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Quests for West Cabilis

Bone Granite Powder (Normal): Jondin in West Cabilis asks if you would gather bone chips, but in reality he needs Bone Granite Powder. To make bone granite powder, combine in a forge, 1 bone chip + 1 bone chip + 1 pile of granite pebbles + 1 forging hammer. Return the powder to him for a reward, occasionally a Kromdul Toothpick. Reward: Kromdul Toothpick

Fern Flower Collection (Unsolved): You say, 'Hail, Jondin'

Jondin says 'Greetings, friend. I have many fine herbs for sale. My prices are reasonable for I am not governed by the [Haggle Baron]. If you fancy yourself an adventurer, I would like to hire you for a [simple mission].'

You say, 'Who is the haggle baron?'

Jondin says 'Haggle Baron Klok Dun Ree is the current Haggle Baron. It is written in the law that all services shall be governed by the Haggle Baron. To do business outside of the law is forbidden, but the merchants of the Tower of Death are exempt from this rule. Klok will not test the temper of the Harbinger and Baron Eator will not upset his most powerful ally.'

You say, 'What simple mission?'

Jondin says 'I actually have a few items I am presently low on. I would appreciate some assistance to [collect fern flowers] or maybe you are an alchemist who can [gather bone chips].'

You say, 'how do I collect fern flowers?'

Jondin says 'I have run low on fern flowers and must have more of them. Take this [flower pouch]. Outside the city can be found carnivorous plants and a strain of them buds the flower in question. Collect enough of these flowers to fill and combine the pouch and I shall reward you.'

What is the response to "What flower pouch?"

Where it goes from here is unknown.
Keeper Rott's Pages (Normal): In the process of obtaining the sixth necromancer skullcap, you talk to Keeper Rott.

Keeper Rott kneels before you abjectly. 'Oh, great occultist! I am glad you have arrived, but I do not have the artifacts Kyvix seeks. You will have to seek out the sarnak revenants who still hold the precious stem and base. Get them and take them with your occultist skullcap back to Master Kyvix. Since you are headed in the general direction, I also have an [additional mission], if you do not mind.'

You say, 'What additional mission?'

Keeper Rott grabs a fist full of scribbled notes and throws them into the air in a rage. 'All these notes are useless to me without the first four note pages! While I ventured through the fields of the drixies, I was assaulted by a band of gobs. They were shamans. I heard them calling spirits. They took the first two pages before I escaped. Then I lost the [second two pages] the next day!! Blast!!'

You say, 'Where did you lose the second two pages?'

Keeper Rott begins to curse. Luckily, you do not understand the language, but you feel a bit of spittle strike your face. '...and then there I was, almost home and the legion expedition leader decided we should explore a bit more near the lake. Then I find myself up against the same type of gobs from the fields. I just ran for the exit an never looked back, but they still managed to swipe pages 3 and 4!!'

The pages are called "an illegible note" and drop off goblin spirit callers. They identify as "notepage 1-4 of Rott." Hand in all four to Keeper Rott:

Keeper Rott says 'I am expecting pages one through four. Do I have to go and find them myself?!'
Keeper Rott says 'I am expecting pages one through four. Do I have to go and find them myself?!'
Keeper Rott says 'I am expecting pages one through four. Do I have to go and find them myself?!'
Keeper Rott says 'Oh, great necromancer, how can I repay you?!! I know. Here is a spell I recently researched. It should help you increase the strength of a summoned pet. Learn it well.'
Your faction standing with Brood Of Kotiz got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis could not possibly get any better.
You gain experience!!

You receive the scroll Intensify Death, a 23rd level Necromancer spell. Reward: Spell: Intensify Death

Legion Lager (Normal): Trooper Neozite, inside the Warsliks Woods entrance in West Cabilis states how much he wants a drink of Legion Lager which the master brewer can no longer make. This can be brewed (see brewing recipes). You will get an increase in faction with: Legion of Cabilis, Cabilis Residence, ScaleMystics, Crusaders of GreenMist, and Swifttails along with some xp and small coin.
Necro Spells (Normal): Find Keeper Bile in West Cabilis at location +270, 820, 18.

Keeper Bile bows before you as a gesture of kindness and respect. 'Greetings. I am Bile, Keeper of the Apprentice Ranks. My knowledge is that of the first circle of necromancy. I was once a great necromancer, but now i have a greater calling to protect the words of Kotiz. I also Conduct many tests to ensure the spells are deciphered correctly. I am in need of an apprentice to [collect components.]'

