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Quests for The Overthere

Before Green (Normal): This quest begins with Dom K`Perl just inside the eastern entrance of the Venril Sathir outpost in The Overthere (/location 3015, 2195, -48).

You say, 'Hail, Dom K`Perl'

Dom K`Perl says 'Welcome to my little refuge of the mind. Here you may find passage to the grand worlds within a fine book. I have few books for sale, but any good book is rare in the realm of Norrath. On occasion, I even have [rare finds]. Be sure to use good lighting when reading. Strain the brain, not the eye, I always say.'

You say, 'What rare finds?'

Dom K`Perl starts rummaging through a pile of books and scrolls. 'Oh yes, yes, yes. Rare books occasionally make their way to me. Ahhh!! I have one title, 'Before Green'. Sounds like a bit of fiction. What would you like to [purchase]?'

You say, 'I would like to purchase Before Green'

Dom K`Perl puts on a monocle and begins to look over the book. 'Hmmmm. Looks fairly valuable. In honor of the book's title, I shall allow you to trade for it with a fine emerald. What a bargain!'

Give him an Emerald (bought from most jewelry merchants for about 13pp).

(Closing dialogue?)

You receive the book "Before Green" (used in the quest "The Tome Raider"). Reward: Before Green

Bones and Drakes (Normal): This is a Medium task.

There's a warrior faction nearby that's starting to cause trouble. The information collected on it so far has been meager, but there is enough available to send an infiltration unit to investigate. You need to speak with Vellendoor Dumont so the operation can get started.

Step 1: Speak with Vellendoor Dumont in the Skyfire Mountains.

Vellendoor Dumont is found at -2780, +455.

Step 2: Explore the bone yard around the small dragon spire.

The bone yard is found between the druid and wizard port-ins.

Step 3: Kill 10 skyfire drakes.

"a skyfire drake" is found in Skyfire Mountains.

Step 4: Speak with Khar Kai.

Khar Kai is found at +980, +535, near a hole in the middle of the zone.

Reward is 12% AAXP and between 75 and 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.

Brain Bite (The Overthere) (Normal): Your location is 3139.86, 2251.72, -49.97.

Dyth X`Teria looks your way apprehensively -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

You say, 'Hail, Dyth X`Teria'

Dyth X`Teria appears to be the local master of wizardry. His garb clearly comes from the dark city of Neriak as it bears a black sun emblem. 'Speak!! I am dispatched from Neriak to this land by order of the king. I shall research [new spells] and aid the adventuring wizards. My knowledge of wizardry is offered to all in hopes of gaining information about Kunark.'

You say, 'What new spells?'

Dyth X`Teria says 'Within this lost land could lie the knowledge of extinct civilizations. I am ordered to seek out this knowledge for the empire of Neriak. So far, all I have discovered is a way to create a spell of my own design. I call it [Brain Bite].'

You say, 'What is Brain Bite?'

Dyth X`Teria says 'If you wish to own a copy of MY spell, Brain Bite, I would be glad to give you one. All I ask is that you [gather a few souls] for me.'

You say, 'I will gather a few souls.'

Dyth X`Teria reveals three ornate bottles. 'While I finished my research on Brain Bite, I encountered three [interlopers] who wished to steal my spell. I had the dragoon garrison track them down and dispatch them. Unfortunately, I forgot to instruct them to trap their souls with these bottles. Do you want to [take the bottles] and finish the job?'

You say, 'Who were the three interlopers?'

Dyth X`Teria says 'The garrison report was sloppy, to say the least. They informed me that Hampton was slain near some ruins within a jungle infested by raptors. Mardon was slain in an ancient city found deep in a jungle. Ryla was killed in a hidden fortress guarded by fierce armored wolves who walked on their hind legs.'

You say, 'I will take the bottles.'

Dyth X`Teria says 'The bottles also require a gem. You will fetch me the three gems and I will prepare the bottles and give them to you to finish the job. I need an onyx, a peridot and a star rose quartz.'

All three gems may be storebought. Hand them in:

Dyth X`Teria says 'This bottle is for the one called Hampton. If you look well, you can see his name.'
Dyth X`Teria says 'This bottle is for Mardon. You may be able to identify his name upon it.'
Dyth X`Teria says 'Identify this when the time comes. It is Ryla's prison.'

You receive 3 x An Ornate Bottle, which respectively identify as:

Item Lore: Hampton.
Item Lore: Mardon.
Item Lore: Ryla.

Head to Trakanon's Teeth.

Your Location is 275.07, -3801.88, -366.59.

a human skeleton regards you indifferently -- it appears to be quite formidable.

You say, 'Hail, a human skeleton'

a human skeleton says 'Save my.. soul.. Find.. wizard.. desp..'

Give him the appropriate bottle and it will despawn, then respawn about ten seconds later. You receive a "bottle of swirling smoke," which identifies as:

Item Lore: Hampton's Soul.

Ryla, a human skeleton, is located in a jail cell in Karnor's Castle. Take the stairs up to the roof and past the "Hand Room". After passing one corridor on your right, the next turn you come across is the jail. Give the correct bottle to the skeleton to receive a bottle of swirling smoke, which identifies as Ryla's Soul.

Mardon, a human skeleton, is located in the City of Mist reaver tower at location +136 -641. The skeleton is kill-on-sight, but you can do the turn-in from around the corner without aggro. Give the correct bottle to the skeleton to receive a bottle of swirling smoke, which identifies as Mardon's Soul.

Return to Dyth X`Teria with the three bottles to receive the Spell: Brain Bite.

Dyth X`Teria says 'Only three souls will get you my knowledge, wizard.'
Dyth X`Teria says 'Only three souls will get you my knowledge, wizard.'
Dyth X`Teria empties the bottle's smoke into a very large glass urn filled with similar swirling smoke. You think you hear the cries of a thousand tortured souls. He then closes the urn and hands you a scroll. 'Here is your reward. It will blast a foe's brain and hopefully, they may forget their hatred.'
Your faction standing with Venril Sathir got better.
You gain experience!! Reward: Scroll of Brain Bite

Brawling on the High Seas (Normal): This is a Medium task. You can also receive it in the Dreadlands (from whom?).

What a glorious day to go on patrol! That's exactly what you'll be doing for the next little while, soldier. You're going to start by taking the time to explore the entrance of Howling Stones in the skorpikis canyon. Don't do anything fancy, just keep your eyes peeled for any signs of hostile actions in the area. If you find anything, then you'll know what to do. Good Luck!

Step 1

Journey to the area near the entrance to Charasis in The Overthere (at the bottom of the canyon in the middle of the zone).

Step 2

Kill 10 of A Gunthak Swabby in the Timorous Deep.

Step 3

Loot 4 Fine Steel Rapiers in the Timorous Deep.

Step 4

Explore the first dock on the northwestern island.

Step 5

Deliver 4 Fine Steel Rapiers to Kellewin Stillwater.

Need additional dialogues, experience award.

Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.
Catching the Sneaks (Unsolved): Finlay Kitoran is found inside the evil outpost in The Overthere, at +3525, +925.

This is a Medium task.

You're just in time to help out with a huge problem. It seems all the ingredients for the weekly baking contest have been stolen! Without those ingredients, no one will be able to make cakes and the whole event will be ruined. Some people thing a giant snuck in and stole the ingredients in the middle of the night. A giant that can sneak? That's preposterous. You need to find out who it was that took the goods and there is one person that may have witnessed it. Go find and speak with Lurik Bazz.

Step 1: Speak with Lurik Bazz in The Overthere
Step 2: ???
Step 3: ???
Step 4: ??? -- final step

Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.

Step information, dialogues, experience award needed.
Cleric Spells (Evil Version) (Normal): Your Location is 2787.89, 2332.92, -49.97

You say, 'Hail, Brinaa Darkpact'

Brinaa Darkpact says 'Hello, ______. It's nice to see more able bodies around this part of the outland. We came here in search of the magical powers that are supposed to exist in the ruins and dungeons of this area. We need you to bring back evidence of this power in the form of scrolls. I can't offer much coin in payment, but I do have some rare scrolls I already brought back that may interest you, if you wish to [help in the search.]'

You say, 'I wish to help in the search.'

Brinaa Darkpact says 'Excellent! Here is what we are still seeking. The scrolls of Death Pact, Upheaval, Yaulp IV, and Reckoning. If you return one of these to me, I'll release one of my rare scrolls to you.'

Hand in one of the requested spells.

Brinaa Darkpact says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much knowledge today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell!'

You gain experience!!

You receive one of Spell: Heroic Bond, Spell: Sunskin, Spell: Unswerving Hammer, or Spell: Word of Vigor. Reward: Spell: Word of Vigor
Reward: Spell: Heroic Bond
Reward: Spell: Sunskin
Reward: Spell: Unswerving Hammer

Collection of Scales (Normal): This is a Medium task.

Long ago, a wise man once said that power of the mid can destory even the tallest giant. Whether or not that's ture, you're going to vist a pupil of that wise man to learn more about the ways of the world. Make haste to speak with Byllella Voon. When you arrive, you will find that there is more to life than the absent pursuit of wealth.

Step 1

Speak with Byllella Voon in the Skyfire Mountains.

Step 2

Kill 10 of A Mature Chromadrac.

Step 3

Kill 10 of A Mature Wurm.

Step 4

Loot 4 x Wurm Scale.

Step 5

Give the scales to Byllella.

Dialogues need.

Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c and approximately 13% AAXP.
Decaying Theatre (Normal): This is a task (difficulty?) given by Skizz Skazz in The Overthere.

There is a warrior faction nearby that's starting to cause trouble. The information collected on it so far has been meager, but there is enough available to send an infiltration unit to investigate. You need to speak with Villuloz Shellzar so the operation can get started.

Step 1

Speak with Villuloz Shellzar in the Lake of Ill Omen. (location?)

You say, 'Hail, Villuloz Shellzar'

Villuloz Shellzar says 'Thanks for contacting me, _____. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

Step 2

Walk around the theatre in Veksar (up the ramp, then to the right, click on the door graphic and receive "task completed" message).

Your task 'Decaying Theatre' has been updated.

Step 3

Kill 10 decaying slaves, found in the sewers in the Northeastern corner of Veksar.

Your task 'Decaying Theatre' has been updated.

Step 4

Hail Jithanderan Runeseeker in Firiona Vie (location +1836, +89, -1.13, just about straight east from Lake of Ill Omen zoneline).

Jithanderan Runeseeker tells you, 'Thanks for contacting me, _____. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

Your task 'Decaying Theatre' has been updated.

Reward for a level 70 was:

(How much?) experience,
4 copper,
9 silver,
5 gold,
151 platinum.

Dirty Deeds! (Incomplete): [...done dirt cheap!]

This is a Short task.

Are you afraid of creatures that go "bump" in the night? Hopefully not, because there have been disturbing rumors of creatures so ghastly that not even the bravest fighters will dare face them. They're so scared that they can't kill 10 Sepulcher Skeletons, but maybe you can. That's just the beginning too. These creatures are rumored to have valuables with them. You need to find out, so loot 4 Dust of Decay. These are just rumors, nothing more, and you'll be the one to prove that to everyone.

Step 1

Kill 10 of A Sepulcher Skeleton.

Step 2

Loot 4 Dust of Decay.

Subsequent steps, dialogues, and experience award needed.

Reward is 58 p, 4 g, 3 s, 8 c.
Dusty Old Bones (Incomplete): This is a Medium task.

You're about to embark on an adventure that will keep your senses clear and focused. There are no words to describe what you'll uncover, but know that when you arrive, you will find everything you had hoped for and more. To begin this amazing journey, just explore the tower where sarnak reside. You'll have the time of your life.

Step 1

Explore the sarnak tower in The Overthere.

Subsequent steps, dialogues, and experience award needed.

Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.
Enchanter Epic: Test of Illusions (Archive) (Normal): This is part of an older writeup for the Enchanter Epic 1.0 . For the latest writeup please visit This Link

Jeb Lemused has sent you to find the four masters of the Enchanter disciplines.

Modani Qu'Loni is the master of Illusion. He can be found in The Overthere, in the form of a Scorpis. He asks that in return for a piece of the Staff of the Shissar, you prove your worth by retrieving some items for him.

You will need to complete the snow blossums quest, the chalice of kings quest, and kill two high level Guildmasters. Two groups of 55+ should be able to handle both Guildmasters.

You: 'hail Modani Qu`Loni'
Modani Qu`Loni: 'The hidden self inside a myriad of magic is one that walks quite softly. Yes, that is what you must seek.'

You give Modani Qu'Loni Jeb's Seal.
Modani Qu`Loni: 'Ah yes, Jeb's seal. The time to craft a Serpent must have come. I will need components collected to craft the first of the pieces. I will also provide you with a sack in which you must combine the items. Are you ready to collect them?'

You: 'I am ready to collect them.'
Modani Qu`Loni: 'Scattered throughout the world are various items. To prove your worth, go collect these and return them to me. The Xolion Rod, Innoruuk's Word, Chalice of Kings, and snow blossoms.'

You: 'I need a sack.'
Modani Qu'Loni: 'Take this sack and combine the items I requested in it. Then return it to me. '
You receive an Enchanter's Bag

You: 'What is the Chalice of Kings?'
Modani Qu'Loni: 'The Chalice of Kings is the chalice of elven kings. Recently thought to be lost to the ages, it was recently discovered. I need its magical powers to create a magical liquid.'

The Chalice of Kings is found via this quest.

You: 'What is the Xolion Rod?'
Modani Qu'Loni: 'This is the rod of an ancient civilization found on this continent. Nothing is known of it other than that the scaled ones discovered it years ago.'

The Rod is dropped by Vessel Drozlin.

You: 'What are Snow Blossoms?'
Modani Qu'Loni: 'These are flowers that are also used in the creation process. They were once widespread, but now I am told they only grow in select places.'

Snow Blossoms are found via this quest.

Innoruuk's Word is found on Verina Tomb.

You combine the four items in the bag.
You hand Modani Qu'Loni the combined item.

Modani Qu`Loni says: 'Excellent, you have done well. Here is the first piece of the staff. Now you must go seek out the second master; he will clear the path for you.
You receive a piece of the Staff of the Shissar

Enchanter Spells (Evil Version) (Normal): Siladdarae N`Riese wants help with finding her [missing scrolls] so she can return home.

She promises a rare scroll in return for the spells Theft of Thought, Color Slant, Cripple, or Dementia.

The scroll you get in return is a random upper level Kunark spell.

You say, 'Hail, Siladdarae N`Riese'

Siladdarae N`Riese says 'Hello, _____. This place is quite a formidable outpost, but it lacks the comforts of home. Once I have finished collecting some of my [missing scrolls], I'll be able to leave this place and all its hidden dangers.'

You say, 'What missing scrolls?'

Siladdarae N`Riese says 'Travelers have been bringing back numerous scrolls from the depths of darkness in the Outlands. They contain arcane knowledge specific to our classes. Only four are left that I seek. Keep a wary out for Theft of Thoughts, Color Slant, Cripple, and Dementia. Return any one of these to me and your reward shall be a scroll that can be found nowhere else.'

Upon hand-in:

Siladdarae N`Riese says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much knowledge today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell!'
You gain experience!!
Reward: Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind
Reward: Spell: Wake of Tranquility
Reward: Spell: Recant Magic
Reward: Spell: Clarity II

Five-Fingered Fiasco (Unsolved): Klok G`rshai may be found at +2225, -2900.

You say, 'Hail, Klok G`rshai'

Klok G`rshai says 'I can't believe I got stuck out here next to this mud hole. Like anyone is going to come all the way out here just to buy my wares or ask me for a [task]. Of course, everyone that does pass by leaves me with a little hint of what's going on in the outside world so I have something to dwell on, but it's just so lonely.'

You say, 'I want a task.'

You have been assigned the task 'Five-Fingered Fiasco'.

Lake of Ill Omen: Speak with Gikrani Do`Saraken

There's a warrior faction nearby that's starting to cause trouble. The information collected on it so far has been meager, but there is enough available to send an infiltration unit to investigate. You need to speak with Gikrani Do`Saraken, so the operation can get started.

Gikrani Do`Saraken may be found at +130, -505, on top of the water in between the pillars.

You say, 'Hail, Gikrani Do`Saraken'

Your task 'Five-Fingered Fiasco' has been updated.

Gikrani Do`Saraken says 'Thanks for contacting me, _______. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

Veksar: Explore the ledge overlooking the shield generator

It looks like the information was just what was needed to get the operation going, and guess who's been chosen to lead it? That's right, you have. It's up to you to explore the ledge overlooking the shield generator. This operation may fail without knowing if those warriors are up to something or not.

Additional quest dialogues, rewards, and information in general needed.
Flames of Death (Unsolved): This is a Medium task.

Step 1: Speak with Matranisu Slad, just outside of Karnor's Castle

Years ago, an artifact was stolen from the depths of the lost dungeons. It was rumored to possess great power that would grant superior physical strength to whoever took hold of it. The artifact was used and subsequently destroyed by a small tribe. You must find and speak with Matranisu Slad to get the exact location of where thouse brutes are hiding so they can be punished for destroying such a priceless artifact.

Step 2: Explore the burning wall near the Temple of Droga

It looks like the farmer had the information you needed to get started. From the sound of it, these creatures are causing all kinds of trouble on the farm and have been for some time. First things first though, you need to explore the burning wall near the Temple of Droga, to verify whether or not those hungry beasts are still there.

Step 3: Kill 10 goblin death callers

Your journey has awakened you to two very clear things. First, the farmer really didn't have any clue where those creatures went. Second, you picked up a trail to them on the way and know exactly what they are. Now its time to kill 10 goblin death callers so you can stop the threat.

Step 4: Speak with Mikarsilla Selishshen

The farmer sends thanks for your quick resolution of the matter. You should visit the reward office and speak with Mikarsilla Selishshen, so you can be done with all this.


Well done. Farmers always like to keep things calm and under control, mostly so crops and livestock don't get eaten or destroyed. You helped one such farmer today, and though it's noble, there are plenty more that may need help in the future. In any case, here's a small treat for helping out.

Mikarsilla Selishshen says, 'Thanks for contacting me, _____'
You gain experience!!

Platinum reward varies. 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.
Honor Lanys T`Vyl (Removed): This quest is no longer active. It ran from the week of 18 January 2005 to 26 January 2005 in preparation for the expansion, Dragons of Norrath.


Within this quest, there are multiple subquests resulting in different turn-ins for various pieces of armor.

Armguards of Stealth

Taskmaster Goruk can be found in The Overthere near the portal to the Plane of Knowledge. He is a neutral-conning iksar skeleton.

Upon zoning into The Overthere you will be greeted with this message:

Taskmaster Goruk says 'Come! All those who honor our Lady Lanys T'Vyl, come forward and lend thy blade!'

You say, 'Hail, Taskmaster Goruk'

Taskmaster Goruk says 'How dare you approach me with your idle chatter when there is much to be done. The day is finally upon us for our dark princess, her power shall be known forever hence! Do you [serve] her?'

You say, 'Yes, I serve her'

Taskmaster Goruk says 'Lies and trickery most likely. I can see very well that you are of weak blood. Lanys T'vyl has no use for weaklings such as yourself. Do you dare to attempt a small piddling [task] for us? Any peon could take care of such a thing'

You say, 'I will attempt a task for you'

Taskmaster Goruk says 'Very well then. My sources have informed me of a set of military plans left in a guard tower within Firiona Vie. With our superior resources we certianly have no need for them, however it may be good to see and laugh at the folly of these infiltratiors. Bring it here.'

Head to Firiona Vie and find Military Plans, a ground spawn at location -2623, 3013, -94. Bring these plans back to Goruk.

Taskmaster Goruk says 'Hmmm, you may be on to someting here. This area may serve our army well. I do hope you weren't expecting commendation for such a menial task, but here... take this.'
You gain experience!

Receive Armguards of Stealth.


Slippers of Silence

Upon zoning into the Dreadlands, you will be greeted with the following emotes:

Lieutenant Ny'Rae says 'Step it up, people! We have much to do before we march. Get up, you lazy oaf!'

Scout Anissa says 'If you're just wasting time out there on your own, come and lend a hand why don't you.'

Assassin Meerlock says 'Did you see that? We must find him I can't move...'

Lieutenant Ny`Rae can be found at location +144, +4938, +1133.

You say, 'Hail, Lieutenant Ny`Rae'

Lieutenant Ny`Rae says, 'Who dares to address me directly? Are you some [peon] assisting our army?

You say, 'I am a peon...'

Lieutenant Ny'Rae says 'At least you know your place. Why do you have no task? There are plenty of things [to do] around here. You must be lazy and unworthy of my time. Tell me, are you?'

You say, 'Things to do?'

Lieutenant Ny`Rae says 'Just last night I caught sight of a spy lurking nearby. He was careless to let me see him, and for that he does not deserve to live. You must [dispatch him].'

You say, 'I will dispatch him'

Lieutenant Ny`Rae says 'Tha should keep you busy for awhile. Should you manage to do so, take proof to the taskmaster in Overthere. Trust me, should you fail I shall kill you myself when our Lady rises to rule.'

A Tunarean Spy spawns near the Firiona Vie zone line and wanders towards Veltar. He is around 50th level (light blue to 70), and can hit for 200. He drops an Elven Scout Emblem. Bring this emblem to Taskmaster Goruk in The Overthere.

Taskmaster Goruk says 'Hmmm, you may be onto someting here. These area may serve our army well. I do hope you weren't expecting commendation for such a menial task, but here... take this.'
You gain experience!

Receive Slippers of Silence.


Turban of Dark Loyalty

Find Scout Anissa in The Dreadlands at location -1339, +1238, +236.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Anissa'

Scout Anissa says, 'What are you doing going around hailing people? Can't you see I am busy? We have a war upon us! What do you think I am [doing] here? Picking flowers?'

You say, 'So what are you doing?'

Scout Anissa says, I am running a circuit through the surrounding area trying to find locations of [tactical advantage].'

You say, 'Tactical advantage?'

Scout Anissa says, 'Indeed. I am to report my findings to the taskmaster in the Overthere so that he can help coordinate attacks with the generals of Lady T'Vyl's army. I reall don't h ave time to be bothered by the like of you, unless you think you can [find] some good spots yourself!'

