November 26, 2012

Here are some updates for today:

(The new items here came from a new raid instance of North Temple of Veeshan that was accidentally made live a few days early. The raid is no longer available on live servers, but is expected to be back on Wednesday with Rain of Fear's launch.)

New Items: Baton of FlameCazic Touched HelmCazic Touched BracerBoots of the DestroyerMithril GauntletsCazic Touched TunicSky Watcher's Monocle

New Recipe: Spell: Burst of Dawnlight Rk. II

Updated Items: Valiant Leather Legs OrnamentBeryl Hero's Forge Cloth Wrist OrnamentTome of InstructionPetite Fear ShardVampiric Coif of the GraveShadowed BracerVampire's Lute of BoneGrandiose Headdress of AlraSpell: Burst of Dawnlight Rk. IISpell: Talisman of Unity Rk. II

Updated Quests: Beastlord Epic: Claw of the Savage SpiritAid GaruukNo Sess Outta YouSelf-borne PestsFutile ResistanceGolems, Fabulous GolemsErudin Burning #5: Raiders of the Sacred TomesPillars #2c: The Word of Fal`KaaRaid Expedition: Unearthing Alra

Updated Bestiary: Scion Flesh PatcherTrueborn AdvisorTrueborn BonesplicerMalicious Scion ShadowScion Captaina mountain pumaIcen Temitora gorilla patriarchA Raging BraxiGroundskeeper Areut

Updated Recipes: Imbued Steelsilk Breastplate (Quellious)Black Insanity (Ulak)Black Insanity (Claidhmore)Black Insanity (Warsword)Black Insanity (Battlehammer)Black Insanity (Dagger)Black Insanity (Knight's Sword)Black Insanity (Bow)Basic Suspension of Slime XIVPlatinum-Bladed DaggerSmoked Horse Meat StewBeer-braised Horse Meat KabobsGarlic-Buttered Horse Meat SouffleSmoked Freshwater FishElectrified Copper PlateAir TemperCurved Steel BeamSteel Keel SegmentShaped Suspension of Slime VIPlatinum-Hilted Great SwordWorked Suspension of Frost IIISylvan Initiate ArmguardsUnfired Ancient Prismatic Brawl Stick OrnamentAncient Prismatic Brawl Stick Ornamentation


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