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Quests for Nedaria's Landing

Cleric Epic 1.5: Harmony of the Soul (Normal): Cleric Epic 1.5 Checklist

Sections marked in green can be completed before OOW is enabled on TLP's. Sections marked for raid or group level are marked from the standpoint of a TLP where Omens is freshly released.

[ ] Possess the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh (skip remainder of "Pre-Stage")

ONLY If you don't have epic 1.0:
[ ] Nedaria's Landing: Contact Tavon Vastsea
[ ] Timorous Deep: Contact Omat Vastsea, receive Plasmatic Priests Signet
[ ] Find 3 Plasmatic Priest Alcoves, destroy all, acquire veils, return veils to Omat Vastsea

Stage I
[ ] Nedaria's Landing: Contact Tavon Vastsea
[ ] Barindu, The Hanging Gardens: (Group) Find Jomaj Kaiijin and defeat the Kyv Runner. Once dead, slay random creatures in the area to gain the "encrypted note".
[ ] Abysmal Sea: Give "encrypted note" to Shav the Cryptologist.
[ ] Ferubi: (Group) Find the Ripped, Shredded, Tattered and Torn Quarters of a map which are held by random creatures throughout the area.
[ ] Abysmal Sea: Give the 4 map quarters to Shav the Cryptologist. She assembles the map.
[ ] Nedaria's Landing: On the dock, give "assembled map" to Cartographer Tweister.
[ ] Lesser Faydark: (Raid) In the southwest corner, defeat Taskmaster Mirot. Obtain the "Magically Sealed Note"

Stage II
[ ] Nedaria's Landing: Turn in "Magicially Sealed Note" to Tavon Vastsea, receive "Dark Disciples Letter of Service"
[ ] Wakening Lands: Contact Scout Leader Plavo. Turn in "Dark Disciples Letter of Service".
[ ] Western Wastes: (Group) Obtain "a Dragon Cerebrum" from Scout Pirri
[ ] Ssra Temple: Obtain "Shissar Cerebral Cortex" from an elite temple guard
[ ] Akheva Ruins: Obtain an "Akhevan Brain Stem" from Atulinae'Vius

[ ] Wakening Lands: (Raid) Contact Scout Leader Plavo. Turn in "a Dragon Cerebrum", "Shissar Cerebral Cortex", and "Akhevan Brain Stem" to spawn Dark Disciple Master. Obtain the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship"

Stage III
[ ] Nedaria's Landing: Contact Tavon Vastsea. Hand him the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship". Tavon will give this back to you.
[ ] Plane of Knowledge: Contact Borik Darkanvil. Hand him the "Aegis of Chaotic Worship".
[ ] Ruined City of Dranik: Contact Natvil.
[ ] Walls of Slaughter: (Group) Obtain "Bazu Plasma" from a Bazu.
[ ] Walls of Slaughter: (Group) Obtain "Murkglider Plasma" from a Murkglider.
[ ] Walls of Slaughter: (Group) Obtain "Pyrlien Plasma" from Dragorn Assassin.
[ ] Any Brew Barrel: Combine "Bazu Plasma", "Murkglider Plasma", and "Pyrlien Plasma" to produce "Soul Temper".
[ ] Any Forge: Combine "Soul Temper", "Aegis of Chaotic Worship", and a water flask to produce "Harmony of the Soul":

Detailed Information

If you have the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh or have completed the pre-quest:

Tavon Vastsea may be found in Nedaria's Landing at +1025, +1525.

You say, 'Hail, Tavon Vastsea'

Tavon Vastsea says 'Greetings ______, I see you helped my brother in eradicating the Plasmatic Priests, stopping Zordak Ragefire, and saved Norrath from an eternity of flames. We need to [call] you to [duty] again.'

You say, 'Call to duty?'

Tavon Vastsea says 'This time the crisis threatens not only Norrath, but all of existence as we know it. Invaders from the Realm of Discord have transversed time and space to conquer this realm. The invaders, these Muramites, are not where the true threat lies. All of Norrath has banded together to stop these invaders, we have managed to halt their incursion for the time being. There are, however, whispers of a [dark faction] within our own, Norrathians who see our fight as futile, and are looking to swear fealty to the forces of the Legion.'

You say, 'What dark faction?'

Tavon Vastsea says 'We don't know much more about them. As I said, they are just whispers, but whispers in unison are loud enough for deaf ears. We cannot afford to present anything short of a unified front, should the Legion push toward Norrath with its full force. We need your assistance to find and exterminate these traitors. I can give you what little [information] I have, hopefully you will be able to track these betrayers to their leader.'

You say, 'What is the information?'

