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Quests for Veeshan's Peak

A Message from Xygoz (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Xygoz'

Xygoz says 'Well, I must say it is refreshing to find a new being in my lair after so many years. I have lived a long and fruitful life, yet I yearn for the past and a time when some of us were still whelps, where we learned everything we knew from our masters. My mentor was of the first brood, an ancient dragon, older than any of the other dragons save Veeshan herself. She was and still is a very powerful dragon and I yearn to speak with her. Her name is Lendiniara the Keeper and was the best teacher any dragon could ever have. How would you like to connect me with her great mind? You could perhaps [deliver] a message for me, since I cannot travel these days.'

You say, 'I will deliver a message.'

Xygoz says 'This is indeed a fortunate day for me. Take this letter to Lendiniara for me. It is no ordinary letter. My message is scribed with a magic only she can see. She will be proud I have used a magic she taught to me to greet her again. Thank you for the assistance mortal.'

You receive a Note from Xygoz. Lendiniara the Keeper may be found in the west wing of the Temple of Veeshan. You must have ally faction with Claws of Veeshan to complete this portion. Give her the note.

Lendiniara the Keeper says 'What is this? A letter from Xygoz, my student? I am impressed you have been able to take this dangerous journey from Veeshan's Peak to here without any conflict. Oh, and he scribed it with our magic. Thank you for this letter. Now, take this trinket. It's a gift I would like you to bestow upon Xygoz for me. He was my favorite student, yet I never told him that directly. This trinket will surely deliver that message to him. However, there is one problem. The trinket has been damaged slightly because of an attack in Western Wastes. The magic from this trinket was torn from it and I fear that one of those horrid Kromzek has stolen it and taken it back to Kael. Before you give it to Xygoz, please retrieve the power source and reunite it with the trinket. I wish Xygoz my best and hope he will be most pleased with this token of my fondness for him.'

You receive a 2-slot GIANT container called Lendiniara's Trinket, which identifies as "Mechanical in nature, but non-operational." You must then head to the arena in Kael Drakkel and kill Protectors of Zek there until you loot A Foreign Power Source, which identifies as "This appears to power up something, but needs a Gem Cutter." Rumor has it the Protector of Zek will glow if it has the item. Combine it in Lendiniara's Trinket with a Gem Cutter to craft a non-container Lendiniara's Trinket. Bring this back to Xygoz.

Xygoz says 'Is this trinket truly meant for me? Lendiniara was not one for giving gifts. Oh, how I miss her. I must thank you again. Once again I'm brimming with pride because of my mentor. Here is your reward, if it doesn't suit you, please give it back and I will find something that does. Farewell.'

You receive a Necklace of the Melodic Dragon. If you don't like it, hand it back to receive a Flame-Tempered Girdle. You see the following dialogue if you exchange the rewards:

Xygoz says 'How utterly obtuse and arrogant. How about this one then?' Reward: Necklace of the Melodic Dragon
Reward: Flame-Tempered Girdle

Assist Hoshkar (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Hoshkar'

Hoshkar says 'So, you have found your way into the Veeshan's Peak and into my lair. It has been a long time since I've seen an outlander like you. I should think you'd find the history of our order very entertaining indeed. I should so enjoy telling it. [Would you like to hear it]?'

You say, 'I would like to hear it.'

Hoshkar says 'A long time ago, before the imprisonment of Kerafyrm himself, the Ring of Scale involved all dragons. All of us lived on the Velious continent. As time went on, a differing of ideals perpetuated amongst us. Some of us believed the newly created mortals of this world were something we could control, something that would serve us and our interests. Mortals were weak and ignorant, and easily influenced by our magic and knowledge. Some other dragons thought these mortals were inconsequential to the overall workings of the universe and chose to ignore them and concentrate on the worship of Veeshan, the almighty crystalline dragon. Lines were drawn between dragon kind. Eventually, dragons chose different paths, some the Claws of Veeshan and others chose the Ring of Scale. We of the Ring of Scale decided to come to this continent and settle here, mostly to reduce the [tension] between us and the Claws of Veeshan.'

You say, 'What tension?'

Hoshkar says 'Over time, most of the dragons left behind have calmed, though there are still some who are aggressively against what we stand for. Some of those dragons have taunted me for years and I have much disdain for them. I have an idea. How about you [assist me] in teaching them a lesson? Would you be interested in a task for me?'

You say, 'I will assist you.'