You say, 'I can find some spots'

Scout Anissa says, 'Very well. Look far and wide and find four good places. Scan the grounds carefully for a sign that the location is good. When you have found four good spots, take your findings directly to the taskmaster, you shouldn't waste time trying to find me again.'

Four ground spawns in The Dreadlands:

Tactical Advantage Note #1 (+144, +4938, +1133)
Tactical Advantage Note #2 (+1580, +3690)
Tactical Advantage Note #3 (+235, +967, +333)
Tactical Advantage Note #4 (-1635, +2191, +562)

Turn the four advantage notes in to Taskmaster Goruk in The Overthere.

Taskmaster Goruk says ' Hmmm, you may be onto someting here. This area may serve our army well. I do hope you weren't expecting commendation for such a menial task, but here... take this.'
You gain experience!

Receive Turban of Dark Loyalty.


Gauntlets of the Dark Princess

Find Assassin Meerlock in The Dreadlands at location -1994, +116, +8.

You say, 'Hail, Assassin Meerlock'

Assassin Meerlock says 'You there! Stop! Listen to me lest I hamstring you where you stand. Did you see that [messenger]?'

You say, 'What messenger?'

Assassin Meerlock says 'He was just here. He can't have gone too far by now. You must stop him before he reaches the city of [Firiona Vie].'

You say, 'Firiona Vie?'

Assassin Meerlock says 'I believe he is working for their forces. The scoundrel intercepted some very important papers that I was bringing to Lanys T'Vyl herself. You must [return] them!'

you say, 'I will return them'

Assassin Meerlock says 'Kill him. Make him suffer. No one shall be allowed to interfere with the dark princess' plans. Find the message and make sure that it gets to the taskmaster in Overthere, he will assign appropriate forces to ensure that it reaches Lanys in safety.'

Find A Tunarean Messenger in The Dreadlands. "She" wanders between the Firiona Vie and Frontier Mountains zones. She was around 50th level and hit for about 200. Loot the Urgent Message and bring it to Taskmaster Goruk in The Overere.

Taskmaster Goruk says, 'Hmmm, you may be onto someting here. This area may serve our army well. I do hope you weren't expecting commendation for such a menial task, but here... take this.'
You gain experience!

Receive Gauntlets of the Dark Princess.

------------------------------------ Reward: Turban of Dark Loyalty
Reward: Slippers of Silence
Reward: Gauntlets of the Dark Princess
Reward: Armguards of Stealth

Magician Spells (Evil Version) (Normal): Slicia J`Singe may found in the caster circle, wearing magenta.

Your Location is 2790.42, 2392.20, -49.97

You say, 'Hail, Slicia J`Singe'

Slicia J`Singe says, 'Why is it that you have come to this place? If you are coming here in search of [magical scrolls], just get back on that so-called ship you came here on and forget everything you thought you heard.'

You say, 'Magical scrolls?'

Slicia J`Singe says 'Is your hearing failing you!? Unless you [have something I need], be gone!'

You say, 'What something do you need?'

Slicia J`Singe says 'I must have the scrolls of Gift of Xev, Bristlebane's Bundle, Quiver of Marr, and the Scars of Sigil. If you don't have one of these, leave my sight! If you do, I think we can work up a fair trade.'

Hand in one of the scrolls mentioned.

Slicia J`Singe says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much knowledge today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell!'

You gain experience!!

The scroll you get in return is a random 50 plus level spell. Reward: Spell: Scintillation
Reward: Spell: Vocarate: Fire
Reward: Spell: Boon of Immolation
Reward: Spell: Vocarate: Air

Necromancer 9th Rank (Normal): Once you've completed the Necromancer 8th Rank quest, head to the Overthere and levitate down into the pit. Seek out an Iksar Necromancer named Ixpacan at +55, -1060.

You say, 'Hail, Ixpacan'

Ixpacan says 'Hmm. . .is there something I can help you with? I am far too [busy] to listen to your problems though so I take that back.'

You say, 'Why are you busy?'

Ixpacan says 'It is none of your concern unless you are truly gifted in the dark art of necromancy. If so, you will have some form of proof to show me.'

Give him your Necromancer Skullcap (8th necro skullcap).

Ixpacan says 'Oh, I see you are truly gifted in the dark arts. Well I will explain my dilemma to you now if you [wish to hear].'

You say, 'I wish to hear'

Ixpacan says 'I have recently found a volume on summoning a great minion from the Great Library of Charasis but I can't find all of the needed items. Being as I am one of the [sages of Cabilis], I request you go and [collect these items] for me.'

You say, 'What sages of Cabilis?'

Ixpacan says 'Ah, they are all but a memory now. We used to be welcome within the city of Cabilis but our quest for greater power led to our exile. No matter now, go retrieve the items and you will be one of the chosen to walk beside greatness.'

You say, 'I will collect these items'

Ixpacan says 'As you should broodling. The the first is a brittle bone, which was once used for reincarnations. The second item is a poisoned soul, this is from an iksar that died a cruel and twisted death. The death was so awful, it's spirit still roams around angry. The third you will find in the burning heat. The final item is a gem of reflection. I have yet to find someone that knows how to create one. Even those fools in Cabilis probably wouldn't know. Maybe you can locate that one yourself. Bring all of these items back to me and I shall do the rest.'

Ixpacan gives you Ixpacan's Tome, a four-slot container. You'll need to obtain four items:

First Item: Poisoned Soul
Head to Emerald Jungle, look near the Cliff bottom in some of the ruins for an angered spirit. Kill it and loot a Poisoned Soul. This is a static spawn, so is pretty much always up.

Second Item: Gem of Reflection
Find Harbinger Glosk in the Cabilis Tower of Death (Cabilis West Necromancer guild).

You say, 'Hail, Harbinger Glosk'

Harbinger Glosk halts his chanting. 'You dare to interrupt me? You had best have a good reason. I care not for small talk.'

You say, 'Tell me about the Gem of Reflection'

Harbinger Glosk says 'I have not been asked that in ages but I can recall the last person that asked me. If you are in league with that scoundrel Ixpacan, I will slay you where you stand! But if you are not, you will not mind ridding your kin of a [menace] as of late.'

You say, 'What menace?'

Harbinger Glosk says 'It seems as though a rogue marauder in a jungle near here has attacked several of our trade suppliers. If you can bring me back his head I will gladly share the information you have asked for.'

A rogue marauder is found in Trakanon's Teeth. Kill him, loot his head, and take it back to Harbinger Glosk.

Harbinger Glosk says 'You have done well in doing what I have asked. To make a gem of reflection you will need some Mt Death mineral salts, a green goblin skin, spiroc bone dust, essence of rathe, blue slumber fungus, and a vial of pure essence. Combine all of these in this container and you will have what it is you seek.'

Harbinger Glosk gives you a six-slot container, Glosk's Sack. Go get the six items and combine them in the sack to get a Gem of Reflection:

Pure Essesnce (no drop) - from a named drixie, Marinda Flockwings in Firiona.
Mt. Death Mineral Salts - from goblins in Frontier Mountains, Droga, Nurga.
Green Goblin Skin - also from goblins in Frontier Mountains, Droga, Nurga.
Spiroc Bone Dust - from Spirocs in the Timorous Deep.
Blue Slumber Fungus - ground spawn in Lesser Faydark, also dropped by myconids in Sebilis.
Essence of Rathe - a spell research item from countless mobs all over Norrath.

Combine these six items to get the Gem of Reflection.

Third Item: Brittle Bone
Head to Charasis. Brittle Bone is a random drop off any skeleton in the zone. You need not even head into a wing to get this drop, falling off the entrance and killing the skeletons in the basement is all you need to do.

Fourth Item: The Burning Heat
Head to Skyfire, from the druid zone-in head north to the first volcano you see (shows up as a lake of lava on the map, there are three in the zone, you want the one north and closest to druid portal). Climb to the top and jump in the lava. A lava walker will be floating inside the lava. The Lava Walker looks like a chromadrac drake, cons indifferent. Pull him out of lava and kill him. He drops the orb you need.

Now, combine all four items and hand the tome to Ixpacan in the Overthere.

Ixpacan says 'Wonderful! You have brought all of the items I have asked for. Your future seems very bright with the rest of the Sages. Step back now as I conjure the child of Charasis.'

As Ixpacan starts his incantations, you can see an image begin to appear from the shadows.

Ixpacan says 'It's out of my control! Defeat it before it destroys us both!'

A Child of Charasis spawns. Kill it, loot it's remains, then turn them in to Ixpacan.

Ixpacan says 'I see now that I lack the skill necessary to control the Dark Arts. Maybe it would be wiser to allow another such as yourself to continue forward. Please accept this token as a reward in your mastering of the Dark Arts.'

You receive the Demi Lich Skullcap. Reward: Demi Lich Skullcap

Necromancer Spells (Normal): Vaean the Night is located at +2765, +2330.

Vaean is on Venril Sathir faction and won't speak to you unless you are of a certain faction level (lowest known to work is indifferent). You can get around this requirement if you sneak.

You say, 'Hail, Vaean the Night'

Vaean the Night says 'Ahh, welcome! More souls to succumb to the inhabitants of the Outlands! My army of undead will grow stronger by the day, but it would be a pity if you perished before doing a [mortal bidding] for me.'

You say, 'What mortal bidding?'

Vaean the Night says 'I see it as a win-win situation for me. If you succeed, I'll gain more power from the knowledge you bring back to me. If you fail, you become another addition to my undead minions. Thus, you cannot fail me in returning a scroll of Splurt, Defoliation, Covergence, or Thrall of Bones. In return, I will part with a scroll of mine.'

Hand in one of the requested scrolls:

Vaean the Night says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much knowledge today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell!'

You gain experience!! Reward: Spell: Shadowbond
Reward: Spell: Minion of Shadows
Reward: Spell: Scent of Terris
Reward: Spell: Sacrifice

Protect the Shipyard (Normal): Captain Rottgrime is located in the evil outpost at +2465, +2150.

You say, 'Hail, Captain Rottgrime'

Captain Rottgrime has a multitude of cracks and holes in his skull from his many battles. 'Attention, marine!! You will go into battle and fear nothing! You shall prevail over one enemy and then you shall be sent back into battle! We [shall not allow those sarnak to overtake the Danak shipyards]! Is that clear, marine?!!'

You say, 'I shall not allow those sarnaks to overtake the Danak shipyards.'

Captain Rottgrime says 'Stand up straight!! That's correct marine!! YOU shall not allow the sarnak to overtake the shipyards!! Head out to the frontlines, marine!! Kill the berzerkers and return their war braids to me!! For every four, you shall earn your wages!!! Now get to the front, marine!! Move it!! Move it!!'

Hand in 4 x Sarnak War Braid, dropped by "a sarnak berserker".

Captain Rottgrime says 'Keep up the good work, marine.'
Captain Rottgrime says 'Keep up the good work, marine.'
Captain Rottgrime says 'Keep up the good work, marine.'
Captain Rottgrime says 'Great job, marine!! Word of your heroics shall be passed on to the Admiral. If you don't have a shield, then take one. If you do, then get back to the front lines. This is no time for R n' R!! Move it, marine!! Or you'll be pushing Danak till the cockatrice crows!!'

