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Quests for Wakening Land

Bard Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest (Normal): This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you don't have the Singing Short Sword (epic 1.0).

Be Vewy Quiet, We're Huntin' Giant

You say, 'Hail, Lantaric`Dar'

Lantaric`Dar glances down at you with an almost palatable indifference. Small wonder, considering his significant stature. 'I have better things to do then deal with you mortal. The [children of Zek] hunt this land, and they hunt for me and my kin. I advise you to stay away from both them, and their quarry.'

You say, 'What children of Zek?'

Lantaric`Dar lets out a deep growl. You can tell that your question has angered him. 'I find it impossible to believe you have come to this land know nothing of the children of Zek. Do not toy with me, I can see deep into your very soul if I so choose. Perhaps you are a [spy] sent by Tormax to find a weakness in the kin. If you are then both he and you are fools. No mortal will ever expose any weakness in the ranks of the claws.'

You say, 'I am not a spy.'

Lantaric`Dar lowers his massive head slightly and peers down at you. You notice a small spark of light emanating from his eyes and you find yourself completely unable to look away. You feel a benign presence gliding through your thoughts.

Lantaric`Dar says 'Perhaps you speak the truth mortal. But the trust of the kin is not given lightly. You will have to provide some [proof] for yourself if you wish to gain my trust.'

You say, 'What proof?'

The smallest flicker of a grin crosses over Lantaric`Dar's draconic features. 'I was hoping you'd say that. There are three giants that act as heralds for Tormax in this region. Find them, kill them, and bring me their heads to prove your loyalty.'

Kill 3 x "a giant herald," level 60, elsewhere in the Wakening Land and loot a Storm Giant Herald Head from each. Bring back all three heads to Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar peers at the three heads for a moment. You might almost say he looks surprised. 'You have done well Wood Elf. You have gained a portion of my trust today. I hope you continue to impress me.'

Lantaric`Dar raises his claw to your forehead. The sweat dripping into your eyes does not blur your vision enough to sedate the terror of having a dragon claw mere inches from your face. Lantaric`Dar makes a series of quick, precise motions and then lowers his claw. You feel a mystical energy shiver over your body. 'You have been blessed with my mark. If you [continue to aid] me I may see fit to further increase its power.'

You say, 'I will continue to aid you.'

Lantaric`Dar says 'Excellent Wood Elf. I have a matter that I believe you would be suited for. The children of Zek have been strangely silent over the last few days. While your attacks on the couriers certainly slowed them down, I suspect there is something else going on. If you can uncover what they're up to, I will be most pleased. The area around Kael Drakkel is most likely to yield information.'

"a giant messenger" at +265, +3150, level 60, carries Kromzek Supply Orders. Kill the messenger (shoot it?) and bring the orders back to Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar studies the orders for a few moments. 'Well done Wood Elf. This explains much of the giants' movements of late. This list shows orders for creating equipment for creatures closer to your stature then a giant. The Kromzek must be recruiting more mercenaries. Find the troop this order was meant to supply ______. There must be a reason for Tormax's new interest in mortal conscripts.'

A mob called Cristoc Bonethug will spawn in the geonid caves (/loc?), along with several of his buddies called "a bonethug mercenary." He summons but is otherwise a straight melee fight. Loot a sealed note (text of note?). Give the note to Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar says 'Once again you have exceeded my expectations ______. Rarely have I encountered a mortal with your talents, in fact not since Baldric walked these lands. But I digress, and we have more work to do. For now, take this mark as a symbol of my trust.'

Lantaric`Dar raises his claw once again to your forehead. The sweat rolls a little slower this time, as you have grown more comfortable with his massive scaled form. His claws make a quick methodical series of movements across your forehead again. You feel a slightly familiar energy flow through to every part of your body and then subside.

Lantaric`Dar says 'Travel boldly ______. For you move under my protection. Your latest discovery has left me with even more questions to be answered. The letter you brought seems to indicate that the mercenaries were meant for two purposes. I want you to investigate the less puzzling of the two, which was to escort several emissaries from the Iceclad Ocean to Kael Drakkel. The emissaries are due to arrive soon. I have sent one of the kin to the Iceclad Ocean to keep track of their movements. But I suspect he will need you there to help him. Find Vas Thorel in the Iceclad Ocean and do what he asks. We are getting closer to the bottom of this mystery Half Elf.'

Vas Thorel is a black drake found in Iceclad Ocean on the very southern edge of the island after the bridge to the Eastern Wastes, at -5610, +8635.

You say, 'Hail, Vas Thorel'

Vas Thorel eyes you curiously. 'Greetings ______. What brings you to this frigid place?'

You say, 'Lantaric`Dar sent me.'

Vas Thorel flashes a sly grin at you. 'So you're the one that's impressed Lantaric`Dar. We'll soon see whether his faith is ill conceived. The emissaries have just arrived at the portal to the south. Several of the mortal races are represented in their ranks. I suspect the Kromzek are attempted to recruit aid for a rather large mystical undertaking. Although for exactly what I don't know. They were lingering at the portal last I saw, no doubt waiting for the escort that isn't coming.' Vas Thorel grins at you again.

Vas Thorel says 'No doubt Tormax has by now learned that his mercenaries are dead and has dispatched another escort. Perhaps the new escort will have further information on what he's planning. Follow the emissaries towards Kael and keep your eyes open for a Kromzek Escort. We can't go leaving those necromancers alive if they're going to be helping the Kromzek. Bring me any information you find. Oh yes, I'm sure Lantaric will want their heads as proof of their involvement.'

