ZAM Previews SW:TOR's Republic Faction

Find out what Fewyn, Cyliena, Argo and Micajah think about some of the Republic classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Members of the ZAM team recently participated in the Star Wars: The Old Republic media testing program, and they spent quite a bit of time trying out the classes of the Republic faction.

Keep reading after the jump to find out what Fewyn, Cyliena, Argo and Micajah have to say about the Trooper, Jedi Consular and Smuggler!

Fewyn on the Trooper (Wowhead Content Manager)

I spent some time playing all of the Republic classes, but the one that stuck out most for me was the Trooper because of its excellent story. Being new to Havoc Squad, you’re tasked with what you would expect to be piled onto the “new guy.” As you progress through the story, you move toward more important work, and by the end of Ord Mantell’s class story arc you’re in for some pretty big surprises.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the Trooper was one of the hardest characters to level up to advanced class selection, which happens around level 10 when you come across the quest to choose between Commando or Vanguard. Until level 8 you are spamming most of your abilities on cooldown, such as Full Auto and your filler Hammer Shot ability. Once you reach level 8, you gain an ability called Pulse Cannon that sprays waves of ionized energy at targets in a 10-meter cone in front of you. With Pulse Cannon in hand, I could finally run into packs of mobs and unleash my fury upon my unsuspecting enemies.

Unlike other classes who get their companion anywhere from levels 5-8, the Trooper gains his first companion at the end of Ord Mantell, which is around level 9. Aric Jorgan, formerly one of your superiors, has been assigned under your command in Havoc Squad. He is a ranged sniper who is good at dealing damage while you keep the attention on any dangerous enemies in the area. Once he’s on your team, things breeze by even faster than before.

Overall, my time with Star Wars: The Old Republic has been excellent. I’m eagerly awaiting the December 20 release date.

Cyliena on the Jedi Consular (EverQuest II, Rift and Free Realms Content Manager)

I tried out the Jedi Consular. The storyline was very engaging and turned out to be the most enjoyable part of my playing experience. A companion definitely helped with being able to focus more on my ranged abilities, but the class is also quite survivable by itself. I also thought the Jedi leveling area looked great.

I only went to Coruscant long enough to pick my Jedi Shadow advanced class. It's a really cool city that really makes you feel like you're walking into the world of Star Wars at that point. My only complaint is that it takes a really long time to get around at that level, but I think I'm just spoiled from mounts in other games.

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