Your faction standing with Venril Sathir has been adjusted by 8.
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 gold from Captain Rottgrime.

You receive a Guard of the Marines.
Reward: Guard of the Marines

Revenge for Vaxxim (Normal): Once Vaxxim T`Quoren has been freed from slavery in the Temple of Droga, he will respawn in The Overthere. He wants you to bring him three drogan earth totems and Gamolk's Ring of Spirit (drops off Earth Seer Gamolk). Reward: Soft Leather Bracer of Gore

Rise of the Dead (Incomplete): This is a Medium task.

You're just in time to help out with a huge problem. It seems all the ingredients for the weekly baking contest have been stolen! Without those ingredients, no one will be able to make cakes and the whole event will be ruined. Some people think a giant snuck in and stole them ingredients in the middle of the night. A giant that can sneak? That's preposterous. You need to find out who it was that took the goods and there is one person that may have witnessed it. Go find and speak with Gnort Fleshblade.

Step 1

Speak with Gnort Fleshblade in The Overthere.

Subsequent steps, dialogues, and experience award needed.

Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.
Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's Curse (Normal):

NOTE: A patch on March 25, 2015, added a work-around to obtain items from Cazic Thule, Dread, Fright, and Terror:

In the Plane of Fear, a harbinger of Fear can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Cazic-Thule or the golems. These pieces cannot be multi-quested or traded. In addition, a harbinger of Fear can advance the Whistling Fists quest in the same way as Cazic-Thule.

Quick Guide/Checklist
Note: Some quest steps can be skipped through clever use of invisibility/feign death. For the purposes of this guide we are assuming players will be doing this epic the intended way, extra hails not included.

The quests for Darkforge Helm, Darkforge Greaves , and Darkforge Breastplate will need to be done prior to doing this epic.
[ ] The Letter to Duriek
     [ ] Quest for Darkforge Breastplate, Greaves, and Helm
     [ ] Give Kurron Ni Darkforge Breastplate, Darkforge Greaves, Darkforge Helm and 900 Platinum. Get +Faction Hit
     [ ] Kill Kurron Ni and Loot the Letter to Duriek. (Might need a small group)

[ ] The Dusty Tome
     [ ] Give the letter to Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel. Receive +Faction Hit.
     [ ] Find Smaka in Neriak Foreign Quarter. Give him 1000 Platinum. Receive: Cough Elixir
     [ ] Give the Cough Elixir to Duriek back in Paineel. Receive +Faction Hit
     [ ] Loot a Dusty Tome from a ratman guard in the The Hole.
     [ ] Give the Dusty Tome to Duriek for a +Faction Hit.

[ ] The Corrupted Ghoulbane
     [ ] Kill the Froglok Shin Lord in Upper Guk and loot The Ghoulbane
     [ ] Kill Cazic-Thule and Loot The Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood (Available off Fright, Dread, and Terror in Velious and beyond)
     [ ] Kill monsters in Plane of Sky for the Blade of Abrogation
     [ ] Kill Rharzar in Rathe Mountains for a Drake Spine
     [ ] Kill ashenbone drakes in Plane of Hate for a Decrepit Hide
     [ ] Get a bar of Enchanted Platinum
     [ ] Give the Drake Spine, Decrepit Hide and Bar of Enchanted Platinum to Teydar in Qeynos Aqueducts for a Decrepit Sheath.
     [ ] Give the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation, and the Decrepit Sheath to Duriek for the Corrupted Ghoulbane.

[ ] The Dark Shroud
     [ ] Tell Knarthenne Skurl in Toxxulia Forest "what heart of an innocent". Receive: Soulcase
     [ ] Tell Marl Kastane on Kerra Isle (In Toxxulia Forest) "what prophecy". Receive: Seal of Kastane
     [ ] Give Gerot Kastane in Paineel the Seal of Kastane. Receive: Note to Marl
     [ ] Give the Note to Marl Kastane in Toxxulia Forest.
     [ ] Loot a Cell Key from a mimic (looks like a chest) in the city area of the Hole
     [ ] Give the Cell Key to Caradon, found in the ratman Jail cell area near the entrance.
     [ ] Kyenna will spawn, she can be split away from Caradon or you can simly kill them both. Loot Blood and Heart of Kyenna.
     [ ] Combine the Heart of Kyenna in the Soulcase to create Heart of the Innocent.
     [ ] Give the Blood of Kyrenna to Marl Kastane. Receive: Dark Shroud

[ ] Combine the Heart of Kyenna in the Soulcase to create Heart of the Innocent

[ ] Will of Innoruuk & Head of the Valiant
     [ ] Find Ghost of Ghlonor at the revenant tower in The Hole. Give him the Dark Shroud.
     [ ] Mummy of Glohnor will spawn and attack. Kill him and loot the Head of Glohnor and the Glohnor wrappings
     [ ] Give the Head of Ghlonor to Gerot Kastane in Paineel and receive the Head of the Valiant
     [ ] Give the Glohnor wrappings to Marl Kastane in Toxxulia and receive the Will of Innoruuk

[ ] Lhranc's Coin and Innoruuk's Curse (EPIC)
Be Prepared for a fight. 3+ Groups is recommended with an emphasis on melee dps.
     [ ] Give the Corrupted Ghoulbane, the Heart of the Innocent, the Head of the Valiant, and the Will of Innoruuk to Lhranc in City of Mist. Receive: Lhranc's Coin
     [ ] Lhranc will attack. Kill him and Marl Kastane will spawn nearby. Give Marl (in City of Mist) Lhranc's Coin to receive your epic!

Full Walkthrough

The Ungrateful Thief

Kurron Ni appears in the Overthere outpost.

You say, 'Hail, Kurron Ni'

Kurron Ni says 'Out of my way, stranger, I am on a delicate mission. Interfere with my search and I shall relieve you of your head! Bother me no more.

You say, 'What do you seek?'

Kurron Ni says 'I have traveled here in hopes of finding a soul worthy of assisting me in completing my mission.

You say, 'I am worthy'

Kurron Ni says 'I doubt it, but I have been wrong before. Before I share with you the details of my mission, however, you must first prove your worthiness. Agreed?

You say, 'Agreed'

Kurron Ni says 'Very well then, my new friend. I have an acquaintance that stands in need of three pieces of Darkforge Armor. He requires the breast, greaves and helm to complete his set. I also must pay back a loan that has come due in the amount of 900 platinum. Return this to me and I shall share with you my dark mission, and the immeasurable reward that will be earned at its completion. Show your face here without fulfilling my request and I will offer you on the altar to Innoruuk himself. Be off!

  • After a hard task of acquiring the requested Darkforge items and 900 platinum pieces, come back to the Overthere. Hand the Darkforge Breastplate, Darkforge Greaves, Darkforge Helm,and 900 platinum pieces to Kurron Ni.

  • Kurron Ni says 'Well done, {your name} , I honestly didn't expect to see you again. Yes, yes, this is perfect! My mission is nearly complete!
    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit got better.

    Kurron Ni looks your way apprehensively -- he appears to be quite formidable.

    You say, 'What mission?'

    Kurron Ni says 'My mission was to find a pathetic shadowknight and bring him closer to Innoruuk. You volunteered. By exercising my superior powers of persuasion, I have now taken from you a fine suit of armor and enough coin to ensure that I will be sleeping neither soberly nor alone for quite some time! Now I ask you, worthy shadowknight, do you not feel the fires of hatred coursing through your veins like never before? That is the very reward I spoke of! You have been brought closer to my master. My mission is complete! You foolish excuse for a dark knight, I shall take your head and tell all of your generous donation to the mighty Teir'Dal rogues!

    Kurron Ni punches YOU for 200 points of damage.

    Kurron Ni glares at you threateningly -- he appears to be quite formidable.
    You have slain Kurron Ni!
    You gain party experience!!

    Kurron Ni - Level 55 rogue - Highly resistant to immune to all spells but disease/poison DoTs and lure line.
    Approximate forces required: one 50+ group.

    You find a Letter to Duriek on his corpse that reads:
    Duriek, I have searched this godless pit for what seems to be an eternity with nothing to show for my efforts. I pray to Innoruuk that you have made some breakthrough in your research. Please update me as to your progress. In the meanwhile I have run into some unexpected expenses and will need some funds to carry on. An additional ten thousand should suffice. Regards, Karnett

    The New Apprentice

    Duriek Bloodpool can be found in Paineel. Hand him the Letter to Duriek you have... found.

    Duriek Bloodpool says 'Yes, most unfortunate. I was informed last week of the death of my most recent apprentice. A few months ago, I paid a substantial sum to a group of rogues sent from Neriak to collect on a gambling debt. He swore to me that was the end of it, but I suspected otherwise. My warnings of gambling with the rogues fell on deaf ears.'

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 3.
    You gain experience!!
    Duriek Bloodpool looks your way apprehensively -- he appears to be quite formidable.

    Despite what Duriek tells you, you receive neither item nor money.

    You say, 'What apprentice?'

    Duriek Bloodpool says 'As stubborn and foolish as he sometimes was, he was full of potential. Had he managed to achieve my age he doubtless would have surpassed my abilities. Though I am not surprised at his passing, he will be sorely missed. Well, I thank you for your efforts. Feel free to meet me in the tavern for a drink sometime. I must now get to the task of replacing my associate.

    You say, 'I will replace him'

    Duriek Bloodpool says 'Hmm, you seem a bit green and I hesitate to trust you with such an important work, but time is of the essence as my days in this world are running out. Bring me back a bottle of cough elixir and, if you are still interested, I will instruct you further.

    Head to Neriak Foreign Quarter. Find Smaka.

    You say, 'hail Smaka'

    Smaka says 'You want stuff? Or mebby you looks for a cure?

    You say, 'I need a bottle of cough elixir'

    Smaka says 'Ahh, you want me cure?! It cost lots of money, big big secret it is. Only us ogres know how to make. You wants? Only 1000 platinum! Make you feels bedder in no times!

    Hand 1000 platinum to Smaka.

    Smaka says 'Okay, enjoy me drink!

    Your faction standing with DarkBargainers has been adjusted by 3.
    Your faction standing with DreadguardOuter has been adjusted 1.
    Your faction standing with DreadguardInner has been adjusted 1.

    You get a Cough Elixir.

    Head back to Paineel. Hand the Cough Elixir to Duriek.

    Duriek Bloodpool says 'Thank you. Now, quickly, there is not much time for me. What I tell you here now must never be shared with another soul. I have spent the better part of my life piecing together clues for the creation of a legendary dark blade, a corrupted Ghoulbane. I am very close to understanding the method used in manipulating the enchantments of the Ghoulbane, but in my current condition, I cannot finish collecting the research. My previous apprentice was searching for this last clue when he met his untimely demise.'
    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 3.

    Duriek Bloodpool looks your way apprehensively -- he appears to be quite formidable.

    You say, 'where was he searching?'

    Duriek Bloodpool says 'I possess a key that will open a sealed tome to be found somewhere in the ruins uncovered here not long ago. Recover that tome for me and I am certain I will be able to corrupt the Ghoulbane. My name will be etched in history and you will wield a legend! You must hurry now, and I must return to my studies. Do not return to me, {your name} , without the tome.