You say, 'I will collect components'

Keeper Bile takes out a tattered scroll and looks upon its words.'Hmm. Yes. I will need the following; One large scorpion pincer, one sabertooth cub canine and two brittle skulls. Bring these to me and I shall pay you and if I have an overscribed spell, I shall give you that also.

Upon handing him a Sabertooth Cub Canine, a Large Scorpion Pincer and two Brittle Iksar Skulls:

Keeper Bile tosses the items into a nearby box and reaches into a sack at his feet. He hands you your reward. 'This spell is going to need some major testing. I can always use more of the same components.'

Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 7 silver from Keeper Bile.

You may also get a random low level spell. Reward: Spell: Reclaim Energy
Reward: Spell: Sense the Dead
Reward: Spell: Locate Corpse
Reward: Spell: Poison Bolt

Necromancer 1st Rank (Normal): This quest begins with Master Xydoz in West Cabilis (findable with CTRL+F).

You say, 'Hail, Master Xydoz'

Master Xydoz says 'What is it you seek within the tower? Could it be that you are a new apprentice? If so, you are required to don the [apprentice skullcap].'

You say, 'What apprentice skullcap?'

Master Xydoz says 'All new members of the Brood of Kotiz are required to don the [apprentice skullcap]. To earn one, a new apprentice is required to fetch four brains for further experiments. Not just any four brain, mind you, but the brains of [sarnak] hatchlings.'

You say, 'What are sarnak?'

Master Xydoz says 'Sarnak?!! Do not speak loudly, that name. If you seek information on the sarnak, read the tome of this tower. The tower librarian should be found within.'

Collect 4x "Sarnak Hatchling Brain" from sarnak hatchlings in the Lake of Ill Omen. These spawn in the area just south of the Cabilis entrance.

Note that the Sarnaks and Goblins are KOS to each other, so you'll have some competition on your hands.

Upon handing in the four brains:

Master Xydoz says 'Good work, my young apprentice. Wear it as a sign of our circle. Do not lose it. Someday you shall wear a necromancer skullcap, but next shall come the [second rank skullcap].' Reward: Apprentice Skullcap - 1st Rank

Necromancer 2nd Rank (Normal): Find Master Xydoz in the Tower of Death and ask him about the Second Rank Skullcap.

You say, 'Hail, Master Xydoz'

Master Xydoz says 'What is it you seek within the tower? Could it be that you are a new apprentice? If so, you are required to don the [apprentice skullcap].'

You say, 'Tell me about the second rank skullcap'

Master Xydoz says 'Looking for the second rank skullcap? Look no further, but be prepared to earn it. I seek a [faded tapestry]. Now, too, so do you.'

You say, 'What faded tapestry?'

Master Xydoz says 'I have heard reports of such a thing found upon sarnak hatchlings. They must have scampered from the safety of their dwelling with their master's property. I would like to see this tapestry, but only when it has been mended. I need to find a necromancer who is [adept at tailoring].'

You say, 'I am adept at tailoring'

Master Xydoz says 'If you are a member of the Brood and wish to assist, you may seek out this tapestry. Find the torn and ripped pieces and take them both to a sewing kit. Return with the mended tapestry and your first rank skullcap and I shall see that you are rewarded with coin and a second rank skullcap.'

You need to acquire two pieces of the now-destroyed tapestry and repair them. The pieces are the Torn and Ripped Tapestry, which you find off of Sarnak Hatchlings as rare drops in the Lake of Ill Omen. Tailor the two pieces together (the result is a mended tapestry, not a faded one, but it works) and hand them in along with your Apprentice Skullcap - 1st Rank for your Apprentice Skullcap - 2nd Rank.

Master Xydoz says 'I must have the mended tapestry and your first circle apprentice cap before I reward you.'

Master Xydoz says 'A job well done, apprentice ____. Your fine service shall earn you the second circle apprentice skullcap. I would advise you to forget this tapestry - it is nothing more than an ancient rug of no importance.'
Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz has been adjusted by 10.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis has been adjusted by 2.
You gain experience!!
You receive 10 copper from Master Xydoz.
You receive 1 gold from Master Xydoz. Reward: Apprentice Skullcap - 2nd Rank

Necromancer 3rd Rank (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Master Rixiz'

Master Rixiz says 'You are on the grounds of the Brood of Kotiz. If you do not belong, you must leave at once. There shall be no [third rank skullcap] for you.'

