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Quests for Nobles' Causeway

Bard Epic 2.0: Blade of Vesagran (Normal): Oshiruk All Shook Up

Alkron Wyrmsong may be found in the Nobles' Causeway at +1870, +650, +320.

You say, 'Hail, Alkron Wyrmsong'

Alkron Wyrmsong looks at you with barely contained terror. 'You! You have brought the orb back to this land! You will destroy us all! The terror of Oshiruk can not be destroyed! Give up your foolish quest while you still can!' He grabs for the orb as you back away slightly. His claw trails across your sword as it draws fresh blood.

The blade in your hand begins to glow slightly. Alkron gazes down at the blade with eyes wide. His eyes snap frantically back and forth between your face and the blade, finally coming to rest eye to eye with you. His other claw subconsciously moves to cover the wound from your blade as he continues to stare directly into your eyes. 'You walk a foolish path Human. No mortal has the power to destroy the chaos that is the spirit of [Oshiruk]. The devourer has power beyond our comprehension. You are a fool if you think that blade will save you. The spirit of the crystalline wyrm has long since left this existence. You are alone in your quest for death.'

You say, 'Who is Oshiruk?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'You carry his spirit with you and know not who he is? Our worlds are ill fated indeed. But fate is not mine to control, and for my part I will [tell] you of Oshiruk. No warrior should fall before an unknown enemy. It is the legacy of my people, but I fear it will end here with all our deaths.'

You say, 'Tell me of Oshiruk.'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'Very well ______. Millennia ago at the height of the Dragorn empire, a dark portal opened to the north. Not far from the halls of Anguish. We soon found ourselves under siege from a dark army. While we were surprised by their initial appearance, we Dragorn are not weak and were able to fight them back to the portal itself after years of war. Ten years to the day after the opening of the portal, mere days before we would have been able to destroy the portal, Oshiruk first set foot on our world. Oshiruk was rumored to be a dark deity from a reality overcome with discord long ago and that he had come to power by consuming the other deities of his pantheon. He brought a wave of destruction across our world, killing any and all dragorn kin that were sent against his [armies].'

You say, 'What armies?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'Eventually the armies of Oshiruk stood at the gates of Dranik. The hordes of demonic creatures clawed at the gates as we prepared our final defenses, fully expecting to meet our final demise. But the Dragorn were not destined to fall that day. The priests of Vesagran stood stalwart at the gates of our city and that day our god answered us. A great cry was heard and great crystalline wings flapped across the city blowing up an enormous cloud of dust. The titans clashed and ultimately Oshiruk fell that day before the fury of the crystalline dragon. As he struck the ground, Oshiruk's body was consumed in [darkness].'

You say, 'What darkness?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'Dark tentacles lashed out around the corpse and struck the dragon, sending ripples of dark energy across her crystal scales. When the tentacles finally died away, all that was left of the mighty Oshiruk was his infamous dark armor. The chestplate held a black orb that crackled with dark lightning. The dragon reached forward and tore the orb from the chestplate, causing a cataclysmic backlash of evil energy. She collapsed to the ground, overcome by the dark energy. The priests of Vesagran were able to protect her from the remnants of Oshiruk's army, but were not able to keep them from taking the black armor back through the portal to discord. But Vesagran held the orb, and with it the spirit of Oshiruk. The orb and Vesagran have never been seen again until today. How it might be destroyed I don't know, but should the armor ever be reunited with the [orb] Oshiruk would surely return and destroy us all.'

You say, 'What orb?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'The orb that sits in your very pack holds the soul of Oshiruk you fool! The orb is the source of all his power. But he requires a body in order to resurrect himself into this existence. He certainly wants to reform his former self and to that end will try to find the breastplate, gauntlets and boots of his previous armor. There may be a way to destroy his former body at least. The power of Mata`Muram is vast, perhaps we can use these two evils to destroy each other. Bring me the armor and a globe of discordant energy from the lair of Mata`Muram and I will attempt to destroy the armor and prevent Oshiruk's return.'

