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Quests for Riftseekers' Sanctum

Access to Asylum of Anguish (Normal): Anyone at least 68th level is automatically granted the flag for Anguish. The information here regards the ACTUAL flag, as it was prior to the minimum level requirement introduced.

This is a two-step process. You'll need to 1) Complete a series of raid trials, and 2) Run some errands for Taromani in order to safely zone into Asylum of Anguish.

You can do these out of order. We present them this way for clarity.

Step One - Trials

You must complete the Muramite Proving Grounds raid trials of mastery:

The Mastery of Adaptation (Projection of Realms)
The Mastery of Corruption (Projection of Power)
The Mastery of Endurance (Projection of Body)
The Mastery of Foresight (Projection of Tactics)
The Mastery of Hate (Projection of Mind)
The Mastery of Specialization (Projection of Arcana)

These trials are no easy task, but have some very nice rewards. Upon completing the six, you'll receive a Seal: Mastery of All. This is your key to Asylum of Anguish.

Step Two - Immunization of Asylum's AE

Taromani is a named pyrilen in Riftseekers' Sanctum at +590, -1250, +45.

You say, 'Hail, Taromani'

Taromani says 'Greetings, _____. You have certainly traveled far from home. To what does Taromani owe the pleasure of this visit? Have you come to tell me a [story]?'

You say, 'I have come to tell you a story.'

Taromani says 'Splendid! I relish an opportunity to swap tales with mortals. Allow me to go first. In a shattered realm, there existed a twisted overlord that ruled all. He laid waste to entire worlds, destroying or consuming whatever he touched. Those that resisted his influence were quickly annihilated or enslaved. His lands were governed with an iron fist and later abandoned when they no longer served his purpose. This overlord was universally feared and despised. Yet, while his presence was eternally felt, the despot was rarely seen. He had sealed himself away in his citadel in the sky, flanked by his most trusted underlings. None [dared challenge] him there.'

You say, 'Dared challenge?'

Taromani smirks and continues, 'The reason no one challenged the overlord was because his realm was fatal to all but a select few. The forces of chaos magic present there would tear most beings to shreds. Only with the proper protection could a mortal hope to enter the citadel of Anguish and survive the experience. It was the ultimate defense against invasion. However, there was a [flaw] in the overlord's plans.'

You say, 'What flaw?'

Taromani licks her lips and whispers, 'The overlord failed to consider what would occur if a certain Half Elf named ______ were to do a few favors for a Pyrilen named Taromani in return for her protection. Now it's your turn to finish the story. How does it end? Does the _____ assist with the [favors]?'

You say, 'I will assist with the favors.'

Receive Taromani's Insignia Case, a 7-slot container.

Taromani says 'Very good. A life in Mata Muram's army is a dangerous one - often nasty, brutish, and short. He must regularly replenish his ranks, promoting the most talented individuals of the lower tiers to replace those that have fallen. Seek out and eliminate these promising soldiers, the up-and-coming members of his forces. Bring me their insignias in this case to prove completion. This will slow down their progress considerably. When you have done what I have asked, I will follow through with my part of the bargain and provide you with the protection you need to access his citadel.'

The seven signets are dropped by various dragorns in different zones:

Access to Asylum of Anguish - A Cunning Dragorn in the Sewers of Dranik and the Insidious Dragorn in the Dranik Catacombs no longer have placeholders and are now guaranteed to spawn in all three versions of these instances. They now carry six signets, but will not respawn.

Crystal-Gemmed Signet: Riftseekers' Sanctum (a Dragorn Battlemaster)

Discolored Signet: Sewers of Dranik, instance A, B, C (a Cunning Dragorn)

Dust-Marred Signet - Catacombs of Dranik, instance A, B, C (Insidious Dragorn)

Glimmering Signet - Muramite Proving Grounds (Dragorn Tactician, who procs Dragornian Malady)

Tarnished Signet - Wall of Slaughter (a Dragorn Mastermind, Dragorn Tactician)

Two-Toned Signet - Dranik's Hollows (a Shrewd Dragorn, who procs Clinging Apathy, Deep Gouge, Dragornian Malady)

Weather-Worn Signet - Ruined City of Dranik (a dragorn prodigy, who procs Dragornian Malady)

Combine the insignias in the container, which results in a Full Insignia Case. Give this to Taromani.

Taromani says 'Yes, you haven't disappointed me. This is exactly what I was hoping to see, _____. Mata Muram's forces will be hampered considerably. Now for your reward. . .' She kisses her palm and reaches forward, pressing the hand against your cheek. The skin is warm, almost unbearably so. You feel queasy for a moment, and when the sensation passes she withdraws her arm. 'You'll soon discover that his impenetrable defenses aren't so impenetrable after all. Soon you will be seeing the world through the shroud of Anguish.'

You receive a character flag:
You are now protected from the chaos magic in Mata Muram's citadel.