The Kromzek Escort will spawn in front of the bridge to the Eastern Wastes. It's composed of 1 named giant called Noble Oldencamp, 4 necros (Puella Opalis, Amilia Verisue, Locis V`Sek, and Nihilist Xeegarn) and their pets, and several of "a frost giant warrior" and "a frost giant escort." The named will summon. Once they're all dead, loot Puella's Head, Amilia's Head, Locis' Head, Xeegarn's Head, and a Sealed Kromzek Scroll. Bring the scroll back to Vas Thorel.

Vas Thorel says 'Well done Half Elf, but I'm afraid this scroll bears ill tidings indeed. Lantaric must be informed with haste. Take the heads of the necromancers and give them to Lantaric. I have a feeling your work is far from done Half Elf.'

Give the four heads to Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar peers at the heads. 'So the giants have asked for the aid of many of the young races. It is no secret that the giants have had little luck with the dark arts of necromancy. The presence of these necromancers, the sealed note you recovered, and the mercenary orders all point to one place, the Necropolis of my ancestors. I fear they plan to desecrate our sacred burial grounds. This can not be allowed. You must travel to the Necropolis and stop them ______. But first, accept my gratitude, and a strengthening of enchantment that protects you.

Lantaric`Dar raises his claw to your brow once more. This time, you stand confident with the razored claws mere inches from your eyes. The familiar motions flash across your eyes again, and a feeling of renewed confidence beats in your chest.

Congratulations, you have completed the pre-quest.
Bard Epic 1.5: Prismatic Dragon Blade (Normal): Here is a list of things you can loot before doing the quest and/or you should keep an eye out for while doing the quest.

Pre-Farm List:
  • Dragorn Blood x8
  • Raw Diamond x8
  • Fire Mephit Blood
  • Air Mephit Blood
  • Water Mephit Blood
  • Earth Mephit Blood
  • Storm Rider Blood
  • Bubonian Blood
  • Alkaline Etched Stone
  • Metallic Liquid
  • Ice Dragon Crystal - Foraged
  • Wind Dragon Crystal - Foraged
  • Fire Dragon Crystal - Foraged
  • Earth Dragon Crystal - Foraged

  • If you have the Singing Short Sword or have completed the pre-quest:

    Fear and Loathing in Dragon Necropolis

  • Lantaric`Dar may be found at +415, +3950 in the Wakening Land.

    You say, 'Hail, Lantaric`Dar'

    Lantaric`Dar seems surprised as you approach him. He peers down at you with an inquisitive glint in his eyes. 'I sense a familiar aura around you Human. One I have not felt in a long time. Tell me Human, do you have news of a man named Baldric?'

    You say, 'I know Baldric Slezaf.'

    Lantaric`Dar 's eyes glitter with energy as you mention Baldric's name. 'So I was not mistaken, you do know Baldric. He was a friend, and as great a mortal as I have ever known. You must be an exceptional mortal yourself if Baldric saw fit to bequeath the blade to you. Yes I know of it. I could feel its energy around your body. Perhaps fate has brought you to me this day. I am in great need of help Human.'

    Lantaric`Dar says 'One of our scouts recently came upon a band of mercenaries in possession of a letter from King Tormax. The letter described a mission to recover relics from the necropolis. This can not be allowed to happen. The holy resting place of my kin shall not be defiled! Journey to the necropolis and stop the mercenaries. Bring me anything you might find that would provide a clue as to what Tormax has planned.'

  • Journey to the Dragon Necropolis and you will see several mobs called "a mercenary excavator". Kill the ones near the entrance until you spawn Excavator Quellin, who summons and hits for 400.

  • Once Quellin is dead, find Tarn Macklin in the middle of the zone at around 1505, -540 (in a building whose door is laying on the ground). With him are six mobs, none of which are lullable. You'll need to kill Tarn as well (summons; hits for a max 500; this is one-groupable) and loot a Cracked Dragon Bone.

  • Bring the Cracked Dragon Bone to Lantaric`Dar.

    Lantaric`Dar says 'My greatest fears have been proven true Human. The fragment you recovered from the mercenaries is a piece of the skeleton of Hsagra. The deceased mate of Yelinak and the only dragon of the first brood who has been put to rest. They are fools to think they can animate the corpse of Hsagra. No mortal can hope to manipulate the power of a fallen child of Veeshan. Nevertheless you must protect her relics from the mercenaries. Tormax will most certainly send more. Return to the necropolis and locate relics of Hsagra and put them to final rest in the pool of fire. Hsagra's skull is still held by Tormax, but if you collect three of her rib bones and the shard you brought me they will suffice for the fires of the necropolis. You must summon the spirit of Hsagra if you hope to put her to final rest. Go to the fires and call to her spirit and she will surely answer to one marked with the symbol of the kin. Give her spirit the relics of her broken body and her final rest will be complete. Hurry ______, before Kromzek mercenaries find the rest of her relics!'

  • Back to the Dragon Necropolis for j00! The Dragon Wing Bone, Dragon Claw Bone, and Dragon Tail Bone can either be ground spawns (reported at locations -180, +165, -255; +1575, +1025, -135; +905, -625, +5 so far) or drop from the constructs that spawn when you walk over the trapped bone piles.

    Once you have all three, bring a few groups and go find Hsagra's Shade at the eastern end of the zone, surrounded by twelve level-68+ Chetari. Clear the room of everything but the shade. Beware the swarming beetle trap on the right side of the room. Once ready, give the shade the Dragon Wing Bone, Dragon Claw Bone, Dragon Tail Bone and Cracked Dragon Bone.

