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Quests for Skyfire Mountains

New Key to Veeshan's Peak (Normal): Enrid Ebonclaw is a named drake found to the left of the entrance to Veeshan's Peak, at +2365, +3720. He is surrounded by Servants of the Peak (hard-hitting wyverns) that are social and KoS, and one of whom can see through invisibility and Shroud of Stealth. Once the wyverns are cleared:

You say, 'Hail, Enrid Ebonclaw'

Enrid Ebonclaw says 'Thank you for coming to my aid, though I'm sure I could have made it alive. I'm smarter than most would admit. I even committed a crime against my master by questioning one of his motives and the punishment for that is death. Yet, here I stand! Those wyverns have kept me asleep and were trying to turn me to ash. Since you are here, I will finish what I started. I have a secret so magnificent and so powerful that the Ring of Scale will be extremely angry with me. I will exact my revenge! Now, would you [like to know] how to overcome the wards on the passage to Veeshan's Peak?'

You say, 'I would like to know.'

Enrid Ebonclaw says 'You adventurers are all alike. The dragons erected a new ward on the door to only allow the Ring of Scale and its followers entry. They changed it because of greedy adventurers like you! As a servant to the Ring of Scale, I learned how to create a cipher to enter the peak -- one that overcomes the new ward that was erected. This cipher requires the original key or the essence of the original key. The original key was very magical and powerful, for it encompassed the strength of this continent. If you have the original key, you will need to modify it by combining it with this powerless cipher and the blood of a brood dragon. If you do not have the original key, however, you will need to capture the strength of this continent, the essence of the original key. [continue]'

You receive a Drained Cipher of Veeshan, a 4-slot GIANT container.

You say, 'Continue.'

Enrid Ebonclaw says 'Combine the three major essences with that same dragon blood inside the powerless cipher to create the Cipher of Veeshan, your means of entering the peak. Also, you may have the original key's essence bound to your soul, so let me know if you would like me to [recreate the key].'

You say, 'Recreate the key.'

If you do not have the old key either on your /keyring or in your possession, you see this:

Enrid Ebonclaw searches deeply into your soul and says, 'I am sorry mortal, I cannot recreate the key at this time.'

If you do have the old key on your /keyring, you see this instead:

Enrid Ebonclaw searches deeply into your soul and as a spell is cast on you, it says 'Here mortal, here is the physical manifestation of your key. Create the new cipher and exact revenge for me!'

You receive a new Key of Veeshan.

Now go assemble a raid force and find Dry Sapara, a red-con indifferent dragon guarding the entrance to Veeshan's Peak.

You say, 'Hail, Dry Sapara'

Dry Sapara says 'What brings you here mortal? I am the new guardian of Veeshan's Peak and I will not allow you to pass. And even if I did, the ward on the door will not allow you to pass. Though, you do seem like the resourceful type and I do have something that I need researched. Would you be [willing to do a task] for me?'

You say, 'I am willing to do a task'

Dry Sapara says 'Very well. Veeshan's Peak is a very old sanctuary of the Ring of Scale. This monument has been here longer than you and I have lived and will remain here past you and your lifetime. There is very little known about the monument itself though. I've been told that Veeshan's Peak was created by a powerful dragon, one who followed Jaled Dar. His name was Suled Dar and he created this place by forging the magma and stone with his will. It was said that Suled Dar fought alongside Jaled Dar against the iksars and fell to their ruler. It was also said that through his strength of mind and skill with magic, he destroyed one of the greatest iksar outposts by shaking the ground and creating a pit that swallowed the outpost whole. That type of magic is unimaginable these days, yet I yearn for that knowledge -- the power to shape a structure with my own mind out of the earth. [continue]'

You say, 'continue'

Dry Sapara says 'It was said that when Suled Dar was slain, he wasn't laid to rest in the Necropolis like other dragons. He chose to be buried here, in the Skyfire Mountains where he built his masterpiece. He created four globes here in the mountains, which I do not know the function for, though I have studied them intensely. They have a mystical power that I'm not certain of, but I have my own beliefs about them. Here is what I would like you to do . . . I would like you to gather a small force and activate the four globes. I will try to cast a spell that fills the globes with energy and we will try to figure out this mystery. Come back to me when you are [ready] and we will begin this experiment.'

You say, 'I am ready.'

Dry Sapara says, 'Very well. You and your companions need to activate the globes while I attempt to channel energy into them. Go and do this now.'

There are four dragon orbs located around Skyfire, at -2165, -3550; -3275, +2765; +3015, -3335; +2360, +2970 (top of Veeshan's Peak). Send four people off to click each one simultaneously. You have some time to do the clicks so the timing doesn't have to be perfect

Dry Sapara shouts, 'The globes are absorbing my energy! I do not know what will happen next, so be prepared!'

As the energy pours into the globes, a flash of light occurs. There is now a beam of light pointing to the center of this mountain range. You should investigate.

Suled Dar's Shade says 'You have awakened something which you should not have, fool!'

You have spawned Suled Dar's Shade. It sees through invisibility and Shroud of Stealth, casts Infinite Mass, Shock Breath, and Wave of Force (a powerful knockback), hits for around 2400 and AE rampages. Once it's dead, you loot A Worn and Ancient Book from six of "an ancient chest" that spawn (a la Lost Dungeons adventures). Give the book to Dry Sapara:

Dry Sapara intensely stares at the book and says 'This tome will teach me much of this ancient place. Now, I am in your debt. What is it that you want from me?' Dry Sapara then invades your mind and says, 'Ah yes, you want a portion of my blood. Fine Outlander, take it and leave me to read this ancient book.'

You receive some Brood Dragon Blood. Combine this in your Drained Cipher of Veeshan with either the Key to Veeshan or all three of Essence of Howling Stones (dropped from random mobs in the east and south wings in Charasis, a.k.a. Howling Stones), Essence of Chardok (dropped by Echo of Chardok in Chardok), and Essence of Old Sebilis (dropped by Echo of Sebilis in Old Sebilis) to craft a Cipher of Veeshan, which is both an augmentation and the new key to Veeshan's Peak. Once you enter Veeshan's Peak, it will be added to your /keyring. Keyring text: Cipher of Veeshan. Note: the Cipher made with the old key is +30 to HP/MANA/END, while the one made with the essences is +15 to these stats. Reward: Cipher of Veeshan
Reward: Cipher of Veeshan