Black Chaos Gauntlets drop from trash mobs in the Nobles' Causeway. Black Chaos Boots drop from trash mobs near the Wall of Slaughter. The Black Chaos Breastplate drops from trash mobs in Riftseekers' Sanctum.

For the globe of discordant energy, you will need to pass the six raid trials of the Muramite Proving Grounds and proceed into the Citadel of Anguish. In there, kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, or kill Arch Magus Vangl, or kill Overlord Mata Muram, or finish Jelvan's ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, inside which you will find the globe.

Bring the three armor pieces and the globe back to Alkron.

Alkron Wyrmsong nods slowly and places the armor on the ground at his feet with the discordant orb in the center. 'Now we shall see if our efforts are for our salvation or destruction. He begins to mark the ground with Dragorn runes and recite an ancient Dragorn rite. The armor begins to hum as the orb dissolves into a black pool on the ground. Alkron draws back in terror. 'No! I was a fool to think I could destroy him! I have brought about the end of us all!' The armor spins and crackles with energy as it flies from your hands and rises into the air. The armor begins to grow as bolts of energy begin to snap between them. A maniacal cackle fills the air as the armor forms into a vaguely humanoid shape.

The blade in your hand begins to glow as the dark orb begins to burn your flesh. You struggle to keep the orb from flying away.

Oshiruk roars loudly. 'Mortals are so predictably idiotic! Did you really think you could destroy me?!?! Shiver in fear for Oshiruk the Devourer has returned!'

This will spawn Oshiruk, who now needs to be killed. Loot the Dragorn Essence from Oshiruk's corpse.

Hand the Dragorn Essence, Dark Orb, and the Prismatic Dragon Blade to Alkron for your Epic 2.0: the Blade of Vesagran.

You have gained an ability point! You now have 10 ability points.

Alkron Wyrmsong takes the blade and the two orbs from you. He thrusts the sword into the ground at his feet and takes an orb in either hand. He begins to recite an ancient dragorn rite as the air fills with magic around you. Energy begins to surge between the two orbs and eventually begin to strike the blade as well. The roar of energy rises and culminates in a flash of light. The two orbs disappear into thin air as your sword takes on a new glow of power. Reward: Blade of Vesagran

Nerask's Silk Armor (Tier 2) (Normal): Nerask may be found in Nobles' Causeway at -1635, -245. Enchanters receive Mindreaver's armor of Coercion, Magicians receive Glyphwielder's armor of the Summoner, Necromancers receive Blightbringer's armor of the Grave, and Wizards receive Academic's armor of the Arcanists.

You say, 'Hail, Nerask'

Nerask says 'Hail, fair traveler. What can I, Nerask, do for you? I know that you present little threat to me for I have heard whispers and rumors about strangers who would help us. I am naught but a poor serf without a [master].'

You say, 'Master?'

Nerask says 'My master, Patorav, was a great man . . . A wise and kind one, he was. Now I am all alone for I am guilty of betraying his trust during the times of darkness. When the Muramites came he protected me by hiding me amongst some rubble, but I should have protected him . . . Should have done something. My master was so kind to me. Please do me a favor so that I may serve him one last time. I need to gather my master's favorite [belongings] to give his soul peace, but as a poor serf I stand little chance of doing so.'

You say, 'Belongings?'

Nerask says 'I have much of my master's old clothes that I think will be good for you. As it befits our customs, we pay respects to our dead by honoring their deeds and favorite things. I have clothes for your [head], [arms], [wrists], [hands], [chest], [legs], and [feet] that I will give to you if you return his favorite items that were stolen from his home after he was taken away.'


You say, 'Head?'