    As you hold out the relics towards the spirit of Hsagra they begin to rise from yhour hands and glow softly. They drift slowly through the air towards Hsagra and are soon enveloped in the shadow of her spirit. The outline of Hsagra begins to glow softly along with the relics as she drifts towards the fiery pit of the necropolis.

    Just as her spirit drifts to the edge of the pit, you feel a dark presence behind you. Suddenly the draconic spirit before you quivers as if the spirit were drifting between realities. The bones inside the spirit begin to grow dark and a black ethereal ooze begins to envelop them. As the last of the calcified bone is covered in dark ether the bones are torn from the spirit causing a spasm of pain to jerk across her visage. The screech of a thousand draconic voices echoes through the caverns of the necropolis in complete agony. You hear a dark cackle slither through your ears and your eyes drift across the lingering trail of drifting black ooze back towards the operning of the cavern.

    Vesthon Marijakin smiles wickedly as he begins a dark spell.

  • Hsagra`s Shade will despawn, starting the event, which includes:

    1 x Vesthon Marijakin (69+, named), hits for 800, unknown hp (exact amount needed), despawns after approximately three minutes
    3 x A Lumbering Zombie (69+), hits for 800, and has 150,000 hp
    4 x A Mercenary Guard (69+), hits for 800, and has 60,000 hp
    3 x A Marijakin Acolyte (69+), hits for 850, and has 50,000 hp

    The three zombies spawn immediately. After 10-15 seconds, you see:

    Vesthon Marijakin holds his left hand out in front of him maintaining an impossibly complex mystic sign with his fingers. The bones, still dripping with ethereal ooze twist and jerk in the air before him. His eyes lock with yours for a moment and a cold smirk slithers across his face as he opens his mouth to speak.

    Vesthon Marijakin says 'I believe thanks are in order. I could never have hoped to actually have a chance to control the spirit of Hsagra first hand. I am in your debt. Of course that won't keep me from siphoning the life from your tired soul as well.'

    Hsagra's spirit snarls and bears down on Vesthon. Vesthon's right hand comes up quickly and makes several quick motions while echoing some dark incantation. A black vapor appears around him and quickly separates into a set of ethereal tendrils.

    The black tendrils reach out and begin snapping at Hsagra's shade. Several of the tendrils grab hold as her spirit cries out in horror. You turn back towards Vesthon and notice that several rather angry mercenaries have just entered the room behind him and are charging towards you.

  • The mercenaries spawn.

    At 20% health, Vesthon turns into Vesthons Draconic Abomination.

    Vesthon Marijakin cries out in agony as his body staggers to the ground. In a final act of desperation Vesthon raises his hands and motions to one of the black bones still drifting in the air.

    The black tendrils retreat back from Hsagra's shade and fade into a benign black fog. Hsagra's shade fades quietly into the shadows.

    Vesthons Draconic Abomination lumbers forward with a savage look in its eye.

  • Zerg away until you've killed this.

    Vesthons Draconic Abomination's corpse falls as its limbs begin to spasm.

  • Loot a Blackened Dragon Bone and take this back to Lantaric`Dar.

    Lantaric`Dar says 'So we finally uncover the Kromzek's true goals. They hope to take control of the spirit of Hsagra and animate her corpse into an undead abomination. I can not fathom the strength of will needed to control a will as strong as Hsagra. The necromancer you encountered must have some sort of focus that helps him control her spirit. The bones that he has stolen aren't enough on their own to summon and control Hsagra's spirit, but Tormax already has her skull as a trophy in his throne room. Those pieces combined will certainly have a sufficient connection to her spirit to draw it out.'

    Lantaric`Dar says 'Vesthon will certainly return to the Necropolis and try to capture the spirit of Hsagra again. Once more the kin ask for your assistance ______. We haven't time to gather forces from Skyshrine, we must go now. Gather what ever forces you can muster quickly! Hurry Half Elf! The fate of a first brood spirit rests in your hands.'

  • Bring a raid force back to Dragon Necropolis and zone in. On zoning in, Vesthon Marijakin will spawn along with an inactive Dracoliche of Hsagra at 1400,-1050 (east and slightly south of where you found Tam Macklin before). Initially you will be unable to hurt Vesthon, so you will need to kill the associated Lich's/Casters arrayed in a semi-circle around the inactive Dracoliche. While dealing with them adds will be summoned/spawned by the Casters/Lich's. Once the Casters/Liches are dead Vesthon will become active and can be killed, if you are having trouble with adds you can kill them now without respawns. When you kill Vesthon, you will see this:

    Vesthon Marijakin's corpse shouts 'No! Not yet! The lich is not yet bound to me! I cannot control it!' and then crumbles to the ground. As his lifeless head cracks against the ground, you see a dark orb roll from his hands and bounce across the ground towards the desecrated dragon bones. You see faint black wisps of smoke waft off of the orb towards the bones. As the vapor touches each bone they begin to quiver with unnatural life. It seems the ceremony was not entirely unsuccessful.'

    The bones quiver and swirl through the air beginning to form the all too familiar shape of a draconic skeleton. The black wisps of smoke swirl around each bone enveloping the skeleton. The orb snakes up between the rib and neck bones and eventually comes to rest inside the skull of the abomination. An unfamiliar voice echoes through the caverns, 'I live once more! Feeble insects, feel the power of Oshiruk!'

    The Dracoliche of Hsagra rears back as black fog swirls from its festering maw. The ground beneath its feet begins to crack and blacken, defiled by the mere touch of the undead monstrosity before you. You get the distinct feeling it's looking to take more then just your life.

