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Quests for Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole)

Berserker Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest (Normal): This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you don't have the Kerasian Axe of Ire (berserker epic 1.0).

Julei Direaxe may be found in the Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole) (location needed). Make sure to clear the area near her before hailing, as she instantly begins the script.

You say, 'Hail, Julei Direaxe'

Julei Direaxe says 'I do not have time to talk now, I am on a task of the utmost urgency! I must strike now while this rage boils within me!'

She runs around for a while attacking any NPC in sight. Keep her alive.

Julei Direaxe sits down and rests a bit. 'It's a good thing you came by, that might have been disastrous.'

Julei Direaxe lunges at you fiercely, stopping a hair's breadth from your shoulder. 'You might want to learn not to disturb someone in the heat of battle like that; it could prove to be a mistake someday. Are you here to learn how to wake the spirit of rage that lies dormant within you?'

You say, 'I am here to learn how to wake the spirit of rage.'

Julei Direaxe says 'You must call upon your strength of will to learn how to fully wake the spirit of rage that dwells deep within you. In order to begin the process of focusing and ultimately learning to control your rage, you must let it flow fully and unbridled. To accomplish this, you must go out in search of a long-standing enemy, confront them face to face, and do not hold back the fury that will well up inside you.'

You say, 'What long-standing enemy?'

Julei Direaxe says 'I cannot tell you who your enemies are, but I will leave you with this useful bit of information. Search deep within yourself, find someone who has wronged you in the past, someone who you have not forgotten nor forgiven of past transgressions. Perhaps it was a city guard that forced you out of a city prematurely, or a merchant who wouldn't sell you some goods because he didn't like you, it is a member of the leadership of your own town. Only you know the answer to this.'

From here, head to the berserker guildmaster in your starting city. Hail whomever that is (they won't respond), then kill an NPC to see a red emote, and then kill the same NPC again to see a second red emote (this may be a guard in the do you know who to kill? can it be any NPC?).

Barbarian : ???
Dwarf : guildmaster is Dravel Axesmasher in North Kaladim, NPC is Goriba Thurgorson.
Ogre : ???
Vah Shir : ???

Hail your guildmaster and say "I am ready to learn" or "I am ready" (some Races like Barbs use this text). Go to the Hole and kill Lamenting Spirit. Then return to your guildmaster and hail him. Say "I have learned to focus my anger" and then "I am willing". Go to Hate's Fury and kill the Broken Skull Armsmaster making sure you get the kill shot. Loot the Fine Steel Net from him and turn it in to your guildmaster.

You're now done the pre-quest.

In Detail (using a troll berserker after speaking with Julei Direaxe)

Head to Grobb, find and hail Daboo Dogak (he won't respond), and kill Basher Nanrum at -9.30, -61.69, 6.23 (from zone in, stay along right wall into a little nook just to the east of zone in).

Upon killing Basher Nanrum the first time you get the following red text:

You feel the rage well up deep inside you. Within moments, your mind becomes cloudy, your judgement impaired, and your actions more fierce with each swing.

Upon killing Basher Nanrum a second time:

The rage begins to subside, your thoughts returning to you, and the realization of your actions sets in.

See the Berserker Guildmaster Daboo Dogak.

You say, 'Hail, Daboo Dogak'

Daboo Dogak glances at you briefly, snorts, and begins to pick his teeth. 'Hurmph. What we got here?' He chortles, 'You looks like yous been talking to de Julei. Me see da hatred and fire in yous eyes. Good! Methinks yous ready to learn to focus yous anger. Yous will see how dis helps us to smash enemies.'

You say, 'I am ready to learn'

Daboo Dogak nods his head vigorously, slobber flying in all directions. 'Just as me thought. Da anger yous feel makes yous powerful but yous need to learn to be smart and control it. It bad if yous no control it. Cause all kinds of trouble. Listen to what me say because I am smart and you dumb. Me give you lesson. Go to ruins in Paineel. Find lamenting spirit dat has some sorrow shades wit him. Daboo be watchin' so be sure and not try to cheat wit help from yur friends too much! Make sure yous kill spirit first. Come back when you done wit dis.'

Head to the Hole and kill Lamenting Spirit. You can find the spirit in the northwest corner of the zone -- in the castle up a few floors.