Tavon Vastsea says 'Travel to Taelosia. There you will find a young native, named Jomaj who had some suspicious dealings with someone claiming they were with the wayfarer's brotherhood. This is the closest I have to direction, gather information from this Taelosian, and bring it to my friend Shav on the Thorn. Find proof as to whether or not these traitors actually exist and return it to me.'

Travel to Barindu and find Jomaj Kaiijin near Apprentice Udranda in the patch of corn with green stalks at +130, -665. He respawns approximately 2 hours after being killed.

You say, 'Hail, Jomaj Kaiijin'

Jomaj Kaiijin says 'Please don't hurt me! Oh, you aren't one of them. Are you here to ask about the [Wayfarers] that I spoke with?'

You say, 'What Wayfarers?'

Jomaj Kaiijin says 'They came to me, asking about the Legion. They wanted to know information on the ranks, how to contact the leaders. They claimed they were looking for information to infiltrate the Legion, but they seemed a little off, even for the Brotherhood. They gave me this note to pass on to the Legion. The whole situation did not seem right to me, you may have the [note]. If they were honestly with the Brotherhood return it to me, and I'll do what they asked. Anything to be rid of these creatures.'

You say, 'What note?'

Jomaj Kaiijin reaches into his tattered robes. As he begins to pull out the note he is impaled in the chest with an arrow. A dark figure melts from the shadows and pulls the note from the hand of the body.

A Kyv Runner says 'Commander Votal will want to see this!'

It attacks, hitting for up to 850 hps, and flurrying. You will probably need a group to kill it. Once it's dead:

As the runner falls to the ground it manages to wrap the note around an arrow and shoot it into the ground nearby where it is quickly picked up by a Muramite.

Kill the nearby Muramites (these are Discordian creatures: Kyvs, nocs, ikaavs, aneuks, ra`tuks, etc.) until you receive an Encrypted Note, which identifies as "You cannot identify the code or language."

Head to the Abysmal Sea and find Shav the Cryptologist at -165, -295, +100.

You say, 'Hail, Shav the Cryptologist'

Shav the Cryptologist says 'Greetings. I'm a little busy, you have something you need translated?'

Give Shav the note.

Shav the Cryptologist says 'Interesting, you say someone who claims to be part of the Brotherhood wrote this? This is one of the dialects used by the Legion. I am the only one able to read or write any of their languages, and this is the first I have seen of this note. From what I can tell, the author is trying to arrange a meeting with the Muramites. It sounds like the contact spot is pre-arranged, as it is only vaguely referred to here. I doubt this is the first note of this nature, perhaps if you could find earlier correspondence we can find the location of the camp.'

In Ferubi, kill various Muramites until you loot Ripped Quarter of a Map, Shredded Quarter of a Map, Tattered Quarter of a Map and Torn Quarter of a Map. Bring the quarter-maps back to Shav.

Shav the Cryptologist says 'Ahh yes, this is exactly what we needed.' She scratches a few notes down on a piece of paper. 'Bring this to Tweister in Nedaria's Landing. She will tell you the location of the camp.'

You receive an Assembled Map, which identifies as "Map Fully Assembled." Find Cartographer Tweister on the right dock in Nedaria's Landing, at +1010, +2725.

You say, 'Hail, Cartographer Tweister'

Cartographer Tweister says 'Hello there, need something navigated, or mapped, or something of that sort? Hand it over already!'

Give Assembled Map to Tweister.

Cartographer Tweister pulls out a map and a compass and begins triangulating the coordinates, 'This location is in the South Western corner of Lesser Faydark.'

Bring some friends (1-3 groups) and head to Lesser Faydark. Find Taskmaster Mirot in the southwest corner of the zone at -60, +3430.

You say, 'Hail, Taskmaster Mirot'

Taskmaster Mirot looks at you for a moment before his eyes shine with recognition. 'Its you, I've heard about you. We will not allow you to interfere with our plans again!'

You will be attacked by many of "a Wayfarer," all of which say "You traitor, we've been waiting for you". There are around six of them, each level 65 and hitting for around 600. They all have low hps, are mezzable, rootable, and stunnable. You must kill them in order. You generally have a minute or so to rest before the second wave. Once they're all dead, the camp respawns full of undead and a new version of Taskmaster Mirot, level 70, who casts an AE Feign Death ("Wave of Death" which also DDs for 1500), and rampages. Kill the six Reanimated Minions, each of which are clerics, hit for 800+, and are linked to one another. The white skeletons are mezzable and the brown ones are rootable/snareable. Mirot will summon the skeletons back to him if they go too far away.

Taskmaster Mirot has been slain by _____!
As Mirot falls to the ground you see a letter in the pocket of his shirt.

Once everything is dead, loot a Magically Sealed Letter, which identifies as "A magical seal prevents opening." A chest may spawn with additional loot. Take this letter back to Tavon Vastsea.

