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Quests for Qinimi, Court of Nihilia

Rarundel's Memory (Normal): Rarundel`s Memory wanders Qinimi looking for something. What she's looking for is a ground spawn at 285, -935, -15, which turns out to be a LORE, NO DROP item called Rarundel's Open Memory Box. Give this to Rarundel`s Memory.

The spectral being opens the stone chest and looks inside. 'I thank you for returning this to me. It is one of the last things I remember before that fateful day when Krixt executed me in front of my people. Now I long only for the keepsake that is missing. I know that tyrannical brute has done something with it. If only someone would make him suffer the way I suffered. Place the keepsake in this box and return to me what is rightfully mine.'

She hands back a LORE, NO DROP, 1-slot container, also called Rarundel's Open Memory Box. You must now kill Rav Krixt Tekrik, who hits for 3200. Loot Rarundel's Locket and put it in the box and combine to create Rarundel's Closed Memory Box, then give the result to her.

The spectral image takes something from ______.

Rarundel`s Memory says 'I cannot believe this! Your kindness knows no bounds, which is why I must ask that you give this to my love, Rasnil. We were destined to be together until the legion took him away from me. Now he is a slave to them in the gardens. Please show this to him so that he will know that I was thinking of him even as I died.'

You receive Rarundel's Memory Stone. Now find Rasnil Sanusel in Barindu - The Hanging Gardens. Give him what you received from Rarundel.

Rasnil Sanusel snatches something from ______'s hands.
Rasnil Sanusel says 'If only she could have told me this face to face. Why did they have to take her from me, why did this happen to us?' Tears begin to roll down Rasnil's face as he picks up a clump of soil and forms it into a small vial. Placing the vial under his eye he lets a tear drop in it and hands it to you. 'Thank you for bringing this to me, please take this to her so that she will know how much she still means to me.'

You receive Rasnil's Tear, which identifies as "Slave's Tear." Take this back to Rarundel.

The spectral image takes something from ______.
The spectral being stops and concentrates on the tear before looking up at you and saying, 'His pain touches me deeply and your willingness to help means more than you know. If only my father had accepted our union in life, maybe the pain we both felt would have been lessened. Perhaps the years of suffering have helped my father see things differently. Show him this and maybe he will give us his blessing.'

You receive Rarundel's Sealed Memory Box. Go find Narundel Emuen in Riwwi - Coliseum of Games.

You say, 'Hail, Narundel Emuen'

Narundel Emuen says 'I have nothing to say to the likes of you. They took her away from me and now I will never get her back. Oh why did they have to take my daughter from me?' Narundel bursts into tears. 'Rarundel, I am so sorry!'

Give him the box.

Narundel Emuen snatches something from ______'s hands.
Narundel Emuen says 'The pain of losing my daughter has hurt me deeply. While my disapproval of Rasnil made her unhappy, I know that no matter what I decide she will understand and accept it. Please take this to her. Thank you for granting me just a few moments to think about how things used to be.'

You receive Narundel's Decision. Take this back to Rarundel.

The spectral image takes something from ______.
Rarundel looks at the glyph and then into your eyes. 'Thank you, adventurer, for bringing closure to this part of my life. Please take this as a token of my gratitude and as a memory of the great thing you have done.'

The reward you receive varies based on the archetype of your class: melee, hybrid, caster, priest. Reward: Rarundel's Faded Memories
Reward: Rarundel's Mended Memories
Reward: Rarundel's Forgotten Memories
Reward: Rarundel's Broken Memories