Hoshkar says 'As you must know, we, as dragons, have a sacred law to not harm others like us. This law cannot be broken, for it is a crime that has a severe punishment. As such, I will need you to assist me. Now, I cannot condone any killing of dragons either, so my task entails you acquiring the talismans of specific dragons in Western Wastes. The Sky dragons have taunted me for a very long time, and their most vocal member, Ayillish, has been a thorn in my side for a very long time. Go now and fetch their talismans for me.'

The other Sky dragons are Gafala, Hechaeva, and Mazi. Kill all four and loot their talismans, then return these to Hoshkar:

Hoshkar says, 'You impress me, mortal. I would never have thought you would be fit for this task and now you have proved me wrong. As I said earlier, I cannot condone the killing of other dragons, so I will assume that you acquired these through other methods. If you did slay these dragons however, that does bring a small bit of joy to me. I have one final task for you before we part ways. There is a certain Wyvern that has become an unwelcome outcast in the frozen lands. End his suffering and return proof of the deed to me.'

You receive a 2-slot LARGE container called Hoshkar's Bag of Holding. The wyvern in question is A Wayward Wyvern, a red-con to 65 found inside the wyvern caves in the northeast part of the Western Wastes. It hits for about 900 and casts an AE, Diseased Cloud.

You have slain A Wayward Wyvern!
Your faction standing with Brood of Dizok got better.
Your faction standing with Sarnak Collective got better.
Your faction standing with Goblins of Mountain Death got worse.
You gain experience!!

Once it's dead, loot a Head of a Wayward Wyvern and combine it in the bag to craft a Full Hoshkar's Bag of Holding. Give this to Hoshkar.

Hoshkar says, 'Splendid ______. This Wyvern has been a thorn in my side as long as those Sky dragons have been. You have gained my trust, outlander, and here is your reward. If the reward does not impress you, I have a different one that might. Return that to me if you wish to see it.'

You receive a Wand of the Lava Shaper. If you don't like it, give it back:

Hoshkar says 'How utterly obtuse and arrogant. How about this one then?'

You receive a Bow of the Ring. Returning this gets you the wand again. Reward: Wand of the Lava Shaper
Reward: Bow of the Ring

Assist Nexona (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Nexona'

Nexona says 'Well, what have we here? How dare you enter my lair! I do not take kindly to your kind disturbing me. Are you here for the same reason all other adventurers are? To plunder and destroy the serenity of a place such as this for money and power? You are an affront to us and the Ring of Scale. You don't even look fit enough to eat, but perhaps I could make some use of you. I could have you [assist] me and the Ring of Scale in something we have been planning for a while now.'

You say, 'I will assist you.'

Nexona says 'Wise decision. I prefer this to picking your bones from betwixt my teeth. Now, as you may know, we have a cannibalistic dragon amongst our kind in Dragon Necropolis, the final resting spot for many of our kin. It's a foul creature, indeed. This dragon, Zlandicar, feasts on the dying flesh of our ancestors and disgusts us with his hunger for them. There is a clan of rising rats in Dragon Necropolis who oppose the dragon-eater. We have decided to aid them in their efforts to combat this disgrace to our kind. There is where you fit in. This is a special vial filled with a necrotic magic, but it is missing a few key components. This list will show what else you need to make this deadly concoction. Once created, go to Dragon Necropolis and seek out the leader of the rat creatures and give him the vial. Be sure to bring me back proof of the delivery. We hope this will help stop Zlandicar and his followers from devouring more of our kind. Go now, mortal.'

You receive Nexona's List and Nexona's Poison Vial, a LORE NO DROP 6-slot GIANT container. The list says that the components needed are Double Brewed Orcish Stout, Philter of Concealment, A Poison Frog Tongue, Zombie Bane, and Fyr Jen's Blood. Everything but A Poison Frog Tongue and Fyr Jen's Blood may be crafted. A Poison Frog Tongue drops from frog mobs in the Plane of Storms. The Fyr Jen's Blood drops from fyr jen mobs in The Umbral Plains. Combine to form Nexona's Poison Vial, a non-container. Take this to Neb in Dragon Necropolis. Conflicting reports about how much faction you need with Neb. High-dubious has apparently done the trick, however you may want to wait until apprehensive to turn in the note.

Neb says 'Ika vora isa, viia solta ian raka. Thank you for this concoction. Loka vula riluua zlandicar. We will use this on Zlandicar's allies. Wurna so vi re drikinavi wo isa maka. This will aide us greatly in our struggle against them. Wula vaa ria muta nish ala aknila nexona. Here is a sealed note to give to Nexona as proof of this delivery. Val na vi paebala yi no sa saka! All of the paebala thank you, tallone!'

You receive Neb's Note. Take it back to Nexona.

