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Quests for Swamp of No Hope

Cures (Incomplete): Mystic Dovan spawns in the same place as Captain Nedar (one during the day and one at night) (/loc? which is which?).

You say, 'Hail, Mystic Dovan'

Mystic Dovan shows the signs of a great mystic. You can feel the power resonating from his aura. 'Greetings and may the cursed blessings of Cazic-Thule be yours. What may I do for you this fine evening? Perhaps I can [cure disease] or [heal] you, perhaps even [purge toxins] from your system?'

You say, 'Cure disease.'

On hand-in:

Mystic Dovan grabs from his beltpouch a fine dust and cakes the slimy blood sac with it. He then punctures the sac and smears the blood upon your chest. Your chest tingles. Your fill your lungs and exhale a bitter mist.

Your faction standing with Scaled Mystics got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.

Mystic Dovan says 'Your malady shall dissipate once you deliver to me one giant blood sac.'

You say, 'Heal me.'

Mystic Dovan says 'I can call upon the power of the ancients to mend your wounds if you can deliver to me two brittle Iksar skulls.'

You say, 'Purge toxins.'

Mystic Dovan says 'The toxins shall surely be purged from your system when I have proof of your allegiance to the empire. Let that proof be one goblin watcher signal torch.'

Need loc and missing dialogues on hand-ins.

Dai Key (Unsolved): Froglok Ton Warriors drop the top, middle and bottom portions of the Dai Key, but I don't know what this is for.
Frogloc Tad Tongues (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Captain Nedar'

Captain Nedar says 'Come to serve the garrison? Good. I aim to offer a reward for the return of four froglok tad tongues. Best if we handle the pesky critters before they grow too big and too numerous.'

Upon hand-in:

Captain Nedar says 'There shall be no coins for you until I have four of these.'
Captain Nedar says 'There shall be no coins for you until I have four of these.'
Captain Nedar says 'There shall be no coins for you until I have four of these.'

Captain Nedar says 'Well done. It is good to serve the Warlord. Here is a small reward befitting such a small task.'

Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
Your faction standing with Cabilis Residents got better.
Your faction standing with Scaled Mystics got better.
Your faction standing with Crusaders Of Greenmist got better.
Your faction standing with Swift Tails got better.

You gain experience!!

You receive 7 copper from Captain Nedar.

Need /loc of Captain Nedar.
Key to Charasis (Normal): Dugroz may be found at -250, -1800 in the Swamp of No Hope.

You say, 'Hail, Dugroz'

Dugroz says 'Fffrroaaak!! Go away! I don't want to [work for them] anymore! Go find another slave!'

You say, 'What work for them?'

Dugroz looks relieved and eyes you, considering. Finally, he begins to recant his tale. 'I was once the slave of an important Iksar necromancer. I was his Dugroz, his head slave. One night, I heard two other slaves talking about me. I could barely hear them but what I did hear frightened me. My master was going to use me one last time. He was going to sacrifice me to craft a spell component for one of his most powerful spells. Hearing this, I used my privileges as his head slave and made my [escape].'

You say, 'How did you escape?'

Dugroz says 'As the head slave, I was allowed to move freely throughout my master's compound. I came across one of the slavemasters asleep in his chair and carefully relieved him of his [keys]. Then, quietly, I made my escape.'

You say, 'What keys?'

Dugroz says 'After I escaped, I lost myself in the depths of the swamp. I discarded all the keys but one. I will gladly give it to you if you can do me a [small favor].'

You say, 'What small favor?'

Dugroz blinks his eyes and leans forward. He whispers so quietly you must strain to hear him, 'I have taken up the same magics as my master. I require two components to complete a spell I have been researching for quite some time. The first is a vampire's fang. I have heard tales of a vampire who haunts the ruins of Kaesora. I also need a jade weapon stained by the blood of a chokidai. Look in the Lake of Ill Omen at the sarnak outpost. The leader used to herd chokidai, or so I am told.'

The "vampire's fang" is a Xalgozian Fang, dropped by Xalgoz in the depths of Kaesora. The "jade weapon stained by the blood of a chokidai" is a Jade Chokidai Prod, dropped by the Chancellor of Di`Zok at the back of the Sarnak fort, by the Lake of Ill Omen. Give these two items to Dugroz.

Dugroz says 'My thanks to you, ______, take this key, I know not what door it opens. Now if I can just find that necklace of power that I took from my master's lair!'

You gain experience!!

You receive the Key to Charasis. Once you zone into Charasis (a.k.a. the Howling Stones), it will go on your keyring.

More information needed on the "necklace of power." Reward: Key to Charasis

The Dragon Ring (Normal): This was a Halloween event that ran in October 2002. I'm not sure if it's doable anymore.

Start by killing Ithiosar the Fallen. Then after he dies, a new, tougher dragon will spawn: Ithiosar the Black.

Need additional information on faction hits if any, fight information, how to spawn Ithiosar the Fallen (GM-spawn or player-spawn?), additional rewards, /loc of mobs, etc. Reward: Heart Fury Belt
Reward: Fire Fury Band
Reward: Flertz' Amulet of Flowing Ichor
Reward: Spirit Fury Band
Reward: Dragon Wing Robe
Reward: Horror Fury Girdle
Reward: Seeker Fury Band
Reward: Natures Fury Band
Reward: Battle Fury Band
Reward: Death Fury Band
Reward: Pain Fury Band
Reward: Shadow Fury Band
Reward: Body Fury Belt
Reward: Natures Fury Belt
Reward: Righteous Fury Ring
Reward: Pain Fury Sash
Reward: Cold Fury Sash
Reward: Heart Fury Band
Reward: Fury Protection Ring
Reward: Dragon Tooth Amulet
Reward: Calcified Scale of the Clouded Dragon
Reward: Claw of the Black