The Return of /testcopy

Some Test Server information from EQLive:

Great News! The /testcopy command has returned!

What is the /testcopy command?
/testcopy allows a character to be copied from a live server to the Test Server. To get your character copied to the Test Server, simply log into your character on a regular server and type /testcopy and that character will be copied to the Test Server.

In an effort maintain and preseve the stability of the economy on the Test Server we bring back this command with a few adjustments:

  • Since this is a copy and not a transfer there is a time limit to how often this command can be run.
  • All forms of money will be removed.
  • As the same with transfers, your guild will not carry over.
  • All items copied will ONLY be usable by the character that copied them over.
  • Copied items cannot be sold or given to anyone.
  • Stackable items that have been copied will not stack with items that haven't.
  • Combining items that have been copied will mark resulting items as copied.

Additional Notes:

  • With this command, characters are copied not transferred so you character on the Live servers are not affected.
  • Test Server characters are still under the no transfer restriction, meaning they cannot transfer off the Test Server.

For more help on the Test Server read the Getting Started on the Test Server article. Or visit the In Testing Discussion over on the EQ Forums.


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From a Longtime Test Resident
# Sep 03 2008 at 12:47 AM Rating: Excellent
36 posts
Hi everyone -- I've lived primarily on the Test Server since the original EQ beta. It's always been the smallest, always had the least power, but in my opinion, far outshines live servers. That said, with testcopy open, we're getting an influx of all types. If you're thinking about coming to test, here's a quick quiz you should give yourself:

1) What's your goal in the game? Do you want to be the best, or just become friends with the best people? If you want to be OOBER, test ain't the place for you. Top raid guilds are working through Frostcrypt right now. Keep in mind, also -- money usually means very little on Test. Which means that when you have to switch that aug, it really sucks -- because you can't just sell your latest loot from ye olde top ende zone.

2) Do you think that people on your server are jerks, and wish that everyone would just grow up a little? Test is, by and large, inhabited by more adults, and many less infantile e-gos than live servers. If you ARE one of those "ur bad noob" kind of people, test definitely isn't for you.

3) Are you willing to actually help people? Most of the people who "make it" on test all end up knowing each other well -- and while we have our dramas, you have to make an effort to be altruistically helpful if you even want a CHANCE of scoring a group.

4) Can you tolerate bugs, the good and the bad? We've had bugs where you got an AA a kill, but we've also had the other side -- shortly after TSS release, you couldn't earn AA xp at all for about a week and a half.

5) Do you make your own luck? If you can't find a group, do you just sit around moping? In test, it's often very (very) difficult to find a group, even if you are a helpful, well-known, well-liked member of the community. You have to be happy doing something else. For example, I soloed almost a thousand AAs, often letting guildmates and random people sit idly by and leech xp (as a chanter soloing, they couldn't have helped anyway).

On the up side, test is also one of the tightest, happiest communities you can find. People will go out of their way to buff you, unasked -- I park my rez bot in lobby and rez people if I'm just out hunting, or raiding. I've ported and led people I don't even know from general chat to a crystallos squire just so they could loot a drop that nobody in group wanted. It's very, very rare that there are any people in top-end zones, so you definitely have your run of the place. For me, live servers are kind of sickening by comparison -- it's a big contrast between the me-me-me world and the hey-let's-go-have-a-blast world.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and hope to see (some of) you soon =). Send me a tell in game if you have any questions or requests.


Tiraniv is not the brest of Test
Beguiler and Damage Absorber
Bit more info
# Sep 02 2008 at 6:12 PM Rating: Excellent
102 posts
-For the most part, Quest Items carry over but are not usable. NPC's that need turn in's will not accept most (all?) copied items, so finish your epics and various quests before you test copy.

-Money does not carry over, this includes LDoN points, Radiant/Ebon crystals, Dubloons, Orux, Phos.*, Faycitum.

-Personal faction DOES carry over so head to your home town and tribute whatever you need.

-All gear, inventory and bank slots will copy along with your character, however SHARED BANK items will not copy.

-If you have a group of people copying over, remember it makes a duplicate of your character at the time you hit /testcopy. Feel free to pass around food/drink, reagents, non no-drop clickies and anything else your group could find useful between each character before you copy.

-Pre buy any spells, reagents or other items that you will need before you test copy, it's a big carp in the face when you go to buy a 60pp spell and realize you need to go kill a couple of giants first.

-Test server offers a few cool extras including free expansion usage, permenant double exp (stacks with potions, etc.) and full veteran AA's for all characters. You can also use skill trainers in the Arena to beef up melee and casting skills.

-The bazaar is basically dead, if you're big into trading you might want to look somewhere else.
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