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Quests for West Commonlands

A Griffin's Plight (Normal): This group monster mission begins with Kathi Norman in the Commonlands. She can be found at +1102 +415.

You say, 'Hail, Kathi Norman'

Kathi Norman says 'Hello yourself. Unfortunately, there isn't anything to be [happy] about today.'

You say, 'Happy?'

Kathi Norman says 'I'm sorry. I found a broken griffin egg and a trinket of sorts next to it. Next thing I knew I was.. Well, it's too weird to explain. If you like I can offer the [trinket] to you as well.'

You have been assigned the task 'A Griffin's Plight'.

Your group can select from two monster types: Featherclaw Griffin (Druid) and Sharptalon Griffin (Ranger). Once you've selected templates you can zone into the instance.

You say, 'Trinket?'

You have entered Commonlands: A Griffin's Plight.

Kathi Norman is at the zone-in point and will port you out if you ask her to:

You say, 'Hail, Kathi Norman'

Kathi Norman says 'If you find yourself in a hurry to [leave], just let me know and away you go!'

Locate your missing eggs 0/10 (Commonlands)

To get these updates you need to "fly over" an egg. Once done successfully the egg will disappear and another will spawn elsewhere. (Note the task may not update itself until the 10th egg is done.)

Eggs appear near buildings/camps, or else near the fringes of the desert west of the undead camp or along the eastern side of the zone.

Yellow and red-con mobs will begin appearing on track and are indicators of egg locations. Among them are higher level players, each with a very large aggro radius (about a quarter of the zone).

Once the eggs are found you'll have two targets to find and kill.

Find Guard Tygos 0/1 (Commonlands)

Guard Tygos spawns near "Inn 1".

Kill Guard Tygos 0/1 (Commonlands)

Guard Tygos hits for a max 161 or so and flurries. You'll want full health and mana for this fight.

Find Merchant Wendell 0/1 (Commonlands)

Kill Merchant Wendell 0/1 (Commonlands)

Merchant Wendell drops 6x "Shard of Wisdom" (you must have this in order to get experience).

Speak with Kathi Norman 0/1 (Commonlands)

Hail Kathi for experience and task completion.

The common loot is Anodized Mithril Vambraces, while the rare loot is Sparkling Necklace of Joy.

Anodized Mithril Vambraces (ARTIFACT) can transmute to:
Anodized Mithril Vambraces (level 1-10)
???? (level 11-20)
Colorless Plate Arms (level 21-30)
Repaired Plate Arms (level 31-40)
Clear Resin-Covered Plate Arms (level 41-50)
Ornate Plate Arms (level 51-60)
Decorated Plate Arms (level 61-70)

Sparkling Necklace of Joy (ARTIFACT) can transmute to:
Sparkling Necklace of Joy (level 1-10)
???? (level 11-20)
Ashen Neckguard of the Wind (level 21-30)
Somber Neckguard of Hostility (level 31-40)
Decorated Neckguard (level 41-50)
Fiery Ornate Neckguard (level 51-60)
Relucent Neckguard of Remorse (level 61-70)

Unrelated to the task, some shouts and emotes from within the zone:

Goldenblade shouts 'Don't kill bixies! You'll spawn griffins!'

Wichi shouts 'Has anyone seen my corpse?'

Kitinu shouts 'Griffin near Inn!'

Luna shouts 'Price check on PGT!'

Fingerslaru shouts 'How do I get to Qeynos? I'm lost!'

Baddrood shouts 'Need SoW for corpse run...'

Faffird shouts 'Selling Dervish Rings at tunnel! Also have spider silk for 1P a stack!'

Ilight shouts 'Can I have some plat?'

Wichi shouts 'You suck! Stop KSing my beetles!'

Hiatha shouts 'EverQuest has defeated Yoursociallife in a duel to the death!'

Kaane shouts 'OMG some wizard named Fiflenoggin just ninja looted a ghoulbane from a group of paladins in Lower Guk!'

Skeletoor shouts 'Selling everything on me at tunnel. PST for list and price!'

Baddrood shouts 'Ding! Level 7!'

Wichi shouts 'Ding! Level 8!'

Sloerz shouts 'Ding! Level 4!'