You say, 'What third rank skullcap?'

Master Rixiz says 'I offer the third rank apprentice skullcap to those who wear the second. If that is you, then you will do the [bidding of the tower].'

You say, 'I will do the bidding of the tower.'

Master Rixiz says 'Take this glass canopic. Within it you shall place a brain for me. The brain I seek is that of a sarnak crypt raider. Any shall do. The ones we seek should be near the Lake of Ill Omen. When you obtain the brain, you must quickly put it into the glass canopic with [embalming fluid]. When these are combined, the canopic shall seal and if you return it to me with your second rank skullcap, I shall hand you the next and final skullcap.'

You say, 'What embalming fluid?'

Master Rixiz says 'Embalming fluid is created through brewing, but do not drink it!! You can learn about the process of brewing on our grounds.'

Once I had the embalming fluid in hand, I went back and obtained the Brood Canopic container (2 slots, no drop), placed the embalming fluid in it and went off to find the mean nasty mob that drops the brain. Combining the embalming fluid with the brain yields a "Preserved Sarnak Brain."

Master Rixiz says 'You shall get no skullcap until I have the preserved raider brain and your second circle apprentice skullcap.'

[Hand him both items.]

Master Rixiz says 'You have done well. Here is your final apprentice skullcap.'

Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz has been adjusted by 10.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis has been adjusted by 2.
You gain experience!!
You receive 10 gold from Master Rixiz.
Reward: Apprentice Skullcap - 3rd Rank

Necromancer 4th Rank (Normal): Master Kyvix may be found at 291, 782, 19.

You say, 'Hail, Master Kyvix'

Master Kyvix says 'Quite busy!! Quite busy!! Things must be done. [New components] to be collected!!'

You say, 'What new components?'

Master Kyvix says 'Yes, yes!! I will need components from beyond the gates. I must find an [apprentice of the third rank].'

You say, 'I am an apprentice of the third rank.'

Master Kyvix says 'If you truly be an apprentice of the third circle, then there is a Dark Binder skullcap to be earned. Take this sack and fill it with a creeper cabbage, a heartsting telson with venom, brutling choppers and a scalebone femur. When they are combined within the sack, you may return it to me with your third rank skullcap and and we shall bid farewell to the title, 'apprentice.''

Receive a Brood Sack in which you combine the above items. This produces a Full Component Sack.

Hand in the combined result with your Apprentice Skullcap - 3rd Rank.

Master Kyvix says 'I demand a full fish sack and your third circle apprentice skullcap.'
Master Kyvix says 'you have taken far too long!! Already another apprentice has performed this task. You will still be rewarded with the Dark Binder skullcap, but now you must aid in a [true mission].'

Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz has been adjusted by 10.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis has been adjusted by 2.
You gain experience!!

You receive your Dark Binder Skullcap and 15 gold. Reward: Dark Binder Skullcap

Necromancer 5th Rank (Normal): After you complete the fourth rank quest, after getting the Dark Binder Cap Master Kyvix says something about the 'true mission'.

When asked he says the following:

Master Kyvix says 'I have been waiting for a Nihilist to return. His name was Ryx and I fear his love of ale and the high seas has kept him from his mission. All I want you to do is find him. He should be disguised as a worker and he will give you a tome to bring to me. Return it with your Dark Binder Cap. I am sure that is simple enough for one as simple as you. Be sure to give him this."

At this point he gives a spectacle which is Lore and No Drop. Ryx is in fact in the Overthere at the port for Evil beings. He is disguised as a skeleton worker, He is on top of one of the boats that are on dry dock being built. You can levitate to get up to him. Or you can go under the ship and walk away from the water under the boat and you will enter it. Then go to the otherside and you will be able to go up to top of boat. He will respond to no messages.

Giving him the spectacle gets the message:

a skeleton worker stops working and begins to open his creaking jaw. 'I live to study and quench my thirst. I live to Bash the Faces of Pariah and entangle myself in the ivy of evergreen. I live. I want to remember'

What he wants is four items:
-A Forsaken Pariah Mask from Iksar Pariah (Lake of Ill Omens, Warslik Woods, Swamp of No hope)
-An Ivy Evergreen Ring Guard (from the Forest Giant Evergreens in Warslisk Woods)
-The Spectacle (that's what you get from the master)
-A Bottle of Green Death Rum.

