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Quests for Temple of Droga

Free the Drogan Slaves (Normal): In the Temple of Droga, there are slaves of various races who wish to be set free. Each slave asks for 3 items: drogan restorative, goblin rations, and the master shackle key, which drop off the goblin alchemist, goblin food supplier, and goblin prison warden respectively (all in Droga). They appear to be on 8-hour timers.

After handing these items over to him, it starts the prisoner release ring event. This may be a somewhat tough fight for a single group, but is certainly single groupable. It involves killing off a few waves of goblins that are somewhat tougher than any of the ones otherwise found in Droga (they hit a little harder, mitigate slows, and have about 3 times as much HP). Two named mobs spawn during the event, Assistant Jailor Dravian (hits for 434, has 170k-ish HP) and Jailor Frixok (hits for 565, probably has at least as much HP as Dravian and rampages). Note that the ring event seems to be bugged at the moment, so that the prisoner may be freed even if you don't defeat these named NPCs.

A different slave will spawn to take the freed slave's place.

Known slaves: Pagik Tsissun (iksar male), Gillia Brissok (high elf female), Vaxxim T`Quoren (dark elf male), Asmodin Jru`dac (sarnak), Digmaster Duggert (burynai)

On server reset, Gillia is the slave that spawns. Once Gillia has been freed, Vaxxim spawns in her place.
The sequence is Gillia > Vaxxim > Pagik > Asmodin > Digmaster

You say, 'Hail, Gillia Brissok'

Gillia Brissok says 'Hail friend! Well at least I hope so. I was captured and imprisoned by the goblins while wandering the Frontier Mountains. I need to get back home. Will you help me get back home?'

You say, 'I will help you get back home.'

Gillia Brissok says 'For me to get home to Firiona Vie I will need to get these items to be freed from the goblin's clutches. I will need the master shackle key to free myself from these bonds. Also I will need some goblin rations and a drogan restorative so I have the strength to make the journey. Bring these back and I should be able to escape. Be warned though the goblins are sure to try to prevent my escape.'