    At this point the Dracoliche of Hsagra will become active and you must kill it in order to loot the Dark Orb. Upon its death you will see the following:

    The Dracoliche of Hsagra's corpse reels back staggering blindly from left to right. The bones begin to quiver violently for a moment and then bulk of the skeleton collapses in a cold heap of bones and blackened fog. Mysteriously the skull and the orb linger in the air momentarily. A deafening silence fills the cavern for what seems an eternity before the skull explodes in a torrent of energy and bone. You turn away for a moment stunned by the blast of energy. As you turn back towards the remains you notice the black orb rolling quietly between two fragments of bone on the silent floor of the necropolis.

  • Kill the Dracoliche of Hsagra (fight info needed).

  • Loot the Dark Orb (identifies as "Orshilak's [sic] Soul Stone"). A chest may spawn with additional loot. Bring the Dark Orb back to Lantaric`Dar.

    Lantaric`Dar says 'It must be an object of considerable power to be able to imbue a mere mortal such as Vesthon with the power to control a dragon kin spirit. This orb must be destroyed, but I know not how that might be done. For now I entrust the orb to your care, and charge you with finding a way to destroy it. You must not fail ______. An artifact of that much evil potential must not be allowed to exist.'

    Lantaric`Dar says 'The kin thank you for your efforts in saving the spirit of Hsagra. May Veeshan guide your path in the destruction of the orb.'

  • Lantaric`Dar gives you the orb back. Keep this orb if you plan to do your 2.0. It will be required in that quest.

    Through a Prism Darkly

  • Next head to the Temple of Solusek Ro.

    You say, 'Hail, Walthin Fireweaver'

    Walthin Fireweaver says 'Good day to you! I am Walthin Fireweaver of the League of Antonican Bards. My friend Cryssia and I are here while we deal in [lambent stones] with the followers of Solusek Ro. If you are interested, Cryssia and I also deal in [lambent armor], the perfect armor for a bard of standing. I also dabble in some research from time to time. I'm a bit of a historian. I study the history of [dragons].'

    You say, 'Dragons?'

    Walthin Fireweaver says 'Dragons are a fascinating species. I'm currently researching some rare breeds of dragons. I've only found vague references to something the dragons refer to as 'the outsiders'. Unfortunately the texts aren't any more specific then that, and I haven't been able to translate much of the text I've found. One particular [note] has me very puzzled.'

    You say, 'What note?'

    Walthin Fireweaver says 'I was paging through one of the tomes in the temple library when a scrap of paper fell from between the pages. So far I've been unable to translate it, but I can tell it's not nearly as old as the tome it fell from. Someone must have left it there while they were studying dragons as well. It's very odd though, it looks as if it's a piece of a bigger text that was torn apart. Perhaps if I find the other pieces of the note it will become clearer. Take a look if you like, perhaps you can make something of it. If you're able to translate it I would be eternally grateful.'

  • There are different Faded Scraps of Parchment you get at random by following through Walthin's text. The finished note is as follows:

    I have managed to construct the blade.
    Unfortunately I found that the blade is only the
    first step. For now the sword is quite useless to
    me, as I do not have the necessary components
    to create the focus gem for the hilt. For now I
    leave it in the care of Vhalen. It's possible I
    won't survive my journey. If I don't then
    perhaps another troubadour will take up the task I
    have failed. I can only hope that the records of
    my journey survive to help lead those who follow
    me. For now I struggle to find the method to
    imbue the blade with the true draconic spirit. So
    now I travel through the maws of dragons, May
    Veeshan guide my footsteps

    The annals of skyshrine have proven most
    useful. Most people know of the 4 basic
    elemental dragons, fire, water, earth, air. What
    most people don't know is that some dragons
    embody the characteristics of the natural world
    as well asthe higher elements. I have found
    record of mountains dragons, plains dragons,
    swamp dragons, and forest dragons of Norrath.
    These dragons seem to tend to solitary life in the
    environment they favor. These draggons often
    take the form of a more mundane creature
    native to their habitat, which accounts for their
    perceived rarity. Perhaps that's what I need
    to create the focus crystal.

  • There are eight crystals total. Four are foraged in the Skyfire Mountains (Wind Dragon Crystal, Fire Dragon Crystal, Earth Dragon Crystal, and Ice Dragon Crystal), and four are looted from various dragons around Norrath, each of which can hit for 1900 and each of which has a minor debuff AE:

    A Plains Dragon (Northern Karana): spawned when A Dire Griffon (location +1290, +1170) is at 80%, drops Plains Dragon Crystal

    A Mountain Dragon (Stonebrunt Mountains): spawned when A Dire Panda (location -560, -1760) is at an unknown percentage, drops Mountain Dragon Crystal

    A Forest Dragon (Jaggedpine Forest): spawned when A Dire Kodiak (location -1620, -1030) is at an unknown percentage, drops Forest Dragon Crystal

    A Swamp Dragon (Swamp of No Hope): spawned when A Dire Leech (location +615, -1875) is at an unknown percentage, drops Swamp Dragon Crystal

    Only 1 crystal is needed to hand in to continue the script to the next stage. (You'll receive a hidden flag that makes 'a cloaked figure' spawn in Kithicor Forest later).