Wichi shouts 'WTB BBC PST'

Skeletoor shouts 'Looking for group! PST!'

And sometimes upon attacking a lower level player, they'll turn around and flee, shouting:

Connaan shouts 'Griff inc to Freeport! Look out newbs!' Reward: Anodized Mithril Vambraces
Reward: Sparkling Necklace of Joy
Reward: Decorated Plate Arms
Reward: Relucent Neckguard of Remorse
Reward: Anodized Mithril Vambraces
Reward: Colorless Plate Arms
Reward: Repaired Plate Arms
Reward: Clear Resin-Covered Plate Arms
Reward: Ornate Plate Arms
Reward: Sparkling Necklace of Joy
Reward: Ashen Neckguard of the Wind
Reward: Somber Neckguard of Hostility
Reward: Decorated Neckguard
Reward: Fiery Ornate Neckguard

Armor Size (Normal): There are two dwarven smiths at the inn next to Befallen who offer to resize Crafted Armor for you.

Timtok Tonsmith will resize Gauntlets, Vambraces, Helm and Boots.

Ranvigoz Tonsmith will resize Bracers, Pauldron, Brestplate and Greaves.

This reduces the size to small and the weight of the armor as follows: Gauntlets were 5.0 now 3.7 wt. Vambraces were 6.5 now 4.8 wt. Bracers were 4.0 now 3.0 wt each. Helm was 6.0 now 4.5 wt. Pauldron was 4.5 now 3.3 wt. Breastplate was 10.0 now 7.5 wt. Greaves were 7.5 now 5.6 wt. Plate boots were 6.5 now 4.8 wt.

You may need to be amiable to them to get the quest. I definitely wouldn't go handing them your armor if they haven't responded to your hails and given you the quest.
Cutthroat Rings (Normal): This quest is given by Guard Valon at the toll booth in the Commonlands. You must have amiable faction level with the Freeport Militia in order to receive it.

The Orc Picks quest (also given by Valon) can be used to increase faction.

Amiable faction with The Freeport Militia is REQUIRED in order to accept this quest. Also, you will still need to complete the Orc Pick quest, at least once, in order to do this quest. [need confirmation that "orc picks" is a prerequisite]

After finishing the Orc Pawn Pick quest, AND having AMIABLE faction:

Guard Valon says 'You have done well. Keep up the good work and we may trust you to [hunt dervish cutthroats] which in turn will allow you to join the Reserve Freeport Militia.'
You say, 'I will hunt dervish cutthroats'
Guard Valon says 'You will make a fine reservist! Take this bag and fill it with dervish cutthroat insignia rings. When they are combined and returned to me, you shall be accepted into the Reserve Freeport Militia!'

You'll receive an 8-slot container called "Bag for Cutthroat Rings".

Cutthroat Insignia Rings are dropped pretty commonly from dervish cutthroats located in the Commonlands and North Ro.

Combine them in the container and turn in the result to Guard Valon.

After turning in the Bag of Cuttthroat Rings.

Guard Valon says 'Excellent work, _______! You are quite formidable. Maybe soon you will aid in our efforts to rid the northern part of Freeport of the paladins! Until then, keep up the good work. Take this armory token to the militia armorer in the Militia House in Freeport to receive your tunic. He may not be there, but I assure you he will show up at some time. On the second floor. Hail Sir Lucan!'

Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia has been adjusted by 10.
Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk Underground has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth has been adjusted by -1.
Your faction standing with Priests of Marr has been adjusted by -1.

You also recieve a Military Armory Token Reward: Militia Armory Token

Orc Picks (Normal): This quest is given by Guard Valon at the toll booth in the Commonlands.

(Dialogues needed.)

Valon has a bounty on orc pawns and will take their picks from you four at a time in exchange for faction and a small amount of coin.

Turn-in results in the following faction:

Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia has been adjusted by 3.
Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk Underground has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth has been adjusted by -1.
Your faction standing with Priests of Marr has been adjusted by -1.

Once your faction is at a high enough level, you can do the Cutthroat Rings quest as well (a requirement for the Reserve Militia quest).
The Dead's Claim (Normal): This group monster mission begins with a wandering zombie at location +403 +1456 in the Commonlands.