Once he has all these four items he gives you a metal key. You must be 20th to finish up. Give the Metal Key to Tin Banker Assistant at the Overthere outpost. You have to wait till the General who is in the bank leaves to check up on his troops.

You say, 'Hail, Tin Banker Assistant'

Tin Banker Assistant says 'Insert Metal Key *whirrrr*.'

Giving the key to the banker will get you a tome and some money. The tome reads the same as the note Iksar monks get to give their Guildmaster when they enter the game, but this is the tome the Master Wants. Give him the Tome and your Dark Binder cap. The quest results in the Occultist Skullcap. Reward: Occultist Skullcap

Necromancer 6th Rank (Normal): Master Kyvix (/loc?) needs you to track down an item called the Kor Sha Candlestick. It is in two pieces.

First speak with Keeper Rott (/loc?):

You say, 'Hail, Keeper Rott'

Keeper Rott bows before you. His eyes are kept wide by the pins which distort his eyelids. 'Greetings! You have stumbled upon the cave of the Keepers. We record the arcane secrets of the Brood of Kotiz. We have scribed many spells and make them available to all those who are deserving. Please, have a look.'

You say, 'I am the chosen occultist.'

Keeper Rott kneels before you abjectly. 'Oh, great occultist! I am glad you have arrived, but I do not have the artifacts Kyvix seeks. You will have to seek out the sarnak revenants who still hold the precious stem and base. Get them and take them with your occultist skullcap back to Master Kyvix. Since you are headed in the general direction, I also have an [additional mission], if you do not mind.'

Kill "a sarnak revenant" in the fort in Lake of Ill Omen (/loc?) to loot a Foot of Candlestick (identifies as "Foot of a Kor Sha Candlestick") and Stem of Candlestick (identifies as "Stem of a Kor Sha Candlestick"). Return both pieces to Master Kyvix.

You say, 'Hail, Master Kyvix'

Master Kyvix says 'So you are expecting to earn your way to rank of
revenant, eh? You shall when I have the base and stem of the candle your
occultist skullcap.'

Give him the pieces and your Occultist Skullcap.

Master Kyvix grabs the candle parts and puts them in an odd pouch, then takes your cap which disintegrates in his palm. He hands you another cap. 'Welcome, Revenant ______. You have done well. The Harbinger awaits you. He
seeks a [new revenant].'

Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
You gain experience!
You receive 6 gold from Master Kyvix.

Need opening dialogues, faction requirements if any. Reward: Revenant Skullcap

Necromancer 7th Rank (Normal): At the end of the previous quest, Master Kyvix told you that Harbinger Glosk needed a new revenant. (/loc of Harbinger Glosk?)

You say, 'Hail, Harbinger Glosk'

Harbinger Glosk halts his chanting. 'You dare to interrupt me? You had best have a good reason. I care not for small talk.'

You say, 'I am the new revenant.'

Harbinger Glosk ceases his chanting and gazes into your mind. 'Yes. You are. You shall do as I command. Take this. It is incomplete and must be ready for the emperor within the half season. You must find the [four missing gems]. When you have them, you will have to quest for the [Grand Forge of Dalnir]. Within its fire, all shall combine. Return the sceptre to me with your revenant skullcap. Go.'

You receive an Unfinished Sceptre (identifies as "Unfinished Sceptre of Vekin").

You say, 'What four missing gems?'

Harbinger Glosk says 'The missing sceptre gems are: an Eye of Rokgus, a Gem of Yet to Come, a Heart of Torsis and the Crown Jewel of Ganak.'

You say, 'What Eye of Rokgus?'
You say, 'What Gem of Yet to Come?'
You say, 'What Heart of Torsis?'
You say, 'What Crown Jewel of Ganak?'
You say, 'What Grand Forge of Dalnir?'

Harbinger Glosk scratches his chin. 'I know little of it other than that it once belonged to the ancient Haggle Baron, Dalnir. From what I have read, its fires require no skill, but will melt any common forge hammer used. Dalnir was said to have called upon the ancients for a hammer which could tolerate the magickal flames.'

