Creative Director Discusses Movement Powers

Studio Creative Director Chris Cao has posted a new blog entry on the DC Universe Online Myspace page, and this one focuses on movement powers. Who needs a mount when you've got flight, super speed or acrobatics?

According to Cao, flight's going to be more than just a way of getting from point A to point B. It will also give you access to excluse combat powers, like to ability to intercept your enemy or create a sonic boom.

Super speed will allow you to fight and move everywhere, but there's a catch. "Lose control and you can end up in all sorts of interesting places.  Let’s just say that the ceiling ain’t the best place to stop and take a shot. Trust me."

And with acrobatics, prepare to utilize some mid-air control with double-jumps and dashes and use the terrain to your advantage.

You can read Cao's full post here or after the jump.

Before I left for the holidays, I wanted to duck in and wish all of our DCUO friends well.  I also wanted to thank you for all the comments. It’s great to read all the hopes, opinions, and wishes for the game. As I’ve said before, we read this page first when we’re looking to get a feel for player reaction to our latest and greatest. Speaking of which, I also wanted to give you all a little gift for the holidays:....

Let’s talk movement powers.  In DCUO, you’ll be creating a hero or villain from your own imagination that will strive to fight alongside or against iconic DC characters.
  A combination of choices will determine the exact powers and
abilities of this character.  Fundamental among these choices is the question of how you move.

Flight:  Obviously, you need the option to soar through the sky.  While an oldie-but-goodie, this movement power gains some new dimensions in DCUO.  Firstly, you’ll have combat powers based exclusively on your ability to fly.  Want to catch up to that super speedster who’s racing away?  Hit your intercept ability and swoop in for the kill.  Need to get across the city right quick?  Boost your flight speed and leave your enemies reeling from the sonic boom.  We’re finding in our play tests that players who like to have good general movement controls like the flexibility of flight.  And while it does provide easy mobility, it also tends to also attract the eye.
  Who should we attack?  How about the guy hovering
in place…....

Super Speed:  Run up and over anything.
That’s super speed in DCUO.  You’ve seen it in our gameplay movies and you’ve played it at Comic-Con.  Super speed redefines, ‘run and gun’ by giving players the ability to fight and move everywhere.  Again, our play testing has shown that players who like more of a racing game feel to their movement enjoy super speed.  The agility and precision made possible by this set of powers brings a whole new level to skill-based gameplay. Of course, that same level of control has another edge.  Loose control and you can end up in all sorts of interesting places.  Let’s just say that the ceiling ain’t the best place to stop and take a shot.  Trust me.

Acrobatics:  Acrobatics lends an entirely new feel of platform play to DCUO.  In leaps and bounds, players arc through the skies of Metropolis, pausing on the side of buildings to take cover or take a prime shot.  Double-jumping and air dashes add a level of mid-air control that keeps the other movement types on their toes.  Like no other power, acrobatics puts tactical control of the terrain into the player’s hands.  Of course, that also means that you have to be aware of your surroundings. Accidentally sticking to an overpass while trying to escape your lead engineer can be problematic.

I have to admit, acrobatics is my favorite new addition to DCUO.  Yes, it may come from my personal affection for ninjas, but hey, we’re all still fans at heart.
  And who doesn’t like flipping out now and then?....

I look forward to seeing which type is your own favorite as we release more information in the New Year.  Have a happy holiday.  See you in the skies of DCUO.


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