You say, 'Hail, a wandering zombie'

a wandering zombie appears to be lost. She gazes at you with a distant look in her hollow eyes and points southeast, toward the entrance to [Befallen].

You say, 'What about Befallen?'

a wandering zombie nods emphatically and continues to stare. Within her eyes you glimpse movement. Looking deeper still, you see flashing images of a young Teir`dal and his cohorts mercilessly slaughtering the inhabitants of a crumbling temple. It is difficult to look away. You feel compelled to [continue] watching the strange images.

You say, 'Continue.'

The images sharpen and the Teir`dal is obviously none other than Kizdean Gix. He is leading a group of those who call themselves The Dead as they lay claim to the temple. The scene playing out before you begins to take over your senses. Within moments you feel as if you will actually be [transported] to that time and place.

You have been assigned the task 'The Dead's Claim.'

The Koada'dal elves have abandoned their outpost and fled the continent, tails tucked firmly between their pasty legs. This is no time for celebration, however. At least not yet. It is our goal, nay, our very right to claim the outpost in the name of The Dead. The place has become overrun with vermin and squatters, who must be eliminated. Kizdean Gix, take your assistant Hubard L`Rodd and see to it that nothing survives. If it breathes, it is of no use to The Dead. Should the unthinkable occur and either Teir`dal be slain during your foray, I will personally raise you from the grave so I can kill you myself. Do not fail me.

Pick monsters: Someone must play Kizdean Gix and his assistant Hubard L`Rodd, neither of whom may die during the mission (if they do, you fail). Gizdean is a shadowknight, while Hubard is a warrior. All templates are level 19. You may also play a ghoulish magus (ability to summon a shadow minion, a level 20-21 air pet, a fire rain AE nuke, and a damage shield), a cleric (HP buff Daring and a heal (possibly 2 heals)), and up to 2 shaman, with a heal, DoT, and slow.

When ready to zone in, say "transported" to the wandering zombie.

You say, 'Transported?'

Reality shifts . . .
You have entered Befallen: The Dead's Claim.

Note the wandering zombie also appears in the instance at the zone-in. She will port you out of the instance any time.

You say, 'Hail, a wandering zombie'

a wandering zombie stares deep into your eyes. You see the lush rolling hills of the Commonlands, and [remember] your previous life.

Supply mining picks to the aimless piles of bones - Befallen

The items you need are Mining Picks. Hand one to each of the four "pile of bones" near the entrance. These are in the same location as the skeletons with picks in the non-instanced version.

Convert the vermin - Befallen

You need to kill 15 rats for this step. Once they are dead, they will respawn as the undead rats from the non-instanced zone.

Fend off the Squatters - Befallen

You need to kill 10 of Cutthroat Squatters. These drop the mining picks needed for the first stage.

Deal with the elven contingent - Befallen

Kill the Elvish Warriors, Clerics, Magicians and Enchanters.

Deal with Commander Windstream - Befallen

Commander Windstream (yellow to 19) spawns with two of "an elite guard" (level 19) after you kill the fifth elf. Kill him.

Your task 'The Dead's Claim' has been updated.

Investigate the strange sounds coming from the well - Befallen

At least one person must enter the room at the bottom of the well.

Your task 'The Dead's Claim' has been updated.

The Koada'dal elves were no match for the might of Kizdean Gix and his cadre of undead. The outpost now belongs to its rightful owners, and it will be known forever more as 'Befallen'.

Loot includes Timeworn Platinum Ring (common) and Timeworn Beerstein (rare).

Timeworn Platinum Ring transmutes to: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), Mottled Platinum Ring (level 21-30), Dull Platinum Ring (level 31-40), Polished Platinum Ring (level 41-50), Gleaming Platinum Ring (level 51-60), Gynok's Platinum Ring (level 61-70).

Timeworn Beerstein transmutes to: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), ???? (level 21-30), ???? (level 31-40), ???? (level 41-50), Stained Beerstein (level 51-60), Befallen Beerstein (level 61-70). Reward: Timeworn Platinum Ring
Reward: Gynok's Platinum Ring
Reward: Gleaming Platinum Ring
Reward: Befallen Beerstein
Reward: Timeworn Beerstein
Reward: Polished Platinum Ring
Reward: Mottled Platinum Ring
Reward: Dull Platinum Ring
Reward: Stained Beerstein

The Rise of Marnek (Incomplete): Derin Mausrel may be found at -445, -370.