Nexona says 'If I understand this writing correctly, you have delivered. I am pleased, but I still do not trust you. However, in fairness, I shall reward you for your effort. If this reward is unsatisfactory, return it and I will find something more applicable. Now leave my lair before my hate overwhelms me!'

Casters receive a Shield of Dark Hues, while melee classes receive a Dark Cloak of the Whelp. Reward: Dark Cloak of the Whelp
Reward: Shield of Dark Hues

Assist Silverwing (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Silverwing'

Silverwing says 'So, young one, you have come to seek an audience with me. What do you want? Hurry up and speak carefully. I'm not known for my patience or trust of your kind. Perhaps you can [assist] me by collecting a few items, then I may learn to be more trusting.'

You say, 'I will assist you.'

Silverwing says 'Very well. One of my scouts has been attempting to acquire the locations of powerful, yet inscribable words for me, but has not returned as soon as I'd like. I've grown impatient -- as you might guess. These words contain great magic, I'm sure of it, and when incanted correctly, create a fabled spell of extraordinary power. I had obtained some, but more are missing. Here is my lexicon and a list of found words so far. Go quickly and acquire all eight of the words I need and the spell scroll.'

You receive a book called Silverwing's List, which identifies as "List of missing words," and Silverwing's Lexicon, an 8-slot GIANT container, which identifies as "An empty lexicon." The book reads as follows:

1) Nadox
2) Siren's Grotto
3) The Deep
4) Torment

The four words mentioned are drops, and the mobs they drop from can appear to glow. The drops have been reported as follows:
  • Crypt of Nadox:
    • A Broken Skull Acolyte
    • A Broken Skull Seeker
  • Siren's Grotto:
    • A Siren Myrmidon
  • The Deep:
    • An Elder Thought Horror
    • A Thought Horror
    • A Thought Horror Evoker
  • Plane of Torment:
    • A Kaniz Hunter
    • A Kaniz Ravager
The four words not mentioned in the list are ground spawns: one outside Venril Sathir's room in Karnor's Castle, one in King Tranix's room in Nagafen's Lair (a.k.a. Solusek B), one in the center of the circle in the first house on the right from zone-in in the Plane of Valor, and one straight out in the hallway from zone-in in the Temple of Veeshan.

Combine all eight words in the book to craft a non-container Silverwing's Lexicon. Give this to Silverwing.

Silverwing says 'I'm somewhat impressed, stranger. You cannot imagine the power this spell may unleash. Take this reward and leave me. If the reward I have given you is not pleasing, hand it back and I will give you a different one. Make haste and leave me be, for I will need to recite this spell in private.'

Casters get a Ring of the Silver Dragon, and melee classes get an Earring of the Brood. If you'd rather have the other, for whatever reason, give what you got back to Silverwing.

Silverwing says 'How utterly obtuse and arrogant. How about this one then?'

You receive the other one. Reward: Earring of the Brood
Reward: Ring of the Silver Dragon

Druushk's Dilemma (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Druushk'

Druushk says 'Who steps in my lair?! Ah, 'tis but a soft-flesh nuisance. I must say I am amazed at the idiocy you adventurers must boast to explore these areas, especially when we're trying to keep you out. Since you are here, I will tell you of a story and a [dilemma] I am having if you wish. You might become more enlightened.'

You say, 'What dilemma?'

Druushk says 'In previous years, we, the Ring of Scale, have had one of our own sitting on the Overking Bathezid Di'Zok's council, well disguised. Our friend has also been spying on the council itself. He was our voice when we needed the Sarnaks to listen to reason. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with him. I had a personal affinity to our friend, because he was one of my personal assistants. I could sense his presence elsewhere on this continent and now it has dissipated. I fear he may have been killed, though I am not sure by whom. I would like you to investigate this further and bring back the remains of my assistant to me, so I can learn of his fate.'

The quest pieces are various pieces of Druushk's assistant, and may be found off glowing mobs in the Halls of Betrayal (a.k.a. Chardok B): they glow when they have the piece. They have been reported as dropping as follows:
  • Druushk's Assistant's Jaw
    • An Iksar Skeleton
  • Druushk's Assistant's Arm
    • A Ferocious Chokidai
  • Druushk's Assistant's Skull
    • A Shai`Din Overseer
    • A Shai`Din Royal Guard
    • A Shai`Din Scythemaster
Faction hits are +Brood of Di`zok, -Followers of Korucust, -Betrayers of Di`zok for hunting in Chardok B. Bring the remains back to Druushk for your reward.

Druushk says 'My worst fears are true. My assistant has been slain. I will have my servants investigate this heinous crime. Here is your reward for this deed mortal. If you do not like it, I can provide you with a different reward.'

