November 28, 2012

Happy Launch Day!

Be sure to check out our Rain of Fear guides and some tips for getting started in the expansion. And if you're looking for the patch message, look no further than this link.

Today's patch temporarily disabled Lucy's Item Collector. We will have that restored as soon as possible and will update you here when it's back. (This also affects spells and any new item icons.)

If you'd like to help get information flowing into the site here, that would be greatly appreciated!! You can head over to the item collector download page and run it in the background as you play EQ. (The item collector passively picks up item links in game and automatically updates the item database. It should be back up and running "soon".)

And as always, if you have any information to contribute, you can send an email to or leave a comment on any zone, quest, item, NPC, recipe, or spell entry here.

Here is the first round of updates as we enter Rain of Fear:

New Zones: Shard's LandingZeixshi-Kar's AwakeningKael Drakkel, the King's MadnessCrystal Caverns, Fragment of FearBreeding GroundsGrelleth's Palace, Chateau of FilthEvantil, the Vile OakChapterhouse of the FallenValley of King XorbbCorrupted Temple of VeeshanShard's Landing: Sleepless NightsShard's Landing: Calling PhantasmShard's Landing: High Priest Syltetzalvek

New Quests: Shard's #1: Welcome to Shard's LandingShard's #2: Words of the UnspokenAchievement: Hunter of Shard's LandingAchievement: Hunter of Zeixshi-Kar's AwakeningAchievement: Hunter of Kael Drakkel, the King's MadnessAchievement: Hunter of Crystal Caverns, Fragment of FearAchievement: Hunter of the Breeding GroundsAchievement: Hunter of Grelleth's Palace, Chateau of FilthAchievement: Hunter of Evantil, the Vile OakAchievement: Hunter of Chapterhouse of the FallenAchievement: Hunter of Valley of King XorbbShard's #1b: Exploring Shard's LandingShard's #2b: Unspoken VerseShard's #3: Unusual Goral CoralShard's #4: The Harbingers of ThuleShard's #5: Conquering Your FearsShard's #6: The BelieversSleepless NightsCalling PhantasmRaid Expedition: High Priest SyltetzalvekThe Breeding Grounds Portal ActivationEvantil, the Vile Oak Portal ActivationValley of King Xorbb Portal ActivationChapterhouse of the Fallen Portal ActivationEastern Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening Portal ActivationGrelleth's Palace, the Chateau of Filth Portal ActivationROF Rank II Level 96 Spells: Minor DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 97 Spells: Lesser DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 98 Spells: Median DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 99 Spells: Greater DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 100 Spells: Glowing DreadmoteROF Rank III Level 96 Spells: Minor TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 97 Spells: Lesser TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 98 Spells: Median TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 99 Spells: Greater TerrormoteROF Rank III Level 100 Spells: Glowing TerrormoteFear Begins At HomeCoveted RubbishBeating the BeetlesWhat Pests Are Made OfWild Pack of Unfamiliar DogsCorrupted PacksFrostcoatsSnakes and SnakesCreatures of CragfeastThe Wyvern Grow RestlessThe WorntoothMaster Hunter's ChallengeZeixshi-Kar #1: Scaring Up Some InformationZeixshi-Kar #2: IndoctrinationZeixshi-Kar #3: The SacrificeZeixshi-Kar #4: The Sweet Taste of RevengeConfronting Your FearsDefeat Zeixshi-KarRaid Expedition: Zeixshi-Kar's ShardHome on the PlanesIf I Had My HammerFalmonius #1: This Can't Be Good!Falmonius #2: Stalking the ShadowsFalmonius #3: Masters of FearLost Without a CompassA Feast Fit for a ColdainWhere Adventurers Fear to TreadAn Ailment Only Money Can CureHO-HO-Help!Never Say 'Hi'

New Bestiary: Gilbert SongcryerGilab FlamesphereOlivia DawnlightNoel GladestriderVarille AlyrinsharWent SteelhaftTomekeeper KerkazMaster Armorer SynlarisArmorer Jean WenlarisIllana SunmireOverseer DrentCouncilman NostuliaMagus BurlshinLirit T`PrakkAlpha NaeyaBanescale SerpentCobaltCragbeakElsrop the CrazedIremawPincerpestPlaguespinePyrebeakRockspineStonecoatVilefeasterBoradain GlacierbaneChief Ry`GorrCorbin BlackwellDrummon ColdshanksEkelng ThunderstoneFirband the BlackFjloaren IcebaneGalrok the ColdGhrek SquatnotKurlok the MadNightmaneTain HammerfrostTungoWarden BrukeYngaln the Frozena diminutive kromrifa fey swarmDerakor the VindicatorDoljek the InsaneEvanescent CoronachFjekaFjokar FrozenshardGkrean Prophet of TallonGrungol the EclipseKallis StormcallerKeldor Dek`TorekKyenkaPakjol the HungryReijav the BattleragerSemkak Prophet of VallonSlagheartThe Avatar of WarThe Idol of Rallos ZekThe Statue of Rallos ZekYetarrA Crystal LurkerA Drachnid RetainerA Focus GemA Gem CollectorA Hollow CrystalA Life LeechA Ry`Gorr EnforcerA Ry`Gorr HerbalistA Ry`Gorr InspectorA Stalag PurifierA Terror CarverForeman RixactForeman SmasonKreztikOverseer GrydonPit Boss TorgudProspector WersanQueen DracniaA Vicious HatchlingAkyailCharraEdoth the AncientGosikIciclaneKing ItkariNeforiOsalurSerosVelishanZalifurBeast Caller PlaktCook MulDark Ritualist KoppGrelleth`s War MachineJunkcrafter NintPalace Commander ErollPenkal the Filth MasterPolluter SlaunkRotblade KlondaStitchesThe Forgotten MurdererA Bloated ToadA Blob of SapBurntbarkClizikRuaabriSeedspitterThe Ant QueenThornmawUzrinar the DamnedYunaizarnA Lost SoulA Mournful SpiritBraintasterFalhotep the CursedHalstor BonewalkerKaficus the UndyingPlaguetoothRalstok PlagueboneSergeant MalorinSir RaintThe FlesheaterBody of the ManyCompanion of the DeadCorpsehideDeepcoreFacenibblerFacet of FearFrothtoothGruden the PulverizerIxyl the ClaymasterKalken`s Bloody BonesKrondalLiving ShardMindseepRitualist BlezonShroomdeathStormwheelTerrorfistThe VisionaryTunnel SlitherWorker`s ChampionXolok the BlindXorlex the SeerHarbinger GlaskEngineer EilisiaDirector Idris ManaarLeopold CrunchbasherVdrakiiBygral TamescaleVaytokSir DelvasSoulbound ConstructMaster Hunter JilareBodhessel the CallerKeeper NenthGildorn IcebreathDirgenBaffod the WaywardTaelanie OakenheartKedd the FrostbittenSilnikTramric the Pessimistica homesick turmoil toadBlacksmith GalrimHurbleFalmonius

Updated Recipe: Purified Grade A Muscimol Extract


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