You say, 'Hail, Derin Mausrel'

Derin Mausrel says 'Greetings my friend, do you know these lands well? I'm looking for some help from someone who knows the area well, particularly [Befallen].'

You say, 'I know of Befallen.'

Derin Mausrel says 'I have traveled here from Erudin in search of my niece. Her name is Fellia Mausrel, daughter of Dleria and Soriel Mausrel. Fellia has been missing and I have tracked her whereabouts to this dark place called Befallen. I'm afraid if I don't hurry and rescue her, her life may be in [serious danger].'

You say, 'Serious danger?'

Derin Mausrel says 'A long time ago Soriel was one of a group of Paladins who tracked down Marnek Jaull and was said to destroy him. Marnek Jaull was an evil necromancer who led a small cult of necromancers who worshipped Solusek Ro. Marnek used to make ceremonial sacrifices to Solusek Ro to show his power and loyalty to his god. Since I started out on this journey I have discovered that Marnek was not destroyed like legend has it. I believe he has taken Fellia as revenge and will try sacrificing her to Solusek Ro. Will you help me [rescue Fellia]?'

You say, 'I will rescue Fellia.'

A Task window appears offering you the mission "The Rise of Marnek." Accept it.

Derin Mausrel says 'You will need to be careful in there. Marnek has been building an army of undead led by Skeleton Lrodd. From what I have gathered is Lrodd carries the Ancient Dagger of Marnek that is used in Marneks ceremonial sacrifices. You must recover that dagger from Lrodd and place it on the ceremonial table. Marnek is very evasive and must think that everything is going as planned. Are you [ready to travel] into the depths of Befallen?'

Make sure your group is ready, then:

You say, 'I am ready to travel.'

Does Derin say anything here?

You are teleported into an instanced version of Befallen.


You have entered Befallen: The Rise of Marnek.

Note: if you die, you can go back to Derin Mausrel and say "I am ready to travel" again to get teleported back into the instance. If you drop the Task while inside, you will get booted out of the instance within a minute or two, just like in other Shared Tasks.

Explore the ruined entrance inside Befallen. 0/1 (Befallen)

Seek out Mazin T'Mar. He holds the key to the second floor. 0/1 (Befallen)

Recover the key to the lower depths of Befallen from Mazin's fresh corpse. 0/1 (Befallen)

Loot the Splintered Wooden Key and Charred Bone Key.

Stop Skeleton Lrodd before he attacks with his army. 0/1 (Befallen)

Kill Skeleton Lrodd, who isn't where he usually spawns near the well, but is instead out in the main entrance hall at -306, -42. He begins summoning waves of 4 mobs.

Recover the damaged dagger from Skeleton Lrodd. 0/1 (Befallen)

You loot a Damaged Dagger of Marnek, a 5-slot container.

Seek out Trekiz G'Noir. He holds the key to the bottom floor. 0/1 (Befallen)

Trekiz is behind a collapsed ceiling at -509, -189.

Recover the key to the lower depths of Befallen from Trekiz's fresh corpse. 0/1 (Befallen)

You want the Smoked Glass Key.

Explore the basement for a mystical power source. 0/1 (Befallen)

Recover a red mystical chip. 0/1 (Befallen)

Recover a blue mystical chip. 0/1 (Befallen)

Recover a purple mystical chip. 0/1 (Befallen)

Recover a green mystical chip. 0/1 (Befallen)

Recover a yellow mystical chip. 0/1 (Befallen)

Place the five colored mystical chips into the damaged dagger. 0/5 (Befallen)

You craft a Mystical Dagger of Marnek.

Kill Skrepiz Plaguebringer. He is one of Marnek's enforcers. 0/1 (Befallen)

He may be found at -838, 108.

Place the dagger on to the ceremonial coffin. 0/1 (Befallen)

The task updates when you approach the coffin at -989, -163.