Nerask says 'My master used to have a walking stick that he took on many journeys with him. He told me that it contained a jewel at the top of the staff that was the essence of a whispering spirit which would guide him on his long journeys. I do not know where my master got the stick from as he had it long before I entered into his service. Please return his walking stick to me as it truly was one of his most-favored possessions. I will also need two small bars of Nashtar berry soap so I may clean and preserve it as I once used to. Do this and I shall give you an enchanted cap befitting a dragorn elder.'

Patorav's Walking Stick is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Bars of Nashtar Berry Soap drop from various dragorns in Muramite Proving Grounds. On turn-in:

Nerask reaches out for the stick. 'Yes, this is indeed his favorite walking stick! Why here at the top is the jewel I spoke of. Even now, I can hear the spirit in the gem calling out for my master, searching for him. And the soap will allow me to clean and preserve the wood as I used to before The Darkening came upon us. Here is the cap I spoke about. It, like much of my master's clothes, was tailored by a famous dragorn that has long since disappeared since the start of the war.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Arms?'

Nerask says 'After my master was taken away with many of our other nobles and elders, his house was ransacked by all manner of foul Muramite. One such being took a locket that was given to my master by his father that was in a special pouch. This pouch was no doubt also stolen for the embossing it contained. It was truly fine work indeed. Bring me this pouch so I may retrieve my master's locket from within it and I will give you some fine cloth sleeves that my master wore when performing his duties as a dragorn elder. In addition, I will need two spools of Balemoon silk thread which I will use to size the sleeves to you.'

Lenarsk's Embossed Leather Pouch is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Spools of Balemoon Silk are dropped by random mobs in Muramite Proving Grounds and Riftseekers' Sanctum.

Nerask says 'Yes, I believe this is the pouch.' He opens it up and begins to rummage through the contents. 'Ah, this is the locket I spoke of. Truly, I am closer to giving my master the peace his spirit searches for. With the thread I will be able to perform the minor tailoring work required to fit these sleeves to you.' He hands you the sleeves after a few minutes.'

You gain experience!!


Nerask says 'My master used to work with Rurof the Negotiator . . . yes, the very same Rurof that struck a deal with the riftseekers to close the portal that had appeared in the Bloodfields. So on that appointed day, when our remaining forces marched upon the Muramite force stationed near the portal, a bloody battle ensued. Though our valiant warriors were vastly outnumbered, their courage and skill allowed them to turn the tide against the invaders. Then the portal collapsed and exploded, destroying everything in its path -- Muramites and dragorns. We are not sure why this happened, but I think we were betrayed by the riftseekers. Bring back one of these riftseeker hearts and two riftseeker trinkets so I know we have struck back at them. Do this and I will give you an enchanted cloth bracer that befits a dragorn elder such as my master.'

The Riftseeker Heart is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Riftseeker Trinkets are dropped by random mobs in Muramite Proving Grounds. On turn-in:

Nerask opens his eyes wide as you hand him the heart and trinkets. 'If I did not see it for myself, I would have never imagined that an enemy so powerful and mysterious as these riftseekers could be defeated. My people and I thank you for this act . . . an act that will surely help to embolden us to strike back against the invaders. For your efforts, here is the cloth bracer I spoke about. I am certain it will aid you on your journey.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Hands?'

Nerask says 'My master had a famous nephew by the name of Makyah. He was also known as Makyah the Fierce, one my people's most celebrated warriors. He fell during a tremendous battle against the Muramites and to honor him, one of my master's last wishes was to recover his axe. I will give you a pair of enchanted cloth gloves if you find me this axe and two Kuuan whetstones so I may honor Makyah, and thus my master.'

Makyah's Axe is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Kuuan Whetstones are dropped by random mobs in Riftseekers' Sanctum.

Nerask opens his hands for the axe and the two stones. 'Thank you. For helping to fulfill my master's last wishes, I will give you the gloves I spoke about earlier. I know only that they are magical and therefore will have to let you uncover the secret to unlocking their power.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Chest?'

