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Quests for Qvic, Prayer Grounds of Calling

Alternate Access: Txevu (Normal): Find Averixx Quimeri in the southwestern Qvic caves at location -1676, -236, -411.

You say, 'Hail, Averixx Quimeri'

Averixx Quimeri says 'Greetings, traveler. What do you think about this golem? He is truly a wondrous creation. As far as anyone has been able to determine, he strayed from Inktu`ta, the Unmasked Chapel. He fell into the hands of the Muramites first, and they discovered that he is absolutely indestructible. The Muramites did give it their [best shot], though.'

You say, 'Their best shot?'

Averixx Quimeri chuckles, 'I admit to being quite entertained by the tales of their failures. Proof that despite their knowledge and power they do have weaknesses! It started out with their researchers poking and prodding him, but that didn't last long. Soon they resorted to their favored weapons and magic. The fools used every implement of destruction at their disposal in their attempts dismantle him. They slung their mightiest spells and threw their strongest warriors at him for days. Their testing ground was aglow with blinding flashes of light and sparks from enchanted metal clanging against impervious stone. In the end, when the dust settled, they did a pitiful amount of [damage] to the golem.'

You say, 'What damage?'

Averixx Quimeri says 'The onyx protector survived the ordeal mostly unscathed. However, the Muramites did discover the fragile nature of the jeweled eyes of the golem. Their efforts shattered his poor eyes. Gemmed pieces scattered everywhere. With his sight destroyed, and no way of dismantling the golem, the Muramites deemed him worthless and dumped him as refuse. Shortly after that, we recovered him and brought him here for [study].'

You say, 'Study?'

Averixx Quimeri says 'After studying him thoroughly, I believe he may be of some value to us. If we were able to get him working again he would be a great boon to my people. We would have an indestructible defense against the Muramites and their incursion. However, I'm afraid in his current state without eyes he is powerless. The many fragments have been carried off as prizes or scattered across the temple areas. In order to rebuild the eyes you would need restore them in a jewelers kit, using at least six different shards from each eye. If you could gather the various pieces and repair his eyes for me, that would be a start. I would also need a [method] to control the onyx protector.'

You say, 'Tell me about the method'

Averixx Quimeri says 'No doubt you've noticed that the legion is able to access the Lair of the Elite without the need of a Cipher of Txevu. They have been using some sort of a wand that enables them to control the gatekeeper golem at the entrance, commanding it to let them through unhindered. If you can restore the eyes for me as I asked and bring me a [controller's wand], I will teach you to use one of these wands so that you may pass into Txevu as well without the need to delve into the depths of that cursed lost chapel of Inktu`ta. Keep in mind that you will need an escort into Txevu to obtain a permanent power source for the wand. This may affect your decision.'

You say, 'Tell me about the controller's wand'

Averixx Quimeri says 'I saw Hexxt Ilk Klokk using one to enter Txevu. I would start with him if I were you. Be careful though, the Muramites with the ability to enter Txevu, the Lair of the Elite will not give over their possessions easily.'

You are going to need to do some collecting. You must find six fragments for each eye. Locations:

RIGHT EYE (all ground spawns)

First Fragment: -705, +595, -356 in Yxtta
Second Fragment: -852, +490, -356 also in Yxtta
Third Fragment: +2248, +2257, -476 in Kodtaz (pits in northwestern corner)
Fourth Fragment: -926, +1185, -432 also in Kodtaz (temple due north of Yxtta zone)
Fifth Fragment: -1270 -28 -433 in Qvic (in the caves)
Sixth Fragment: +433, +238 -416 in Qvic (at the lake in northwest corner)

Combine these fragments in a planar or collapsible jewelers kit (no-fail, trivial unknown), which results in Onyx Protector's Right Eye.

LEFT EYE (all dropped)

First Fragment: Confirmed drops: Dvoin M`sha, Ptav M`sha, Mnat M`sha
Second Fragment: Confirmed drops: A Kyv Silentbow, A Kyv Widowmaker, A Noc Savage, Dvoin M`sha, Ptav M`sha
Third Fragment: Confirmed off A Mastruq Bonereader, A Mastruq Steelskin
Fourth Fragment: Confirmed drop: A Noc Savage
Fifth Fragment: Confirmed drops: Mnat M`sha, A Ra`Tuk Scarblade
Sixth Fragment: Confirmed off An Ukun Fleshfeaster, An Ukun Ravager

Combine these fragments in a planar or collapsible jewelers kit (no-fail, trivial unknown), which results in Onyx Protector's Left Eye.

Hexxt Ilk Klokk drops a Wand of Golem Control. Give the wand and two eyes to Averixx Quimeri.

Averixx Quimeri says, "You've done it! We have both the eyes and the wand!. Hmmm... it seems that entering Txevu puts a greater strain on the wands than I had anticipated. This wand would not allow one to bypass the golem guarding Txevu without first being recharged by a power source. However, it should be good enough to coerce our onyx protector into destroying our enemies. Let's give it a test run and you can be the first! Shall we see, _____?"

Averixx Quimeri then attacks along with the golem. You must kill Averixx, whose max damage is around 1356. When Averixx dies, his golem goes back to sleep. Loot the Depleted Wand of Golem Control from his corpse.

A Wand Harness drops off raid encounter mobs in Txevu. Once you have both the Wand Harness and the Depleted Wand of Golem Control, you can click into Txevu by yourself.