It is fairly safe (one mob) at 967, 522. The lamenting spirit is two rooms to the south from this spot. You can single pull the templebound spirits surrounding it without fd/fade/etc...

You have slain Lamenting Spirit!

Return to Grobb and talk to Dogak.

You say, 'Hail, Daboo Dogak'

Daboo Dogak seems visibly annoyed to see you again. 'Wat yous do back here so soon? Me told yous to kill stupid spirit!' He looks at you a bit longer and notices the dust of the ruins draped upon your matted hair, 'ah! Yous killed him! Yous not so dumb after all! Good! Good! But me wants to know if youse learned to focus youse anger?

You say, 'I have learned to focus my anger'

Daboo Dogak says 'Gud! Gud! Yuz ready for next lesson. Too bad I gots stuff to do now. Hmm. . .maybe I gets youse to do something for me. Yes?'

You say, 'I am willing'

Daboo Dogak says 'Go to Hate's Fury and gets me a Fine Steel Net dats me needs. Me smart but not know where it is. Youse go find it and bring to me. Be smart like me and remember the lesson me just taught youse. If youse fail you dumb for sure so use speshul abilities when time is not when time is not. Daboo not remember if he told youse not cheat but Daboo tell youse now. . .don't cheat wit too much help from dum friends!'

Head to Hate's Fury and find the Broken Skull Armsmaster who spawns in a back room (loc +890, +103, -604) near a stump with an axe in it. It has a PH and is a semi-rare spawn.

Watch his emotes closely because at approximately 15 to 20% you will receive a emote in white saying "You sense a opening as so and so fatigues" (or something along those lines). At this point hit Warcry. It must be warcry and not its upgrades or he will not drop the item.

Loot the Fine Steel Net from his corpse and take it to the berserker guildmaster in your home city.


(Using a Barbarian)

  • Talk to Shanis Macdarren in Halas.

    He is located at (565, 328, 7.03) in Halas.

    You say, 'Hail, Shanis Macdarren'

    Shanis MacDarren stares long and deep at you as if trying to see beyond your mortal frame. ‘And what do we have here? From the looks of you, I’d say you’re a berserker who’s been talking with Julei. Judging by the hatred and fire in your eyes, I can see that you are ready to master the techniques required to focus your energy, and to see what that can do to aid you in your battles against your enemies…enemies that shall not sleep till they have cleaved the breath of life from your body.’

    You say ‘I am ready to master the techniques’

    Shanis MacDarren nods. ‘Just as I thought… The raw, unbridled fury that burns within you is a powerful and deadly tool that you have at your disposal. If not brought under control, it can scorch everything in its path including you. To control this rage is the task that you seek, and the task that you shall receive. Take heed to my words and listen carefully, for I will only describe this process once. Deep within the recesses of the Ruins of Old Paineel, you will find a lamenting spirit who carries with him a pair of sorrow shades. This spirit is the cause of much woe in the area and indeed will not let the other spirits achieve the peace they seek. You must focus your efforts upon this lamenting spirit ignoring all else till he is destroyed. Yet be aware that for you to succeed you must not let your friends interfere too much for their aid could rob you of this lesson. When you have mastered this technique you will be ready to return to me for the next step in your training.’

  • Kill Hoyce that stands next to Shanis Macdarren.

    Wait 10 minutes for Hoyce to respawn.

  • Kill Hoyce again.

  • Go to The Hole and kill Lamenting Spirit.

  • Speak to Shanis Macdarren in Halas

    Hail Guildmaster.

    Shanis MacDarren appears a bit surprised at your return. ‘I had not expected you to return to me quite so soon, yet here you are, but the true question is, have you learned to focus your fury?’

    Say ‘I have learned to focus my fury.’

    Shanis MacDarren one again gives you a steeled gaze that pierces your soul, ‘Your progress has been astonishing and I believe you are indeed ready for the next stage of your training. However a few matters of urgency have come up in the past few days that I must attend to. Unfortunately, this creates a problem with some duties that I was going to attend to. It is not my intent to entrust you a task that you cannot handle, but I feel you to be a very competent young berserker who is ready to proceed with this duty.’

    Say ‘I am ready to proceed with this duty’

    Shanis MacDarren says, ‘I was due to travel to Hate’s Fury to retrieve a Fine Steel Net from the area, unfortunately that is all the information I have. The item I seek could be anywhere, from one of the local Luggalds to lying around the boat somewhere. I have the feeling that to retrieve this item for me will push you to the limits of your abilities, and even in some respects, far past them. While searching for this item you must remember the lessons you have just learned about controlling your fury, knowing when to use your abilities and when not to. As with the previous lesson, you must be careful not to let your friends intervene too much for this is a journey you must take to become a true Berserker.’

    Red emote 1:
    You feel the rage well up deep inside of you. Within moments, your mind becomes cloudy, your judgement impaired, and your actions more fierce with each swing.

    Red emote 2:
    The rage begins to subside, your thoughts returning to you, and the realization of your actions sets in.

  • Travel to Hate’s Fury. Go down ladder A and go south to room where Axe is in the Stump.

    Attack Broken Skull Armsmaster to under 30%. You get emote. Hit War Cry ability and finish him off.

    Receive Fine Steel Net

  • Take back to Fine Steel Net to Shanis MacDarren in Halas

    Upon hand in:

    Shanis MacDarren nods approvingly. ‘By the Beard of Mithaniel that was fast! I fear to see what remains of those that dared to stand in your way. Alas I am still burdened by more pressing issues as rumors have begun about the beating of the drums of war. I fear that war comes to past then all of Norrath itself may be in peril. Yet you came here to learn, not to be bothered by the wild gossip of old women. Seek out Keras Mcarik near the Lake of Ill Omen. He can guide you onto the next step of your journey. But before you go, hold dearly to this. As you have been treading the path of Berserker, so too have I been with you. This Soul Gem contains a portion of your recent travails so be sure to show this to Keras so he may continue your lessons. Good luck to you!’

    Receive Raging Soul Shard (No Trade).


    After Julei Direaxe's portion in The Hole, hailing the Berserker Guildmaster in Shar Vahl, Vrasha Piennsa, provided no dialogue. I proceeded to kill Taruun Arok as mentioned in the comments for the red emotes. Taruun Arok was a respawn that was just shy of 5 minutes.

    1st Red Emote after first Taruun Arok kill: You feel the rage well up deep inside you. Within moments, your mind becomes cloudy, your judgment impaired, and your actions more fierce with each swing.

    2nd Red Emote after second Taruun Arok kill: The rage begins to subside, your thoughts returning to you, and the realization of your actions sets in.

    Vah Shir quest text after the 2nd red emote:

    You say, 'Hail, Vrasha Piennsa'

    Vrasha Piennsa glances at you briefly, pupils fully dilated. 'Hmm...what do we have here? From the looks of you, I'd say you're a berserker looking to be set onto the true path. Spoken to Julei have we? Hmm, yes, I'd definitely say so. That fire I see in your eyes surely burns hot and true but it's awfully unstable is it not? Why I dare say that you fight ceaselessly against the flames that threaten to consume you. Even now I can see the smoldering embers of hate, the desire welling up, crying out to lash out at your enemies. Indeed, I can see that you are in dire need to learn the knowledge to focus your rage, to contain it, to control master it.'

    You say, 'i need to learn'

    Vrasha Piennsa nods and begins to purr softly. 'Yes, you know I speak the truth. The desperation in your eyes is almost enough to quench the anger within. Very well, I will set you upon the path you urgently seek. The fury within you is truly a mighty instrument when set against your enemies. Yet as you no doubt know, allowed to rage uncontained, your fury can set ablaze even yourself. To control this rage is part of the path you seek, and the path you shall be set upon. Take heed to my words and listen carefully, for I only once will I describe this charge. Deep within the recesses of the Ruins of Old Paineel will you find a lamenting spirit that has viciously bound two shades of sorrow to him. Focus your rage first, solely upon this spirit so that his evil deeds should come to an end yet take heed that too much aid from your friends does not sway you from your path. With the mastery of this technique you will be ready to return to me for the next step on your path to becoming a true Berserker.'

    Kill shot on Lamenting Spirit by Berserker yields a new red emote:

    You experience the familiar feeling of the rage subsiding and your impulses returning to normal, though the feelings seem to have calmed down much quicker than usual.

    Return to Vrasha Piennsa:

    You say, 'Hail, Vrasha Piennsa'

    Vrasha Piennsa gives you what can only be described as quizzical yet somewhat bemused look. 'Destroyed the lamenting spirit already, have we? Were it not for the pounding beat of your heart and the flash of steel in your eyes I would not believe it. Yet the true question remains, have you learned how to focus your rage?'

