Last updated: Sat Jul 20 05:00:42 2019

Quests for Plane of Time B

Alternate Access: Plane of Time (Normal): In order to get keyed for the Plane of Time without having elementals complete, you need to be raided in to Phase 3. Named spawns in Phase 3 have a chance of dropping a Time Phased Quintessence, an alternate Plane of Time key. The list of mobs at the left is by no means complete.

You can loot this, and next time you zone in to Time, you'll be keyed.

If you are already flagged for Plane of Time, you will see the following trying to loot.

Your hand passes through the quintessence as you try to remove it from the corpse.
You are not allowed to loot the item: Time Phased Quintessence.
You may not loot that item from this corpse.

A typical trip through Phase 3 yields 7-10 keys.