Put an end to Marnek's power by recovering the ancient dagger. 0/1 (Befallen)

Target the coffin and type /open to spawn Marnek.

Marnek is upset that you interrupted his [ceremony].

Click "ceremony."

You click that word and he says "Yes I was about to sacrifice someone to Solusek Ro to prove my loyalty and power to him. [Fellia] will pay for what her father and his fools attaempted to do to me." You say, 'Fellia'. Marnek Jaull says, "Enough of this talk, you will surely pay just as she will. Minions grab them and prepare them for the ceremony. Their deaths will be next." At this point two 'Minions of Marnek' spawn and attack, but Marnek himself will not. Once the minions are defeated, then Marnek will attack. He is a human caster class and at about 20-30% health he morphs into a red skeleton, which was pretty cool. Once you get him to 0%, he ports out of the zone and shouts "You haven't stopped anything here today. Soriel and his pathetic friends couldn't stop me years ago nor will you!" Fellia stands and thanks you, which spawns the chest you need to open to obtain the dagger to complete the quest (which you get to keep). Once looted, a second chest will appear with your reward(s).

Rescue Fellia Mausrel 0/1 (Befallen)

You have rescued Fellia from Marnek Jaull before he was able to sacrifice her. Marnek escaped in the nick of time but there will be other days for that battle. Excellent work on rescuing Fellia brave adventurer!

More information needed: exact descriptions of task stages and dialogues, additional dialogues with Derin Mausrel and other quest NPCs, list of rewards, fight information, quest items required, /loc of quest mobs, etc. Reward: Blade of the Maligned
Reward: Scroll of Virtue
Reward: Ring of the Winter Solstice
Reward: Ring of the Last Autumn
Reward: Ring of Midwinter's Ice
Reward: Ring of Spring's Thaw
Reward: Ring of Summer Storms
Reward: Mystical Staff of Befallen
Reward: Fists of Corruption
Reward: Cape of the Deceiver
Reward: Mystical Dagger of Marnek
Reward: Golden Mask of the Elusive
Reward: Fortuneteller's Mask
Reward: Mask of the Last Oracle
Reward: Ring of the Autumn's Dusk
Reward: Mask of the Vaunted Seer
Reward: Mask of the Wandering Mystic
Reward: Astronomer's Mask
Reward: Soothsayer's Mask
Reward: Fargazer's Mask

Zanivar's Map (Unsolved): At the extreme northwest of the western Commonlands (/loc?), at the final set of tents next to the zone line to Kithicor woods, you will find five or six new mobs named "One of Zanivars Bandits". The ones I saw looked mostly like male trolls, though there was one female dark elf. They con indifferent to everyone, but if you hail them, they will attack you. The mobs seemed to be VERY low level; they conned green to 70 but rarely hit me for more than 10 points or so.

One of Zanivars Bandits regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.

You say, 'Hail, One of Zanivars Bandits'

One of Zanivars Bandits says 'Hey! Who you? You not belong here! You die!!'
One of Zanivars Bandits says 'Time to die ______.'
One of Zanivars Bandits says 'Paladins like you are an affront to my senses!'
One of Zanivars Bandits glares at you threateningly -- You could probably win this fight.

You have slain One of Zanivars Bandits!
One of Zanivars Bandits's corpse says 'My comrades will avenge my death.'

After the third kill, hailing one of the remaining bandits gets you a more meaningful message.

You say, 'Hail, One of Zanivars Bandits'

One of Zanivars Bandits says 'What'r you do'n here whelp? Come for a [share] of da coin, no?'

You say, 'What share?'

One of Zanivars Bandits says 'Aye, Zanivar is paying us a duke's ransom to recover some [map] from the crypt of Befallen. If yer gonna help us find the thing, I can throw a few copper yer way. Don't expect an equal cut though. I found this job before you did.'

You say, 'What map?'

One of Zanivars Bandits says 'He didn't say much other than that we looking fer a map o' some hidden caverns below Norrath. Says they've been buried below ground for thousands of years, a whole kingdom of stone, if yer' believe that. . . Well he's da one with the money so we gots ta listen to him.'

Unsolved from here. [May be flavor text for upcoming Depths of Darkhollow expansion.]