    You say, 'i have learned to focus my rage'

    Vrasha Piennsa says, 'Truly your desire to quell the fires within have driven you to succeed as quickly as you did! Nonetheless you have achieved the task I put across your path. Alas, were it not for a bevy of vital matters that I must attend to, I would put you on the next step of your teachings. Yet perhaps there is a task you may accomplish for me if you are willing.'

    You say, 'i am willing'

    Vrasha Piennsa says, 'I was due to travel to Hate's Fury to retrieve a Fine Steel Net from the area. A stroke of bad luck, no doubt, but I have no further information as to its whereabouts. It could be anywhere, from one of the local Luggalds to lying around in a dusty corner, long forgotten. I have the feeling that to retrieve this item for me will push you to the limits of your abilities, and even in some respects, far beyond them. You may again seek aid from your friends but you must be careful that it does not sway you from your path. While searching for this item you must remember the lessons you have just learned about controlling your fury...using your abilities when the time is proper. Forget this and you will surely fail to contain the fire that burns within.'

    Emote during Broken Skull Armsmaster occurred around the 20% mark:

    Broken Skull Armsmaster shows signs of fatigue, leaving critical areas of his torso open to attack. The cries of war, battle, and chaos fill your mind, your rage wells up, you feel ready to unleash the cries of war, battle, and chaos.

    Used Warcry (Lvl. 50):

    Broken Skull Armsmaster falls victim to the berserkers cries of war, battle, and chaos.

    Net appeared on my cursor like others reported.

    Final hail and turn in:

    Hail is unnecessary as it cycles you back to the dialogue for the Lamenting Spirit. Turned the Net in after this, and there was no issue.

    Vrasha Piennsa smiles widely revealing her sharpened canines. 'Very good, very good indeed. The potential within you burns even brighter than the fires of wrath. Yet I am still troubled by other needs more pressing. Dangerous forces are at work now, marshalling their power and preparing to strike. The tides of war are fast rising and I am needed here. Yet there is another that can continue to guide you. Seek out Keras McArik near the Lake of Ill Omen. He can continue to guide you to your true potential. But before you go, take this and tell no one of it but him. It contains the essence of all your previous triumphs and surely your enemies are searching for it this very moment. Only he will know when the time comes what to do with it.'

    Received: Raging Soul Shard
    Enchanter Epic: Test of the Phantasm (Archive) (Normal): This is part of an older writeup for the Enchanter Epic 1.0 . For the latest writeup please visit This Link

    Jem Lumsed has you searching the world for the masters of Enchanter Disciplines. Polzin Mrid is (err... was) the master of Phantasm.

    The items he needs require large groups to obtain.

    You: 'Hail Polzin Mrid!'
    Polzin Mrid: 'Yes, young one?

    You give Polzin Mrid Jeb's Seal.
    Polzin Mrid: 'Jeb has spoken with you already, excellent. Tell me are you ready for the test of the phantasm?
    You receive Jeb's Seal back.

    You: 'I am ready for the test of the phantasm'
    Polzin Mrid: 'It will be simple, go collect these items and return them to me. Head of a serpent, essence of a ghost, essence of a vampire, and sands of the mystics. Do so and you will receive the last of the pieces. Be sure to combine them in a sack first. Just ask and I will provide you with one.

    You: 'What is the head of a serpent?'
    Polzin Mrid: 'Serpent is probably not an accurate term form what you must return to me. It is actaully the reminants of a spirit. The spirit is one which was erradicated long long ago by the Iksar. I believe they were called the Shissar. You may need to travel to the Iksar city to learn more about these creatures.

    The Wraith of the Shissir spawns in the plane of Fear. It seems to live near the temple, and will appear randomly, every three days or so.

    You: 'What is the essence of a ghost?'
    Polzin Mrid: 'You don't have to look for to find roaming spirits. One in particular though has more meaning then the other sorry souls trapped here. You see, Kindle was a dear friend of mine. I came in search of him when he stopped writing. Wel....look at me now. I fear that I have succumbed to the same fate as poor Kindle.

    Kinde's Ghost can be found deep, deep in the Hole Loc -77, 174, -304 .

    You: 'What is the essence of a vampire?'
    Polzin Mrid: 'The essence of a vampire is just that. Only the most powerful of these creatures will possess what you need.

