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Quests for Plane of Mischief

Buried Treasure (Normal): You'll find Nahas the Treasure Hunter in the northeastern part of the forest, /loc -942 -1200, along the wall and east of the zone out tree to Cobalt Scar. You can invis to him if you like.

You say, 'Hail, Nahas the Treasure Hunter'

Nahas the Treasure Hunter says 'Greetings to you my friend, visitors to this plane are not often seen. Let me introduce myself. I am the great Treasure Hunter Nahas! If you are able I could use some assistance in my current quest.'

You say, 'I will assist you.'

Nahas the Treasure Hunter says 'Well you see I recently purchased a strange device from this gnome that claimed it could find buried treasure anywhere. All I had to do was head here and find some mischief mushroom spores to power it and I would be set. The little problem I'm having is I can't seem to find any of the mushroom spores. If you could bring me four spores l'll fire it up and see if it works. Worry not I'll reward you whether or not any treasure is located.'

Kill mushrooms in the forest to get the spores. Drop rate is acceptable, spores aren't rare. Mushrooms are easy to solo. Give 4 Mischief Mushroom Spores to Nahas.

Nahas the Treasure Hunter says 'Most wonderful! Well here goes, hopefully this confounded device finds something.'

You gain party experience!!

Fail message:
Nahas the Treasure Hunter says, 'Drats its indicating no treasure. Well better luck on the next try I guess.'

Success message:
Nahas the Treasure Hunter says 'Whoa, look at this thing go! There definitely has to be some treasure around this area somewhere. Better go find it before the juice runs out on this thing.'

"a buried treasure chest" spawns at the opposite end of the forest (far northwest, /loc?). It cons blue to level 65 and hits a 65 ranger with ornate/elem gear for 376 max. It summons and is kos. It's rootable, snareable and has low MR, if any.

You probably want to clear the area of skunks, bixies, shrooms, a white stallion and/or Lithiniath first if they are up.

Con: a buried treasure chest scowls at you, ready to attack -- he appears to be quite formidable.

On agro: a buried treasure chest edges forward as it gets ready to attack.

On death: a buried treasure chest has been slain by ______!

You gain party experience!!
a buried treasure chest's corpse ceases all movement as it falls in defeat.
You receive 6 platinum and 4 gold as your split.

The buried treasure chest has been known to drop various nice items, plus some cash (~18pp), or nothing at all. Reward: Soft Leather Pants of Vitality
Reward: Shining Silver Ring
Reward: Sleeves of the Mischievous
Reward: Grand Cape of Fortune
Reward: Brilliant Sapphire Earring
Reward: Tawny Leather Boots
Reward: Gold Locket of Luck
Reward: Mithril Plated Girdle
Reward: Engraved Chain Tunic of Vigor
Reward: Steel Helm of Marvels

Deck of Spontaneous Generation (Normal): Clukker the Crazy may be found near the invisible bridge, and says "Spontaneous Generator" under his name.

You say, 'Hail, Clukker the Crazy'

Clukker the Crazy says, 'Ha ha! Hello to you too! I have got this crazy deck that I'm willing to give to those [looking for a deck]. Ha ha! Oo!'

You say, 'I am looking for a deck.'

Clukker the Crazy says 'You're looking for a DECK? Ha ha ha! Well, bring me a fishing grub, tee hee, and I'll give you a nifty deck'

Give him a fishing grub.

Clukker the Crazy takes a bite out of the fishing grub that was handed to him. Clukker then says, 'Ha ha HA! Thanks for the tasty treat! Now here is your deck! Hee hee haw!'

You receive a Deck of Spontaneous Generation, a NO DROP, 4-slot SMALL container.

Throughout the Plane of Mischief, various Mobs drop playing cards. Collect these cards. Different combinations of cards generate different rewards. It seems likely that you need at least one throne card per each combination, as combinations without the throne have so far failed. Also, the combinations seem to be a throne card along with a crown, knight and squire of the same color.

Where are the cards?

a. Thrones so far have only been found in the Alice area, last 2 sections on the "BIG" halflings and "22"

b. Crowns and sometimes Jesters can be found on any lvl 60ish NPC, Fenj, "86", My Hand, etc ...

c. Knights can rarely be found on the 4 halfings in the forest around the chest, and used to be semi common on "86" and "donk", you can also find on the "MID" lvl NPC's .. like Gorillas and Guards (rare).

d. Squires can be found most in the forest area .. normally at least 1 per clearing of the forest

Here are the known rewards:

