscendent Chest Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Chest Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Chest Symbol of StormsTranscendent Chest Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Chest Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Chest Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Chest Symbol of BelowTranscendent Boot Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Boot Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Boot Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Boot Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Boot Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Boot Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Boot Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Boot Symbol of StormsTranscendent Boot Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Boot Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Boot Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Boot Symbol of BelowTranscendent Boot Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Boot Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Boot Symbol of HateTranscendent Boot Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Legging Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Boot Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Legging Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Legging Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Legging Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Legging Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Legging Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Legging Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Legging Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Legging Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Legging Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Legging Symbol of HateTranscendent Legging Symbol of StormsTranscendent Legging Symbol of BelowTranscendent Legging Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Legging Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Legging Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Legging Symbol of DevotionMineral ExtractorSimple Chemical FilterDistillate of Clarity XVIIDistillate of Divine Healing XVIIDistillate of Replenishment XVIIDistillate of Health XVIIDistillate of Celestial Healing XVIIDistillate of Spirituality XVIIBlessed Sword of Strategic CombatInsect PartsWurm ScaleSmithed Armor Step XVIIRegal Weapon SmithingFear Powered FletchingExtradimensional Luggage: A GuideTranscendent Reaching Weapon Augments - FletchersTailored Armor Step XVIIRegal Weapon TailoringPlanar PotionsRegal Recurve Bow DiagramsCompendiums on Regal Weapon Creation Pt. IFearlinked SealsTranscendent Weapon AugmentingTranscendent Reaching Weapon Augments - JewelersRegal Drakkin Cultural SmithingTailoring Transcendent Cultural SymbolsTranscendent Book of Froglok CultureSoloist Planar Seals - Book OneRegal Drakkin Cultural TailoringTranscendent Book of Iksar CultureTinkering Transcendent Cultural SymbolsTranscendent Book of Drakkin CultureSoloist Planar Seals - Book TwoSmithing Transcendent Cultural SymbolsTranscendent Book of Vah Shir CultureRegal CharmsTranscendent Book of Troll CultureTranscendent Book of Erudite CultureTranscendent Book of Halfling CultureTranscendent Book of Ogre CultureTranscendent Book of Gnomish CultureTranscendent Book of High Elven CultureTranscendent Book of Half Elven CultureTranscendent Book of Dwarven CultureTranscendent Book of Wood Elven CultureTranscendent Book of Dark Elven CultureTranscendent Book of Human CultureFun with Fear MachinesA Fearful PeaceTranscendent Book of Barbarian CultureRelic Replica II Weapon Ornament SketchesJewels of FearPlanar PotterySystematic Research Addendum: Numen PlaquesDivine DrinksPlanar DelightsBefouled SandpaperLarge Brick of Luminescent Weapon Grade OreCorrupted Potion VialRegal Recurve Bow StringSmall Brick of Luminescent Weapon Grade OreCorrupted Gem DustBlock of Luminescent Weapon Grade OreFearlinked WaterInfused Balm LeavesCalcified FilamentLuminescent ValoriteInfused SticklewortSoloist Planar WaterInfused Leaves of BugbaneLuminescent Crystalwing OreInfused Blue Vervain BulbCharged CoalLuminescent Ancestral AcryliaInfused Pollen of BugbaneLuminescent IronLuminescent TitaniumLuminescent MercuriumLuminescent SkyironLuminescent AdamantiteLuminescent Fortified BronzeLuminescent Koada`Dal MithrilLuminescent RilsteelLuminescent BrelliumLuminescent Cold IronLuminescent Antonican OreLuminescent Titanium ThreadLuminescent Valorite ThreadLuminescent Mercurium ThreadLuminescent Northman OreLuminescent Skyiron ThreadLuminescent Crystalwing Steel ThreadLuminescent Fortified Bronze ThreadLuminescent Feir'Dal MithrilLuminescent Ancestral Acrylia ThreadLuminescent Iron ThreadLuminescent Rilsteel ThreadLuminescent Koada`Dal Mithril ThreadLuminescent Adamantite ThreadLuminescent Cold Iron ThreadLuminescent Feir'Dal Mithril ThreadLuminescent Antonican Steel ThreadLuminescent Northman Steel ThreadStylized Poison VialBow of the Whispering Wind Ornament SketchValidus Custodus Longbow Ornament SketchBarrier of Black Ornament SketchBulwark of the Firebringer Ornament SketchShield of Bane Warding Ornament SketchBow of Doom Ornament SketchKranigan's Fist Ornament SketchShinai of the Ancients Ornament SketchBall of Sunlight Ornament SketchEquifinis Ornament SketchCenti Warspear Ornament SketchAligned Long Spear Ornament SketchCauldron Minion Lance Ornament SketchBlade of War Ornament SketchKrattk the Lion Tamer Ornament SketchNaraithus Ornament SketchBloodied Berserker's Blade Ornament SketchGembladed Axe Ornament SketchTimeless Coral Greatsword Ornament SketchSplit Blade of Destruction Ornament SketchMindreaper Club Ornament SketchSwiftcleave, the Flesh Carver Ornament SketchArcane Maul of Celestial Destiny Ornament SketchRunic Bloodstained Maul Ornament SketchFine Runic Numen Plaque SolutionGreatstaff of the Four Winds Ornament SketchRod of the Ruined Ornament SketchVanazir, Dreamer's Despair Ornament SketchRough Numen Plaque SolutionRunic Numen Plaque SolutionNumen Plaque SolutionFine Numen Plaque SolutionApocryphal Soulforge ArmwrapsApocryphal Soulforge LeggingsApocryphal Soulforge ChestwrapsApocryphal Soulforge GlovesApocryphal Soulforge BootsApocryphal Soulforge CowlApocryphal Soulforge WristguardScavenger HeadGrendlaen PeltKangon HideGhrek's Frost BandEssence AugmentorSmall Crystalline ShardRust-Tinged Box of FearPurest InsecurityMask of the PhantasmCircle of DreadShoulder Pads of the UnspokenGelid Soulforge BootsGelid Soulforge LeggingsTattered Drape of the UnknownGelid Soulforge ChestwrapsGelid Soulforge CowlDarkspikeBonemask of LossSpinebeltGelid Soulforge WristguardGelid Soulforge ArmwrapsUnbeliever's Shrunken SkullDrop of DoubtPulsating PauldronsWhipcord BeltGelid Soulforge GlovesEthereal ChokerDrape of DarknessList of GeneralsCrystallized Water Samplel Greaves of the ZealotFright StoneFractured ShardHarbinger's StaffSimple Chemical SuspensionRust-Tinged Box of FearBefouled SilkHorror GemCrystallized Coral SamplePlanar Energy ShardAnimal FearboneFeather Bunch

