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Quests for Plane of Innovation

Alternate Access: Bypass the Behemoth (Incomplete): You must have already completed the Rallos Zek, Tallon Zek, and Vallon Zek flags in order to bypass killing the Manaetic Behemoth (need confirmation -- are these flags necessary to complete this bypass?).

Find Grooble in the Plane of Innovation at -226.78, 1458.43, 5.28.

You say, 'Hail, Grooble'

Grooble says 'What? How did you get here? Where are the guards? Have you come to free me from my accursed [task]?'

You say, 'What task?'

Grooble says 'I was caught by a nasty gnome who makes me toil night and day tending to this infernal machine! Oh, if I could only escape . . . But there are so many other guards I could never make it out of here. And yet here you are . . . No friend of the gnome I see. Perhaps you've come to destroy his [machine]?'

You say, 'I have come to destroy his machine.'

Grooble says 'I can help you in this task if you agree to help me escape. It will not be easy though. We will need to fight our way past some guards and then you will need to protect me as I disable the machine once and for all. Will you [help] me now then?'

You say, 'I will help you now.'

Grooble says 'Good, then I will need you to find the two tin-soldier overseers that run the machine. Working in unison they both manage and control the machine's output of iron-clad warriors. Each of them carries one half of a coded key that is required to gain access into the machine's central core. Once you have disabled both overseers and I have this key, I will be able to dismantle the machine's core.'

The two overseers Grooble speaks of are Tin Overseer Alpha and Tin Overseer Omega. They each drop a Part of a Coded Key for Rallos' Machine. Bring these two parts back to Grooble.

They spawn after speaking with Gooble, and despawn after two hours. Both Overseers are level 67. One spawns in the room directly north of Behemoth, the other directly south.

Bring Grooble the two Coded Parts:

Grooble says 'Yes, here it is . . . the acme master control nexus. Take this as proof that the machine will no longer function. Your attacks within this fortress have also caused enough of a diversion that I think can escape on my own. Many thanks to you!'
You gain experience!!

You receive an Acme Control Nexus, which you must bring to Ronar Flametip, located in the Plane of Tranquility building leading to the Plane of Fire, at 254.12, -2115.56, -924.92:

Ronar Flametip says 'Very good. I watched your final fight against the mechanized tide of Rallos and saw your triumph. I shall dispose of this part properly so that Norrath will never be in danger from this threat again. Though this part of your journey is at an end, I sense that many more paths now exist for you to tread upon. Fare thee well _____!'

Ronar directs you to kill two Diaku Plankeepers in Plane of Tactics, and return the two plans (Half of Rallos' Plans and Other Half of Rallos' Plans) they drop to him.

Information needed on where it goes from here.
Destroy the Behemoth (Tactics Access) (Normal): This is the quest to gain entry to Drunder, Fortress of Zek. Giwin Mirakon is located in the first room at the entrance of the Factory in Plane of Innovation. To enter the Factory, someone must be flagged from killing Xanamech Nezmirthafen.

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'How did you get in here? Hrmm no matter, you will be helping me now for I am a [great warrior] of Rallos Zek and I know you wish not to provoke my fury!'

You says, 'What great warrior?'

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'Yeah, you heard me! You know that I must be important if Rallos himself has plucked me from battlefield to complete this [task]. Even though I serve my lord, I am desperate to return to my place on the eternal battlefield.'

You say, 'What task?'

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'Ya, you see Rallos sent me here to contract the machines to work on a mana powered piece of machinery that could test all on the eternal battlefield. This weapon of ultimate destruction is taking quite a long time to be completed. You know.. If you were to go [test the machine] and it were to fail against you I could be on my way back to tell Rallos that it was defeated by mere mortals. Help me to get back to the battlefield and out of this rusted out junkheap.'

You say, 'I will test the machine.'

Giwin Mirakon tells you, 'Haha! I knew I sensed the warring spirit within you. Go through over there. Ignore those steam powered soldiers and their talk of perimeters. Go into the main construction area. You will know you are there when you see power carriers taking energy to power up the machine. If you can stop the energy carriers from releasing their energy the machine will activate to see what has happened. I shall come to check on you and take a full report when you have destroyed it it. Long live Rallos!'

You have received a character flag!

Kill the Manaetic Behemoth and you will be able to get flagged to enter Drunder, Fortress of Zek.

Be sure to hail Giwin Mirakon again after Behemoth dies for another flag. Giwin will spawn near behemoth's corpse.

You say, 'Hail, Giwin Mirakon'

Giwin Mirakon gives you a look of disbelief and then concern. 'You destroyed the machine?! You should come with me to the Plane of Tactics. Surely the Zeks will want to honor you in your warring spirit. I will go on ahead of you to prepare for your arrival. I believe that you can access the Plane through the portal that the weakli... Er tranquil have opened in the Plane of Tranquility. I anticipate our next meeting on the Battlefields of Zek!' Reward: Self Contained Force Barrier
Reward: Protective Dust Drape
Reward: Coil of Twisted Platinum Wire
Reward: Glowing Steel Shim
Reward: Innovator's Hammer

Endurance Testing (Normal): Find Researcher Kaeon located inside the factory (+33, -220, +4 - inside factory, first door to the left/east).

You say, 'Hail Researcher Kaeon'

Researcher Kaeon says, 'Salutations. We have been monitoring your performance in the scrap yards. Your ability seems to rival your physical capabilities. We would like to test your endurance and mental abilities further. Would you comply to endurance testing?'