    More Work

    Head to the Hole and find a ratman guard. They patrol the jail area together with ratman warriors.

    a ratman guard scowls at you, ready to attack -- it appears to be quite formidable.
    a ratman guard hits YOU for 370 points of damage.
    You have slain a ratman guard!
    You gain party experience!!

    a ratman guard - Level 55 warrior - Is not immune from any spells.
    Approximate forces required: two 50+ groups.
    You find a Dusty Tome on its corpse.

    Head back to Paineel and hand the Dusty Tome to Duriek.

    Duriek Bloodpool gasps at you in astonishment, eyes beaming with pride and says, 'You've found it! It seems I underestimated you. You have succeeded where others failed. I feared it would never come to pass.' Duriek takes the key from his neck, softly muttering some words, and places it in a previously unseen keyhole. The book's hinges creak as Duriek pulls it open. After reading for a few moments, he says, 'It is even better than I had hoped! It will take me weeks to uncover a portion of what this book has to offer. But this is what I have been searching for, so many years! At last I know the items required to corrupt that accursed blade!'

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 3.
    Duriek Bloodpool looks your way apprehensively -- he appears to be quite formidable.

    You say, 'what items?'

    Duriek Bloodpool says 'I will need the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation, and the Decrepit Sheath. Alas, I am far too ill to travel and collect these pieces. I must call upon your youth and ability again, {your name} . Return to me with these items and I shall be known throughout history as the greatest grave lord to have walked Norrath and you shall be among the most powerful in our art.

    The Corruption

    The Ghoulbane is in possession of the froglok shin lord in the Ruins of Upper Guk. (It also drops from Joren Nobleheart, a Paladin in Southern Felwithe, if you can handle the Level 60 fight.)

    The Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood is in possession of the God of Fear, Cazic-Thule, in the Plane of Fear.

    The Blade of Abrogation is at times carried by monsters in the Plane of Sky.

    The Decrepit Sheath is fashioned by Teydar. He is located in the Qeynos Aqueduct System.

    Teydar looks your way apprehensively -- looks like he would wipe the floor with you!

    You say, 'hail Teydar'

    Teydar says 'Hello {your name} , It's good to see another shadowknight. I'm Teydar, I've made it my life to fashion suitable scabbard and sheaths for our order.

    You say, 'Can you fashion a decrepit sheath?'

    Teydar says 'The object you desire is very difficult to fashion, nearly impossible, really. All I can offer to do is try. The real difficulty is the contents that give the sheath its power. They have to be of an almost equal evil. I think some kind of decrepit hide, a drake spine along with a bar of enchanted platinum should prove enough to make this item.

    Drake Spine can be taken from a drake named Rharzar in Rathe Mountains.

    Rharzar scowls at you, ready to attack -- it appears to be quite formidable.

    Rharzar hits YOU for 288 points of damage.
    You have slain Rharzar!
    You gain party experience!!

    Rharzar - Level 55 cleric - Immune from all spells but tap line, poison/disease DoTs, and lure line.
    Approximate forces required: two 50+ groups.

    Decrepit Hide can sometimes be found on the ashenbone drakes in the Plane of Hate.

    an ashenbone drake scowls at you, ready to attack -- it appears to be quite formidable.
    an ashenbone drake hits YOU for 137 points of damage.
    You have slain an ashenbone drake!
    You gain party experience!!

    Hand the Drake Spine, the Decrepit Hide, and the enchanted platinum bar to Teydar.

    Teydar says 'I did it! The pieces you got me were perfect! It took a huge effort on my part to craft this, of course. it saddens me that I'm unable to keep one of my best works. A deal is a deal. There is honor among shadowknights.

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 5.

    Teydar looks your way apprehensively -- looks like he would wipe the floor with you!

    You get a Decrepit Sheath.

    Head back to Duriek and give him the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood, the Blade of Abrogation, and the Decrepit Sheath.

    Duriek Bloodpool takes the Ghoulbane and places the other swords on either side of it. The sheath begins to gleam so intensely, you can see the bones inside Duriek's hands. After several minutes, there is a final, blinding flash. Duriek collapses to the ground. After a few moments, Duriek motions you closer and whispers, 'You have done well. I wish fate had been kinder to me and allowed me your aid years ago, I might have lived long enough to enjoy the fame our combined efforts. I studied much of the tome you retrieved and have stumbled upon something that may be the key to unleashing darkness upon the face of Norrath forever. You must seek out a powerful lich by the name of Lhranc. Farewell, {your name}.' With his last bit of energy, Duriek places the corrupted Ghoulbane in your hands.

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 3
    You get a Corrupted Ghoulbane.

    The Cursed Being

    Lhranc is a ghost in the City of Mist.

    You say, 'hail Lhranc'

    Lhranc says 'Ahh, finally! He has sent you. No time to waste now, you must help me lift the curse at once!

    You say, 'What curse?'

    Lhranc says 'Can you not see my condition! I have been unjustly sentenced to an eternity in this wretched form you see before you, never to leave these walls. In exchange for the cure for this curse, I swear to show you a secret that would make you the most powerful of your kind.

    You say, 'What is the cure?'

    Lhranc says 'I require only four things of you, dark one, and one of them you hold now. Bring me the heart of an innocent, the head of the valiant, and the will of Innoruuk. With these, my curse shall be lifted at last and I will craft a weapon that will cast a shadow over all of Norrath. "one of them you hold" refers to the Corrupted Ghoulbane.

    The Ritual

    In Toxxulia Forest near the dock you may find Knarthenne Skurl, at -5, +1145.

    You say, 'hail Knarthenne Skurl'

    Knarthenne Skurl says 'Ah, you do not possess the heart of an innocent. Be gone with you!

    You say, 'what heart of an innocent?'

    Knarthenne Skurl says 'What's that? Heart of the Innocent, you say?! Ages, it has been, since I was last asked that. The Heart of the Innocent is an item of great power. Few are they who have ever commanded the dark magic of such an object. It is the bound soul of a pure mortal, rare indeed. Take this hollow gem, and combine with it the heart of one who is pure. If your hand is steady and your mind is clear, you shall have what you seek. You get a Soulcase.

    Marl Kastane may be found in Toxxulia Forest at +115, +2135.

    You say, 'hail Marl Kastane'

    Marl Kastane says 'Begone!! You do not have the will to do the things I require!

    You say, 'I have the will of Innoruuk'

    Marl Kastane says 'You speak of a myth, friend. Such an object does not exist in this age and the secret of its creation lies locked in my mind, where it shall stay. It has been passed down through generations in my line, not to be revealed to a soul until the prophecy has come to pass.

    You say, 'What prophecy?'

    Marl Kastane says 'My apologies, {Your name} , I have said too much already. Instead, I have an errand to occupy your thoughts. Take this as proof that you are sent from me and find my brother in Paineel. I haven't spoken with him in some time now and his well being is essential to our family's destiny.

    You get a Seal of Kastane.

    In Paineel, past the elevator, you may find Gerot Kastane. Hand the Seal of Kastane to Gerot Kastane.
    Gerot Kastane says 'At last! I have been waiting for my brother for weeks! We are doomed! Innoruuk will taint our seed into some perverse, twisted, maddened breed. The prophecy has begun to unfold and there are none capable of stopping it. Quickly, return this note to Marl, we must hide! We have failed the master! We must escape the hateful one's wrath!

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 3.

    You get a Note to Marl.

    You say, 'Hail, Gerot Kastane'

    Gerot Kastane says, '{Your name} ! My hero! I am at your service. I have been told to tell you all I know of the Head of the Valiant. Its construction is a mockery to the gods of Light, an abomination above all others. The method of creation of the Head of the Valiant was passed down through my family for centuries. All I require of you is the physical head of a valiant warrior. I have the rest of the materials right here to fashion this item for you.
    Head to Kerra Isle and hand the "Note to Marl" to Marl Kastane.

    Marl Kastane reads the note, eyes widening in panic. He raises his eyes to you and says, 'This is grave news, friend. If the prophecy is allowed to be fulfilled, our strength will vanish into obscurity. Goodness and purity will spread like a plague across the land and the servants of Hate will be powerless to stop it!'

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 3.

    You say, 'What prophecy?'

    Marl Kastane says 'I suppose it is time for the secret to be shared. Ages ago, two brothers were born. Glohnor was highly favored by the pompous Lightbringer, whose name we do not utter. Lhranc was chosen by the Prince of Hate to bring destruction and turmoil to the sons of men. The one thing they shared in common was their love of the fair priestess, Kyrenna. Kyrenna fell deeply in love with Glohnor. When Lhranc discovered this, he was overcome with rage and unwisely attacked his brother, who happened to be far more adept in combat. The fight cost Lhranc dearly. He lost his dignity as well as an eye in the struggle. He was ordered to leave Freeport and live his life in exile from the only home he had ever known.

    You say, 'What became of Lhranc?'

    Marl Kastane says 'Lhranc wandered the deserts of Ro for weeks, sinking deeper into depression and giving in to rage. Reports from the local merchants and caravans had him roaming the dunes muttering to himself incoherently. Eventually, he was forgotten, blending in with the hermits and madmen common to that region, forgotten by all save one.

    You say, 'Who is the one?'

    Marl Kastane says 'Innoruuk had not forsaken Lhranc. Once his rage and hate had matured and sufficiently altered his soul, the dark prince summoned him and gave him dominion over the demons that had enslaved his mind. He was given a weapon that made him powerful enough to slay any enemy that stood in his way. He was to become the first human to harness the power of the almighty shadowknight. After years of traveling and teaching mankind his newfound abilities, Lhranc sneaked back into Freeport through a series of sewers in search of revenge against his brother and in hopes of kidnapping Kyrenna, the source of his obsession. Waiting until Glohnor was alone, Lhranc sprang from the shadows and slew his brother. This was the act that brought about his curse.

    You say, 'What curse?'

    Marl Kastane says 'As I said, Glohnor was highly favored by the Lightbringer. When the contemptible god of honor discovered what had been done, he transformed Lhranc into a deformed spectral knight and placed him in the ruined city. Lhranc then used what remained of his power to summon Kyrenna to his side and bind her there in a timeless, seamless sphere. He struggled for centuries to break her will and convince her to serve Innoruuk, certain that together they could remove his curse. But then, there was the prediction.

    You say, 'What prediction?'

    Marl Kastane says 'The prophecy states that one day Kyrenna will escape the clutches of Lhranc and that she will resurrect Glohnor. Together, it reads, they will destroy Lhranc and undo all he has done. I trust that I do not need to tell you, {Your name} , that this would decimate our foothold in Norrath. When the prophecy was written, its words spread across the land. A dark council was held to construct a plan that would frustrate the words of the prophets. My ancestors were responsible for robbing Glohnor's tomb and securing his remains. For generations we have been charged with the duty of guarding those remains and the secret plan, should the corpse be discovered.

    You say, 'What secret plan?'

    Marl Kastane says 'The plan is a last resort only to be tried if Kyrenna indeed escapes and the remains are discovered. Judging by my brother's words that time is now. It will take the most powerful hero all the courage and dedication he can muster to complete the ritual.