Casters receive the Amice of the Skywings, while melee classes receive the Mask of the Sky Dragon. Reward: Amice of the Skywings
Reward: Mask of the Sky Dragon

Proof for Phara Dar (Normal): N.B.: You may not complete this until you have flags for Tallon Zek, Vallon Zek, and Rallos Zek.

When you try to click on the door to Phara Dar's room, you see this:

A seal has been placed on this door by Phara Dar. Perhaps there is a way to remove it.

Vrabbit Xloren is a drake standing (flying?) next to the door.

You say, 'Hail, Vrabbit Xloren'

Vrabbit Xloren says 'It is amazing to find outlanders such as yourself this far into the Peak. What is your business here young one? Are you possibly here to [see Phara Dar]?'

You say, 'I am here to see Phara Dar.'

Vrabbit Xloren says 'Interesting, do you have business with her? This door behind me is sealed with a powerful ward, one which only Phara herself can remove. She has instructed me to assist servants of the Ring of Scale with passage into her lair, if they are loyal to us. At the very least you must be friendly with the inhabitants of this place, for you would not be here speaking to me as safely as you are. Are you a [loyal servant] of the Ring of Scale?'

You say, 'I am a loyal servant of the Ring of Scale.'

If your faction is insufficient, you see:

Vrabbit Xloren says 'You still need to prove your loyalty to us. I do not feel we can trust you yet, outlander.'

If you have high ally faction with Ring of Scale, you see this instead:

Vrabbit Xloren says 'I see now, yes, you are a loyal servant. I will translocate you into my master's lair when you are [ready].'

You say, 'I am ready.'

Vrabbit Xloren says 'Very well.'

You are translocated into Phara Dar's lair.

You say, 'Hail, Phara Dar'

Phara Dar says 'I am surprised to see such short-lived mortals here. One such as yourself would never dare to enter my sanctum before. Time's have changed. What is it that you want here amongst such greatness? I shall humor you if you aim to [help] me. There is something that I've been wanting to retrieve for a while now, ever since my father's death. What say you?'

You say, 'I will help.'

Phara Dar says 'Fine. Listen well. A shroud was given by my father to my mother months before his death. That shroud is very dear to me and I wish to have it back. My mother is still in possession of this item and I fear she will not easily hand it over. To help me, you must also help her. Go speak to her and assist her to acquire the shroud for me.'

You can acquire a Shroud of the Dar Brood by aiding the Dar Brood. Give it to Phara Dar.

Phara Dar says 'I can hardly believe my tired eyes. You have returned the shroud! Wait, could this mean...? Is Fraka, my brother, dead? No. I cannot believe this -- it cannot be possible. And yet it has to be for you have acquired the shroud so hastily. What a sad day. Here is what I want you to do now, and you must. I want you to seek out those who assisted in this slaying of my brother and bring me proof the he is avenged. I will not rest until I see proof. Return to me only when you have the shroud and all the proof in hand. Now leave me be!'

You receive a Box of Phara Dar, a 6-slot GIANT container with the shroud in it which identifies as "An empty box." Derakor the Vindicator in Kael Drakkel drops Derakor's Heart, which identifies as "Proof for Phara Dar." A level 65 named rat in Dragon Necropolis called Whelp Kidnapper drops Frakadar's Left Eye, which identifies as "An undigested portion of a young dragon," and A Secret Letter, which identifies as "From Derakor the Vindicator." The text of the letter is as follows:

To kill a small dragon, I have found that a pulsing black concoction also using for creating 'Black Insanity' makes it easier to sedate them long enough to slay them. Remember our agreement: For each dragon you slay I will reward you handsomely. All I require is the dragon's head for proof.

A Pulsing Black Vial is crafted in a brew barrel by combining Insanity Fangs (dropped in Plane of Torment), A Vial of Black Blood (hail Eriak in Drunder, Fortress of Zek and say "What blood?" to him), and Celestial Solvent (vendor-purchased) - trivial unknown. Combine the shroud, heart, left eye, letter, and black vial in the box to craft a non-container Box of Phara Dar, which identifies as "A filled box." Give this to Phara Dar to receive your reward.

Phara Dar says 'Poor Fraka, he was only a whelp. The betrayers have paid for their crime. While this has avenged the loss of my brother, it still does not take the pain away. Here is your reward for your trouble. Should you find this reward is not fitting, I can replace it with a different one. Now, please leave my sanctum. I need time alone.'

Casters get the Earring of Phara Dar and melee classes get the Ring of the Azure Sky.

Exchange dialogues and alternate rewards needed. Reward: Earring of Phara Dar
Reward: Ring of the Azure Sky