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Quests for Upper Guk

Ghoulbane (Normal): This is the quest for the First Paladin Holy Sword. It is technically not a quest, but a drop. Nonetheless, I'm including the instructions on how best to get it here. There is also a quest you can do to get the sword.

Location: Shin Lord Room (also called the bar room by some). It is in Upper Guk, but on second level of Guk.

Party: You should probably have a party of 6 level 28 to 30 level characters as a minimum. You could use a variety of classes but a cleric is a must. Also a Bard is a great aid due to the Mana and healing songs. One of the rooms in the area (the one directly next to the Shin Lord Room) has a small slow spawn. Take this room and pull all surrounding rooms to it one at a time. You should also clear the spawns in the surrounding rooms to prevent trains. I imagine you could go directly into the Shin Lords room and camp there but without constantly clearing all the surrounding rooms you're asking for trouble. If anything gets away from you ... ANYTHING... it will pull the whole freaking place and that will mean death and valuable lost time in the form of Corpse recovery.

Time: I have heard that the time to successfuly recover GB Ranges from 7-24 hours ... wow ... We were there start to finish for 7 hours. XP was awesome!! and loot was ok. We pulled each room as it spawned and this kept everyone in XP for the whole camp. I am not exagerating when I say downtime between fights was on average 8-15 seconds ... for 7 hours.


1: If you have a good group (friends or guild members work best) I reccommend making sure they all have a copy of your map and routes out and in. Also mark escape routes and number the rooms !! This will allow you to manage attack plans much better. It is much easier to say "pull from #2" than say "get the shaman room." There is no, I repeat, NO room for error down here.

2: If you're somewhat ok in the money department, I suggest everyone spend 26p and buy (2) invis potions. They can save your life and work very well. I know you're going to say "I can cast invis why do i need a potion". Well if you're fighting and are low or out of mana and it becomes apparent that you missed a spawn and you're about to be overrun ... well I think that a sure fire Invis just might come in handy.

3: Running ... I must admit that when we camped the Shin lord room I had never been there before, so running meant an opportunity to spend a fair amount of time trying to find a corpse...not much fun. So here is my point, if you and your whole group has gone over the maps and your convinced you won't get lost if your running then go ahead. For me I just decided to die where i stand, possibly keeping some of the mobs from running after my party as they tried to escape. Hopefully you won't need to run.


1: When you arrive on site, insure that you announce that the room is camped. This will prevent others arriving on scene and getting in the way or accidentaly training you.

2: When you're done announce that you're done! This lets any other groups know that the room is free. It is also nice to let people know because if they get there quick enough the spawns will not have reset and this will be a big help to them.

3: If you're the paladin who is going to get GB I reccommend you take NO loot. I mean the sword is worth what.. a few thousand at least, dont get greedy. Your group will appreciate this.... Yes even if you dont get GB in one session and have to go back. Reward: Ghoulbane

Train! (Incomplete): Task is given by "a decrepit froglok" at +1160, -120, next to the zoneline to Lower Guk. You play an undead froglok.

Darkenamel Chain Gauntlets (common drop) can transmute to: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), ???? (level 21-30), Well-Formed Chain Gloves (level 31-40), Darkenamel Chain Gloves (level 41-50), ???? (level 51-60), Fire-Singed Chain Gloves (level 61-70)

Totem of Potency (rare drop) can transmute to: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), ???? (level 21-30), ???? (level 31-40), Ancient Antonican Idol (level 41-50), Shard of the Keen Eye (level 51-60), Stonework Effigy (level 61-70).

Need all details: dialogues; task stages and descriptions; levels, classes, and abilities of monsters you play; in-game name, /loc, level, and fight abilities of NPCs; quest items; faction hits if any; additional quest rewards if any; additional (instanced?) zones involved and their exact in-game names. Reward: Darkenamel Chain Gauntlets
Reward: Totem of Potency
Reward: Stonework Effigy
Reward: Shard of the Keen Eye
Reward: Well-Formed Chain Gloves
Reward: Darkenamel Chain Gloves
Reward: Fire-Singed Chain Gloves
Reward: Ancient Antonican Idol