November 29, 2012 (Part 1)

We are still working on resurrecting the Item Collector, but here is another round of quest and bestiary updates for you:

Update: The Item Collector is back online and items are coming in now. If you'd like to help keep the database up to date, all you need to do is visit the download page, install it, and run it in the background while you play EverQuest. Thank you!

We'll have the first round of item updates posted later today.

(Updates after the jump)

New Quests: Crystal Caverns #1: An Abundance of OrcsCrystal Caverns #2: Ry`Gorr ReconnaissanceCrystal Caverns #3: Finding the FearInto the Caverns of FearDanela's StandRaid Expedition: Danela's StandVelium Mining Made SimpleA More Efficient OperationA Step in the Wrong DirectionRations for the IrrationalCleaving GeonidsA Tentacular NuisanceSubdued SubjectsThe Big OneI Wanna Be a Ry'GorrKael #1: Deliver Us Unto EvilKael #2: Them BonesKael #3: A Cure for MadnessTraitors Among UsThe Madness of King TormaxRaid Expedition: The Madness of King TormaxTaking Out the TrashParanoia - It's Out to Get You!One Step Forward, Two Steps BackDrowning the MemoriesWeight of a Worthy HeartThe Early Bird Gets the WormA Well Regulated MilitiaBring Out Your DeadMadness ReignsBreeding Grounds #1: A Chilling RescueBreeding Grounds #2: Treading LightlyBreeding Grounds #3: Eggs As BaitThe Rise of the AncientsZalikor's LairRaid Expedition: A Feast for ZalikorRaid Expedition: Velishan's RevengeEvantil #1: Fun With FungusEvantil #2: What A MessEvantil #3: Forbidden FruitEvantil #4: Searching for a CureFear NotEvantil: Heart of the OakRaid Expedition: Heart of the OakGrelleth's #1: Rise of the SwinetorGrelleth's #2: Dirty TacticsGrelleth's #3: Double TroubleGrelleth's #4: Halt of DecayGrelleth's #5: Raw AggressionGrelleth's #6: The Art of WarThe Machinations of KotulThe Queen's DecreeRaid Expedition: Grelleth, Her Majesty the QueenChapterhouse #1: Infiltrating the Burning DeadUndead MaintenanceBreaking BonesOrgan TrailChapterhouse #2: OperationChapterhouse #3: Dead Gnomes Tell No Tales... Or Do They?Run, You Fools!A Matter of Life and DeathRaid Expedition: A Matter of Life and DeathXorbb #1: The Halfling TrailXorbb #2: We Have to Go DeeperXorbb #3: Escape From the Prison of XorbbThe Battle for RivervaleThe Return of King XorbbFind the Gems... Or Die!Raid Expedition: Valley of King XorbbValley of King Xorbb Event #1: Guardian of the GateValley of King Xorbb Event #2: Yymp the InfernalValley of King Xorbb Event #3: The Return of King XorbbRaid Expedition: Temple of Fear's FallCorrupted Temple Event: AaryonarCorrupted Temple Event: CekenarCorrupted Temple Event: Dagarn the DestroyerCorrupted Temple Event: JorlleagCorrupted Temple Event: Lady MirenillaCorrupted Temple Event: Lady NevederiaCorrupted Temple Event: Lord FeshlakCorrupted Temple Event: Lord Koi`DokenCorrupted Temple Event: Lord KreizennCorrupted Temple Event: Lord VyemmCorrupted Temple Event: SevalakCorrupted Temple Event: ZlexakCorrupted Temple Event: Vulak`AerrRaw Counter IntelligenceKeep Their Guard DownCast the Swine OffTaming the TamersThe Cradle of FilthThe Filth SlavesCleanse the LandGood Eatin'!Uprooting the WeedsAdmiring the ObsceneryA Snake in the Garden of EvilOff the OffspringProblem with GoralsQuoth the Raven...Reducing the SapsStrong Stomachs NeededWood You Help MeA Feat of Drunken StrengthFaiz's FightHow to Kill the DeadCold As IceDig DeeperFinders of the LostFaiz's FearThe AmuletThe Dragon WhispererDelectable Dragon PatePoisoning the Food SupplyA Desperate SummoningFilthy Ankle BitersLights in the NightFrom GraceSteel and BoneRotting SentriesOf the FallenBaldrik the InsaneFeeding TimeWoes of Wailing WandaTheseus' JobAin't No Thing Like an Evil RingKrystuls for the Krystul KingPlans Gone AwryAn Eye For an EyeThe Minotaur SmasherScheming SaboteurSnakes in the GrassThe Bear NecessitiesEarth, Wind and Your FuryElementally Schooled

New Bestiary: Captain Dunstan ColdheartGraght the LittleNanokikFridjornKodikYsylfarVeldmir VelweaverBroniganGalurgBaffod the WaywardCaptain BvellosRejnak ColdspearNoble HelssenBjorik the HeartstrongFaffnar WolfsbaneBaffod the WaywardKjelnorKvojikGleed DragonhunterNojas BlackfistWelverd SteelbairnKiltarForeman SukarGlimkarEyska Va`Ker, the BroodmotherGevani WillowspriteTallyBallyYioanReena KedsonAin KavusSir BirtonBertrand the ButcherWilfred GorefinderHoly Defender IorisYarin ShroudfearPlinki BonebroodOrson GravegloomThistlebrushWitherweaverShimsham Ratlobbera temple custodianFaizOaxyKesarAsupi MaksupShamptan the summonerAzkinAranuGaldamilGimthraExpedition Elite GuardAtri KutshaCelia BrightgladeBergan NolainAislinnAliskar DarkbaneGrimbusGummil Shortbottoma cowardly scoutOolabScout GavriloCrazy VerkenPickslave Lurra dying scoutGronk the Krystul KingZerkis Bigfeets

Updated Bestiary: Ulgin Darkhammer


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Windows 8
# Nov 29 2012 at 4:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Perhaps it would be a wise idea to update the Item Collector to function with Windows 8, as more and more computers and users are using it now, and more will be in the future. I would love to help with updating the item database, but I am unable to due to this problem.
Windows 8
# Nov 29 2012 at 4:53 PM Rating: Excellent
Ungainly Ninja
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Spinner2012 wrote:
Perhaps it would be a wise idea to update the Item Collector to function with Windows 8, as more and more computers and users are using it now, and more will be in the future. I would love to help with updating the item database, but I am unable to due to this problem.

Please send details for your system along with a log of the error you're seeing to, and we'll get it to our developers to debug. We want Item Collector to work on as many systems as possible.
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