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Quests for Plane of Valor

Alternate Access: Halls of Honor (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Grenic Drere'

Grenic Drere says 'Mortals, this far into the planes? Something that I never thought that I would see. Regardless that does not help my [situation] any does it?'

You say, 'What situation?'

Grenic Drere says 'Not that it is your business, but this is where I call home. I have lost track of the years that I have spent here. This valley is my home, for I was exiled from [Mithaniel's Temple]. It is not a story that I am proud of and do not wish to share with you. So be one with you.'

You say, 'Where is Mithaniel's Temple?'

Grenic Drere says 'Only a mortal would be as thick headed to know not when to take their leave. He and his legions call his temple The Halls of Honor. Paladins that have served him well on Norrath have the opportunity to ascend into his ranks. They are in training to make sure that they are always prepared to defend what they believe is the right and honorable thing to do. Mithaniel is an extremely proud being, and will accept any challenge that you may have to offer him. If you are willing to challenge him, I may have some [information] you will find useful.'

You say, 'What information?'

Grenic Drere says 'There are other methods to enter the Halls of Honor than those that are readily apparent, and as a former soldier of Marr I can offer you access into the Halls; however as with all such arrangements there must be something [paid] for something earned.'

You say, 'Paid?'

Grenic Drere says 'I was not the only member of my squad that was sent into exile, my brothers in arms, were the impetus for our exile. I was but a mere pawn. They now reside in the Plane of Justice as bodiless shades. Their punishment was too lax for their actions; I want their eternal souls to be mine. Find a smith who will teach you to create a box of souls, weaken the shades, then capture their souls and return all three to me.'

Journey to the Plane of Knowledge and speak with Borik Darkanvil:

You say, 'Hail, Borik Darkanvil'

Borik Darkanvil says 'Greetings, Borik Darkanvil, at your service. I was once a planar traveler like you. Those days are behind me, now I am content to earn my keep as a blacksmith, and to experiment with some of the [special recipes] that I have picked up in these outer planes.'

You say, 'What special recipes?'

Borik Darkanvil says 'Well a little bit of this and a little bit of that. If there is anything you need assistance in making come see me. I may be able to help.'

You say, 'Do you know how to make the Box of Souls?'

Borik Darkanvil says 'Borik Darkanvil's eyes grow narrow. 'So looking to capture some souls are you? It's none of my business I suppose so don't answer. I'm pretty sure that I don't want to know. I paid heavily for the formula for the Box of Souls, but its not a price I would pass on to anyone else. There isn't much to it, but it does take the hands of a skilled smith and the magic of Tanaan's forges to event attempt it. First you will need a block of [Perilium].'

You say, 'What is Perilium?'

Borik Darkanvil says 'Perilium was once used to make clockwork machines, there are now stronger metals so it has become harder and harder to find Perilium, much less a block that is large enough to be of any use. Then you will need to find the brain of a crystal spider, this is where the actual soul will be held. Of course the box will need a supernatural power source, the souls are held into place by the horror of their own dreams, the heart of an agony mephit will give the device that power. Forge these with a smithing hammer and a water flask and you will have your box. Of course if you have not the skill, I can [forge them for you].'

You say, 'Will you forge them for me?'

Borik Darkanvil says 'If you return all three items to me I will do the work for you for, a mere three thousand platinum. I will not guarantee my success, but I can guarantee if you do not have the skill, you will fail.'

If your blacksmithing skill is high enough (trivial <= 139), you see this instead:

Borik Darkanvil says 'A smith of your skill does not need my assistance in making the box, however I won't turn away your money. Bring me three thousand platinum, the perilium, the brain, and the heart and I will make the box for you.'

You can attempt this yourself by placing an agony mephit heart, a crystal spider brain, a solid block of perilium, a water flask, and a smithy hammer in a Tanaan forge. Alternately, you can give just the heart, brain, and perilium to Borik along with 3,000 platinum. Be aware that either way the combine can fail.

