October 29, 2012

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Formal Wristband of the WilderFormal Wristguard of the WilderFormal Wristband of the ExhumerFormal Sleeves of CarnageFormal Sleeves of CompulsionModest Exarch VambracesModest Archon HelmMeager Pale Fear Shard

New Bestiary: The MechalossusTinnyHead Sizentist Myrmel GorgothChief Administrator Grigano

New Recipe: Ornate Charm of Derived Tradition

Updated Items: Scuffed Weapon Crate of the MercenaryBeryl Hero's Forge Plate Helm Ornament

Updated Quests: Shadowknight Abysmal ArmorZeka #1: Did We Forget the Cheese?Zeka #3: Intelligence GatheringBeza #2: How Does Your Garden Grow?Beza #4: End the ReturnBeza #5: It's All in Your HeadS.H.I.P. #3: MechalossusS.H.I.P. #4: Tactical TeleportationS.H.I.P. #5: Administrative Assassination

Updated Recipe: Ornate Charm of Derived Tradition

Updated Bestiary: Sill Kardoa Black Legion archera shieldbearer guardian

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Hero of the Resplendent TempleAchievement: Hero of Argath, Bastion of IlldaeraAchievement: Hero of the Valley of LunanynAchievement: Hero of Sarith, City of TidesAchievement: Hero of Rubak Oseka, Temple of the SeaAchievement: Hero of the Beasts' DomainAchievement: Hero of the Pillars of AlraAchievement: Hero of the Windsong SanctuaryAchievement: Hero of Erillion, City of BronzeAchievement: Hero of the Sepulcher of OrderAchievement: Hunter of Sarith, City of Tides


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