New Spells: Tome: Gashing BladeTome: Scarlet BladeTome: Grelleth's CarapaceTome: Unbroken AcrimonyTome: Bonebrood MantleTome: Terminal BreathScroll: ZombieskinScroll: Vollmondnacht OrbScroll: Sphere of DissolutionScroll: Unearthed AssassinScroll: TerminationScroll: Surreptitious BlightScroll: Touch of FalsinScroll: Zalifur's ShadeScroll: Zombie SkinScroll: Terror of PoiraScroll: Touch of KlondaScroll: Spear of GrellethScroll: Scent of DreadScroll: Scintillate BonesScroll: Shroud of the DarkswornScroll: Slaunk's Swift VenomScroll: Sigil of the SunderedScroll: Ralstok's BiteScroll: Sanction AllyScroll: Pyre of MarnekScroll: RepugnanceScroll: Pyre of the ForsakenScroll: Reaper's ProclamationScroll: Pernicious WoundsScroll: Mind StripScroll: Plague of KlondaScroll: Necrotic CystsScroll: Osalur's FlashblazeScroll: Plunder EssenceScroll: Minion of GrellethScroll: Itkari's Swift DeconstructionScroll: Impel for BloodScroll: Halstor's GraspScroll: Halstor's Pallid HazeScroll: Halstor's CommandScroll: Ignite ThoughtsScroll: Itkari's Swift LifedrawScroll: ForebodingScroll: ForsakensideScroll: Grelleth's HorrorScroll: Grelleth's SkinScroll: Gift of FalsinScroll: Grip of ZalikorScroll: Drape of the FallenScroll: Falhotep's CovenantScroll: Duplicitous AudacityScroll: Deathclutch ManaclesScroll: Dissolving VeninScroll: Coruscating ShadowScroll: Conscripted SacrificeScroll: Demand for PowerScroll: Dire InsinuationScroll: Chaotic CorruptionScroll: DissolutionScroll: Dire StrictureScroll: Bonefuse FetishScroll: Binaesa VenomScroll: Bond of RalstokScroll: Bora's Swift SicknessScroll: Blood of RalstokScroll: Bestow MortalityScroll: Call of GloomhazeScroll: Call Skeleton ThrongScroll: Vileoak AshScroll: Vinelash AssaultScroll: Algid MendingTome: Enraging Heel KicksScroll: Winter's WildfireScroll: Whirlwind of the StormbornTome: Jolting Heel KicksScroll: VivificationScroll: Wildspark AuraScroll: Survival of the FortuitousScroll: Summer SuncrestScroll: Swarm of VespinesScroll: SterividaScroll: Sunbeam BlessingScroll: Strength of the BosquestalkerScroll: SunblazeScroll: Summer's GaleScroll: Shout of the PredatorScroll: SpurcoatScroll: Shield of NettlespinesScroll: Spikethistle CoatScroll: Sporali AssaultScroll: Squall of ArrowsScroll: Skin to SeedlingsScroll: StemfangScroll: Protection of the BosqueScroll: Shared Cloak of SpursScroll: Rain of ArrowsScroll: Remote SunfireScroll: ShadowscaleScroll: Promised RecoveryScroll: LunassuageScroll: Nature's Withering WrathScroll: Mask of the BosquetenderScroll: Nature's ReposeScroll: Lingering ShadowScroll: Lustrous FrostScroll: Husk of the ReptileScroll: Jolting ShockScroll: Incinerating SunrayScroll: Horde of MutillidsScroll: Legacy of SpikethistlesScroll: Inspired by the HuntScroll: Frosthowl BreathScroll: Frostone AuraScroll: Grasping SpurcoatScroll: HeartspikeScroll: HailstormScroll: Herbal BalmScroll: HeartcarveScroll: Heliacal FireScroll: Frosthowl ChillScroll: Gelid CrystalsScroll: Devastating ImpactScroll: Dreadbeetle SwarmScroll: Deafening WeaponsScroll: Frigid MoonbeamScroll: Forecasted ShotsScroll: Eyes of the HowlerScroll: Focused Rain of ArrowsScroll: Desperate DrenchingScroll: Drifting ShadowScroll: Cloak of SpursScroll: Beast's BespellingScroll: Bosquetender's BreezeScroll: Beastsnag GuardScroll: Chill of the VisionaryScroll: CloudburstScroll: Bitter WindScroll: Bosquestalker's VigorTome: Weapon CovenantTome: Temple CrushTome: Unbroken AttentionTome: Vanquishing FrenzyScroll: Angering ShotScroll: Arbor VeilTome: Tendon GashScroll: Adrenaline RushTome: Terrorpalm DisciplineTome: Stormwheel BladesTome: Punch in the ThroatTome: Shared ViciousnessTome: Pinpoint DeficienciesTome: RidiculeTome: Shadewalker's SynergyTome: Seventh WindTome: Steadfast DefenseTome: Shaded StepTome: SmokecloudTome: Shaded ApparitionTome: Seven BreathsTome: Eye of the StormTome: Indiscernible DisciplineTome: GashTome: Field GuardianTome: Heel of ZagaliTome: Forestall DeathTome: Fearless FrenzyTome: Jugular LacerateTome: IncursionTome: Krondal's RoarTome: Jarring CrushTome: DaggerthrustTome: Eight-Step PatternTome: Brutal DisciplineTome: Eagle's BalanceTome: Echo of PrevaricationTome: Daring EscapeTome: Brutal VolleyTome: Energetic Dagger-ThrowTome: DeceitTome: Blinding BlazeTome: Blood BrandTome: Armor of Stalwart RunesTome: Asp BladeTome: Axe of the BruteTome: Agile-Footed DisciplineTome: Brutal Axe ThrowTome: Advanced RetaliationTome: BesetScroll: Wave of SorrowScroll: Word of RenewalTome: Brightwing MantleScroll: Yaulp XIIIScroll: Word of ReformationTome: Unbroken AffirmationTome: Righteous UmbrageTome: ReproveTome: Armor of ReverenceScroll: Unified Hand of CertitudeScroll: Virtuous InterventionScroll: Unity of GezatScroll: Virtuous ContraventionScroll: Ward of IndictmentScroll: Vow of VehemenceScroll: Unified Hand of GezatScroll: Vow of VitalityScroll: Unified CertitudeScroll: Thwart CorruptionScroll: Symbol of BurimScroll: Splash of CleansingScroll: Steadfast StanceScroll: Tectonic TemblorScroll: Reverent PurityScroll: Sound of PlangencyScroll: Reverent FuryScroll: Soothing GlowScroll: SorrowScroll: Reverent TouchScroll: Sermon of RebukeScroll: Silent OrderScroll: Reverent ForceScroll: Reverent LightScroll: OstracizeScroll: Reverent CleansingScroll: Protective AllegianceScroll: Rallied Bastion of VieScroll: Reforming SplashScroll: Promised ReformationScroll: ReconcileScroll: Reverent ElixirScroll: Preservation of the IcecladScroll: Olsif's RetortScroll: Pledged KeeperScroll: Reinvigorating SteelScroll: Graceful RemedyScroll: LaudationScroll: Hand of the Pledged KeeperScroll: Glorious RebukeScroll: Issuance of GraceScroll: Infallible Hammer of ReverenceScroll: Fraught RenewalScroll: Lesson of SorrowScroll: Glorious ExpurgationScroll: Divine InterpositionScroll: Demand for HonorScroll: Dazzling LightScroll: Devout AudacityScroll: Force of the IcecladScroll: ExpurgateScroll: Crush of the IcecladScroll: Fifteenth EmblemScroll: Elixir of the AcquittalScroll: Divine HavenScroll: Bastion of VieScroll: Cleansed BloodScroll: Armor of the ReverentScroll: Armor of Formidable GraceScroll: CastigationScroll: Aurora of SunriseScroll: Brell's Steadfast BulwarkScroll: Burst of SunriseScroll: Crush of TarewScroll: AweclashScroll: ChromacrushScroll: SkullfreezeScroll: Summon Imperious ServantScroll: Abrogate the UndeadScroll: Abrogate CorruptionScroll: Thricewoven ManaScroll: Tears of GosikScroll: Stonescale HuskScroll: Tamagrist TorrentScroll: Summon Imperious MinionScroll: AcquittalScroll: TelanagaScroll: Wand of Phantasmal ModulationScroll: Spear of BlistersteelScroll: Shard of AirScroll: Shard of WaterScroll: Salvo of ManyScroll: Phantasmal SymbiosisScroll: Self-DestructionScroll: Shock of BlistersteelScroll: Relentless ServantScroll: Renewal of HererraScroll: Rain of ScythesScroll: Shard of EarthScroll: Shard of FireScroll: MagmalureScroll: Leap of Static SparksScroll: Lightning SquallScroll: Mul's PyrobladeScroll: Magmatic VeilScroll: Mass Phantasmal TransvergenceScroll: Magmatic VentScroll: Infernal SkinScroll: KatelanakaScroll: Phantasmal GuardianScroll: Lure of the WastesScroll: Gosik's FireScroll: Groundswell BodyguardScroll: Grant Nint's HeirloomsScroll: Grant Frightforged ArmamentsScroll: Grant Icebound ParadoxScroll: Groundswell StanceScroll: Incinerating BeamScroll: Icebound PillarScroll: Hoarfrost CascadeScroll: Grant Frightforged PlateScroll: Grant Visor of GobekerScroll: Iceflame EminenceScroll: Ethereal SalvoScroll: FlashsearScroll: FlameskinScroll: Fickle MagmaScroll: Frigid BeamScroll: FlashfreezeScroll: Gather MagnitudeScroll: Flamelocked PillarScroll: Ethereal IncandescenceScroll: Exterminate the UnnaturalScroll: Ethereal HoarfrostScroll: Concussive SalvoScroll: Chaos IncandescenceScroll: Claw of the IcewingScroll: Claw of the FlamewingScroll: Circle of FlameScroll: Circle of FlameskinScroll: Burnout XIScroll: Claw of the AshwingScroll: Bucolic HarvestScroll: Broiling BlastScroll: Broiling SandsSong: Voice of MotlakScroll: Armor of the StonescaleScroll: Aegis of VelishanScroll: Barbed LightningScroll: Beam of BrimstoneSong: War March of ProtanSong: Wave of QuietudeSong: Slumber of MotlakScroll: Bolt of Molten MagmaSong: Resounding BarrierSong: Lullaby of the ForsakenSong: Kaficus' Spiteful LyricSong: Siavonn's Chant of DiseaseSong: Siavonn's Psalm of PotencySong: Pulse of SalarraSong: Motlak's Lively CrescendoSong: Silence of the ForsakenSong: Ruaabri's Reckless RenewalSong: Fatesong of ProtanSong: Gosik's AriaSong: Kaficus' InsultSong: Chorus of SalarraSong: Gosik's Chant of FlameSong: Kaficus' Song of SufferingSong: Edoth's Chant of FrostSong: Dirge of SalubraSong: Echo of SalarraSong: Doben's Spry SonataSong: Echo of Va'KerSong: Aria of Va'KerSong: Aura of SalarraSong: Aura of Va'KerScroll: Voice of ForesightSong: Aria of AbsolutionScroll: Xorlex's AnimationScroll: Terrifying RuneScroll: Umbral RuneSong: Ameliorating AccelerandoScroll: Ward of the MastermindSong: Arcane HymnScroll: Shield of the DauntlessScroll: Rune of XolokScroll: Remote Color ConfluenceScroll: StifleScroll: Tears of SyrklScroll: TemptationScroll: Slackening WaveScroll: Tempting AuraScroll: Quiescent MindScroll: Speed of SviirScroll: Polyiridescent RuneScroll: MindcleaveScroll: Mastermind's EchoScroll: Quiescent IssuanceScroll: Phantasmal AssaultScroll: Phantasmal UnityScroll: Mastermind's RuneScroll: Mesmerizing StareScroll: Mind SquallScroll: Mastermind's AuraScroll: Legion of XolokScroll: Hastening of SviirScroll: Illusion: ColdainScroll: Issuance of Mana ReverberationScroll: Mana Reverberation AuraScroll: Mana ReverberationScroll: ImposeScroll: DisorientationScroll: Demolished ConsciousnessScroll: Dizzying SquallScroll: Diminishing HelixScroll: Confounding FlashScroll: Echo of TemptationScroll: Enunciation of TashanScroll: ForesightScroll: Aegis of XorbbTome: Savage RageTome: PummelScroll: Confounding ConstrictionTome: RestScroll: ConfoundScroll: ChromaclashScroll: Brimstone EminenceScroll: Chaotic ConfoundingScroll: Color ConfluenceTome: Ruaabri's FuryScroll: Wisp of RenewalScroll: Unity of the CourageousScroll: Talisman of the CourageousTome: Clamor of ClawsScroll: Vilefeaster's PandemicScroll: Yell at the MoonScroll: Ward of RejuvenationTome: Bestial EvulsingScroll: Talisman of the SteadfastScroll: Talisman of the Snow LeopardScroll: Salve of BlezonScroll: Spirit of the SteadfastScroll: Spiritual EvolutionScroll: Spiritual VindicationScroll: ShackleScroll: Reckless RestorationScroll: Seedspitter's BiteScroll: Spirit of LachemitScroll: Shared Merciless FerocityScroll: Spellbreaker's WardScroll: Spirit of NakScroll: Natigo's EndemicScroll: Nectar of AnguishScroll: Poantaar's BiteScroll: Plakt's AggressionScroll: NaganagaScroll: Promised AmeliorationScroll: Rampant GrowthScroll: Pack of KriegasScroll: Plakt's ProtectionScroll: Phase Spider BloodScroll: Invigorating WarderScroll: Kromrif RoarScroll: Kesar's FeralgiaScroll: MaloseniaScroll: Kriegas' FaithfulScroll: Jaerol's MendingScroll: Huaene's MeliorationScroll: Kromrif LanceScroll: Ice BurstScroll: Merciless FerocityScroll: FatigueScroll: Halcyon ShearScroll: Focus of SaneraScroll: Enalam's DrowseScroll: Falhotep's Rain of VenomScroll: Frigid GiftScroll: Frozen CarbomateScroll: Extraordinary VelocityScroll: Growl of the Snow LeopardScroll: FeraliseniaScroll: Falhotep's AfflictionScroll: Blood of SaneraScroll: Antecessor's InterventionScroll: Chant of JaerolScroll: Elsrop's MaladyScroll: Asp BloodScroll: Breath of NatigoScroll: Banescale's VenomScroll: Blezon's Mending Scroll: Ancestral PactScroll: Mark of TohanScroll: Mark of the Zealot

New Faycite Shards: Tempus Faycite Shard: Seven BreathsTempus Faycite Shard: Tendon GashTempus Faycite Shard: Temple CrushTempus Faycite Shard: Seventh WindTempus Faycite Shard: Stormwheel BladesTempus Faycite Shard: Terrorpalm DisciplineTempus Faycite Shard: RidiculeTempus Faycite Shard: Relentless ServantTempus Faycite Shard: Jolting Heel KicksTempus Faycite Shard: PummelTempus Faycite Shard: Punch in the ThroatTempus Faycite Shard: Motlak's Lively CrescendoTempus Faycite Shard: Pinpoint DeficienciesTempus Faycite Shard: Fearless FrenzyTempus Faycite Shard: Eye of the StormTempus Faycite Shard: HeartspikeTempus Faycite Shard: Gashing BladeTempus Faycite Shard: Forestall DeathTempus Faycite Shard: Force of the IcecladTempus Faycite Shard: Eight-Step PatternTempus Faycite Shard: BesetTempus Faycite Shard: Clamor of ClawsTempus Faycite Shard: Brutal VolleyTempus Faycite Shard: Eagle's BalanceTempus Faycite Shard: Blinding BlazeTempus Faycite Shard: Armor of Stalwart RunesSalus Faycite Shard: Reverent TouchSalus Faycite Shard: SorrowSalus Faycite Shard: Reverent LightSalus Faycite Shard: SterividaSalus Faycite Shard: Word of ReformationSalus Faycite Shard: Survival of the FortuitousTempus Faycite Shard: Advanced RetaliationSalus Faycite Shard: Salve of BlezonSalus Faycite Shard: Jaerol's MendingSalus Faycite Shard: Graceful RemedySalus Faycite Shard: LunassuageSalus Faycite Shard: Reckless RestorationSalus Faycite Shard: Huaene's MeliorationSalus Faycite Shard: Dazzling LightSalus Faycite Shard: Fraught RenewalSalus Faycite Shard: CloudburstSalus Faycite Shard: Fifteenth EmblemSalus Faycite Shard: Desperate DrenchingIrae Faycite Shard: Winter's WildfireSalus Faycite Shard: Chorus of SalarraSalus Faycite Shard: Adrenaline RushSalus Faycite Shard: Burst of SunriseSalus Faycite Shard: Blezon's MendingIrae Faycite Shard: Vital StrikeSalus Faycite Shard: Antecessor's InterventionIrae Faycite Shard: Wuran's DecayIrae Faycite Shard: Vileoak AshIrae Faycite Shard: Touch of FalsinIrae Faycite Shard: Surreptitious BlightIrae Faycite Shard: Tears of GosikIrae Faycite Shard: Tears of SyrklIrae Faycite Shard: TerminationIrae Faycite Shard: Thricewoven ManaIrae Faycite Shard: Spear of GrellethIrae Faycite Shard: Summer's GaleIrae Faycite Shard: Slaunk's Spear of VenomIrae Faycite Shard: SunblazeIrae Faycite Shard: StifleIrae Faycite Shard: Spear of BlistersteelIrae Faycite Shard: Smoldering DarknessIrae Faycite Shard: Summer SuncrestIrae Faycite Shard: SkullfreezeIrae Faycite Shard: Seedspitter's BiteIrae Faycite Shard: Shock of BlistersteelIrae Faycite Shard: Pyre of the ForsakenIrae Faycite Shard: Scintillate BonesIrae