1. Vambraces of Distraction - White Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight, Black Squire

2. Cloak of Confusion - Blue Throne, Blue Crown, Blue Knight, Blue Squire

3. Mask of Melodies - Red Throne, Red Crown, Red Knight, Red Squire

4. Buckler of Doom - Black Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight, Black Squire

5. Green Wristguard - White Throne, Red Throne, Red Knight, Red Crown

6. Blue Flower of Functionality - Black Throne, White Throne, Red Throne, Blue Throne.

7. Robe of Distraction - Black Throne, Red Throne, Black Crown, Red Crown

8. Bracelet of the Twisted Mind - White Throne, Blue Throne, Blue Crown, Blue Knight

9. Mushroom Bracelet - Black Throne, Blue Throne, Blue Crown, Blue Knight

10. Shimmering Wristguard - Red Throne, Blue Throne, Blue Crown, Blue Knight

11. Greaves of Distraction - Blue Throne, Black Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight

12. Green Flower of Functionality - Black Knight, White Knight, Red Knight, Blue Knight

13. Black Flower of Functionality - Black Squire, White Squire, Red Squire, Blue Squire

14. Globe of Darkness - Black Throne, Blue Throne, Black Crown, Blue Crown

15. Crown of Distraction - Red Throne, Red Crown, Blue Throne, Blue Crown

16. Onyx Wristbands - Blue Throne, Red Throne, Red Crown, Red Knight

17. Silver Wristguards - Black Throne, Red Throne, Red Crown, Red Knight

18. Breastplate of Distraction - Red Throne, Black Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight

19. Belt of Inconsistency - White Throne, White Crown, Blue Throne, Blue Crown

20. Boots of Distraction - White Throne, White Crown, White Knight, Blue Throne

21. Red Flower of Functionality - White Throne, White Crown, White Knight, White Squire

22. Idiot Savant's Cap - Red Throne, Red Crown, White Throne, White Crown

23. A Very Rusty Dagger - Black Throne, Black Crown, White Throne, White Crown

24. White Flower of Functionality - Black Crown, Blue Crown, Red Crown, White Crown

25. Gloves of Distraction - White Throne, White Crown, White Knight, Red Throne

26. Wristguard of Distraction - White Throne, White Crown, White Knight, Black Throne

27. Mask of the Tundra Walker - Black Squire, Blue Squire, Black Knight, Blue Knight

28. Crystal Scimitar - Red Squire, White Squire, Red Knight, White Knight

29. Crystal Hammer - Blue Squire, White Squire, Blue Knight, White Knight

30. Great Sword of Bristlebane - Red Squire, Black Squire, Red Knight, Black Knight

31. Ring of Rememberance - Red Squire, Black Squire, Blue Knight, White Knight

32. Wily Warlock Boots - Boots of Distraction, Black Knight (works but probably buggy)
Reward: Vambraces of Distraction
Reward: Cloak of Confusion
Reward: Mask of Melodies
Reward: Buckler of Doom
Reward: Green Wristguard
Reward: Blue Flower of Functionality
Reward: Robe of Distraction
Reward: Bracelet of the Twisted Mind
Reward: Mushroom Bracelet
Reward: Shimmering Wristguard
Reward: Greaves of Distraction
Reward: Green Flower of Functionality
Reward: Black Flower of Functionality
Reward: Globe of Darkness
Reward: Crown of Distraction
Reward: Onyx Wristbands
Reward: Silver Wristguards
Reward: Breastplate of Distraction
Reward: Belt of Inconsistency
Reward: Boots of Distraction
Reward: Red Flower of Functionality
Reward: White Flower of Functionality
Reward: Idiot Savant's Cap
Reward: Very Rusty Dagger
Reward: Gloves of Distraction
Reward: Wristguard of Distraction
Reward: Crystal Hammer
Reward: Mask of the Tundra Walker
Reward: Crystal Scimitar
Reward: Great Sword of Bristlebane
Reward: Ring of Rememberance
Reward: Wily Warlock Boots

The Gift Box (Normal): This quest may or may not be obsolete following the Plane of Mischief revamp in October 2003. If you have information about this quest's status, let us know.

There are random Mobs in the zone that drop library cards. Give one to Posie the Librarian and she will give you a 4-slot container called the Book of Mischief. Also dropping randomly are four pages, top left and right and bottom left and right. Combine these four pages in the book and you will get a Words of Wealth, which unfortunately can't be equipped.

Now talk to Bob the painter and give him your words of wealth and you will get an empty pot of gold (2 slot container). You will need to create an item using the deck of spontaneous generation. Only 2-throne combination items work (e.g., Green Wristguard, Vambraces of Distraction, Crown of Distraction), except for Mask of Melodies (1-throne), which also works. Combine it in the pot of gold with a Words of Wealth. This will give you a Funny Money.

Give 2 funny moneys to Peachy D'Vicci and she gives you a colored Gift Box. The box has 5 charges. Occasionally you will receive a Frostmaidens Idol instead of a gift box.

