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Quests for Toxxulia Forest

A Knowledgable Druid (Incomplete): Task is given by NPC (name needed) in northwest corner of the zone by the water (location needed).

1. Port to Stonebrunt and run to the Warrens entrance.

2. Go to the druid guild in the Plane of Knowledge.

3. Hail Jithanderan Runeseeker in Firiona Vie (location needed).

Need all dialogues, exact text of each step, names and locations of NPCs involved, amount of experience awarded, etc.
Magician Epic: Make it Augmentable (Normal): Locate Ilisiv Gantrau at +965, -1260 (near the druid ring) in Toxxulia Forest post-revamp.

You say, 'Hail, Ilisiv Gantrau'

Ilisiv Gantrau says 'You wield great power. The wind whispers to me. You seek to learn more about the augmentation stones found in ruins long forgotten. They hold great power. A mysterious power. I fear however that if you were to fuse one of these magical stones to your Orb of Mastery, it would be lost due to the transitory nature of the Orb. I believe after much research I have discovered a way for you to make use of these stones if you are [interested].'

You say, 'I am interested.'

Ilisiv Gantrau says 'Hand me your Orb of Mastery. I must infuse the power of the elements into a new orb.'

Hand in your summoned Orb of Mastery.

Ilisiv Gantrau begins to chant an incantation. The power within the Orb begins to grow. A bright flash nearly knocks you to the ground as the power within the Orb begins to flow around you and Ilisiv. Ilisiv kneels down and etches a triangle in the dirt with her fingers. The triangle begins to glow and the power within the Orb erupts in a brilliant display of color and immediately infuses the triangle with its power. Ilisiv makes a final gesture over the triangle and a brief swirl of luminescent light encompasses her. A new orb appears on the ground in the center of the triangle. Ilisiv holds her hand over the triangle and after a moment, all is calm again. The glowing light of the triangle fades. 'I do believe this was a success. The power of summoning and elements has been infused into a new orb. Take this new Orb of Mastery. You may now safely use the power of the augmentation stones with your new Orb.'

You receive an Ornate Orb of Mastery. Reward: Ornate Orb of Mastery

Mining Caps (Normal): Useless Cloth Caps are uncommo drops by kobold scouts. Take these caps to the skeleton miners at the entrance to Paineel, or to the abandoned heretic pets. Both will give experience and a random item.

The abandoned heretic pet will reward you with a gem he has recently mined. There are 4 of them inside a hut in the northeast corner of the zone.

Hand abandoned heretic pet the Useless Cloth Cap.

Abandoned heretic pet says, 'Good work. You should be running this operation instead of that Talrigar fellow. Have a small reward. A little bit of the gems I found while tunneling through this rock.'

Your faction standing with Newbie Monster has been adjusted by 5.
You gain experience!

Receive a random gem among: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise (any more ?).

You say, 'Hail, a skeleton'

a skeleton says 'Grab a pick. Give us a hand!'
a skeleton says 'Aye... You cut out the middleman... I shall reward you... hmm... I have not found anything, how about... How about something off meself?'

Hand a skeleton the Useless Cloth Cap.

A skeleton says, 'Aye... You cut out the middleman... I shall reward you... hmm... I have not found anything, how about... How about something off meself?'

Your faction standing with Skeleton has been adjusted by 5.
You gain experience!

Receive a random reward among: Bone Chips, Bone Shield, Fractured Femur, Zombie Skin (any more ?).
Reward: Fractured Femur
Reward: Bone Shield
Reward: Bone Chips
Reward: Lapis Lazuli
Reward: Zombie Skin
Reward: Turquoise

Stop the Kobold Raids (Unsolved): Stage 1. Explore a room in the east of the Warrens (location needed).

Stage 2. Kill 10 x A Highland Kobold in the Stonebrunt Mountains.

Stage 3. Loot 4 x Kobold Meat in the Stonebrunt Mountains.

Stage 4. Turn in the Kobold Meat to ?

Dialogues, NPC names, experience awarded, etc. needed.