    Walthin Fireweaver says 'Well done ______. This is one of the eight dragon crystals needed to make the draconic prism. I've found some passages that explain how to make a prism stone using these dragon crystals. It's a little unclear exactly what is needed, but the texts mention that velium still holds some of the power of Veeshan. You'll also need a sister gem to fuse with the crystal. A (insert the different colors of diamonds for each one turned in) diamond of storms should complement the plains crystal nicely. The only part of the manuscript I can't seem to make out is a mention of Dragorn blood. I've never heard of such a creature before. I suppose it's possible I'm just mistranslating Dragon from the texts. Once you've collected them all bring them here. I'll continue searching for a way to create the draconic prism.'

    Collect all 8 crystals and then combine these crystals using the following recipe. 1 x Enchanted Velium Bar + 1 x crystal + 1 x appropriate diamond + 1 x Dragorn Blood = prism. Click on the Prism links above if you need exact recipes. (No Fail jewel crafting combine).

  • The crystals, their diamond counterparts and the prisms they make are:

    Plains Dragon Crystal - Gray Diamond of Storms = Plains Dragon Prism
    Forest Dragon Crystal - Yellow Diamond of Valor = Forest Dragon Prism
    Swamp Dragon Crystal - Green Diamond of Disease = Swamp Dragon Prism
    Mountain Dragon Crystal - White Diamond of Justice = Mountain Dragon Prism
    Wind Dragon Crystal - Cloudy Diamond of Air = White Dragon Prism
    Fire Dragon Crystal - Red Diamond of Fire = Fire Dragon Prism
    Earth Dragon Crystal - Brown Diamond of Earth = Earth Dragon Prism
    Ice Dragon Crystal - Aqua Diamond of Water = Water Dragon Prism

    After hailing him with all eight prisms in your possession, Walthin Fireweaver directs you to recover the crest:

    Walthin Fireweaver says '______! Thank Veeshan you're here! I discovered how to create the draconic prism! The secret has been here all along. One of the ancient crests of the temple was the key! It seems we are not the first bards to undertake the quest for the draconic prism. I'll explain later, but you must hurry, the crest has been stolen! Not a day ago it was here, so the thief can't have gotten far. You must find the thief and recover the crest ______!'

    Whaddaya want, a Metala?

  • Bring a mini-raid to Kithicor Forest..

    You say, 'Hail, a cloaked figure'

    a cloaked figure turns towards you. You get the distinct impression whom ever is under that cloak is sizing you up.

    The figure begins to fade into the shadows before your very eyes. You notice movement out of the corner of your left eye.

  • 4 x "a malignant shadow" will spawn and attack, hitting for an average of 190. They have around 50k HPs. They respawn instantly for a while.

    After you have killed some, "a shadow thief" will appear.

    a shadow thief advances as shadows bend strangely around its body.

  • The shadow thief can hit for 105-1200, has around 130k HPs and flurries. The remaining malignant shadows despawn once you've killed it.

    a shadow thief's corpse slumps to the ground in a mound of dark festering fabric. The rest of the shadows evaporate into the fog of the forest.

  • Loot a Crest of Rizlona, an 8-slot container and a Note from Metala, which reads:

    You should find the crest inside the temple of Solusek Ro, I trust you will be discreet in taking it. We wouldn't want them coming to look for it. Not that they would dare enter the realm of pain in any case. Even still the bard that has been talking to Walthin has me worried. Should you have the opportunity, I know you have no qualms in dispensing the blessings of our mistress.

  • Combine the 8 prisms in the crest to craft a Draconic Prism. Take the note to Vhalen Nostrolo in Southern Karana.

    Vhalen Nostrolo says 'No this can't be true! Metala must have been kidnapped and forced to sign this letter! You must find her and save her, _______! Please! Take this necklace; it was a gift she gave me on our anniversary long ago. Surely it will help her remember her true self and make her come to her senses.'

  • You receive Vhalen's Necklace. Go to the Plane of Torment and find Metala there as "a bruised woman." Give her the necklace.

    a bruised woman 's eyebrows shift into the shadow of a quizzical expression as you show her the necklace. A flash of recognition crosses her face and she jerks back across the floor in horror. A screeching wail tears through your mind `You are a fool Vhalen! You send these peasants to do your dirty work, you never were much for getting your hands dirty! The path of pain is the only way to true power. I will never turn from it!'

    You notice a distinct change in the air around you as something inside your packs grows hot and heavy. Black tendrils sprout from your pack as the words of Hsagra echo in your mind. Beware the orb!

    Black ooze begins to float out from ______'s body and wrap around Metala's body as she twitches and spasms violently.

    As you struggle to regain your balance and equilibrium you look on in horror as Metala's body begins to twitch and jerk. Bones snapping and sinew stretching. Her face seems to struggle against her bones as they contort into a horrific new visage of torment.

  • A Bruised Woman despawns and Metala Von Korach spawns in her place. Kill Metala.
    Melees for 190 to 1080 with Flurries.
    Spell Effects:
    Howl of Korach [PB AE: Chromatic (-160), AE Range: 200]
    1: Decrease HP when cast by 500
    2: Silence
    3: Increase Curse Counter by 9

    Infection of Pain [Single: Disease (-400), Range: 300]
    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 500 per tick
    2: Decrease Stats by 200
    3: Increase Curse Counter by 18

    Metala Von Korach's corpse stumbles as black blood floods from the wound at her side onto the floor beneath you. She falls to the ground and continues to twitch and jerk, causing splatters of her own black blood to smear across the floor. You gaze horrified at her gaping wound and realize there is a sword hilt lodged inside of her still warm corpse. For a moment you think the hilt is moving, but then struggle to keep from retching as you realize the body is filled with maggots.