If you click on the box, you will summon a doll. The type of doll depends upon the color of the box. The doll has 5 charges of Hug, which is a regen spell. As far as I know, the color of the box you will get is completely random. Each doll is named after a specific class; thus there is one colored box per class. When this Doll is combined in the pot of gold with the main Armor of Distraction types obtained through the Deck of Spontaneous Generation quest, you get the class-specific doll quest armor. Thus far, the gift boxes found produce dolls only for the pure int/wis casters and monks. Reward: Red Gift Box
Reward: Wily Warlock Doll
Reward: Blue Gift Box
Reward: Sly Summoner Doll
Reward: Monkey Hide Breastplate
Reward: Monkey Hide Arm Plate
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Robe
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Shoes
Reward: Sly Summoners Robe
Reward: Crazy Cleric Breastplate
Reward: Crazy Cleric Boots
Reward: Twisted Nature Chestguard
Reward: Twisted Nature Leggings
Reward: Shamanistic Shenannigan Chestplate
Reward: Shamanistic Shenannigan Helm
Reward: Wily Warlock Robe
Reward: Wily Warlock Gloves
Reward: Monkey Hide Boots
Reward: Monkey Hide Greaves
Reward: Monkey Hide Helm
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Leggings
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Crown
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Gloves
Reward: Sly Summoners Sleeves
Reward: Sly Summoners Pants
Reward: Crazy Cleric Arm Plate
Reward: Crazy Cleric Wrist Guard
Reward: Crazy Cleric Helm
Reward: Twisted Nature Armband
Reward: Twisted Nature Bracer
Reward: Twisted Nature Crown
Reward: Crazy Cleric Gauntlets
Reward: Twisted Nature Boots
Reward: Twisted Nature Gloves
Reward: Shamanistic Shenanigan Gauntlets
Reward: Maleficent Robe
Reward: Crazy Cleric Greaves
Reward: Maleficent Sleeves
Reward: Maleficent Bracer
Reward: Maleficent Boots
Reward: Maleficent Leggings
Reward: Maleficent Crown
Reward: Wily Warlock Sleeves
Reward: Wily Warlock Bracer
Reward: Wily Warlock Pants
Reward: Wily Warlock Crown
Reward: Shamanistic Shenannigan Arm Guard
Reward: Shamanistic Shenannigan Bracer
Reward: Shamanistic Shenannigan Boots
Reward: Shamanistic Shenannigan Greaves
Reward: Sly Summoners Wristguard
Reward: Sly Summoners boots
Reward: Sly Summoners Crown
Reward: Sly Summoners Gloves
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Sleeves
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Bracer
Reward: Monkey Hide Wrist Guard
Reward: Maleficent Gloves
Reward: Frostmaidens Idol
Reward: Black Gift Box
Reward: Green Gift Box
Reward: Grey Gift Box
Reward: Purple Gift Box
Reward: Silver Gift Box
Reward: White Gift Box
Reward: Twisted Druid Doll
Reward: Maleficent Necromancer Doll
Reward: Mischievous Dazzler Doll
Reward: Shamanistic Shenanigan Doll
Reward: Crazy Cleric Doll

Winning at Chess: White (Normal): This is a description of the Chessboard ring event. The chessboard in the Plane of Mischief is now surrounded by jester-looking mobs. One side has all white pieces (this includes the outer hallway: white pawns, white bishops, white knights, white castles, and white queens). The other half is the black pieces. Killing a white piece will always respawn another white piece, although it is random which piece will spawn; kill a pawn and a queen can spawn.

Each piece can drop an idol corresponding to its name, i.e., a white queen will drop a white queen piece. I never saw a white pawn drop anything, but the others did. Drops are uncommon/rare.

There are two quest mobs, one on each throne. Ronald Brumplefoot plays for white.

The event is timed, you have about 15 minutes? before it ends and the normal mobs respawn.

You say, 'Hail, Ronald Brumplefoot'

Ronald Brumplefoot says 'What does one have to do to win at this game? Each move I make they counter a better move. I sure could use some help.'

You say, 'I will help.'

Ronald Brumplefoot says 'Oh you are willing to help me? Very well I really need to end this game and put my opponent in check mate. You can either gather up four white pawns to bring me closer to what I need. Or if your willing to risk it all and go for check mate bring me one each of a white bishop, white knight, white castle, and a white queen. If you do so I'll have checkmate for sure. However the pieces can get a little lively in the defense of their king so be warned if you do so.'

If you hand in the bishop, knight, castle and queen, all the mobs in the chessboard area will despawn, and 8 "a white pawn" will spawn around the board.

Handing in 4 x White Pawn results in a small amount of experience; no loot.

Ronald Brumplefoot says, 'Excellent with these four gone I can make my move now! Here take this as your reward.'

You gain party experience!

Upon the death of the last pawn two "a white knight" and two "a white bishop" will spawn on each side of the board. Once these are dead, "the White Queen" and two "a white castle" will spawn. Once these are dead, "the White King" will spawn, a level 70 raid mob that hits for 1387, quads, flurries, and enrages. Upon its death, you see:

You have slain the White King!
You gain raid experience!!
the White King's corpse clatters to the ground dead.
The king has been defeated and the checkmate earned after a hard fought victory.

The White King drops two items from his loot table.

Brass Locket of Destiny
Comfortable Sandals of Serenity
Manic Breastplate of Carousing
Pauldrons of Blessed Fates
Polished Greaves of Honor
Silvery Vambraces of Celebration
Tri-Threaded Cord of Glee
Reward: Tri-Threaded Cord of Glee
Reward: Silvery Vambraces of Celebration
Reward: Polished Greaves of Honor
Reward: Manic Breastplate of Carousing
Reward: Comfortable Sandals of Serenity
Reward: Pauldrons of Blessed Fates
Reward: Brass Locket of Destiny