Nerask says 'Just before my master was marched through the causeway with the other nobles, he was very busy writing and receiving important communications from other elders. In fact, just a few days prior to being taken, he told me that he was expecting a note that could change the very face of the war. The carrier of this message was none other than Jayruk himself. No one knows what happened to Jayruk because he did not show up with the note. I will give you my master's ceremonial robe if you can find Jayruk's vest and bring it back to me. I am sure that hidden within it lies the note my master was so anxious about. In addition, I will need three pieces of Vrenlar fruit which I will need to uncover the hidden message.'

Jayruk's Vest is dropped by Overlord Mata Muram and Arch Magus Vangl in the Citadel of Anguish. Pieces of Vrenlar Fruit are dropped by a lightning warrior staticfist in Muramite Proving Grounds.

Nerask takes the vest and begins to examine it thoroughly. 'Yes, I think this small seam here conceals the note my master was waiting for. Ah, this is it, I am certain.' He takes the note, unfolds it, and places it on its side. He takes the fruit and begins to mash it up into a bowl while adding a few other ingredients. Moment later a small plume of blue-gray smoke begins to rise up out of the bowl. Nerask picks up the note and reads it. 'Thank you, I will give this note to our remaining elders. It is very important, indeed. Here is the robe I spoke about. The powerful magic woven into the very fibers should enable you to overcome powerful enemies.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Legs?'

Nerask says 'Upon becoming a lauded elder, my master was given a ceremonial amulet recognizing his status. Though it was not magical in the least, he did not cherish it any less. After my master was taken, our house was ransacked and one of the Muramites took the amulet as a trophy. Return this amulet to me and three pieces of softened feran hide so I may create a small pouch to protect the amulet.'

Patorav's Amulet is dropped by Arch Magus Vangl in the Citadel of Anguish. Softened Feran Hides are dropped by various ferans in Riftseekers' Sanctum.

Nerask holds the amulet up to the sky. 'Yes, this is the amulet my master was so proud of. It signified his elevation to a respected elder for all of the selfless work my master had done for our people. I will take these hides and get a tanner to create a small ornamental pouch befitting it. Take these mystical cloth leggings my master often used in performing his duties.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Feet?'

Nerask says 'I have heard that the Muramites have taken over the labyrinth used by our elders. This was once a serene retreat where our elders would meditate and be guided by the spirit of the Great Father. Now, the labyrinth is infested with Muramites. They call it their 'Proving Grounds' where they test their viciousness. The vilest of them are rewarded with Muramite Cruelty medals that signify that they destroy everything they touch. I want you to return one of these medals to me so that at least one of these dark creatures has been suitably dealt with. Also, bring me two Ikaav tails so I know that these vicious creatures have also been dealt a blow.'

The Muramite Cruelty Medal is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Ikaav Tails are dropped by random ikaavs in Muramite Proving Grounds and the Citadel of Anguish. On turn-in:

Nerask smiles widely as you show him the medal and the wings. 'Yes, now at least a small measure of justice has been exacted for my people. Please take these footwraps that accompanied my master on so many journeys.'

You gain experience!! Reward: Mindreaver's Skullcap of Coercion
Reward: Mindreaver's Armguards of Coercion
Reward: Mindreaver's Bracer of Coercion
Reward: Mindreaver's Handguards of Coercion
Reward: Academic's Gloves of the Arcanists
Reward: Mindreaver's Vest of Coercion
Reward: Blightbringer's Bracer of the Grave
Reward: Blightbringer's Armband of the Grave
Reward: Blightbringer's Handguards of the Grave
Reward: Academic's Sleeves of the Arcanists
Reward: Mindreaver's Shoes of Coercion
Reward: Glyphwielder's Wristband of the Summoner
Reward: Mindreaver's Leggings of Coercion
Reward: Academic's Slippers of the Arcanists
Reward: Glyphwielder's Sleeves of the Summoner
Reward: Glyphwielder's Gloves of the Summoner
Reward: Glyphwielder's Hat of the Summoner
Reward: Glyphwielder's Leggings of the Summoner
Reward: Glyphwielder's Slippers of the Summoner
Reward: Academic's Cap of the Arcanists
Reward: Academic's Pants of the Arcanists
Reward: Academic's Wristband of the Arcanists
Reward: Blightbringer's Cap of the Grave
Reward: Academic's Robe of the Arcanists
Reward: Glyphwielder's Tunic of the Summoner
Reward: Blightbringer's Sandals of the Grave
Reward: Blightbringer's Tunic of the Grave
Reward: Blightbringer's Pants of the Grave

Thin Out the Murkgliders (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Gorvoroth'

The dragorn bows as you approach. 'Greetings. I know not of your heritage or family, but I beseech you none-the-less. My farms are being overrun by roving murkgliders. Too many dragorn warriors have been slain or conscripted by the Muramites and now there's no one left to defend us forgotten serfs. I beg of you, spare my life and slay as many murkgliders as you can. Bring me their blood for its scent will ward off the rest of the hive. Please help. The Muramites have forgotten us.'

Bring him one Seeping Murkglider Fluid, a rare drop from murkgliders.

The dragorn takes the blood from you. 'Thank you, ______. This should keep the murkgliders at bay for a while. Let me know if you recover any more.'

Your faction standing with Dranik Loyalists has been adjusted by 1
Your faction standing with Overlord Mata Muram has been adjusted by -1
Vorkiev's Plate Armor (Tier 1) (Normal): Vorkiev may be found in Nobles' Causeway at +1350, +1025. Bards receive Traveler's Mail armor, Clerics receive Sanctified armor, Paladins receive Oathbound armor, Shadowknights receive Heartstiller's Mail armor, and Warriors receive Armsmaster's armor.

You say, 'Hail, Vorkiev'

Vorkiev says 'Hello, ______. I am Vorkiev, a former smith of Dranik. Word of your battles against the Muramites has passed from ear to ear across Kuua. You bring hope to the dragorn who long to be free from the shadow of Mata Muram! Perhaps we can be of [service] to one another?'

You say, 'Service?'

Vorkiev says 'A decade ago my forge created great suits of armor to protect Kuua's strongest warriors. When the Muramites came, however, they sought to conscript me to make armor for their captains. Rather than comply, I fled into the wilderness to live as an exile. I have no regrets about my decision, but I do long for the old days, back when the land was green and the dragorn stood side by side against their enemies, instead of kowtowing to these forsaken Muramites. There many tasks I need accomplished that I am unable to see through myself due to my exile. If you can help me, I can reward you with finely crafted plate armor for your [hands], [wrists], [arms], [head], [chest], [legs], or [feet]. What say you?'


You say, 'Hands.'

Vorkiev says 'I appreciate your enthusiasm. Be careful though, this will not be easy for I require a rare item that is entrusted only to the Muramite captains. Harbinger's Spire was once a dragorn lookout tower which Mata Muram has since claimed and bent to his own purposes. He uses the spire as a beacon to receive news on his domain. Some of his captains possess infused crystal shards which can be used to send messages from Harbinger's Spire. If you can capture one of these infused spire control shards along with the satchels of two discordling messengers, it may disrupt the Muramite chain of command long enough to afford me a chance to return home for a day. I have not seen many of my kin since The Darkening fell upon Kuua and I long to know if any of them are still alive. Recover these items for me and you shall be rewarded with my finest plate gauntlets.'

Spire Control Shards drop from named in Nobles' Causeway, The Ruined City of Dranik, and Wall of Slaughter. Discordling Message Satchels drop from yard trash in Wall of Slaughter. On handing in the items:

Vorkiev says 'Well met, ______. You may have well disrupted the Muramite chain of command long enough to afford me a chance to go looking for my surviving brothers. The Muramites are on the watch for me, but now they will be scrambling for word from their master. To thank you for your efforts, here are the plate gloves I have promised you.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Wrists.'