You say, 'I will comply to endurance testing'

Researcher Kaeon says, 'Excellent. We would like to test a maximum of six at one time. Are you ready to begin testing?'

You say, 'We are ready'

Researcher Kaeon says, 'Excellent I will now send you down to the testing bay. Assistant Kelrig will be there shortly with further instructions.'

You and your group will be ported into a square room with eight alcoves. After a two to three minute wait, six waves of clockwork spiders (3-8 at a time) will spawn and attack. The spiders are relatively simple -- gadgets, devices, and contraptions hitting for a max of 200 (most hit for 100 or so).

After you have gone through six waves, Assistant Kelrig spawns. He will ask you if you wish to leave or continue.

You say, 'Hail, Assistant Kelrig'

Assistant Kelrig says 'Interesting, your abilities have shown you to be sufficient. We would like to continue testing, are you ready to continue or would you like to quit here?'

You say, 'continue'

You say, 'ready to continue'

Assistant Kelrig says, 'Your cooperation is appreciated, prepare yourselves.'

Event continues another 5-6 waves until Kelrig respawns, giving the same commands.


You say, 'Quit'

Assistant Kelrig begins to cast a spell.

Assistant Kelrig says 'We shall process the data that you have afforded us. Good bye.'

You feel disoriented.

What dialogue do you see if you opt to continue?

You can repeat this process until the fourth wave, upon completion you will see:

Assistant Kelrig says, 'Excellent. This data will be of great use to us. Thank you for your time. Goodbye.'

You are ported out to the graveyard.

Loot is dropped on the final wave of each stage off regular spiders.
Reward: Ethereal Parchment
Reward: Spectral Parchment
Reward: Tin Star Earring
Reward: Stuck Bearing Persuader
Reward: Elemental Divining Rod
Reward: Wire Mesh Drape
Reward: Riveted Joint Gauntlets
Reward: Polished Tin Mail Coif
Reward: Prickly Ball of Wire

Nitram's Collection (Normal): Nitram Anizok may be found at +1500, +970 along the right path from zone-in. If he isn't up, clear out the mobs around the hut to spawn him.

You say, 'Hail, Nitram Anizok'

Nitram Anizok says 'Oh my hello! It has been such a long time since I have had visitors. Have you come to learn of [advanced tinkering] as well?'

You say, 'What advanced tinkering?'

Nitram Anizok says 'Aye, I advanced to this plane due to my work on tinkering back in Ak`Anon. A grand city it is, but my abilities were compromised with the materials I had to work with there. My body and soul has come to rest here, forever coming up with new ideas. You should be aware though that this plane is not how it was when I arrived. Much [construction] has taken place.'

You say, 'What construction?'

Nitram Anizok says 'When I first arrived I started creating smaller things. As time went on my inventions became more and more focused and impressive. I started building steam powered clockwork to help me gather materials. I had gone too far giving them the ability to learn and with a built in desire of self perpetuation. They began to integrate themselves with the clockwork that already existed within the factory that you can see if you step outside. I once worked within the factory with a kind and fair gnome, Meldrath. Now that he has gone missing the clockworks seem to be working towards a more devious goal. The clockwork out here in the junkyard have been discarded due to their malfunction or replacement by a more efficient series. Needless to say their [instinct for survival] has not been lost.'

You say, 'What instinct for survival?'

Nitram Anizok says 'The clockwork have become increasingly aggressive because of their desperation for spare parts. I have to defend myself anytime I head out to find parts for my tinkering. I fear for my safety with what is being built in the factory. I have started to build myself my own means of defense. It is nearly completed but I need an odd combination of batteries to start it up. I should have planned more carefully for it to use simple mana batteries..'

You say, 'What combination of batteries?'

Nitram Anizok says 'Well you see when I was back home it was common for me to use a mycological spore extricate-kinetoconvertor to power my devices. I started planning my defense to use this as a power source out of sheer habit. Here in this desolation the mushrooms that were grown back home do not exist. I am going to have to rig something from spare parts. It is taking a long time with my having to search the junkyard small portions at a time due to the clockworks. Would you help me in [collecting materials]?'

You say, 'Collecting materials?'

Nitram Anizok peers over some schematics laying on a table next to him. 'Let us see here. I have some of the base parts for the power source. If you could collect a copper node, a bundle of super conductive wires, and an intact power cell I could power up the machine. Good luck to you ______, I hope that we can work together on this.'

Turn in the items (all random drops in the zone).

Nitram Anizok says 'Excellent! This is wonderful, please follow me! I will show you the power of my greatest invention.'

Nitram will walk a lengthy path to Xanamech Nexmirthafen, a clockwork dragon. You have to keep him alive along the way. When he gets to the dragon's clearing, he finishes the "power source" and the dragon spawns. Kill it for some loot, then hail Nitram for the character flag which allows you to open the factory door in the Plane of Innovation. (looks like this:)

You say, 'Hail, Nitram Anizok'

Nitram Anizok tells you, 'Whew that was a close one! I shall have to study these schematics and see where I went wrong. Maybe if I build a new one that uses the correct kind of power source it would work better! Anyhow, why don't you stop these beasts at the source? If you go up to the main factory door and twist the very bottom rivet of the icon three times to the right, it will open. I doubt they have changed how this works. Good luck!'

You have received a character flag!

You remember Nitram's words - 'three small turns to the right on the bottommost rivet should open the door'. Reward: Cord Hilted Spike Driver
Reward: Pulsing Phase Emitter
Reward: The Weapon's Driveshaft
Reward: Woven Shim Choker
Reward: Innovator's Ring