Once you have the Box of Souls, journey to the Plane of Justice. Kill tormented wraiths until one of three "exiled XXX of Marr" spawns. Hand the Box to each of the three exiled souls of warriors there (they can be targeted but not attacked). Each hands you back the box and a unique soul sphere.

Journey back to the Plane of Valor, and give the three spheres and the box to Grenic Drere.

Grenic Drere says 'Hmm, this is minor vindication, but vindication nonetheless. I will never again fight with my old compatriots, but now I know the punishment of those responsible for my exile is fitting for their crime. We did have an agreement, and while stripped of my rank I still have my honor. This ring is what all Soldiers of Marr wear to enter the Halls of Honor, it serves no use for me any longer, it is yours now.'

He gives you his ring, which gives you alternate access to the Halls of Honor.

You get an entry on your /keyring: "With Marr's Symbol you may enter the Halls of Honor." Reward: Ring of Marr

Help a Wandering Spirit (Normal): A Wandering Spirit may be found among the gravestones in the graveyard. It /cons red and indifferent to 65. You may target it but not attack.

You say, 'Hail, A Wandering Spirit'

A Wandering Spirit groans in extreme anguish. '[Help] me.'

You say, 'How can I help?'

A Wandering Spirit says 'My resting grounds have been desecrated. I now lie awake unable to rest with my fellow brethren. My soul is bound to this area for all of eternity. Until my [belongings] are brought back I cannot rest.'

You say, 'What belongings?'

A Wandering Spirit says 'Many different things were taken, but I'm mainly concerned with my [amulet] and my family's crescent symbol. Bring these articles back into my possession and I'll return back to my state of rest.'

You say, 'What amulet?'

A Wandering Spirit says 'The amulet was given to me after passing the Trials many many generations ago. It is a part of every soldier who has passed the trials, it is a part of my very being.'

Hunt "An Undead Vassal" to the west of the graveyard for the "Crescent Symbol of Rhaj." Then hunt northeast of the graveyard for the same "An Undead Vassal" for the "Righteous Amulet of Marr." They are the same mobs in each area, but they have different drop tables. The amulet and crescent are common drops off the respective vassals. On handing in the two items:

A Wandering Spirit quickly grabs the amulet and crescent symbol before speaking. 'At long last! I can now rest in peace along with my fellow brethren. Thank you Lanathorn. May the might of Marr follow you wherever you may go.'

You gain party experience!!

A live version of "A Wandering Spirit" pops after the hand in, but will despawn quickly. Hand in both an Unwavering Shield of Faith (drop from Lieutenant Junis Bolarin) and Unwavering Sword of Faith (drop from An Undead Footman) for additional experience.
Key to Aerin`Dar's Lair (HoH access) (Normal): Find Sergeant Johson Popoah and hail him twice. Do not respond or click the link until after the second hail. If you respond or click the link prior to the second hail, camp or zone to clear quest progress and start over.

You say, 'Hail, Sergeant Johson Popoah'

Sergeant Johson Popoah says 'State your business or leave our [compound].'

Do not respond yet.

You say, 'Hail, Sergeant Johson Popoah'

Sergeant Johson Popoah says 'Leave now before there is bloodshed.'

Now you may respond.

You say, 'What compound?'

Sergeant Johson Popoah says 'This is the primary command center for Che Virtuson. We fall under the leadership and guidance of Captain Ryglot. I must now ask you to leave.'

Immediately go see Paralin Notion and hail him. He is with Che Virtuson in the tents near zone-in.

You say, 'Hail, Paralin Notion'

Paralin Notion says 'You're either [brave], or you're [stupid].'

You say, 'I am brave.'

He may not respond. If he doesn't, simply type the following response.

Paralin Notion says 'That you are. Perhaps you'd be interested in helping our [company].'

You say, 'I will help your company.'

Paralin Notion says 'We're a part of the Battalion of Marr. We're soldiers from Che Virtuson. We were dispatched to this part of the Plane of Valor to eliminate an age old target. Unfortunately, due to some recent events our mission has been placed on hold and our [squad] has been asked to remain behind.'