Faycite Shard: Sermon of RebukeIrae Faycite Shard: Ralstok's BiteIrae Faycite Shard: Salvo of ManyIrae Faycite Shard: Phase Spider BloodIrae Faycite Shard: Pyre of MarnekIrae Faycite Shard: Poantaar's BiteIrae Faycite Shard: Plague of KlondaIrae Faycite Shard: Pure WildetherIrae Faycite Shard: Plunder EssenceIrae Faycite Shard: Nectar of AnguishIrae Faycite Shard: Phantasmal AssaultIrae Faycite Shard: Nature's Withering WrathIrae Faycite Shard: OstracizeIrae Faycite Shard: Pernicious WoundsIrae Faycite Shard: Mind SquallIrae Faycite Shard: Lure of the WastesIrae Faycite Shard: NaganagaIrae Faycite Shard: Lightning SquallIrae Faycite Shard: Natigo's EndemicIrae Faycite Shard: MindcleaveIrae Faycite Shard: Impel for BloodIrae Faycite Shard: Kaficus' InsultIrae Faycite Shard: Kromrif LanceIrae Faycite Shard: LaudationIrae Faycite Shard: Kromrif RoarIrae Faycite Shard: Ignite ThoughtsIrae Faycite Shard: Hoarfrost CascadeIrae Faycite Shard: Heliacal FireIrae Faycite Shard: Horde of MutillidsIrae Faycite Shard: HeartcarveIrae Faycite Shard: Ice BurstIrae Faycite Shard: Halstor's Pallid HazeIrae Faycite Shard: Frosthowl ChillIrae Faycite Shard: Glorious ExpurgationIrae Faycite Shard: Grip of ZalikorIrae Faycite Shard: GashIrae Faycite Shard: HailstormIrae Faycite Shard: Frozen CarbomateIrae Faycite Shard: Flashfreeze and FlashsearIrae Faycite Shard: Flamelocked PillarIrae Faycite Shard: Falhotep's AfflictionIrae Faycite Shard: Falhotep's Rain of VenomIrae Faycite Shard: Fickle MagmaIrae Faycite Shard: Dreadbeetle SwarmIrae Faycite Shard: Elsrop's MaladyIrae Faycite Shard: Exterminate the UnnaturalIrae Faycite Shard: Ethereal IncandescenceIrae Faycite Shard: DissolutionIrae Faycite Shard: Crush of the IcecladIrae Faycite Shard: Crush of TarewIrae Faycite Shard: Coruscating ShadowIrae Faycite Shard: Dire InsinuationIrae Faycite Shard: Claw of the AshwingIrae Faycite Shard: ChromacrushIrae Faycite Shard: Chill of the VisionaryIrae Faycite Shard: ChromaclashIrae Faycite Shard: Circle of FlameIrae Faycite Shard: Bond of RalstokIrae Faycite Shard: CastigationIrae Faycite Shard: Broiling SandsIrae Faycite Shard: Chaos IncandescenceIrae Faycite Shard: Brutal Axe ThrowIrae Faycite Shard: Bolt of Molten MagmaIrae Faycite Shard: Blood of RalstokIrae Faycite Shard: Binaesa VenomIrae Faycite Shard: Bitter WindIrae Faycite Shard: Abrogate the UndeadIrae Faycite Shard: Angering ShotIrae Faycite Shard: Asp Blade StrikeIrae Faycite Shard: Asp BloodDurus Faycite Shard: Wisp of RenewalIrae Faycite Shard: Beam of BrimstoneDurus Faycite Shard: Siavonn's Chant of DiseaseDurus Faycite Shard: Slaunk's Chant of PoisonDurus Faycite Shard: Talisman of the Snow LeopardDurus Faycite Shard: Slackening WaveDurus Faycite Shard: StifleDurus Faycite Shard: Reverent ElixirDurus Faycite Shard: Savage RageDurus Faycite Shard: Reverent CleansingDurus Faycite Shard: Growl of the Snow LeopardDurus Faycite Shard: Mesmerizing StareDurus Faycite Shard: Mind SquallDurus Faycite Shard: Quiescent MindDurus Faycite Shard: Gosik's Chant of FlameDurus Faycite Shard: ConfoundDurus Faycite Shard: Confounding FlashDurus Faycite Shard: Demand for PowerDurus Faycite Shard: Eye of the StormDurus Faycite Shard: Edoth's Chant of FrostDurus Faycite Shard: Demand for HonorDurus Faycite Shard: Dirge of SalubraDurus Faycite Shard: Clutching Darkness

Updated Items: Raw Dark MatterPetite Pale Fear ShardHoneycomb

Updated Bestiary: a mastruq havocbladea burly hill gianta militant vineweaverThe SynarcanaAlpha Naeya


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