    Forsaken Revenants, both male and female can drop the Essense, though it is very rare.

    You: 'What sands of the mystic?'
    Polzin Mrid: 'They are sands that were imbued with the magical might of the mystics. Mystics use a ritual involving their own blood to create a powerful bond with the sand. One will need to search the shores.

    The Tangrin is found in the Field of Bone. Bump the Magic resist before fighting him.

    All four pieces need to be combined in the sack which Polzin provides.
    Reactivate the Portals (Normal): If you are not an INT caster, you will need the help of one with high Research skill to finish this quest.

    Protector of the Ruins is located behind a locked door at +47.00, +346.00, -385.72.

    You say, 'Hail, Protector of the Ruins'

    Protector of the Ruins says 'Greetings traveler, it has been ages since I have seen another living person. I have spent many years down here trying to perfect an ancient spell discovered long ago. While the history of this place is still told throughout Norrath, only those who live here know what really went on when the heretics moved down here. . . [Continue]?'

    You say, 'What portals?'

    Protector of the Ruins says 'If I remember correctly, the portal to my right will lead to New Paineel, the current home of the heretics. The one to my left it will lead to the prison in Erudin. The third one behind me leads to the home of the dark elves.'

    All of the pages are NO DROP, so make sure the INT caster collects them. Most of the pages are either random drops from named mobs or are ground spawn in the Ruins of Old Paineel. Obtaining page 38, however, requires going on a journey. Your journey begins by speaking to Pellillo Cogswin, a gnome who, with his brothers, got a bit over his head (as if that were difficult) in the Ruins of Old Paineel.

    Page 20 -14.58, -107.32, -273.764
    Page 36 110, 1000
    Page 52 750, 600
    Ancient_Book_Cover 445, -355, -11

    A tracker is needed to find the "mini" named "old" / "ancient" gargoyles and constructs (pages 20-23 and 35-38). They can spawn from any broken/ruined garg or construct.

    The researcher is easier as it is in one building/area (Pages 50-53) -- it spawns only from temple "ghosts" - one is always one up after each clearing.

    The drops for each mini are random (about 1 in 3 drop a page) - you can get no pages or a duplicate page a lot!

    You say, 'Hail, Pellillo Cogswin'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'What how did you see me? Never mind I guess it doesn't matter at this point. Our [goal] has become unattainable.'

    You say, 'What goal?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'When my younger brother heard that something had happened here in these ruins he went looking for fortune and glory with a [party] made up of old friends.'

    You say, 'What party?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'As far as I know they are all treasure seekers and explorers like him, but his fate has become less of a priority to me as my attention has been placed on my other [brothers] that accompanied me here.'

    You say, 'What brothers?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'Well to make a long story short, my other brothers and I tracked the party here, but when we found that disenchanted earth elemental we all stopped to investigate. What we found was quite extraordinary. A piece of [paper] that looked like it had been ripped from a journal was clenched in the hand of this elemental.'

    You say, 'What paper?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'The paper detailed an ancient magic spell that we believe is responsible for the constructs that recently inhabited these ruins. Now gnomes being gnomes we all begin to wonder if we could decipher the ancient text the spell was written in and use the spell for the greater good of our kind. But then I begin to have a [doubt].'

    You say, 'What doubt?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'Well after thinking about it a little I realized that there must be a reason why this magic had not been found. Many have passed through these ruins and this had never been discovered by anyone. It must have been hidden for a reason and as such I told my brothers that we should leave it here as it could bring more bad then good. That's when something [happened] I was not prepared for.'

    You say, 'What happened?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'One of them, Stiggles, turned to me and told me to shut my trap. The other, Tani turned to him and demanded that he give him the paper. They begin to argue back and forth and then a small scuffle broke out between the two. I tried to break it up, but before I could I heard the paper rip in two. Standing across from each other with a torn piece of paper in their hands they looked at me and gated home leaving me here in danger and very [worried].'

    You say, 'Worried?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'This power cannot be given to my kin. It is dangerous and I must figure out how to get those pieces back. . . Hey you seem pretty interested in this to have listened so long. You think you could do me a [favor]?'

    You say, 'What favor?'