Vorkiev says 'Did you know that dragorns were created by the death of a single dragon named Dranik, the great father? The first dragorn to walk Kuua created many things in his honor. Among these creations was a fearsome battle standard painted with a drop of blood from each of Dranik's firstborn sons. The last dragorn armies to carry the banner fell to the Muramites. No one can say where the Blood Standard of Dranik has gone, but the recovery of such an artifact would leave me in your debt. Return with this banner along with two Ashlock branches, so I can remake the haft. From there, I can reward you with a powerfully crafted wristguard.'

The Dranik Blood Standard is a rare drop in Nobles' Causeway, The Ruined City of Dranik, and Wall of Slaughter. Ashlock Branches are a rare drop from ukuns in The Ruined City of Dranik.

Vorkiev says 'The Blood Standard of Dranik! So it was not destroyed! Well done, ______. I make sure this banner remains in the hands of those still loyal to the old ways. May it fly over the free armies of Kuua once again. Here is the wristguard I have promised. May they serve you well in your future battles against the Muramites!'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Arms.'

Vorkiev says 'The armies of Mata Muram are but one aspect of Discord's deep shadow. The Darkening ravaged not only the denizens of Kuua, but the landscape as well. Many of our old landmarks no longer stand and the sky -- once blue and vast -- now seethes with ash and storms. If you can find a map of Old Kuua, one drawn before the coming of Discord, I will be in your debt. Return with this map along with two ukun quills so I can take notes on the map. My exile is long and there is no end in sight. I would like to reorient myself out here in the wilderness. Do this for me and I can reward you with some of my finely crafted arm guards.'

The Map of Old Kuua is dropped by various named in Nobles' Causeway, The Ruined City of Dranik, and the Wall of Slaughter. Ukun quills are dropped by ukun in The Ruined City of Dranik and the Wall of Slaughter.

Upon handing in the items:

Vorkiev says 'A map of Old Kuua! How this map makes me long for the old days, back when we were a free race! My thanks, ______. This map may help relearn the new landscape in the context of the old. Here is a set of ornate arm guards as your reward.'


You say, 'Head.'

Vorkiev says 'When Discord first impinged upon our world, sentiments of treachery and paranoia crept into our lives. Dragorn turned on dragorn and longstanding friendships ended in bitter squabbling. One dragorn, Noble Yemall the Arcane, kept his wits enough to realize what was happening. Yemall toiled tirelessly to counter the effects of Discord. Although his efforts were ultimately in vain, it is said that he was able to author a treatise before the Muramites seized him. This treatise, entitled The Duskfall Chronicles, contains his reflections on the nature of Discord and was likely seized by the Muramites. Retrieve this treatise along with two bristling ukun hides to use as book covers so I can bind the book and protect it from the elements. Hopefully the knowledge in this book will help me to survive in Kuua on my own, now that Discord is seeping further and further across our world. Do this for me and my best plate helm shall be your reward.'

Duskfall Chronicles drops from named in Nobles' Causeway, The Ruined City of Dranik, and Wall of Slaughter. Bristling Ukun Hides drop from yard trash in Nobles' Causeway and the Ruined City of Dranik (and Wall of Slaughter?). On handing in the items:

Vorkiev says 'Well met, ______. Hopefully this book will contain some valuable information on the nature of Discord. To survive on my own, I must first understand the poison affecting the land. As promised, here is the helm as your reward for such a dangerous mission.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Chest.'

Vorkiev says 'The chest piece is the most-prized piece of my collection. For this I will require a special favor from you. Before the Muramites came, the High Council of Eight ruled over Dranik. The eight nobles, lead by Jelvan the Eldest, each carried scepters that were said to be carved from the bones of the first dragorn sons. It is said that these scepters will glow as long as their owner is alive. I have not seen or heard from the council since the Muramites overran our city, but I have heard that these scepters were handed out by Mata Muram as trophies. If you can recover one of these scepters along with three shorn murkglider tentacles to disguise it from the searching Muramites, I can keep it with me. Its soft glow will remind me that there is still hope for Dranik.'


