NameQuest GoalQuest Type
Achievement: 10th Anniversary TasksAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 11th Anniversary RaidAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 11th Anniversary TasksAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 12th Anniversary RaidsAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 12th Anniversary TasksAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 13th Anniversary RaidAdvancement,Experience,Faction,LootAchievement
Achievement: 13th Anniversary TasksAdvancement,LootAchievement
Achievement: 13th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)AdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 14th Anniversary TasksAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 15th Anniversary TasksAchievement
Achievement: 15th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)Achievement
Achievement: 16th Anniversary TasksAchievement
Achievement: 16th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)Achievement
Achievement: 5th Anniversary TaskAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 6th Anniversary TaskAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 7th Anniversary TasksAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 8th Anniversary TaskAdvancementAchievement
Achievement: 9th Anniversary TaskAdvancementAchievement
Anniversary Event: The Mechamatic GuardianLootEvent
Anniversary Group Mission: A Ranger's TaleExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Group Mission: Defending KnowledgeExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Group Mission: Sprucing Up ShakeyExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Group Mission: War GamesExperience,Loot,Money,TitleTask
Anniversary Group Mission: What Happens In Neriak...Experience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Group Task: A Different PerspectiveExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Group Task: Big Gnomes, Big ProblemsExperienceTask
Anniversary Group Task: Evil Eye OperativeTask
Anniversary Group Task: Infiltrating the GuardianLootTask
Anniversary Group Task: Piestro's Day OffTask
Anniversary Group Task: Stealing My Life BackLootTask
Anniversary Group Task: Summoning the MasterExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Group Task: Surviving XmiticzinTask
Anniversary Group Task: This Ain't RightExperience,LootTask
Anniversary Group Task: To Thine Own Creator Be FalseTask
Anniversary Group Task: To Thine Own Creator Be TrueTask
Anniversary Raid: Hate's Fury: Seventeen Pieces of SilverAdvancement,Experience,Loot,MoneyExpedition
Anniversary Raid: Steel BehemothsLootTask
Anniversary Raid: Tower of Frozen ShadowLootExpedition
Anniversary Shared Task: Breaking MirrorsExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Cleansing the GroundExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Dead DragonsExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Ferocious FeralingsExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Korucust's Royal PainExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Liquid CourageExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Pirates of Timorous DeepExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Pub CrawlExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Responsible MiningExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Rumor Has ItExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Shared Task: Step on a CrackExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: A Cat-tastropheExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: A Fool's ErrandLoot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Belle of the BallExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Gifts of SteelFaction,LootTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Hunt of the ShardsLootTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Improper Boating AttireExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Let's Have Some Fun!Experience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Lucky 13Experience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Magically DeliciousExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Music For a Weary SoulExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Not For the RabbitExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Ogres at the GatesExperienceTask
Anniversary Solo Task: Spider's BiteExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Solo Task: The Lady of ElksExperience,Loot,MoneyTask
Anniversary Task: Maximum CapacityLootTask
Anniversary Task: Parts is PartsLootTask
Anniversary Task: The Short CircuitLootTask
Anniversary: Drunken Gnome RaceLootQuest
EQ Eighth Anniversary Scavenger HuntExperience,LootTask
EQ Fifth Anniversary Scavenger HuntLootQuest
EQ Ninth Anniversary Scavenger HuntLootQuest
EQ Seventh Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (Dragons)LootTask
EQ Seventh Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (Dwarves)LootTask
EQ Seventh Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (Giants)LootTask
EQ Sixth Anniversary Scavenger HuntLootQuest
EQ Tenth Anniversary: Deity FavorsExperience,Loot,MoneyGuide
EverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewGuide