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Quests for Ruins of Takish-Hiz

A Shiv in the Ribs (Normal): This task begins with Lilthill`yan`s Ghost which may be found at -545, -365 in the Elddar Forest.

Dialogues needed.

You have been assigned the task 'A Shiv in the Ribs'.

Through the ghost's forceful presence you learn that Lilthill'yan was killed by a conspiracy of the old Takish chancellors, chancellors who were in league with the insurgents of Ro. It is too late to undo the death sentence the chancellors have placed on Lilthill'yan's head, but you may still avenge his ghost.

Find the treacherous chancellors in Old Takish and avenge Lilthill'yan's Ghost!

Kill Chancellor Do'mare 0/1 (Elddar Forest)

Kill Chancellor Rokhoi 0/1 (Elddar Forest)

Kill Chancellor Deradan 0/1 (Elddar Forest)

Kill Chancellor Erad 0/1 (Elddar Forest)

Kill Chancellor Oromaun 0/1 (Elddar Forest)

All five Chancellors are located on a platform at the top of one of the towers in the bluilding to the south of the zone. Approximate location is -521, -271, 230 (location is on a ramp that is close to the platform - any closer and they may aggro). The rest of the elves in the city are indifferent. Note the elevation in the location, as the building has about three stories to it.

They are fairly close to each other, so it looks like either a 5-pull, split job, or CC/enchanter job.

? ? ?

Last step? Any closing dialogues?

Melees: Etched Glass Ring
Casters: Gemmed Hoop of the Ruins Reward: Gemmed Hoop of the Ruins
Reward: Etched Glass Ring

The Chalice of Life (Normal): This is a solo task with unlimited time to complete. Lilthill`yan`s Ghost may be found at -545, -365.

You say, 'Hail, Lilthill`yan`s Ghost'

The ghost stares off in the distance, lost in thought. Finally, it speaks, 'Many were the [mistakes] of the past.'

You say, 'What mistakes?'

The ghost watches you for a moment and then looks away, lost in its lamentations. You are filled with a sudden and overwhelming sadness, as though the spirit's thoughts are seeping into your own.

You have been assigned the task 'The Chalice of Life'.

Return the Lifestone of Autumn to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost - Ruins of Takish-Hiz
Return the Lifestone of Winter to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost - Ruins of Takish-Hiz
Return the Lifestone of Spring to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost - Ruins of Takish-Hiz
Return the Lifestone of Summer to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost - Ruins of Takish-Hiz

Before the fall of Old Takish, the elves gathered to protect the sacred artifact known as the chalice of Life. Knowing that the Chalice would fall into the hands of the advancing giants, the protectors removed the four life stones and entrusted them into the hands of the Lifestone Guardians, mindless constructs desgined to defend the city. This proved to be a mistake as the Chalice of Life was much needed during the final hours of Old Takish as the city was enveloped by the Desert of Ro.

The Chalice of Life must be reassembled. Its unique power was not meant to be locked away below the earth, held in the hands of unliving golems.

You have to run around and kill four named mobs (which summon) and loot the following items:

  • Lifestone Guardian of Spring - Lifestone of Spring (He paths between the stone structure at +270, -890, and walks south to the round-shaped building toward the hill, at -255, -680.)

  • Lifestone Guardian of Summer - Lifestone of Summer (He paths near Lilthill`yan`s Ghost at -485, -555 east, pulls a U-turn, then paths toward the skeletons at in the stone structures north of his previous location, then hugs a building, ending up at -235, -585.)

  • Lifestone Guardian of Autumn - Lifestone of Autumn (He paths from near Lilthill`yan`s Ghost at around -500, -485, following the bottom of the hill toward a building, stopping at -155, -95.)

  • Lifestone Guardian of Winter - Lifestone of Winter (He paths between the building with the jeweled mobs in it northwest of zone-in and travels southwest, ending between a rock and a stone structure. The endpoints of his path are +305, -430 and +160, -210, respectively.)

All four items are NO TRADE. You don't have to have the task to loot them, merely to turn them back into the ghost for a reward. Once you turn in all four pieces:

The Chalice of Life has been reforged!

You have been given: Jeweled Belt of the Lost (caster/priest reward)

-- or --

You have been given: Glittering Cloak of the Ruins (melee/hybrid reward)

You also receive your level 55 class-specific Aura spell:

Bard: Spell: Aura of Insight
Beastlord: You'll get nothing and like it!
Berserker: Tome of Aura of Rage
Cleric: Spell: Aura of the Zealot
Druid: Spell: Aura of the Grove
Enchanter: Spell: Beguiler's Aura
Magician: Spell: Earthen Strength
Monk: Tome of Disciples Aura
Necromancer: Spell: Dark Rune
Paladin: Spell: Holy Aura
Ranger: You'll get nothing and like it!
Rogue: Tome of Poison Spurs
Shadowknight: You'll get nothing and like it!
Shaman: Spell: Idol of Malo
Warrior: Tome of Myrmidon's Aura
Wizard: Spell: Fire Mark

Need task stage(s) and description(s); fight info, level, faction hits if any, and /loc for quest mobs. Reward: Jeweled Belt of the Lost
Reward: Spell: Aura of Insight
Reward: Spell: Holy Aura
Reward: Spell: Aura of the Zealot
Reward: Spell: Aura of the Grove
Reward: Glittering Cloak of the Ruins
Reward: Spell: Beguiler's Aura
Reward: Tome of Myrmidon's Aura
Reward: Spell: Earthen Strength
Reward: Tome of Poison Spurs
Reward: Spell: Idol of Malo
Reward: Spell: Fire Mark
Reward: Spell: Dark Rune
Reward: Tome of Disciples Aura
Reward: Tome of Aura of Rage