The Eye of RokGus is dropped by Chief RokGus in the Frontier Mountains. The Gem of Yet to Come is dropped by a sarnak gem oracle in the Lake of Ill Omen. The Heart of Torsis is really a Shiny Emerald (identifies as "Heart of Torsis"), dropped by various mobs in the Emerald Jungle and City of Mist. The Crown Jewel of Ganak is dropped by Red Eye Jack in Firiona Vie. The forge is the Grand Forge of Dalnir (a.k.a. the "Always Works" forge) in the Crypt of Dalnir at -230, 30 on the bottom floor.

The "hammer which could tolerate the magickal flames" is the Forge Hammer of Dalnir, dropped by an undead blacksmith.

Combine the unfinished sceptre, the four gems, and the hammer in the Always Works forge to craft the Sceptre of Emperor Vekin (no-fail combine, identifies as "Sceptre of Frontier Spur").

Return the Sceptre of Emperor Vekin with your Revenant Skullcap to Harbinger Glosk.

Harbinger Glosk says 'I await both the sceptre and your revenant skullcap.'

Harbinger Glosk presents to you a glowing skullcap. 'This is the treasured cap of the sorcerers of this tower. Let all gaze upon you in awe. You are what others aspire to be. I look forward to reading of your adventures, Sorceror ______.'

Your faction standing with Brood Of Kotiz got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 platinum from Harbinger Glosk.

You receive your Sorcerer Skullcap.

This quest worked at amiable faction with Harbinger Glosk. Will it work at a lower faction standing? Reward: Sceptre of Emperor Vekin
Reward: Sorcerer Skullcap
Reward: Unfinished Sceptre

Necromancer 8th Rank (Normal): When you hail the Hermit next to the zone to the Lake of Ill Omen he says he is looking for a great sorcerer. If you say you are a great sorcerer he usually responds something like You have many more deeds to accomplish. However, if your faction, is high amiable he will hand you a flaxen hilt, which has 4 round slots on one end. He tells you to put within what once was there and return it.

The Requirements

A Flaxen Lock of Hair: Identifies as "Lock of Flaxen Cord." Drops from Chief Rokgus in Droga as one of his more uncommon drops, about 1 in 15.

A Yellow Whip: Identifies as "A Whip of Flaxen Cord." Drops off a wandering named Drolvarg called A Wulfware Lonewolf (he wanders near the Firiona Vie zoneline from the Dreadlands).

Large Tassel Bookmark: Identifies as "Tassel of Flaxen Cord." Results from the Tome Raider Quest.

Combine all of these in the new Flaxen Hilt that the Iksar Hermit is now handing out and you will get the Barbed Scaled Whip. When you hand him the Whip and your Sorcerer's Cap from the previous part of this quest you get the following text:

An Iksar hermit says 'All is not complete. A cap and the rest, which was asked for, is required.'

An Iksar hermit takes the flail and vanishes with a brilliant flash!! Within your hands appears a skullcap. You hear a voice echo through the cave. 'Well done. You are a formidable necromancer. We thank you.'

...and you receive:

Necromancer Skullcap:
magic lore
8 ac 3 dex 5 int 15 mana 8 sv magic
heart flutter (instant) 3 charges
useable from inventory

Need all dialogues, faction hits, /loc of quest mobs. Reward: Necromancer Skullcap
Reward: Barbed Scaled Whip

Renew Bones (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Keeper Pain'

Keeper Pain raises his gaze from his tomes to greet you. 'Ahh!! Welcome, seeker of knowledge! Come to fill your brain, have you? Look closer, adventurer. I have scribed some very powerful spells.'

You say, 'What about the Wand of Pain?'

Keeper Pain drops his tome and monocle and looks at you sharply. 'What?!! Have you seen Revenant Vytrix? I let him borrow my wand for a quest. That was half a season ago!! I fear he is dust and my precious wand is lost.'

[Hand in Wand of Pain from Coerced Revenant in Dalnir, a.k.a. Revenant Vytrix. A small note identifies him as such.]

Keeper Pain begins jumping for joy. 'Yoohoo!! My wand!! Thank you. You must be some powerful adventurer. You can help me collect a few components. Fill this chest with a frost crystal, a cockatrice egg, a giant hornet egg and a plains pebble. Return the full chest to me and I shall offer you a spell I recently researched.'
Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
You receive 4 gold from Keeper Pain.