You say, 'What squad?'

Paralin Notion says 'We are a part of Ducee Tapferson. Our squad is known for our bravery. We were successful in capturing this [razorfiend] earlier today. You've shown some bravery as well my friend and that is the reason I request your [assistance].'

You say, 'What about that razorfiend?'

Paralin Notion says 'These vile beasts live in the caves west of here.'

You say, 'I will provide you with assistance.'

Paralin Notion says 'Many of us here are anxious to leave. Many wish to regroup with the rest of our company. Others wish to go back to the Halls to complete the [Trials].'

You say, 'What Trials?'

Paralin Notion says 'The Trials are overseen by the Heroes of Marr. It's these Trials that allow us to rise in rank. Only those who have passed the trials are able to enter the Temple of Marr. Now if you wish to aid us I must ask you to do a few [things].'

You say, 'What things?'

Paralin Notion says 'You must find the Master Sergeant and tell him that you are here to aid the cause.'

At this point IMMEDIATELY proceed to Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln in the bridgehouse. He is on the far side near the wastes. Do not hail him or anyone in between, just walk up to him and immediately say "I am here to aid the cause."

You say, 'I am here to aid the cause.'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln looks you over and says in a deep voice 'What could you possibly do to aid our cause. Perhaps you think you can slay [Aerin`Dar] himself?' The Master Sergeant begins to laugh uncontrollably. 'I suggest you go back to whoever filled your head with this nonsense and stop wasting my time.'

You say, 'What is Aerin'dar?'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'I don't have time to explain the glass dragon to you. Leave before I get angry.'

Immediately go back to Paralin Notion.

You say, 'Hail, Paralin Notion'

Paralin Notion says 'I'm sorry the Master Sergeant was unable to help you. Perhaps you should [prove] yourself before you attempt to jump 'into the fire' so to speak.'

You say, 'How shall I prove myself?'

Paralin Notion says 'We've been running into a lot of problems lately with the razorfiends and the planarian larvae. Many soldiers have been getting sick because of the infestations that they cause. Capture the hearts of a razorfiend, a crystalline spider and a planarian larvae and bring them back to me. Our squad had enough problems capturing this small razorfiend here. This will become your first so called 'Trial' ______. It should be enough to prove your worth.'

Once you have collected the three hearts and turned them in...

Paralin Notion looks at you with surprise. 'Very good my friend. You've definitely proven yourself. Find the Master Sergeant. He should be able to help you this time.'
You gain experience!!

Immediately return to Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln.

You say, 'Hail, Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'I heard what you did for Paralin Notion. That's quite a noble feat indeed. Perhaps we can use your help. However, you'll need to talk to the Captain first. After all, I can't have you walking in the [glass lair] without permission.'

You say, 'What glass lair?'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'It's the prison that [Aerin`Dar] has been encased in for many generations.'

You say, 'What about Aerin'dar?'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'Aerin`Dar is the crystalline dragon who once roamed the Plane of Valor. During a severe rainstorm it was struck down to the very core of its being. The mighty Aerin`Dar fell from the sky and landed in what is now known as the Glassy Wasteland. Planarian larvae began to infest its body eventually turning its pure heart to evil. Our [company] was dispatched to this region of Valor to eliminate the threat.'

You say, 'What company?'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'My squad of men are a part of Che Virtuson. However, we specifically are a part of Ducee Buled. We fall under the command of Captain Ryglot. Our [mission], for the time being, is simple. But we've run into some problems lately.'

You say, 'What mission?'

Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'Not too fast ______. You'll have to speak to the Captain about that. I'm not at liberty to divulge that information at this time. That information is classified. I can tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.' Aaramis laughs. 'Go to Captain Ryglot and he'll be able to fill you in with all the details.'

Immediately go to Captain Ryglot Cupperhide. Don't speak to anyone else on the way.

