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Quests for The Broodlands

Glyphs of the Kin (Unsolved): There are four sentries at the four stone locations listed below (which one's where?):

-1000, -530; -980, +255; +835, -1630; +435, +1265

These sentries can be popped by standing in the middle of the respective rings of stones and attacking one of the mobs camouflaged there. The sentries summon and have other nasty spells. It was too tough for a 58 beastlord to solo, but three level 58s could probably take one.

Need all dialogues, faction hits if any, fight info, completion information, etc.
Journey of Yar`Lir (Normal): This quest is started by looting a Symbol of Yar`Lir, a random drop in The Broodlands.

Task details
The Broodlands: Explore the first set of stones
The Broodlands: Explore the second set of stones
The Broodlands: Explore the third set of stones
The Broodlands: Explore the fourth set of stones
The Broodlands: Explore the dragon statue in the desert
The Broodlands: Explore the dragon statue in the swamp
The Broodlands: Explore the dragon statue near the ice
The Broodlands: Explore the entrance to the temple

Step 1: +835, -1630. Stone name: Earth

After Step 1:

Your task 'Journey of Yar`Lir' has been updated.

After the earth came the fire. It was a symbol of the ferocious power that kept the invaders at bay and the power of the dragons should their fury be stoked. You should continue your journey in her footsteps.

Step 2: -1000, -530. Stone name: Fire

After Step 2:

Your task 'Journey of Yar`Lir' has been updated.

Next came that of the wind. Wind had the power to cover the tracks of time, allowing the dragons to keep the nest in a state of seclusion for many centuries. The path of wind is odd, but it is one you should attempt to follow.

Step 3: -980, +255. Stone name: Wind

After Step 3:

Your task 'Journey of Yar`Lir' has been updated.

Finally, in this first path was that of water. The most common and natural of the elements in Norrath, water was sought after as the giver and keeper of life, even in the most drought-ridden times. Continue down this path towards the water's edge.

Step 4: +435, +1265. Stone name: Water

No text after Step 4.

Step 5: +1205, -1295. Dragon statue.

No text after Step 5.

Step 6: -900, +1600. Swamp dragon statue.

After paying homage to the elements of power which engulfed the lands, she wished to give thanks to the elders who had come to be known as the ancients of the dragons. She walked the path of the dragon statues for those dragons of such great renown that they might be remembered for all time. You should walk the path of the great dragon through each of the three statues.

Step 7: +630, +1475. Ice dragon statue.

Finally she made her way to her current resting place among the Thundercrest Isles above. She made sure the guardians of the temple were in place before embarking, and so it was that she ended her travels within these Broodlands. Follow her path to the end and you shall see.

Step 8: +1530, +135. Stillmoon Temple entrance.

After step 8:

Your task 'Journey of Yar`Lir' has been updated.

The path to Yar`Lir has only just begun. She is one, but she is many to the denizens of these lands. She is one of the most powerful dragons alive and has made her way all over the hidden lands of the Nest and beyond. Should you find additional paths, you may wish to follow them to find out what her purpose, her true power, really is.

You gain experience!!

There are no rewards of any kind for completing this quest, other than familiarizing yourself with the zone.