[You receive a "Component Chest," a combinable container with four small slots. It identifies as "Empty Keeper Pain Chest."]

Forage the following (all are tradeable):
Frost Crystal - the Dreadlands
Plains Pebble - any of the Plains of Karana
Cockatrice Egg - The Overthere
Giant Hornet Egg - the Burning Woods

[Combine the four items in the chest to get the "Full Components Chest," which identifies as "Pain's Components." Hand this in to Keeper Pain.]

Your faction standing with Brood of Kotiz got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better. Reward: Spell: Renew Bones

The Realm of Heroes -- West Cabilis (Unsolved): You say, 'hail Sartar the Unrivaled'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'Hello Shazz , I am Sartar. In my former life I forged my body into a versatile weapon capable of defeating any foe that crossed my path. I was a student, a leader, a scholar and a scoundrel. My deeds caught the eyes of the gods and Cazic-Thule blessed me, removing me from this plane and placing me within the [Realm of Heroes].

You say, 'what realm of heroes'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'The Realm of Heroes is where I lived for some time, with others who had performed great deeds. I enjoyed this paradise but I wished to return and serve my lord Cazic-Thule further. Perhaps it was because of the discipline I learned from my early masters and later as a master myself, that I eventually shunned that life of pleasure. So again, I return to this mortal realm to serve my [dark lord of Fear].

You say, 'who is the dark lord of fear'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'Hail Cazic-Thule, long may fear reign. I serve by rewarding others that have found the favor of the gods and whose actions have caught their attention and rewarded them appropriately. Those to receive the favor of the gods are on their way to the glory that I have achieved in [my past]. Their journey is simply at its beginning.

You say, 'what is your past'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'I do not know whether it was one single deed in particular that caught the eyes of the gods or if it was many deeds throughout my life in service to Cazic-Thule. I choose to leave such questions to the philosophers and personally do not care why it is that I stand before you as I do now. Simply, my reward is to serve. Still, perhaps you would like to [hear one of my tales] since you seem so interested in listening to me speak.

You say, 'i would like to hear a tale'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'Very well, I shall relay to you a tale of my beginning. The times in which I lived were much different from today. It gives me pleasure to see the ancient cities being rebuilt and New Sebilis is a testament to the superiority of our race. When I walked the land however, we were still wandering in the wilderness. When I was young their were [two masters] who lived solitary lives in the caves near what is now called the Emerald Jungle. I served both and neither.

You say, 'what two master'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'Their names are not important for they are masters no longer. The two knew of each other's existence but neither knew that I was receiving training from both of them at the same time. I expect that if one learned I was receiving training from the other they would have both fought over whom would be the one to have the pleasure of striking me dead. They would [learn the truth] eventually, only on my terms.

You say, 'what was the truth'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'The truth was simply that I served neither master, only myself. At first it was a great challenge to slip between the two as their fighting styles differed so greatly. However, as the years past my ruse became perfected and switching between the roots of either style became natural and automatic. Indeed, I soon reached the point when I knew that I had learned all I could from both and had exceeded them in skill. [Yet I continued] to pay both visits.

You say, 'why did you continue the visit?'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'I simply wanted to be certain that I was able to defeat both, one after the other. I knew that should I slay the one master, word would travel quickly, no doubt fears would be raised and perhaps my duplicity revealed. My unique perspective having studied both styles afforded me the knowledge of how to [defeat both masters].

You say, 'how did you defeat both masters?'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'Defeat them both I did! I still remember the look of shock on their faces, how the pupils of their eyes dilated with fear as I switched from their native stance to that of the other style. That momentary loss of wits was the undoing of both and that weakness was their undoing. I defeated both masters easily. This was the humble beginning of my [rise to power].

You say, 'how did you rise to power?'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'With both local masters defeated word traveled quickly of my deeds. Those that would seek the masters for knowledge and training were suddenly without either. Through their destruction, I had laid the roots for my eventual ascension as head of my tribe.

You say, 'what is your tribe?'

Sartar the Unrivaled says 'Indeed, rather then to come to these two masters for wisdom and training they began to seek out my help. Soon, I had followers joining me from many of the other tribes and I became a leader of many. My tribe grew large and we were very powerful and successful. Often the passage of time swallows the great deeds of a hero and they are forgotten over millennia. Fortunately, the gods never forget. I have become bored with speaking to you Sstiyrr . Leave me