  • Loot a Rusted Bile Etched Blade, a 2-slot container. Put the Draconic Prism in it and combine to craft the Prismatic Dragon Blade, a.k.a. bard epic 1.5., 5 AAs, and access to your epic 1.5 title, "Wyrmkin." Reward: Prismatic Dragon Blade

    Crest of the Drixie (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Lord Prismwing'

    Lord Prismwing flutters his wings rapidly sending shimmering dust through the air around you. Although he speaks in high pitched chirps you somehow understand his meaning. Hello ______, I am the Count of the Tunarean Drixies. Are you a friend of the Tunarean Court?

    You say, 'I am a friend of the Tunarean Court.'

    Lord Prismwing says 'I am in need of some help. One of my heralds was sent to deliver a message to the Othmir in the Cobalt Scar some time ago and has not returned. I fear for his safety, if your travels should lead you in that direction please attempt to find news of my missing herald.'

    Head to Cobalt Scar and kill a wyvern named Yvolcarn (52nd level warrior type, summons, regular wyverns are his PHs). Loot the Drixie Remains off him. Note that killing him carries the usual Claws of Veeshan faction hits (-CoV, -Yelinak, +Kromzek).

    Give the remains to Prismwing and receive a Crest of the Drixie.

    Lord Prismwing says 'This is sad news you have returned to the court, but now his body may be laid to rest in the soil of Tunares land.'
    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 10.
    You gain experience!!
    Reward: Crest of the Drixie

    Crest of the Faerie Dragons (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Lord Gossimerwind'

    Lord Gossimerwind blinks at you a few times then speaks in a strangely musical draconic voice. 'You vish to azzizt ze count of ze Tunarean Faerie Dragons?'

    You say, 'I wish to assist.'

    Lord Gossimerwind says 'I vish to ztop ze Kromzek Foreman from continuing ta deztroy thiz land. Iv you vish to azzizt you can zlay ze Foreman and bring me hiz helm az proof.'

    Slay the kromzek Foreman and loot his helmet and bring it back for the Crest of the Faerie Dragons.

    Lord Gossimerwind takes the helm in his claws and crushes it with seeming ease. 'Yeez hav eernd ta reezpect ov my peoplez, here iz ze crezt ov ze faerie dragons'
    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 20.
    You gain experience!!

    Need /loc of quest mobs. Reward: Crest of the Faerie Dragons

    Crest of the Fauns (Normal): After getting the case for the crests (see the Friend of the Tunarean Court Quest), you can do this one to get the faun crest.

    A Kromzek architect occasionally visits the building sites. Shamus desires to acquire his blueprints for the expansion of Kael.

    Kill a storm giant architect and loot kromzek architect blueprints.

    After turning in the Architect Blueprints Shamus Aghllsews says 'You have my gratitude Jaeden . With these blueprints we can better prepare the forests defenses against the giant invaders. I have yet another favor to ask of you as well. Fill this empty bag with crystallized sulfur. When mixed with the crushed herbs in the other bag it will create an explosion strong enough to destroy stone. Take the two full bags into Kael Drakkel and plant it into a crate of the kromzeks building supplies.

    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 30.
    You gain experience!!

    Recieved a 4 slot container for the crystalized sulfur.
    Recieved a bag of crushed herbs (not a container).

    I put one crystalized sulfur into each slot and combined and it became a bag of sulfur, no longer a container. Headed to Kael from Wakening. If you proceed past the first few guards and go up a hill you see 4 destroyed buildings(platforms with broken walls). Look on the floor of each and you will see two bags on the floor of one platform (will update with loc when I get it). If you take one of the bags (sulfur or herbs) and try to drop them on the floor where (you must click the directly onto the floor) the bags are, a trade screen will open up labled a bag of (building?)supplies. NOTE: Your invis drops at this point even though it still shows you as invis. Put the bag of sulfur and the bag of crushed herbs in this window and hit trade. After the explosion goes off a bag appears on the ground where you are PICK THIS BAG UP, it is the proof that you set off the explosion. Looks like a black marble and is called a pile of rubble. WARNING: When you hit trade the explosion goes off. I was unprepared and was probably hit for the full damage (around 1000 points of fire damage). I'm assuming if you buff up fire resists you may be able to resist it, however my natural FR is 85 so maybe I just got unlucky. The explosion nearly killed me and soon after a giant did.

    Took the pile of rubble back to Shamus and gave it to him.

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'You have proven yourself to the Fauns of the Tunarean Court. The destruction of the Kromzeks building supplies will slow their progress for some time.

    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 20.
    You gain experience!!

    Received a crest of the fauns. Reward: Crest of the Fauns

    Crest of the Sifaye (Normal): /loc of Countess Silveana?

    You say, 'Hail, Countess Silveana'

    Countess Silveana curtsies politely 'Welcome to our home! I am the Countess Silveana of the Tunarean Court.'

    You say, 'What Tunarean Court?'

    Countess Silveana says 'The Tunarean Court consists of several of Tunares most blessed creatures. We Sifaye help defend the wakening land from the invading giants to the east and watch for threats from the dragons to the west.'

    You say, 'What giants?'

    Countess Silveana says 'There is a giant with a strange metal stick that has been the largest threat as of late. He wanders further into our lands than the other with the stick to his eye and squashes my Sifaye when he finds them. If you eliminate him for us I would like to see that stick he carries.'

    Here you hand her the Kromzek Surveyor Scope from the Storm Giant Surveyor.

