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Quests for Steamfont Mountains

Pristine Ore Samples (Normal): This quest starts in Steamfont at -1935, +1395, +105 with Metallurgist Mirakzin, a gnome who wanders from the entrance to Ak'Anon out around the kobold camps north of the druid rings.

You say 'Hail, Metallurgist Mirakzin'

Metallurgist Mirakzin says 'Quickly! I need your [help]!'

You say, 'What help?'

Metallurgist Mirakzin says 'I just received a sample of a new ore mined by the pirates of Broken Skull Rock. Unfortunately, it is not pure enough to conduct the needed experiments. I need several Pristine Ore Samples from within the mines. Are you willing to help me in return for a [favor]?'

You say, 'I will do you a favor.'

Metallurgist Mirakzin says 'Bah! Don't worry. You'll be rewarded well. Take this Sealed Sack and get three samples. Make sure to combine them. I wouldn't want the samples to oxidize like the last ones.'

At this point he hands you a 4-slot sack. You must go to the Torgiran Mines, obtain three Pristine Ore Samples, and combine them in this sack. The result is a Sealed Ore Sack that you return to Mirakzin.

Metallurgist Mirakzin says 'Hmm. It LOOKS like the samples survived. I will, however, have to test them. But you've done well I suppose. Here. Take this as payment.'

Returning the samples will get you the reward of a 5-charge Mana Shield potion, called Encased Mnemonic Vapor. There are no faction hits or experience associated with the quest. Reward: Encased Mnemonic Vapor

The Telescope (Removed): Brona Frugrin can be found in a small house in the North-Northeast section of Steamfont Mountains, past the windmills. Location 1583, -256.

You say, 'Hail, Brona Frugrin'

Brona Frugrin says, 'Well met, Bobbybick! What brings you out this way? Are you interested in becoming an observer? No, you look like the adventuring type. The wilds of the Steamfont Mountains is as far as my body goes. But through my [duties] as an observer, my mind travels the cosmos.

Indifferent or better faction is required to receive further prompts.

You say, 'duties'

Brona Frugrin says, 'Well, I am quite an accomplished enchanter but most of my time now is spent crafting the magical lenses that enable us to see beyond the ceiling of Norrath and into other realms and dimensions. Say, in your travels have you encountered any [evil eyes]?'

You say, 'evil eyes'

Brona Frugrin says, 'Evil eyes are dangerous creatures of great magical power. You will know one if you see one. There is a rumor that somewhere on Antonica there lives a powerful evil eye by the name of Borxx. I believe that with the lens from her eye and some expert tinkering, I could create a device that will enable me to observe the gods themselves in their native planes. If you were to bring me this lens, the Eldritch Collective would reward you greatly.'

Borxx was a level 30 Evil Eye that could be found inside of Runnyeye. She was killed when Lord Pickclaw took over Runnyeye from the former inhabitants and was believed to be replaced by the "evil eye prisoners" which can be found in a small pool on the lower levels.

Per a post by game dev Prathun back in 2001:
Quote: "Borxx died in the fighting to reclaim Runnyeye, but her quest items can still be found in the zone."

At this time the quest is believed to no longer work unless there is some alternative method to obtaining the "Evil Eye Lens" or some method to spawning Borxx. Evil Eye Prisoners don't appear to actually drop the Lens unless it is an ultra-rare drop

Turnin Dialogue Needed.

You Receive: Staff of the Observers Reward: Staff of the Observers