You say, 'Hail, Captain Ryglot Cupperhide'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'I am very [busy] at the moment. Perhaps you should come back at another time ______.'

You say, 'Why are you busy'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'I can't go into any great detail, but the Crystalline Globe was taken from our command structure. It's believed to have been separated into three pieces. Unfortunately, we're having a lot of trouble relocating it. Perhaps you'd like to [help].'

You say, 'I will help'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'That's good to hear ______. I wish we had more soldiers like yourself willing to help. I'm going to need you to locate the missing pieces of the globe and bring them back to me. After you've acquired the pieces perhaps you'd be able to rally enough people to lend us a hand with another [mission] objective we've been unable to fulfill do to our diminished numbers.'

You say, 'What mission?'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Well, I can't go into any details as to our main purpose is, but one of our missions was to exterminate the crystalline dragon. However, due to our company being split we are unable to go forward with this part of the operation. It has been placed on hold, pending the outcome of the [war].'

You say, 'What war?'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Unfortunately, that is one of the things that I'm unable to speak of at this time. However, if you are [willing] to help rally some people together I may be able to release some more information to you.'

You say, 'I'm willing'

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Well, that's good to hear. Bring me back what I've requested and we'll talk then.'

One piece of the crystalline globe drops off of the Luminii Crawler, one drops off frogs near the bridgehouse, and one drops off of the skellies. Once the Captain recieves the three pieces of the globe, he gives you back the completed globe, which is the key to Aerin'Dar's lair:

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide looks up at you in surprise. 'I can't believe you brought the missing pieces back to me so quickly. I have a team of men who have been looking for these pieces for weeks now. That's quite a feat. Unfortunately, I will be unable to make use of the Crystalline Globe at this time. A message has been dispatched to my platoon asking us to return to the Halls of Honor. It looks as if we'll be joining up with the rest of our company fairly soon. Keep the globe. If you're able to rally enough people together to take on Aerin`Dar then perhaps you'll be able accomplish an objective that our platoon was unable to do. I must go now. Good luck to you ______.'

You gain experience!!

Aerin`Dar hits for ~1,400, is slowable, and has a proc on a -150 MR check, that does 3k dd, and 45% melee slow (SK tank advised). He also has nine mobs in his room that add as you fight him, and are unmezzable. He also has a fear AE with a strong DOT... it does 700 as a DD when hit, then 500/tick until you break the Fear. During the fight, numerous untargetable Mindless Minions will assist (becoming targetable), and finally a named minion, Rahlgon, will assist and become targetable as well.

When he dies, a planar projection spawns. Hail the projection to receive a temporary character flag (it will not give you the yellow "You have received a character flag!" text). You must then proceed directly through the trap door and down the tunnel and actually click on the halls of honor zone in at the end of the canyon. You will receive your permanent flag upon zoning in. If you have not gotten the temporary flag by hailing the astral projection, it will tell you you lack the will to enter the Halls of Honor when clicking on the zone in. Reward: Double-Edged Greatsword of Visions
Reward: Wrath of Mithaniel
Reward: Shoulderpads of the Visionary
Reward: Honorary Amulet
Reward: Ring of Nobility
Reward: Valorous Quarterstaff
Reward: Honorable Longsword
Reward: Crystalline Globe
Reward: Club of the Secretive

Paladin Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest (Normal): This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you do not have the Fiery Defender (paladin epic 1.0).

Find Baltron Werters in the Plane of Valor, in the second castle near the gate, at +630, +150.

You say, 'Hail, Baltron Werters'

Baltron Werters says 'Hello, ______, I do believe we've spoken before and I told you I was very [tired].'

You say, 'You were tired?'

Baltron Werters says 'Yes, I've been very tired lately. I've been busy creating weaponry for the [Soldiers of Marr] and the many [other followers] of Marr.'

You say, 'What Soldiers of Marr?'