    Pellillo Cogswin says 'Find my brothers and when you do give them each a note I have written for them. Hopefully it will help them understand why the information contained on that piece of paper must be kept here. Finding them will not be easy but I can tell you that Stiggles use to spend a lot of his time alone in a dragon graveyard inhabited by phase spiders. Tani may be near the home of the Sarnaks, he was looking into some intriguing discovery around there before he decided to accompany me here. They should give you the piece they have and then I will need you to bring them back here to me so I can fix this mess.'

    You receive a Note to Tani and a Note to Stiggle. Tani Cogswin may be found in Chardok at +40, +40 in the safe room next to the Bridgekeeper area.

    You say, 'Hail, Tani Cogswin'

    Tani Cogswin says 'Please leave me be if they catch me talking to you I will be punished again.'

    Give him the note.

    Tani Cogswin says 'Oh thank Brell I thought I would never be found. My brother Pellillo is right we were wrong to take the paper and I realized that shortly after, but when I started the journey back I was captured by a band of Sarnaks and brought here. When they found the paper, the Queen demanded that it be researched and so she gave it to [Historian Selrin].'

    You say, 'Who is Historian Selrin?'

    Tani Cogswin says 'Historian Selrin is the lorekeeper of Chardok. He spends most of his time in the library but I hear he and the Prince often talk for hours on end. Please you must get that paper back from him and return it to my brother. Don't worry about me, your timely intrusion has provided an opportunity for my escape.'

    Historian Selrin Di`Zok is a red-to-65 wizard with high resists that can hit in the 800s. He has no faction hits. Kill him and loot an Outcast's Torn Right Page.

    Now go to Dragon Necropolis. Find "an Odd Looking Spider" and hand it Stiggle's note. This causes a clockwork spider named Stiggles Cogswin to spawn. He'll summon and hit for 600 or so. At 50% health he respawns in gnome form and continues attacking. At 20% health ten or so of "a tiny clockwork spawn," each mezzable and hitting for 200-250 or so. Stiggle can drop Stiggle's Crimson Shawl and a Clockwork Facemask. One of the tiny clockworks will drop an Outcast's Torn Left Page.

    Give both halves of the note to Pellillo Cogswin to receive Restored Page 38.

    Now you need to assemble the three chapters of the book in the Tome of Basic Research by combining pages 20-23, 35-38, and 50-53 to craft Assembled Chapter 19, Assembled Chapter 20, and Assembled Chapter 21, respectively. These combinations require a near-200 skill in Research.

    Next, locate the Ancient Book Cover as a ground spawn at +445, -355, -110, on the balcony overlooking the bridge across the pit.

    Finally, combine the three chapters and the cover in the Ancient Tome of Research, which drops from the Guardian of the Seal, a rather tough level 70 mob that generally requires 2-3 high-level groups to kill. This again requires a high skill in Research, and crafts Tome of the Outcast, usable by INT casters. You may hand the Tome of the Outcast in to the Protector of the Ruins for a Disenchanted Piece of Yael, a droppable item that you may then pass to a non-INT caster class.

    Protector of the Ruins says 'Amazing I can't believe you found the remaining pages. I was beginning to believe that I would never again see these pages. Now I can complete my research and finish the spell I placed upon these portals please take this; it is some of the substance I used to create the constructs. If you take it to Nortlav he might be able to craft something from it.'

    Give it to Yael:

    A voice echoes in your mind; 'I give you this in memory of my people, use it well. If you to wish craft something else return to me that which I have given.'

    If you are one of the classes that has more than one reward possible, turn the one you got back in to the Protector of the Ruins for a different reward. Reward: Tome of the Outcast
    Reward: Living Stone Gloves
    Reward: Living Stone Cleaver
    Reward: Living Stone Lancet
    Reward: Living Stone Scepter
    Reward: Living Stone Shield
    Reward: Clockwork Facemask
    Reward: Stiggle's Crimson Shawl

    Shiny Robe of the Underfoot (Normal): Kejar the Mighty, a named imp found deep in The Hole (#9 on Muse's map) asks you to bring him a Shining Metallic Robe.

    The Shining Metallic Robe is dropped rarely off the Arch Ghoul Magus on the dead side of Lower Guk.

    In exchange for the SMR, you'll either receive a Shiny Chunk of Metal or a Shiny Robe of the Underfoot. The former is the more common of the two. Reward: Shiny Robe of the Underfoot
    Reward: Shiny Hunk of Metal