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Quests for Timorous Deep

Medallion of the Jarsath (Normal): This quest results in the Medallion of the Jarsath, which is one of three medallions needed for the Rune of Scale Quest to get into Veeshan's Peak. Xiblin Fizzlebik may be found on the chessboard island.

You say, 'Hail, Xiblin Fizzlebik'

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'Hello, ______! I am Xiblin Fizzlebik, renowned archeologist and historian of Ak'Anon. I'm currently in search of artifacts and relics on the Iksar [Jarsath tribe]. If you stumble upon anything, please bring it to me.'

You say, 'What Jarsath tribe?'

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'About two thousand years ago, there were five different tribes of Iksar who dwelled on the continent of Kunark. One of these tribes was the Jarsath. They were a very primitive sort, proud and tribal, but also cannibalistic. Often, they went to war with the other tribes that co-existed with them, back then. The ruins found on this island were of structures created by the Jarsath. I've been excavating for quite some time now, but haven't been able to find anything of significance.'

You say, 'What are you looking for?'

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'In my studies, I have learned that the Jarsath believed they could draw power from a holy symbol... specifically a medallion that represented their tribe. When Salthir became king of the Iksar empire Sebilis, he had the medallion broken into three pieces and hid them on the Kunark continent so that they would never be found. I'm searching for the pieces so that I can put it back together and learn more about this tribe. Perhaps you wish to help?'

You say, 'I will help you'

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'All I know is that the pieces were most likely hidden in water regions. If you manage to find them, bring them to me and I will be able to put the medallion of the Jarsath back together. I am sure there is much to be learned from it.'

Remember that there are three separate medallions in the game, each broken into three pieces that just say a piece of broken medallion when you find it. You need to identify the piece of medallion you find to determine which one it is. These are the locations:

(1) Middle Portion: In Firiona Vie, an Iksar monk skeleton wanders around called "an ancient Jarsath". He's level 41 or 42. He drops the middle part of the medallion.

(2) Bottom Portion: This is located on the BloodGill Marauder, who guards the Entrance to Veksar at the bottom of the Lake of Ill Omen.

(3) Upper Portion: This is just laying around in the Swamp of No Hope at 52, 2935, -6. Stick close to the right wall from Cabilis or left from Firiona Vie and you should find it.

Give him all three pieces:

Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'Yes yes, now where is the rest of the medallion?'
Xiblin Fizzlebik says 'Yes yes, now where is the rest of the medallion?'
Xiblin Fizzlebik tinkers with the three pieces and snaps the pieces together. 'Wow.. You've done it.. but I suddenly feel very.. strange.. This medallion is cursed! Here, you take it!'
You gain experience!! Reward: Medallion of the Jarsath

The Firepots (Incomplete): As a Wizard, I am professionally interested in all things having to do with ethereal transport. As such, I was drawn to rumors concerning firepots throughout the lands of Norrath. These rumors spoke of an ancient transport system "for those of evil race", which could be accessed through having the appropriate "key", and inserting it (or using it) with the appropriate "firepot" in a Norrathian city, to be instantly transported to another city of Norrath, without the need of spell, Wizard or Druid (shudder!). Knowing that most ancient magic was not related to the evils that plague Norrath, I have long discounted the likelihood that such devices, if they existed, were for evil races' exclusive use. Evil races are prone to
destruction, rarely creativity of any sort!

However, it has come to my attention, that such teleportation devices do, in fact exist, and can be utilized by all races. However, their utility is, at this stage of my investigation, limited to travel from one hub point to twelve (12) of the cities of Norrath. This hub point is deep under the Timorous Deep, located at -12260, +4365, -277. It came to my attention, that the top of a classic Combine Era Wizard Spire, with its familiar four tines, was observable above the waves in this depth of Ocean. If you swim down directly between the four tines, you will find a square opening on the ocean floor. Descending, you will find yourself suddenly in air, in a square room, with three firepots along each wall. In the center burns a magic fire of blue, such as can be seen at certain ancient Elvish and Combine towers (e.g. Oasis). Note that the descent from the surface is one way, and I was unable to find any way to leave the room by normal means. No monster nor person disturbed my researches that followed.

Binding myself to the locale, I commenced to mediate on the twelve firepots. It was immediately apparent that the style of each was different, and each was familiar to a particular culture of Norrath. I proceeded to test my hypothesis, and touching the rust-colored low firepot, similar to many in the city of my youth, found myself, being dusted off by a very surprised guard (my second cousin, twice removed), in Northern Felwithe. Without answering my startled cousin's queries (he knows I tend to gate around hastily...), I immediately gated back. I tested all twelve pots, and here is the key of their wisdom:

North Left:
(fire on floor) -- Grobb (entrance)

North Center:
6 side gray) -- Ogguk (entrance)

North Right:
(6 side tall) -- Erudin (near dock)

East Left:
(6 side gray) -- Neriak Commons (entrance)

East Center:
(4 side wood) -- Greater Faydark (under Kelethin)

East Right:
(6 side rust) -- Northern Felwithe (entrance)

South Left:
(Brown box) -- Halas (near dock)

South Center:
(Dark with blue) -- East Freeport (on dock)

South Right:
(tall gold vase) -- Cabilis West (entrance)

West Left:
(White marble) -- South Kaladim (entrance)

West Center:
(Lava Lamp) -- Akannon (entrance)

West Right:
(torch stand) -- Rivervale (entrance)

It is to be noted that "the Black Hole", Qeynos, and Highpass, are not represented here. An intriguing question, beyond the origin of these firepots and their creator's identity, is: "Are there other pots out there that bring you to The Timorous Deep?"

Need all /locs, confirmation this still works in-game, any other details you can provide.