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Quests for Plane of Growth

Gloves of Earthcrafting (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Tunarean Earthmelder'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'Hail my friend, unforutnately I am sorry I cannot talk right now. The giants must be dealt with.

You say, 'What giants?'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'The giants are continuing to put forth efforts to encroach the lands blessed by Tunare. We need an outrider or preserver to aid us in our continued fight.

You say, 'I am a preserver'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'Noble preserver, you will be needed to combat the priests of the warbringer. Scouts have reported three priests wandering the Wakening Lands in search of a site to build a shrine to their god. Seek them out kill them and bring their heads and those of anyone else involved.'

You need the heads off the following four giants:

1. Priest Grenk - roams in the Wakening Land.
2. Priest Bjek - roams in the Wakening Land.
3. Priest Delar - roams in the Wakening Land.
4. Derakor the Vindicator - found behind the ice wall near Kael's temple. Bring a few friends..

Return the four heads for the Gloves of Earthcrafting. Reward: Gloves of Earthcrafting

Helm of the Tracker (Normal): Note: you must be level 55 or you will not be rewarded.

You say, 'Hail, Tunarean Earthmelder'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'Hail my friend, unfortunately I am sorry I cannot talk right now. The giants must be dealt with.'

You say, 'What giants?'

Tunarean Earthmelder says 'The giants are continuing to put forth efforts to encroach the lands blessed by Tunare. We need an outrider or preserver to aid us in our continued fight.'

You say, 'I am an outrider.'

He then asks you to kill the Frost Giant Overseer, who spawns in front of Kael in the Wakening Lands. When you kill him, he says something about a giant named Kallis.

Kallis spawns in the arena nearby the Vindicator. There are also two Protectors of Zek with him (you need the protectors whose names are capitalized).

Kill all three and collect their heads. The heads are named:

Frost Giant Overseer's Head
Kallis's Head
Smashed Protector of Zek's Head
Bloody Protector of Zek's Head

Bring all four heads back for your Helm of the Tracker. Reward: Helm of the Tracker

Natures Defender (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Guardian of Takish'

Guardian of Takish says 'Well met Phazrael . It is indeed a wondrous day to be serving the lady Tunare. If you know of any templars or knights send them to me.

You say, 'I am a knight'

Guardian of Takish says 'Fortune smile upon me this day. It seems that the great corrupter and the Prince of Hate have spreading the seeds of corruption within this continent. Will you assist us to stop them?

You say, 'I will assist you'

Guardian of Takish says 'Seek out the corrupter of life in the plane of hate and slay him. He has been reported performing dark rituals upon various wildlife within the Wakening Lands during the late hours of night. Return to me any evidence that you may find.

Return to him the following items:

1. The Skull of the Corrupter of Life. He spawns in the Plane of Hate and drops the fleshless skull.

2. Corrupted Faun Skin (Wakening Lands, Corrupted Faun)

3. Corrupted Panther Skin (Wakening Lands, Corrupted Panther)

4. Corrupted Unicorn Skin (Wakening Lands, Corrupted Unicorn) Reward: Natures Defender

Scrolls of the Ancient Totem (Normal): You say, 'hail Ancient Totem'

Ancient Totem says 'Greetings, my friend it is not often that we see strangers coming to this plane. I fear that our growing infestation problem has kept us busy as of late. The time for battle grows near yet we still do not have the offensive magics necessary to fend off our enemies.

You say, 'what magics'

Ancient Totem says 'There are legends describing scrolls of ultimate power and enlightenment from fallen channelers that preserver the knowledge necessary for us to overcome our plight. Since these are just legends I cannot assure you that these scrolls exist, but at this point they are our only hope.

You say, 'what scrolls'

Ancient Totem says 'The ancient scrolls needed to complete the Tome that will aid us are found in Dragon Necropolis if the legends are true. The tome itself was made up of the incantations and the teachings of the great Lel`Farthok who was a mighty channeler for his time.

There are 4 scrolls in DN which drop from the named lvl 60 rats:

The scrolls are:

scroll of power
scroll of enlightentment
scroll of insight
scroll of knowledge

Turn in all four for your reward. Reward: Visage of Life

The Ancient Tomes (Normal): This quest begins with "a gleaming sphere of light" in the Plane of Growth.

You say, 'hail a gleaming sphere of light'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'I greet thee _____ you will have to pardon my demeanour I am afraid that I am not in the best of spirits. Recently yet another brother was taken from us from an evil unknown through the dark art of mind rending.

You say, 'What evil?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'Somewhere there exists a group of outcast phantasmists that use their powers to only harvest true evil. These masters of the mind are of origin that we are yet to uncover for they only exist in ones thoughts. Slowly turning one insane from the horrors that pound through their mind.

You say, 'What outcast phantasmists?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'These outcasts were once believe to be part of our circle before turning to the way of evil and using the mindbending abilities that they possess to take over those who knowledge would benefit them most.