    You say, 'I will complete the ritual'

    Marl Kastane says 'It would seem we have no choice, and this is our only hope. I must first make a dark shroud. To do this I must stain it with the blood of an innocent. Go find me this rare blood so I can start the creating of the shroud.

    In the Hole, in a jail cell, you may find Caradon.

    You say, 'hail Caradon'

    Caradon says 'Please help me get out of here! My companion, Kyrenna, and I are trapped in this hellish place!

    You say, 'Who is Kyrenna?'

    Caradon says 'I was with Kyrenna when she attempted to revive the corpse of Glohnor the Valiant. Like fools, we rushed into a trap. Now we sit here and await our deaths.'

    You say, 'Where is Kyrenna?'

    Caradon says 'She is close by. For a price, I shall tell you. Bring me the key to my freedom and I will betray her, who sentenced me to this fate.'

    In the city area of the Hole you can find "a chest," which sometimes drops a Cell Key.

    Take the Cell Key to Caradon.
    Caradon says 'Kyrenna! We are free!
    Your faction standing with Truespirit got better (What is the actual faction hit?)
    Kyrenna punches YOU for 157 points of damage.
    Caradon punches YOU for 157 points of damage.
    You have slain Kyrenna! You gain party experience!! You have slain Caradon! You gain party experience!!
    Caradon - Level 55 paladin - Is not immune from any spells. Approximate forces required: one 50+ groups.
    Kyrenna - Level 55 cleric - Immune from any spells.
    Approximate forces required: one 50+ groups.

    You get Blood of Kyrenna and Heart of Kyrenna from her corpse.

    The Ritual Completion or The Mummy Undressing

    Take Blood of Kyrenna to Marl Kastane.

    Marl Kastane says 'Here, you take this shroud. You must now find the spirit of glohnor and place this item on him. This should force him back into his mummified body and then you must destroy this newly raised form and return to me its wrappings.'

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 5.

    You get a Dark Shroud. In the ghost area of the Hole you may find a Ghost of Glohnor. Hand the Dark Shroud to it. Shortly after a Mummy of Glohnor will appear. When you kill the mummy you will get the Head of Glohnor and the wrappings.

    Mummy of Glohnor - Level 55 ? - Immune ?
    Approximate forces required: two 50+ groups.

    Bring the head to Gerot Kastane.

    Gerot Kastane says 'Good travels, dark one! May Innoruuk curse your enemies!'

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 5.

    You get the Head of the Valiant. Bring the wrappings to Marl Kastane.

    Marl Kastane says 'You've done it! Your efforts will stand as a tribute to our kind for time eternal, my friend. Although nothing could possibly serve as a just reward for your accomplishments, please accept this as well as my eternal gratitude. It has been fashioned from the wraps of the mummy and shall protect you well.'

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by 5.

    You get the Will of Innoruuk. Combine the Heart of Kyrenna with the Soulcase to produce the Heart of the Innocent.

    The Lift of the Curse or Back to the Dead Head to City of Mist and hand the Corrupted Ghoulbane, the Heart of the Innocent, the Head of the Valiant, and the Will of Innoruuk to Lhranc.

    Lhranc says 'Ahh, at last I can free myself of this prison! Centuries have passed since I enjoyed the fruits of mortality.' He hurls the components above his head where they remain suspended in midair. They hover in place while he chants the words of an ancient spell. As he speaks, the items begin to rotate around his head, slowly at first, then faster as the chanting grows louder, until it spins in a blur. Soon, the room is filled with a deafening shriek that pierces you to the core. Lhranc hurls a coin at you and laughs, 'Here is your reward fool.'

    Your faction standing with True Spirit got better. (What is the actual faction hit here?) Receive Lhranc's Coin.

    After a brief pause..

    Lhranc says 'Young one, you cannot fathom how long it has been since I breathed air and felt flesh on my bones. I told you I would show you a weapon that would make you the most powerful of your kind. I said nothing of giving it to you. Feast your eyes on Innoruuk's Curse mortal, thank you for your service. At this point, if you are not satisfied with his answer, you better start using some force.

    Auto attack on. Lhranc slashes YOU for 385 points of damage.
    ... You have slain Lhranc! You gain party experience!!

    Lhranc - Level 60 shadowknight - Immune from any spells. Procs a direct damage spell.
    Approximate forces required: three 50+ groups.

    Upon killing Lhranc, Marl Kastane appears nearby.

    Marl Kastane says 'Alas, I cannot be the one to carry the sword back to my people as proof in fear they will kill me to possess it for their own. I think a simple trade is in order, perhaps you have a symbol or token of Lhranc's that I could take back to the others to ease their worries?

    Hand the Lhranc's Coin to Marl Kastane.

    Marl Kastane says 'Very good, I will go deliver this right away.'

    You receive the Innoruuk's Curse.

    Your faction standing with TrueSpirit has been adjusted by -50. Reward: Innoruuk's Curse

    Shaman Spells (Evil) (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Bukuku Wolffeetz'

    Bukuku Wolffeetz says 'Har har har! Yu funy lukking. Oooo.. do u hav doze smarty writin's?

    You say, 'What smarty writin's?'

    Bukuku Wolffeetz says 'Me not know what dem ar for shure. Dem only hav dees names. Umm.. let me see if I can member dem. Taaalisman de umm.. Jasinth. Dat's one of dem. Spirited of Scaley?? OH!! Dis my favorite. Kripple. Den the last is the painful one. Canaabaalize canaabaalize canaabaalize. Yep, dat super duper one. Bring me bak one of dem, me trade.'

    Hand in one of Spell: Talisma of Jasinth, Spell: Spirit of Scale, Spell: Cripple, or Spell: Cannibalize.

    Bukuku Wolffeetz says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much knowledge today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell!'
    You gain experience!!

    You receive one of Spell: Insidious Decay, Spell: Shroud of the Spirits, Spell: Talisman of Shadoo, or Spell: Torrent of Poison.

    Need /loc of Bukuku, faction hits if any. Reward: Spell: Torrent of Poison
    Reward: Spell: Shroud of the Spirits
    Reward: Spell: Talisman of Shadoo
    Reward: Spell: Insidious Decay

    Sky's the Limit (Normal): Step 1

    Skyfire Mountains - Explore the stone passage into the Overthere (zone into SF, walk around in the tunnel).

    Step 2

    Burning Woods - Explore the ruins in the east (The hard one to figure out, go to loc 330, -3060 in BW near the ruins (watch out for the see invis gorillas if your not SOW'd) and wander around that ruin until the task is updated)

    Step 3

    Dreadlands - Speak with Korriz Stillripple (Loc 380, 8925 inside one of the pyramids in the Combine Ruins in DL)

    6%AAXP, 37PP, 8GP, 1SP, 3CP
    Sun in Your Eyes (Unsolved): This is a Short task.

    Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire. How does that sound? It's time to test your skills and to do so you're going to need to kill 10 mature chromadracs, and quickly. You only receive the bounty if you make sure to loot 4 Chromadrac Wing though, so don't forget. You're going to have to prove yourself if you want everyone to start calling you extraordinary.

    Step 1

    Kill 10 of A Mature Chromadrac in Skyfire Mountains.

    Step 2

    Loot 4 Chromadrac Wings.

    Additional steps, dialogues, and experience award needed.

    Reward is 58 p, 4 g, 3 s, 8 c.
    The Fall of the Shissar (Normal): This monster mission begins with Historian Azern who is located in the Overthere at the end of the road leading to the Frontier Mountains, at -3500, +1500.

    You say, 'Hail, Historian Azern'

    Historian Azern says 'Greetings to you, strange one. you look like the type who seeks out great quests of lore and myth, perhaps you would like to assist me in the retrieval of an ancient [book].'

    You say 'What book?'

    Historian Azern says 'Yes, I speak of The Green Fog, and ancient book once lost down in the Howling Stones. If you believe yourself to be worthy, seek out this artifact and return it to me. Legend has it that it tells a story of how the Iksar revolted against the Shissar empire right here, where you stand!'

    You have been assigned the task 'The Fall of the Shissar'.

    Green Mist is starting to spread all around the area. Find the cause of the panic and if it is something that can be used against them to earn your people's freedom.

    You can play one of two types of monsters:
    Iksar Slave (Warrior)
    Iksar Ritualist (Necromancer)

    Find the lost book, The Green Fog 0/1 (Howling Stones)

    Your first objective is to obtain a copy of the book "The Green Fog" from a pyre golem in Charasis. Said player must of course be keyed to enter Charasis. Only a copy retrieved during the mission will count toward the goal. (Pyre golems are located in the zone-in area, so obtaining a copy is simple.)

    You have slain a pyre golem!
    Your faction standing with Drussel Sathir got worse.
    Your faction standing with Mayong Mistmoore got better.
    Your faction standing with Venril Sathir got worse.

    --You have looted a The Green Fog.--

    Bring the book back to Historian Azern 0/1 (The Overthere)

    Historian Azern says 'You found it! Amazing. According to the ancient text, the battle began just [down the hill] from here.'

    Your task 'The Fall of the Shissar' has been updated.

    You say, 'Down the hill?'

    You have entered The Overthere.

    Upon zoning in you will see a standoff between Iksar Slaves and Shissar Soldiers. Historian Azern is nearby and will port you out if you ask him:

    You say, 'Hail, Historian Azern'

    Historian Azern says 'If you find yourself in a hurry to [leave], just let me know and away you go!'

    Make your way to the center of the commotion 0/1 (The Overthere)

    Go to the center of the zone by the canyon, a.k.a. the Scorpikis Pit, at approximately -325, +245, -50. Here, you will see rows of dead Shissar.

    Strike down 15 Shissar before the Green Mist subsides 0/15 (The Overthere)

    Kill 15 Shissar. They are scattered throughout the zone, found near the roads, by ruins, and near the dock area.

    Quickly make your way to the Warsliks Woods before you are found 0/1 (The Overthere)

    Go near the Warsliks Woods zoneline and encounter Slavemaster Dryyl.

    Defeat Slavemaster Dryyl 0/1 (The Overthere)

    Loot the corpse with the mission reward. When you are ready to leave, go back to Historian Azern and let him know. You are then sent back to the non-instanced Overthere and receive approximately 1 AA worth of experience.

    Common loot is Supple Silk Arms, rare is Brown Scale Cloak.

    Supple Silk Arms transmutes to:
    ???? (level 1-10)
    ???? (level 11-20)
    ???? (level 21-30)
    Threadbare Silk Arms (level 31-40)
    Faded Silk Arms (level 41-50)
    Mana-Soaked Silk Arms (level 51-60)
    Incandescent Silk Arms (level 61-70)

    Brown Scale Cloak transmutes to:
    ???? (level 1-10)
    ???? (level 11-20)
    ???? (level 21-30)
    ???? (level 31-40)
    ???? (level 41-50)
    Elegant Mana Soaked Cape (level 51-60)
    Rayless Cloak of Escape (level 61-70) Reward: Supple Silk Arms
    Reward: Brown Scale Cloak
    Reward: Threadbare Silk Arms
    Reward: Faded Silk Arms
    Reward: Mana-Soaked Silk Arms
    Reward: Incandescent Silk Arms
    Reward: Elegant Mana Soaked Cape
    Reward: Rayless Cloak of Escape
    Reward: Decorated Flowing Cape

    The Goblins of Nurga (Unsolved): You're just in time to help out with a huge problem. It seems all the ingredients for the weekly baking contest have been stolen! Without those ingredients, no one will be able to make cakes and the whole event will be ruined. Some people think a giant snuck in and stole the ingredients in the middle of the night. A giant that can sneak? That's preposterous. You need to find out who it was that took the goods and there is one person that may have witnessed it. Go find and speak with Khai Kar.