    Countess Silveana claps boisterously 'My people are in your debt for putting an end to that monsters murderous squashings! Here is the crest of the Sifaye'
    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 20.
    You gain experience!!
    Reward: Crest of the Sifaye

    Crest of the Unicorn (Normal): Since some spawns have seemingly been removed, it may no longer be possible to complete this.

    You say, 'Hail, Lady Gelistial'

    Lady Gelistial nods towards Pharos and a soft gentle voice whispers in your mind as if carried by the breeze passing through the gentle grove. You tread upon the sacred ground of Tunare. I am the Lady Gelistial, baroness of the Tunarean Unicorns. Are you a friend of the Tunarean Court?

    You say, 'I am a friend'

    Lady Gelistial says 'Be wary of the black unicorns then my friend. All unicorns once inspired dreams and fascination in mortals but the lineage of Lithiniath has been twisted and now inspire delusions and madness. If my duties here were not so pressing I would seek the wisdom of Prince Thirneg in finding a cure for the cursed bloodline of Lithiniath.

    You say, 'Who is Lithiniath?'

    Lady Gelistial says 'Lithiniath was once a proud and noble Unicorn until he stumbled upon the realm of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. The lord of mischief twisted the magical nature of Lithiniath. The once noble unicorns fur grew blacker as delusions clouded his mind and madness follows where he treads.

    You say, 'Who is prince thirneg?'

    Lady Gelistial says 'Prince Thirneg is the ruler of the Tunarean Court. He resides in the Plane of Growth where he is constant contact with the all mother herself.

    Go find the prince. He is located in the bottom of Tunare's Tree.

    You say, 'Hail, Prince Thirneg'

    Prince Thirneg says 'Salutations! I am the Prince of the Tunarean Court! What brings you to this most sacred of all Tunares blessed creations?'

    You say, 'Lady Gelistial sent me'

    Prince Thirneg says 'Gelistial is a very wise Lady. She does well in her duties to the court as well as the duties to her people. Unfortunately the weight of her responsibility prevents us from meeting as often as I would like.'

    You say, 'I seek a cure for the line of Lithiniath'

    Prince Thirneg says 'Ahh..Lithiniath, the first of the black unicorns, cursed by Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane to spread madness and delusions. Lithiniath is not evil, but his lawful magical nature has been replaced with a chaotic reflection of it that has twisted his mind. Lithiniaths physical form can not survive the removal of the chaotic magical nature. The only cure for Lithiniath is death and rebirth into a lawful vessel.'

    Lithiniath is found in the Plane of Mischief along the moat outside the castle. Kill him and loot his horn. Nearby is A White Stallion. Give the white horse the horn and you'll receive a Crest of the Unicorn in exchange.

    You gain experience!!

    Lithiniath shouts 'The madness has fled my mind and I am once again whole! Give Gelistial my regards, I must leave this place and try to quell the madness I have inflicted.' Reward: Crest of the Unicorn

    Crest of the Wood Nymphs (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Eysa Florawhisper'

    Eysa Florawhisper says 'A pleasure to meet you, ______. I am Countess Eysa Florawhisper of the Tunarean Court. Are you a friend of the court?'

    You say, 'I am a friend of the court.'

    Eysa Florawhisper says 'You appear to be a creature that has seen many foreign lands. There are a number of fruits and seeds that I desire in order to plant them and preserve their species here in the wakening land. I will provide a bag for you that will preserve the seeds until they can be returned to me. Will you gather seeds for me?'

    You say, 'I will gather seeds for you.'

    Eysa Florawhisper says 'I seek the following fruits and seeds. A misty acorn, emerald orange, bag of caynar nuts, vineclinger berries, ripened heartfruit, rathe berries, marr cherries, and flarefire seeds.'

    You receive an Empty Seed Collection Bag. The seeds come from Kunark, Antonica, Faydwer, and Odus.

    The forage locations:

    Misty Acorn: picked up off ground in Misty Thicket
    Emerald Orange: Trakanon's Teeth
    Bag of Caynar Nuts: Toxxulia Forest
    Vineclinger Berries: Butcherblock mountains (NO TRADE)
    Ripened Heartfruit: Greater Faydark (NO TRADE)
    Rathe Berries: Lake Rathe
    Marr Cherries: Ocean Of Tears
    Flarefire Seeds: Field of Bone (NO TRADE)

    Combine these in the bag to craft a Bag of Seeds. Return this to her.

    Eysa Florawhisper says 'Ohhhh! You're the sweetest, ______. The nymphs of the Tunarean Court recognize you as a friend of our kind and our botanical brethren.'
    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 20.
    You gain experience!!

    Receive: Crest of the Wood Nymphs Reward: Crest of the Wood Nymphs

    Faerie Dragon Wings (Normal): a storm giant foreman is an uncommon spawn from the giants outside of Kael in Wakening Lands. He can spawn in either the small house southwest of Kael or the work area a short walk out west from Kael.

    You say, 'hail a storm giant foreman'

    A storm giant foreman says 'Hey there scrawny! I lead the finest team of laborers in all of Kael Drakkel! We've got little use for a weak creature like yourself, but if you want to help us out I've got a task for you.

    You say, 'what task'

    A storm giant foreman says 'Those pansy dragon would bees in the Tunarean Court have become quite the nuisance lately. The deaths of Lord Gossimerwind and Lord Prismwing would certainly put an end to the nuisance for a time. Bring me their wings as proof of their deaths.

    Lord Gossimerwind is a rare named fay drake that can be found in a large area west of the lake in Wakening Lands. Clear faerie dragons that spawn in the area to spawn him.