You say, 'What mindbending abilities?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'What these beguilers are capable of is unknown, but what we do know is that as each day passes we are all at risk from an attack that could very well end us. But there is a chance that if we could find the ancient tomes of their weaknesses, this evil could be stopped.

You say, 'What ancient tomes?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'Legend exists that there are two lost tomes that cover the darker sides of Mind control. These tomes were last believed to be possessed by mortals much like yourself that stumbled upon them not knowing what they possessed because they could not understand the unknown code the books are scribed in.

You say, 'What code?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'To prevent those that could not control the powerful abilities that these tomes described how to perform. These tomes were scribed of ancient language that not many could decifer. In search of someone that could assist them these heros fell in the city of giants.

You say, 'What ancient language?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'As I told you before these books are distinctly coded to only be understood by those that have the abilities to perform and contain these magics. If these tomes were recovered it is very possible that I could decode them and develop an immunity to the mind altering attacks that I feel are upon us.

The tomes are found in the Western Wastes.

The First Half of Vin'Pekir's Tome drops off Draazak. The Second Half of Vin'Pekir's Tome drops off Kar Sapara.

The First Half of Al`Tariquil's Tome is dropped by Harla Dar, who roams near the zone to Siren's Grotto. The Second Half of Al`Tariquil's Tome drops from Esorpa of the Ring, a static spawn in the scar outside of the Temple of Veeshan.

Hand in all four tomes:

a gleaming sphere of light says 'In my hands I hold the teachings of those who gave their lives to produce a defense against the evils of mind control. For what you have done for me I cannot thank you enough; please accept this magical item as a reminder of my gratitude.

You receive the Wreath of Nature. Reward: Wreath of Nature

The Four Idols (Normal): You say, 'Hail Guardian of Takish'

Guardian of Takish says 'Well met. It is indeed a wondrous day to be serving the lady Tunare. If you know of any templars or knights send them to me.

You say, 'I am a templar'

Guardian of Takish says 'I require your aid. It seems the agents of corruption have supplied the followers of the warbringer with four idols that will help defoliate the Wakening Lands. Will you aid me noble Templar?

You say, 'I will aid you'

Guardian of Takish says 'Excellent gather the four idols that are held in Kael and return them to me. I will then properly dispose of these foul creations.

You will need: Idols of Corruption, Decay, Disease and Erosion. They drop off the following giants in the Kael Arena: Gkrean Prophet of Tallon, Cleric of Vallon Zek, Semkak Prophet of Vallon and Priest of Tallon Zek.

Upon hand in:

Guardian of Takish says 'May Tunare's blessing be upon thee! Here, take this item and use it wisely.'
You gain experience Reward: Symbol of Tunarian Worship

The Lost Tome (Normal): You say, 'Hail, a mosscovered treant'

a mosscovered treant says 'I welcome thee ______, is there something I can assist you with? I am afraid my tireless searching for the incantations is going to be endless.'

You say, 'What searching?'

a mosscovered treant says 'For quite some time now I have been seeking the teachings and scribings of Conjurers and Summoners of great power. As I continue my personal quest towards enlightenment there is absolute knowledge that evades me to this day.'

You say, 'What knowledge?'

a mosscovered treant says 'There is believed to be a tome that contained only the most spectacular and powerful summoning. Many great magicians of time passed were believe to be contributors to this magical tome. During the meeting called by these select few something went terribly wrong.'

You say, 'What went wrong?'

a mosscovered treant says 'Of those in attendance, there was one servant of Innoruuk whose intentions were to steal the research and knowledge of his peers and use it to benefit himself and his Dark god. This selfishness led to numerous Intellectual conflicts and each Arch-Mage decided to go their separate ways, only to perish so close to the answer for which they seeked.'

a mosscovered treant whispers, like wind through the tree tops, as it speaks hushed words to the tree.

You say, 'What answer?'

a mosscovered treant says 'As time progressed each Elementalist continued their studies and research only to soon discover that there was always something missing. As each of them decended upon the Skyshrine they continued to look, not knowing what they were searching for was each other.

You say, 'I will look.'

a mosscovered treant says 'That is a kind gesture indeed my friend, but be warned the journey that lies ahead of you will not be easy. But as I have faith that this tome will one day be assembled as it was always meant to be and never was I have faith that the pages do still exist, waiting to be unearthed

You say, 'What journey?'

a mosscovered treant says 'Search the lands for the remains of these Arch-mages Tirranna . Only when I have these teachings and am able to once again construct this tome may I bring myself closer to my Enlightenment and Arcane Mastery.

Bring the treant four tomes (dropped randomly by named wurms in Skyshrine?):

Tome of Elemental Cognizance
Tome of Elemental Contemplation (confirmed from Oglard; Ralgyn)
Tome of Elemental Thought (confirmed from Jualicn; Ralgyn)
Tome of Elemental Understanding (confirmed from Ralgyn)

In exchange, you receive a "Chord of Vines". Reward: Chord of Vines