Baltron Werters says 'The various soldiers of this Plane, as well as the soldiers of the Halls of Honor, come to me for weaponry. Previous to my ascension here, I was gifted by our Lord Mithaniel with the power to craft exceptional swords. These swords that I create are imbued with courage.'

You say, 'What other followers?'

Baltron Werters says 'Recently, I was tasked by Sir Rathalzor to assist the Guktans with their invasion of Grobb. I made many [exceptional swords] for that battle.'

You say, 'What exceptional swords?'

Baltron Werters says 'One such sword I created was made for one of the most powerful knights I have ever met. His strength and courage were only surpassed by his swordsmanship. He [led] many battles against the trolls of Grobb.'

You say, 'He led battles?'

Baltron Werters says 'Indeed, with the holy blade I created, this knight, Gilfal, helped lead the Guktans to victory. However, the victories did not come without [casualties].'

You say, 'What casualties?'

Baltron Werters says 'Yes, many Guktans perished during this battle. [Couragebringer], the sword I created that was blessed by Sir Rathalzor himself, was shattered by a powerful troll shaman named Broog. The battle did not come without casualties indeed.'

You say, 'Couragebringer, you say?'

Baltron Werters says 'Perhaps you can assist Gilfal with recovering his sword. Take this solvent, which was blessed by the priests in the Halls of Honor, as it will bond with the sword and allow you to rebuild the great blade. Find Gilfal and give him the solvent and tell him you are [willing to help him rebuild Couragebringer]. Go now and find this knight.'

You receive Baltron's Solvent.

Next head to South Ro and find Gilfal at -360, -2445.

You say, 'Hail, Gilfal'

Gilfal says 'Hello ______, I have been stationed here by the elders of Gukta to patrol and protect our mighty city.'

You say, 'I am willing to help you rebuild Couragebringer.'

Gilfal says 'Yes? You know of my sword? Show me proof that you are capable of rebuilding my holy blade.'

Hand him the solvent, and he returns it with the following text:

Gilfal says 'Amazing, High Elf, you must have visited the Plane of Valor and spoke to Master Baltron. You will need to gather the four pieces of the sword to be able to reconstruct it. I only have the whereabouts of one of the four pieces, but I imagine that piece can lead you to the others. Go to the Plane of Storms and investigate there, I have a feeling you may find the first piece there. Here is the sword's scabbard to place the solvent and the four sword pieces in.'

You receive Gilfal's Scabbard, a 6-slot LARGE container.

Now head to the Plane of Storms with a raid and kill Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor. He drops a Broken Sword Piece, which identifies as "Appears to be the left part of the handle."

Upon Killing Neffiken, Lord of Kelek'Vor.
Neffiken, Lord of Kelek'Vor says 'My have failed me...'
Your faction standing with Greater Vann Giants has been adjusted by -10
Your faction standing with Lesser Vann Giants has been adjusted by -10
Your faction standing with Askr the Lost has been adjusted by +2

Next, head to the Plane of Hate with a raid and kill the Maestro of Rancor. He will drop another Broken Sword Piece. This one identifies as "Appears to be the right part of the handle."

"Your sword piece reverberates with a low hum. An attraction is felt within it. To the center of this plane you are drawn, towards the direction of that attraction."

Upon killing Maestro of Rancor.
Maestro of Ranco says 'The dance is over, for now.'
Your faction standing with Inhabitants of Hate has been adjusted by -(need faction hit)

Next, head to the Plane of Torment.

Your sword piece reverberates with a low hum. An attraction is felt within it. To the south you are pointed, towards the direction of that attraction.

Follow the line on your compass to the Kaniz Painbringer in the southernmost part of the zone at -1075, +6, -30. Kill it with 1-2 groups, and beware its AE Diseased Cloud. It drops another Broken Sword Piece, which identifies as "Appears to be the left part of the blade."

Upon killing Kaniz Painbringer.
"Kaniz Painbringer's corpse cries out in pain and falls limply to the ground."

Finally, head to Everfrost Peaks with all three of the above pieces.