    Lord Prismwing is a rare named Drixie that can be found either north, south, or west of the lake. Kill random trash drixies to eventually spawn him.

    Give Gossamer Wing and Prismatic Wing to the storm giant foreman.

    A storm giant foreman says, 'You've done well. Maybe that foolish court will learn yet that the expansion of Kael cannot be impeded.'

    Your faction standing with Kromzek has been adjusted by 10.
    Your faction standing with Kromrif has been adjusted by 2.
    Your faction standing with King Tormax has been adjusted by 2.
    Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan has been adjusted by -5.

    You gain party experience!

    Note: Reward may be a random item from a larger list.

    Receive: Holgresh Grand Vizier Beads Reward: Holgresh Mojo Stick
    Reward: Holgresh Mojo Stick
    Reward: Holgresh Grand Vizier Beads

    Friend of the Tunarean Court (Normal): In the faun building that leads to the Plane of Growth, there is a named faun called Shamus Aghllsews.

    You say, 'Hail, Shamus Aghllsews'

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'Welcome to my fiefdom wayward Gnome. I am Duke Shamus Aghllsews of the Tunarean Court. Only those who pledge friendship or membership to the Court are allowed sanctuary in the Wakening Lands.'

    You say, 'I pledge friendship.'

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'You must first prove your intentions to the Tunarean Court. I will permit you to participate in an oath of friendship only after you bring me four picks used by the Kromrif Laborers that are attempting to build into our lands.'

    Give him the 4 picks. You gain experience and positive Tunarean Court faction.

    Shamus Aghllsews grips your hand in his own and recites an oath in an ancient tongue. Should you ever seek membership in this court you are required to receive the support of its counts, countesses, barons, and baronesses. Should they deem you worthy you may present their crests to me and with my approval become a citizen of our kingdom. The Kromrif and Kromzek are persistent in their efforts to expand Kael into the forest of Tunare, they are a threat to all houses of the Tunarean Court. A Kromzek architect occasionally visits the building sites. I desire to acquire his blueprints for the expansion of Kael.'

    (This is a separate quest, listed on its own.)

    He gives you an Empty Crest Case, a size SMALL 6-slot container.

    Go into the Wakening Lands and talk to the various subjects of Tunare that reside there. Each Crest requires a rather lengthy subquest to collect.

    The 6 crests are:

    - Crest of the Wood Nymph
    - Crest of the Unicorns
    - Crest of the Sifaye
    - Crest of the Fauns
    - Crest of the Drixie
    - Crest of the Faerie Dragons

    Follow the links to the left for the subquests needed to obtain these.

    After getting all 6 crests, combine them in the empty case. This creates a Case of Tunarean Crests. Hand this back to Shamus for your reward.

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'Welcome to the Tunarean Court, Thane ______! Here is a signet ring to wear in honor of your status among the Tunareans.'
    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 50.
    You gain experience!! Reward: Tunarean Signet Ring

    Living Granite (Normal): You say, 'hail a storm giant architect'

    A storm giant architect says 'Hmmm, I didn't know refuse could speak. Are you here to annoy me or are you planning on making yourself useful, if the latter is even possible?

    You say, 'I can make myself useful'

    A storm giant architect says 'A feeble creature like yourself is near worthless. If you must insist on serving the mighty Kromzek then go to the caverns of the geonids and bring me four blocks of living granite so that I may perform some tests on its value as a resource in the expansion of Kael.

    Various geonids drop a Block of Living Granite. Hand in four:

    a storm giant architect says 'So you proved to be of value after all, take this for your work. Don't let it go to your head.'
    Your faction standing with Kromzek got better.
    Your faction standing with Kromrif got better.
    Your faction standing with King Tormax got better.
    Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got worse.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive A Gigantic Kromzek Pick.

    Need all dialogues (these are transcriptions), /loc of quest mobs. Reward: Gigantic Kromzek Pick

    Tunarean Tasks (Normal): In the faun building that leads to the plain of growth there is a named Faun Shamus Aghllsews.

    You say, 'Hail, Shamus Aghllsews'

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'Welcome to my fiefdom wayward Gnome. I am Duke Shamus Aghllsews of the Tunarean Court. Only those who pledge friendship or membership to the Court are allowed sanctuary in the Wakening Lands.'

    You say, 'I pledge friendship.'

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'You must first prove your intentions to the Tunarean Court. I will permit you to participate in an oath of friendship only after you bring me four picks used by the Kromrif Laborers that are attempting to build into our lands.'

    Give him the 4 picks.

    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 20.
    You gain experience!!

    Shamus Aghllsews grips your hand in his own and recites an oath in an ancient tongue. 'Should you ever seek membership in this court you are required to receive the support of its counts, countesses, barons, and baronesses. Should they deem you worthy you may present their crests to me and with my approval become a citizen of our kingdom. The Kromrif and Kromzek are persistent in their efforts to expand Kael into the forest of Tunare, they are a threat to all houses of the Tunarean Court. A Kromzek architect occasionally visits the building sites. I desire to acquire his blueprints for the expansion of Kael.'

    If you hand him the blueprints from the kromzek architect...

    Shamus Aghllsews says 'You have my gratitude ______. With these blueprints we can better prepare the forests defenses against the giant invaders. I have yet another favor to ask of you as well. Fill this empty bag with crystallized sulfur. When mixed with the crushed herbs in the other bag it will create an explosion strong enough to destroy stone. Take the two full bags into Kael Drakkel and plant it into a crate of the kromzeks building supplies.'

    Your faction standing with Tunarean Court has been adjusted by 30.
    You gain experience!!