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Quests for Plane of Torment

Argan's Suffering (Incomplete): You say, 'Hail, Argan Milek'

Argan Milek weakly extends his arms in an effort to ascertain your location, then clutches his eyes and screams, 'Who are you! Back away... leave me alone! Is my current suffering not enough?'

You say, 'What suffering?'

Argan Milek says 'Who are you? Are you here to aid me?'

You say, 'Yes, I am here to aid you.'

Argan Milek sobs, 'I am so relieved to hear those words! Please help me to escape this place. She has taken my sight and replaced it with loathsome visions of some distant prison. The Foul Mistress mocks the only thing I once felt a kinship to, my art. I cannot scrub these visions from my eyes. I fear that I will never be able to paint again. Can you save what is left of my memories? I can you restore my sight?'

Say "save what is left of his memories" and your raid group will be teleported to a tunnel for a typical wave series of attacks (need fight info).

After you kill "A Horrifying Vision," Argan Milek will spawn in spot it was in.

You say, 'Hail, Argan Milek'

Argan Milek says 'Friends, you have returned my vision! I wish that I could find the means to thank you enough! Friends, should Druzzil Ro choose the have us meet again on this chaotic canvas of time, I will make this up to you! I feel my body waking and I am quite ready to forget the image of this place. I have some [information] that may help you, and when you are ready, I will return your sight to you.'

You say, 'What information?'

Argan Milek says 'While I was blind Druzzil Ro came to me in a vision. In this vision, she walked to the door of Saryrn's Citadel. When I set my gaze upon the door I began to make out some sort of picture. The inscription on the door seemed to shift and change, as if it were fluid. At one point, I was able to make out several distinct shapes. These shapes depicted one of those things with the four mouths spitting out four other similar creatures. I think that the things with four mouths are the key to the door. It was then that I asked Druzzil Ro about [Saryrn].'

You say, 'What about Saryrn?'

Argan Milek says 'Druzzil Ro told me that Saryrn formed this place from her own tortured will. Saryrn was insane as a mortal and found some means of transforming that insanity into something more. Many of the entities that you will find in this place are voices that came to her during the inception of her madness. They will be the key to dissolving her power. Seek out the Avatars of this realm to move into her tower. Now, I must leave. Are you [ready to return]?'

You say, 'I am ready to return.'

You are teleported to the graveyard in the Plane of Torment.

Need fight info, real dialogues (from logs, not retyped), rewards, etc.
Key to Saryrn's Chambers (Normal): Start off by attacking Baraguj Szuul. Or if you are playing a character that is much higher level than him, start off by letting Baraguj Szuul attack you. Put pets on hold, mercs on passive, weapons sheathed, turn your back to him and sit. When you do this, you will be teleported into his stomach. Mobs will come in waves until you reach the Unimaginable Horror. Kill the horror and you will be teleported back outside where you can attack and kill Baraguj. Killing him gets you a container called the "Mouths of Baraguj Szuul."

Into the container, you need to put the following, which all drop in this Plane:

Orb of Anguish
Orb of Agony
Orb of Pain
Orb of Suffering

P -228.9424, -509.9091, -159.9979, 100, 0, 0, 2, The_Avatar_of_Agony
P 654.4915, -514.2589, -223.9979, 100, 0, 0, 2, The_Avatar_of_Anguish
P 435.4398, 478.2928, -191.9979, 100, 0, 0, 2, The_Avatar_of_Pain
P -522.8768, 511.6326, -95.9979, 100, 0, 0, 2, The_Avatar_of_Suffering
P -0.7510, 1021.2071, 64.0020, 100, 0, 0, 2, Baraguj_Szuul

Agony is in the second room when you hug right along the walkways, the center of the 3 northwestish rooms on the map. The PH is in the northeast corner of the east room there.

Anguish is in the center-eastern part of the map, directly east of Agony. The PH is in the northwest corner of that cluster of rooms.

Pain is in the southeastish room on the map. The PH is the center mob on the upper floor.

Suffering is in the southwestish room on the map. The PH is the center mob on the upper floor.

Baraguj Szuul is in the southernmost tower, up top via the ramps. After completing his event, he reappears in front of you in the bottom room of that same hollow tower where you kill him for his container.

Combining them gets you the key to Saryrn's chamber.

Need all dialogue, emotes and other fight information. Reward: Screaming Sphere