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Quests for Stillmoon Temple

Trial of Strength (Normal): The Keeper of Strength may be found on the upper level, in the room furthest to the east and to the north (loc +953, -117, +43).

You say, 'Hail, The Keeper of Strength'

The Keeper of Strength sniffs the air. 'I smell weakness. You may think you are strong to have ventured this far, but we shall see. It is my duty to give the Trial of Strength. Should you find the four scrolls of strength, return them to me and the trial will begin. We will then see how the 'heroes' fare.'

In an upstairs room (take the first right after the staircase), you will find "a sturdy chest". In the chest, you will find four scrolls: Scroll of the Boar, Scroll of the Dragon, Scroll of the Ox, and Scroll of the Tiger. Bring these back to The Keeper of Strength.

The Keeper of Strength says, 'You may now proceed to the Test of Strength if you feel you are ready. Find the Spirit Keeper in the room where the Council of Five used to draw their battle plans.'

He despawns, and "a Spirit Keeper" spawns in an upstairs room (the first left after the staircase).

You say, 'Hail, a Spirit Keeper'

a Spirit Keeper says 'You have found the four scrolls of strength and wish to begin the Trial of Strength? So be it. Long ago, a council of five warriors protected this temple from those that would harm it. However, one day they were bested in battle and were destroyed. This monument behind me is all that remains to remind the temple inhabitants of their deeds. However, the spirits of the fallen warriors long to do battle again. If you believe you are [worthy], I will raise them from the dead so that you may begin the Trial of Strength.'

You say, 'I am worthy.'

a Spirit Keeper says 'Rise, warriors of the past! Experience the glory of combat once more!'

Five of "An Ancient Protector" will spawn on top of the person who hailed the Spirit Keeper. They are level 70, are undead, flurry a lot, are immune to root/snare/mez/stun, are partially slowable, and hit for 1k max.

"a stillmoon treasure chest" spawns, it may contain:

Akiar's Belt of Fortune
Eye of the Kirin
Helm of Battle Meditation
Reward: Helm of Battle Meditation
Reward: Eye of the Kirin
Reward: Akiar's Belt of Fortune