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Quests for The Deep

Deepspores for Deklean (Normal): Deklean Korgad may be found at -650, -500.

You say, 'Hail, Deklean Korgad'

Deklean Korgad eyes you suspiciously. His beard is tangled in completely impossible knots, and you wonder very much if he has ever seen fresh water in his life. He seems to be completely oblivious of the small insects that crawl freely across his tattered clothing. He speaks to you in a low growl. 'Go away! I don't like being bothered! Your making too much noise! The horrors will hear you and then I'll have to [move again]!'

You say, 'Why move again?'

Deklean Korgad glares at you. 'You're really out to get me killed aren't you? How am I supposed to find [deep spores] with you thrashing about waking up the beasties and scaring all the shriekers!'

You say, 'What deep spores?'

Deklean Korgad says 'Never heard of deep spores have you? Well if you're going to be spending some time down here you'd best learn quickly. Deepspores are the only thing edible in this cavern. Most of the mushrooms down here will sooner eat you then allow them selves to be eaten! The Deepspores are different though, if you cook them a bit they're the most delicious food in the universe!'

Bring him 4x "Deepspore" (dropped by "a deepspore mushroom" mobs):

Deklean Korgad eyes the spores hungrily. He shoves them all in his pockets and looks at you. 'I appreciate that friend, you've proven yourself worth a bit of trust. I hate to take the mushrooms and run, but I have to get across the [chasm] soon. Here take this, thanks for the mushrooms!'

"A fungus covered hunk of rock" (no known use, even though some people used to pretend it allowed you to float down the chasm as though you had levitation)
Faction with Deklean Korgad (+2 per turn-in; faction has no known use)

Extra Chatter

You say, 'What chasm?'

Deklean Korgad rolls his eyes at you. 'Hmm...I'm not sure, maybe that big gaping hole in the ground down through the second corridor! You haven't even explored the cavern yet have you. I wouldn't wander around too much unless you're feeling lucky. There's nothing the thought horrors like more than a loud obnoxious band of would be heros that come crashing into their home. They especially like playing with the corpses of those that fall through that fake bridge out there.'

You say, 'What fake bridge?'

Deklean Korgad says 'Yes that bridge out there is fake, I'm sure more than a few of your kind will end up falling straight through it like lemmings. I'll be taking the safe route thank you very much. Just have to be careful about sneaking past all the beasties. Somehow I doubt you'd make it past any of them as careless as you prance around. Few can face the thought horrors and get away with their sanity. I'm one of the lucky ones, yup!'

You say, 'I will face the thought horrors'

Deklean Korgad laughs uncontrollably. When he finally regains his composure he looks at you and says, 'All right chief, if you can prove to me that you can stand up to horrors then I'll show you the way across the chasm. Bring me 2 thought horror tentacles and that hunk of rock I gave you and we'll see about getting you across that bridge. Oh and by the way, since you're so full of energy, go run to shadowhaven and bring me back some Deep Cavern Bourbon along with those tentacles. Reward: Fungus-Covered Hunk of Rock