    Step 1

    Speak with Khai Kar in The Overthere.

    Dialogues, subsequent steps, amount of experience awarded needed.

    Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.
    The New Worker (Normal): "an undead foreman" may be found at +2385, +3305.

    You say, 'Hail, an undead foreman'

    an undead foreman turns to face you. You can see a faint green glow emanating from his vacant eye sockets. 'Are you a [new worker]? Huh? Speak or go!!'

    You say, 'I am a new worker.'

    an undead foreman says 'Hmmph!! Too much flesh!! If you want to work, you must first fill my eye sockets with my favorite gem. This shall be your payment for your Sledgehammer.'

    His favorite gem is jade. Give him a Jade.

    an undead foreman places the gem deep into his hollow eye socket. He pulls a giant sledgehammer from thin air and hands it to you. 'Here!! You shall be assigned to the lower decks of the Scaled Trident.'

    You receive a Worker Sledgemallet and no experience, faction hits, or coin. Reward: Worker Sledgemallet

    Trooper Scale Boots (Normal): Drixiv Arcut says 'You wish the boots worn by the ancients? Then you must first master the virtue of confidence. For our brothers of the dead, confidence is the virtue that allows them to control the forces that would tear them apart if they knew it not. When a warrior steps, he must be confident, for a weak step cannot crush your enemies. Take this note to the current Harbinger in Cabilis and learn from him.

    Harbinger Glosk hisses and says venomously, 'And I am disturbed yet again. I hope for your sake it is important.' The gaunt necromancer looks down at the paper in his hands and after reading a few lines gasps, then falls into a violent coughing fit. After recovering he takes a deep breath, puffs his chest out and hands the paper back to you. With his head held high, he says in a raspy voice, 'Show this to Rixiz. He will test you.'

    Master Rixiz takes the note and after reading a few lines opens his eyes wide in astonishment. He looks up at you and stares at you a while before he says, 'You spoke to the Brothers? A common soldier such as yourself interested in silly stories to frighten broodlings? Fine, then. You shall know confidence, if you live. If you have the strength to stride into a lair, go before the owner, and kill that thing in its own home, you will acquire a small part of the virtue we as necromancers must master to ply our art. In the Frontier Mountains lives a unit of the troublesome burynai. Invade their home and destroy their leader. Bring me proof and two fire emeralds.' Reward: Trooper Scale Boots

    Trooper Scale Bracer (Normal): Drixiv Arcut says 'The bracers of our ancestors embody righteousness. When we strike, and our forearms are soaked in the blood of our enemies, our purpose must be pure. Else that blood will burn our souls and anger that which we live for. Go and find the Archduke in Cabilis and give him my note. He will teach you of righteousness. For if our chosen did not know righteousness, our people would not be. Go!

    Arch Duke Xog takes the note and glances at it briefly then lets out a heavy sigh and stares out over the city for several minutes. Finally he says quietly, 'Several months ago we lost contact with one of our crusaders. His name is, or was, Geanik. The last we heard from him he was furthering our cause against the loathsome Goblins that reside in Warsliks Wood. Just recently we were visited by a [strange Iksar].

    You say, 'what strange iksar'

    Arch Duke Xog says 'Yes, he was dressed in rags and hadn't eaten in days. He rambled on about seemingly nothing, obviously he had lost his mind at some point. The guards brought him in because he told them he had valuable information concerning a captured Crusader. According to the mad man, our missing knight was captured by a group of cultists that follow a false god. The cultists intend on converting him apparently. Your [test] will concern Geanik.

    You say, 'what test'

    Arch Duke Xog says 'Learning Righteousness is learning to listen to one's own heart. At all times our Lord of Fear speaks to us. Our heart is through which he speaks. If we are pure in action and undistracted in mind we can hear the very words of our Father. Your test will be to find our lost Crusader. When you find him you must listen, and act based on what you hear. If your actions are Righteous, I will give you my reference. Bring me proof of your action and two sapphires.
    Reward: Trooper Scale Bracers

    Trooper Scale Breastplate (Normal): Xlixinar Arcut says 'The monk is the master of focus, the shaman of sacrifice and the shadowknight of righteousness. Lastly, our brothers of the dark know confidence. It is then our duty to know perseverance more than any other. When others fall from spear and sword, we must stand. When others are washed away by fire and ice, we must stand. When others are frustrated and confused, we must continue on. There is a warrior in the swamp near the city. He is an exile, like my brother and I. He knows more about

    Grik the Exile snickers to himself and looks out over the swamp for a moment before saying, 'Perseverance is indeed our greatest virtue. Perhaps if we as warriors looked more to cultivate our virtue rather than to hoard glory our people would be rulers of this entire land. I will send you on a [mission] to learn of perseverance.
    If you complete it I will give you my reference.'

    You say, 'what mission'

    Grik the Exile says 'If you have not noticed the new intelligent races that have found it's way to our land, you will see soon. They have built a small outpost far to the south along the ocean. If they go unchecked, their outpost will become a city from which they will cause us much discomfort. They are strong and have experienced [mercenaries] in their employ.

    You say, 'what mercenaries'

    Grik the Exile says 'Yes. In particular, a company of mercenaries commanded by a human known as Streaven. He has personally thwarted an operation I was in charge of. I will make him pay for his interference. You will kill Streaven. But first you must [draw him out], as he is not a fool.

    You say, 'how do I draw him out'

    Grik the Exile says 'While Streaven is not foolish he has made a mistake. He's taken a young and ambitious noble on as an officer in his company. This noble represents a source of funds and as such Streaven most likely will come to his aid if endangered. Our spies have reported that he has been implanted with some sort of device that will alert the commander of any danger. You must retrieve this [implant].

    You say, 'what implant'

    Grik the Exile says 'The implant is buried deep within this noble's head. Retrieving it will most likely leave quite a traumatic wound. Once you have the implant you must take it to an agent that will be in the area. This agent is one of the Kotiz Brood, a necromancer. Her name is Vekis and she will be able to activate the implant and draw Streaven out. She will only appear after you have dispatched the noble and she will go back into hiding shortly there after, so you must [find her] quickly.

    You say, 'where do I find her'

    Grik the Exile says 'She will be near one of our ancient statues along the coast. You need only hand her the implant for her to activate it. Once he is away from the guards you will have your chance. Bring me Streaven's Head and 3 rubies and you will have your reference for the Arcut. Remember that your perseverance is your greatest virtue and will carry you to victory always. Reward: Trooper Scale Breastplate

    Trooper Scale Gauntlets (Normal): Drixiv Arcut says 'Our hands are our most useful and deadly instruments, after our minds. When we use them other than in service of our lord and ancestors, our actions are false. Without knowing righteousness we can never be sure if our actions are in the name of fear. The Chosen, the Crusaders of Greenmist, know fear intimately. Their actions are never without the blessing of our lord. Take this note to the Archduke. He will recognize my writing and instruct you.

    Arch Duke Xog takes the note without even a glance in your direction and begins reading. After a long silence, he lets his arms drop to his sides and says quietly, 'We kill, Glaakt. That is our job, our duty in life. Our targets are chosen for us. We merely listen. Right now I am being told there is a traitor not far from here, near the ocean. Go to him and end his life. Bring me his head, and two star rubies. As you do this, try hard to listen to our Lord's instruction. If you hear even a whisper, you will know more righteousness than most of this city.' Reward: Trooper Scale Gauntlets

    Trooper Scale Greaves (Normal): Drixiv Arcut says 'Our legs move us forward. If we move with hesitance we will surely fall and leave our charge exposed. Before you can wear the greaves, you must learn from the Brood of Kotiz. For if they did not wield their powers over the dead with confidence, their life forces would be sucked from them instantly, leaving them empty husks. Take this note to the Harbinger and listen to his instructions.

    Harbinger Glosk snatches the note out of your hands, obviously irritated. After reading a few lines, he glances up at you, his brow furrowed, then looks down again to continue reading. When he's finished, he hands the note back to you and takes a deep breath, shuddering slightly. He then says, 'Xydoz. Take this to Xydoz. He will test you.' The Harbinger watches you carefully as you leave.

    Master Xydoz snatches the paper from your hand and hisses in anger. Without even looking at the paper he growls, 'WHAT?! What is this tra...' He stares down at the paper, mouth hanging open wide in disbelief. He finally continues, saying, 'Very well, then. If you wish to know confidence I have a task for you. Our hated enemies, the sarnak, have a tome we have sought to return to our libraries for centuries. At this point, we believe it to be found in a small fortress they maintain near the Great Lake. One of their scholars will most likely have it on their person. Bring it to me along with two star rubies.'

    Bring him two Star Rubies and an Iron Bound Tome from Advisor Sh'Orok in the Lake of Ill Omen fortress for your reward. Reward: Trooper Scale Greaves

    Trooper Scale Helm (Normal): Xlixinar Arcut says 'You must first learn focus before being awarded the legionnaire scale helm. The Swifttails are the masters of focus and as such you will learn from the Grand Master of the Court. It has been so long, I do not know who is Grand Master now. Whoever it is, give him this note and follow his instruction. Once you have learned, return to us and the helm will be yours.

    Grand Master Glox sits whispering incoherently for a long moment before even regarding the note you dropped in front of him. The Grand Master suddenly snatches up the note from Xlixinar, removes a small charcoal marker from a belt pouch, and scrawls some intructions upon it. He drops the note immediately after finishing and resumes his meditation without a word.

    The note reads:

    "Glox's Instructions

    Atop the ancient tower of Kurn lives a mole. This mole has unwittingly taught the Swifttails much. It has taught us focus. Go into the tower, sit and meditate near his burrow, and settle yourself. When it peers out to look for food, use all of your pent up ferocity and kill the mole quickly. Upon its neck will be a collar. Return to me the collar and 2 star rubies and I will give you my reference for the Arcut." Reward: Trooper Scale Helm

    Trooper Scale Pauldron (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Xlixinar Arcut'

    Xlixinar Arcut sighs heavily and after a long while says, 'Leave us, Iksar. Leave us to our eternal damnation.'

    You say, 'curse'

    Xlixinar Arcut twists his face into a frown and says, 'You read what's written, Iksar. It's clear enough so we won't bother to explain the details. We can only stand our guard and hope for [redemption].'

    You say, 'redemption'

    Xlixinar Arcut grits his teeth and snaps, 'It's very simple, ______! We are fallen! We seek redemption! We guard our 'brothers' here among the Howling Stones until we are relieved. Whether that will ever happen, we do not know. We can only hope that by providing the great warriors of the legion with our [ancient armor], we will earn salvation.'