Your sword piece reverberates with a low hum. An attraction is felt within it. To the fork of the river you are pointed, towards the source of that attraction.

Follow the line on your compass until you find Rombus (in the LDoN adventure camp).

You say, 'Hail, Rombus'

Rombus says 'Hail to you, ______. Odd, this sword piece of mine is humming and I feel it tugging towards you. Do you happen to know why? Maybe you have [other pieces of this broken sword]?'

You say, 'I have other pieces of this broken sword.'

Rombus says 'Aha! That must explain it. I knew this sword must have magical powers. . .I have felt its strength. You being here proved me that. [Would you like the piece] of the sword that I own?'

You say, 'I would like the piece.'

Rombus says 'Well, I won't be giving this to you for free. This surely must be a valuable sword. It is no doubt an extraordinary blade. I'll tell you what, I've been trying to create this new teleportation spell for a while now. Unfortunately, I have tried to create the spell multiple times but I keep failing it. I think I have very bad luck. Go acquire the [four runes] for me and return to me with them. Hopefully I can borrow some of your luck to create this spell.'

You say, 'What four runes?'

Rombus says 'Yes, the four runes were scattered by the winds to four different areas: Plane of Tranquility, Mistmoore Castle, Scarlet Desert, and the Gulf of Gunthak. Please find all four of them and bring them to me.'

All four are ground spawns. Rune of Xor may be found at -565, +220 in the Plane of Tranquility, underwater on the right side of the bridge as you head to the Plane of Storms portal. Rune of Yirno may be found at +10, +410, in the Mistmoore Castle graveyard (although not when the zone is temporarily replaced by the high-level revamp). Rune Wilun [sic] may be found at -850, -950 in the Gulf of Gunthak. Rune of Zota may be found at +625, -1000 in the Scarlet Desert, in the ruined building on the ledge near the shard camp. Bring all four runes back to Rombus.

Rombus says 'Okay, let's give this one more try. Hopefully your luck will rub off on me and I'll be able to successfully create this spell. Well here goes...'

Rombus's eyes glow with a bright yellow color. He looks at you for a second, searching for something. He then looks down his lexicon and whispers a chant.

Rombus says 'Excellent! I knew with your help I could create this spell. Thank you ______, here is your reward. Now, to try out this new teleport.'

You receive the fourth Broken Sword Piece, which identifies as "Appears to be the right part of the blade."

Rombus begins to cast a spell.
His gate collapses.

Rombus says 'Argh! Stupid Spell!!!'
Rombus beings to cast the gate spell.
Rombus begins to cast a spell.
Rombus Gates.
Rombus fades away.

Rombus despawns (but will reappear in one hour).

Combine the four pieces and the solvent in the scabbard to craft a Fractured Couragebringer, which identifies as "A broken sword." Bring the sword to Girfal:

Gilfal says 'Thank you for returning my sword _____, however this sword is incomplete. While it appears whole, the blessing of Rathalzor is missing. Please go back to Master Baltron in Plane of Valor and give him this fractured blade. Perhaps he can restore it to its original power. Go now and return this sword back to its true strength, friend!'

You now receive a Fractured Couragebringer, which identifies as "A broken sword that Gilfal has seen." Bring this back to Baltron Werters, who will keep it for a few minutes, then spawn the Avatar of Rathalzor, who will bless and remake the sword in its entirety.

Baltron Werters says 'Ah, I see you have returned to me with the blade Helmetthane. It is indeed fractured...perhaps Sir Rathalzor can guide us.'

Baltron begins to chant in a foreign, yet beautiful language.

The Avatar of Rathalzor appears.

Avatar of Rathalzor whispers, "So, I see Couragebringer is fractured. I will give this sword my blessing once more." A flash of blue light occurs as the sword appears in your hand.

Avatar of Rathalzor says 'The Champion of Valor shall wield this weapon, return it to him.'

You now receive the Couragebringer, which identifies as "Fills you with the courage of Valor."

Congratulations, you have completed the pre-quest.
Reward: Couragebringer