You say, 'Legs.'

Vorkiev says 'Kuua was not the first world touched by Discord. There have been many others. I know this because I have heard the Muramites tell stories of past conquests. One of the stories they tell is that the last ember of a Discord-ravaged city will burn for many years, long after the ruins of the city itself have been covered over by time. Some say it's the city's spirit slowly dying. Others claim it to be a side effect of the Discord's lingering magic. Regardless, these embers are highly valued by the legions of Discord, for Mata Muram rewards them to his fiercest captains as war trophies. If you can bring me one of these embers along with three Dranik incense burners to hold it in, I will reward you with my finest set of plate greaves.'

Dragorn City Embers drop from named in the Ruined City of Dranik and the Wall of Slaughter. Dranik Incense Burners drop from yard trash in the Muramite Proving Grounds and Wall of Slaughter. On handing in the items:

Vorkiev says 'So, the embers do exist! Excellent work, ______. I plan to hold this ember in the forge when crafting in the future. This will ensure that the ember's heat is used to forge armor for the enemies of the Muramites. Poetic justice, don't you think? For your efforts, here are the greaves as promised!'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'Feet.'

Vorkiev says 'When Discord first descended upon Kuua, many of my own kin turned traitor. Most dragorn who marched against Dranik were already in exile and seeking vengeance for their punishment, but a handful were established dragorn who conspired against us from within. These established dragorn did the most damage to our defense efforts as they worked against us without our knowledge. There is talk of a traitors' stone which is etched with the names of all dragorn who conspired with the Muramites in those dire days. The Muramite captains carried these stones and used them to determine which dragorn to slay outright and which to spare with a life of slavery. If you can bring me one of these Kuuan traitors' stones, along with two kyv bowstrings so that I can hang this rock of traitors for all to see. Although the dragorn have been occupied for the better part of a decade now, this may still cause stir up trouble for the Muramites. Do this for me and I can grant you my plate boots as a reward.'

Kuuan Traitor Stones drop from various named in Nobles' Causeway, The Ruined City of Dranik, and the Wall of Slaughter. Kyv Bowstrings drop from "a kyv heartstriker" in Nobles' Causeway (dropped by anything else?).

Vorkiev says 'Hmm, I shudder to think what names I will find scribed on this rock, but I thank you for your work none the less. Hopefully, this list can be used to stir some more dissention among the dragorn that have sworn loyalty to Mata Muram for the time being. Here are the plate boots I have promised. May they serve you well, ______.'

You gain experience!!

More information needed on drops, rewards, faction hits, etc. Reward: Traveler's Mail Gloves
Reward: Traveler's Mail Chestguard
Reward: Sanctified Chestguard
Reward: Sanctified Footwear
Reward: Sanctified Gloves
Reward: Sanctified Sleeves
Reward: Sanctified Wristguard
Reward: Oathbound Bracer
Reward: Oathbound Gauntlets
Reward: Oathbound Helm
Reward: Oathbound Boots
Reward: Armsmaster's Breastplate
Reward: Armsmaster's Gloves
Reward: Armsmaster's Sleeves
Reward: Armsmaster's Helm
Reward: Oathbound Armguards
Reward: Armsmaster's Boots
Reward: Armsmaster's Bracer
Reward: Oathbound Breastplate
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Boots
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Chestguard
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Gloves
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Helm
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Sleeves
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Wristguard
Reward: Traveler's Mail Wristband
Reward: Traveler's Mail Boot
Reward: Traveler's Mail Cap
Reward: Traveler's Mail Legguards
Reward: Traveler's Mail Sleeves
Reward: Armsmaster's Leggings
Reward: Sanctified Headdress
Reward: Sanctified Leggings
Reward: Oathbound Legguards
Reward: Heartstiller's Mail Leggings