    You say, 'ancient armor'

    Xlixinar Arcut says 'You wish the armor of our ancestors? The armor donned by the Guard whose duty was to protect the Chosen? A warrior relies not on strength alone, but many virtues. If a warrior learns to balance each virtue, then he may be fit to guard the Chosen. Each piece of armor reflects a [virtue], and each virtue must be learned before the armor is given.'

    You say, 'virtue'

    Xlixinar Arcut says 'The armor I keep are the symbols of focus, sacrifice, and perseverence. The [helm], [pauldrons], [vambraces], and [breastplate]. You must bring me proof that you know these virtues before attaining the armor I keep. I also will need a piece of Banded armor of the type you desire. My brother keeps the other pieces.'

    You say, 'pauldrons'

    Xlixinar Arcut says 'Upon our shoulders we carry the virtue of sacrifice. Our bodies are ruined in the name of our Lord. Pain and suffering please him and our ancestors. Without knowing sacrifice, a warrior can never protect his charge from harm as he sees himself as greater than his duty. The mystics embody sacrifice. Find their highest authority and give him this note. He will recognize it.'

  • You receive Illegible Note: Pauldron.

    The details on this are sketchy. A Scorpiki named Xlixinar Arcut sends you with a note to Prime Hierophant Vek. He will tell you of a potion he needs you to make. The potion is called Spine Poison Extract and is baked (trivial 21). It requires Gray Colored Ice (ground spawn on the highest peak in the Frontier Mountains), two Pondfish Spines (dropped by Pond Sturgeon in the Lake of Ill Omen), and a Pot (crafted via smithing or pottery).

    Next, brew Grayish Liquid (trivial 21) by combining the Spine Poison Extract, Hopeless Willow Moss (foraged in the Swamp of No Hope), a Water Flask, and a Bottle. Give this to A Froglok Slave. It dies and you're left with Froglok Goo on your cursor. Bring the goo along with 2 Fire Emeralds back and he will give you the proof you need.

    Now obtain a Banded Mantle (craftable) and take it and the proof back to the Skorpiki for the Pauldrons.

    Need all dialogues, faction hits, exact names of items, etc. Reward: Trooper Scale Pauldron

    Trooper Scale Vambraces (Normal): Xlixinar Arcut says 'Our arms carry more than the weapons of war and the hands that make use of them. We sacrifice the strength in our arms to carry our duties and obligations. Unless we can sacrifice our own bodies and abilities to carry these ideals, we will never be fit to protect the Chosen. Take this note to the master of the mystics in Cabilis, he will teach you a lesson in sacrifice.'

    Prime Hierophant Vek stares down at the note, confused, until he recognizes the writing and gasps in shock! 'You spoke to the Brothers? You, a simple Legionnaire? Well, no matter, you are here to test your virtue of sacrifice and we will take pleasure in it as we have for generations even before the Fallen Brothers. One of our greatest allies in pain is disease. In the woods outside our fair city is a small tribe of goblins. There is a certain goblin famed for his [unique weapon]. Take this knife and use it to cut this from the goblin. Then return his weapon, the knife, a sapphire, and an opal to me.'

    You say, 'What unique weapon?'

    Prime Hierophant Vek says 'This goblin is known as a pit fighter. Though they are small, weak, and unintelligent, they still maintain a level of ferocity that surpasses that of most wild animals. This, along with a disgusting and perverse imagination, has allowed these pit fighters to reach heights of physical power most Iksar never see. This particular fighter uses his tongue liberally while fighting. He has ingested many deadly contagions and licked things from the slimy surfaces of the darkest and dankest crevasses imaginable. His tongue will do well to further our cause in pain and suffering.'

    Need name of note, name of knife, and hail and hand-in dialogue. Reward: Trooper Scale Vambraces

    Unhappy Campers (Unsolved): This (solo?) task begins with Skizz Skazz in The Overthere.

    Task text needed. This is an overview:

    Step 1 - Go to the entrance of Howling Stones.
    Step 2 - Explore the "Abandonded Camp" on the Northeast Island of Timorous Deep. (location? which island specifically?)
    Step 3 - More details needed.

    Need the remainder of the quest, rewards, text, etc.
    Vengeance of Osvima (Normal): Once Osvima K`Matim has been freed from slavery in The Mines of Nurga, she will respawn at 2352, 2508 in The Overthere. She wants you to bring her three Rings of Flame Chanting (off goblin flame chanters) and the Writ of Flame Chanting (off Flame Chanter Breplish).

    Dialogues and faction hits if any needed. Reward: Black Cord of the Virtuous

    Vengeance of Pungub (Normal): After Pungub Brawlum has been freed from slavery in The Mines of Nurga, he will respawn in The Overthere at 2359.04, 2606.89, -44.

    You say, 'Hail, Pungub Brawlum'

    Pungub Brawlum says 'Pungub is happy to be free from the mines. Pungub wants some gobbys to die will you kill gobbys for Pungub?'

    You say, 'I will kill gobbys for Pungub.'

    Pungub Brawlum says 'Good Pungub is happier! Go kill the gobbys called taskmasters and bring back three Nurgan Taskmaster Whips. Pungub also wants the Dagger of the Sneak that Thabis has. If you bring to Pungub, Pungub will give good reward.' Reward: Dingy Pauldron of Brawling

    Volcanic Denizens (Unsolved): This is a Medium task.

    Enemies are always closer than you think, aren't they? That's exactly what your're going to learn on your journey today. They're much closer than you think so there's no time to waste. Just speak with Mistellgone Eshaan for information on exactly what you need to do to get the bottom of this dilemma.

    Step 1

    Speak with Mistellgone Eshaan in Skyfire Mountains.

    Subsequent steps, dialogues, and experience award needed.

    Reward is 116 p, 8 g, 7 s, 5 c.
    Wizard Spells (Evil Version) (Normal): Utandar Rizndown is [lacking] four scrolls.

    Bring him Atol's Spectral Shackles, Tears of Druzzil, Inferno of Al'kabor, or Pillar of Frost for a scroll.

    The scroll you get in return is a random 50 plus level spell.

    You say, 'Hail, Utandar Rizndown'

    Utandar Rizndown says 'It is good to see our numbers growing in this land. Welcome! May your travels be as prosperous as mine have been. There are many [new powers] to be gained from this land.'

    You say, 'new powers'

    Utandar Rizndown says 'The new powers are scrolls that give us access to new and powerful spells. My collection is almost complete. I am simply [lacking] four more and then I will return to the homeland.'

    You say, 'lacking'

    Utandar Rizndown says 'I am missing the scrolls Atol's Spectral Shackles, Tears of Druzzil, Inferno of Al'Kabor, and Pillar of Frost. Should you run into one, bring it to me and I'll perform an exchange for another scroll.'

    After handing in a scroll

    Utandar Rizndown says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much knowledge today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell!' Reward: Spell: Tishan`s Discord
    Reward: Spell: Abscond
    Reward: Spell: Thunderbolt
    Reward: Spell: Tears of Solusek

    Wrecks and Wurms (Normal): Finlay Kitoran may be found inside the evil outpost in The Overthere.

    Opening dialogues needed, if any.

    Finlay Kitoran says 'I think the outpost should be abandoned. It's halfway there already. If not for the diligence of those like you who keep providing resources via the [tasks] you take up, the outpost would have been long gone. I have no doubt in my mind.'

    You say, 'What tasks?'

    A task window now opens up and give you 3 different tasks that you can take. This one was called "Wrecks and Wurms" and it's a medium-length task.

    Step 1

    Go to the docks in the Overthere.

    Your task 'Wrecks and Wurms' has been updated.

    Step 2

    Kill 10 of An Old Wurm in Skyfire Mountains.

    Your task 'Wrecks and Wurms' has been updated.

    Step 3

    Loot 4 Wurm Meat in Skyfire Mountains.

    Your task 'Wrecks and Wurms' has been updated.

    Step 4

    Investigate the lava west of the entrance to Veeshan's Peak (also in Skyfire Mountains).

    Your task 'Wrecks and Wurms' has been updated.

    Step 5

    Give 4 Wurm Meats to Byllella Voon in the Skyfire Mountains. A green line will appear on your compass to lead to her.

    The direction to someone related to your current Task has been marked on your compass.

    Your task 'Wrecks and Wurms' has been updated.

    Even though the family is on their way to greener fields to look for land, your help in surveying those areas was invaluable. Sadly, without more families picking up these plots of land, any compensation for services is running a little thin. Hopefully, though, this payment will be enough to tide you over until your next bit of work.

    You receive 5 copper.
    You receive 7 silver.
    You receive 8 gold.
    You receive 116 platinum.
    You gain experience!!

    At level 66, you receive 2% normal experience from this task, or approximately 24% AAXP.
    Yiln's Missing Tomes (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Yiln Darksly'

    Yiln Darksly looks up at you and tries to talk, but instead coughs up a large amount of water. He is soaking wet and covered in sand. 'Those damned [trolls]! They stole everything and destroyed my ship! The House] will have my head over this!' Yiln coughs violently.

    You say, 'what house'

    Yiln Darksly says ''I work for a trading house run by a group of nobles in Neriak. They are not known for being too forgiving when their [valuables] are lost''

    You say, 'what valuables'

    Yiln Darksly says ''We were hauling many things. The one thing in particular that I am worried about was a trunk full of tomes. I do not know what they were about exactly, but my masters explicitly told me not to let them leave my sight.' Yiln coughs. 'I have got to find those tomes!' Yiln tries to move but yells out in excruciating pain. I cannot get up. You must go to Paineel and find [Jerith]. Tell him I sent you and tell him about Osaftars. You will be rewarded well for your time. If you recover the books bring them back to me.''

    You say, 'who is Jerith'

    Yiln Darksly says ''Jerith works for me. He
    sells many of the items that I acquire in my travels. He also is familiar with many of the pirates that sail the seas attacking merchant ships. He should hopefully know what to do.''

    head to Paineel and find Jerith

    You say, 'who is Osaftars'

    Jerith says 'Osaftars did you say? Jerith knows this name. Osaftars is a scourge of the seas. He takes what he wants and does what he wants. He is a captain of a ship. Yes, Jerith does believe the ship's name was the Stormwave. It can probably be found in the port town of [Dulak].'

    You say, 'where is Dulak?'

    Jerith says 'Dulak is a pirate town on the island of Broken Skull Rock. A dangerous place. There is a ship that Jerith has taken to get there from the shores of the Stonebrunt Mountains.'

    head to Dulak's and hunt the Stormwave till the Trunk of Missing Tomes drops.

    head back to the Overthere and hand the trunk to Yiln Darksly

    Yiln Darksly looks a bit better now, having cleaned most of the sand from his body and drying off a bit. 'I hope you made those pirate scum pay with their lives! When I get back to Neriak, I assure you that my first priority will be planning my revenge. You're lucky, this item washed up on shore from the wreckage of my ship. You can have it. Farewell.'

    Your faction standing with Dark Bargainers has been adjusted by 15.
    Your faction standing with Dreadguard Outer has been adjusted by 1.
    Your faction standing with Dreadguard Inner has been adjusted by 1.

    You gain experience!! Reward: Glowing Fluorite Stone Necklace