The seal on the letter vanishes as Tavon whispers into it. He opens the envelope and pulls out a short letter, his brow furrows as his eyes dance across the pages. 'This is truly grim news. Until now I held hopes that the rumors held no truth, but this is irrefutable evidence of their existence. They call themselves the Disciples of Discord. As we speak they are gaining information for the Legion, gathering information about races that would prove to be powerful allies or enemies for the Legion. Bring this note to Plavo, I do not know where he is, but he must be found. His scouts may already have found what they are looking for, so make haste.'

You receive a Dark Disciples Note of Service, which identifies as "This marks your service to the disciples."

Head to the Wakening Land and find Scout Leader Plavo near the holgresh lair, at -3085, +780. Give him the note.

Scout Leader Plavo says 'You are from the Faydwer camp are you? I'm not terribly familiar with the faces from there. Anyway, the scouts have been sent out, and are gathering the "parts" that we believe the Legion will need to prepare for the incursion into our realm. If we are to find their good graces, we must prove that we will stop at nothing to [aid] them.'

You say, 'Aid them?'

Scout Leader Plavo says 'They will research and learn about the greatest mortal beings in this realm. Learning about the creatures that may prove to be friend or foe, so they prepare for either. Our scouts have gathered most of the information that they need, but there are a few creatures that we still need to harvest brains from. Currently scouts are attempting to find the brain of the Shissar, a dragon, and an Akhevan. I am sure any of the scouts would welcome your assistance. I will send runners ahead to notify them you may be arriving.'

The brain of the Shissar is a Shissar Cerebral Cortex, which may be looted from A Shissar Arcanist or an elite temple guard in Ssraeshza Temple (and possibly other mobs), and which identifies as "A flawless sample of Shissar Brain." The brain of a dragon is a Dragon Cerebrum, which may be looted from Scout Pirri in the Western Wastes, and which identifies as "A flawless sample of Dragon Brain." The brain of an Akhevan is an Akhevan Brain Stem, which may be looted from Atulinae`Vius in Akheva Ruins, and which identifies as "A flawless sample of Akhevan Brain."

Bring the three brains and a raid force back to Scout Leader Plavo. Note: You will lose the brains if you lose this fight.

Scout Leader Plavo says 'Excellent work! The leader will be pleased. He should be here any moment to collect them.'

Scout Leader Plavo despawns and Dark Disciple Master spawns in his place. He hits for 1-2k per swing, procs Deathly Chants every 18 seconds, is very difficult to slow, is unmezzable, rampages, and is highly magic resistant. At 60-70% health, it will spawn Plavo`s Remains, which flurries for 1k and is slowable but unmezzable. Kill this and go back to killing the Dark Disciple Master. At 30% health, it will spawn several Minions of the Master, which hit for 700, are slowable/snareable but unmezzable. At 10% health the Dark Disciple Master casts Protection of Discord III and Spiritual Echo.

Dark Disciple Master glances at you, and you see a moment of recognition flash across his face. 'Fool! Do you know who that is? You have jeopardized everything and you shall pay with your life.' He turns to Plavo and slashes his throat quickly with the tips of his fingers. 'Now, on to you. You will not foil my plans again! Your life ends here!'

Dark Disciple Master says 'You surprise me! This is almost a challenge.'

Dark Disciple Master says 'You actually expect to win? Flee now and I will spare your lives.'

Dark Disciple Master chants for a moment animating fallen soldiers from the ground around him.

Dark Disciple Master says 'You have underestimated me! I will not fall this day!'

Dark Disciple Master screams in pain! No! This cannot be! I will not fall! Do not think that this is the end!

Once it's dead, "a gilded chest" spawns and you must DPS it to loot the Aegis of Chaotic Worship. Another chest can spawn with additional loot. The aegis identifies as "Try as you might, the shield does not fit on your arm."

Head back to Tavon Vastsea and give him the aegis.

Tavon Vastsea says, 'Interesting, I heard about your fight with the leader of the Disciples. I've never seen anything like this. Take it to Borik Darkanvil in the Plane of Knowledge. Return to me when you are done with him, in the meantime I will try to find information on where he went after your fight.'

You get the aegis back. Borik Darkanvil may be found at -390, +500 in the Plane of Knowledge. Give him the aegis.

Borik Darkanvil says, 'This is truly amazing. I've never seen a metal like this: it is almost alive. It appears similar to some of the alloys that we have seen from the Legion, but this is like nothing I have ever seen. It suggest that the leader has been through the portal. I am afraid it will not be of any use to you in its current state, the metal is attuned to a single person. I believe the resonance can be changed, so you may use it. Speak to Navtil. He will tell you what you need to do. I believe he has traveled through the portal for some metallurgical research in Discord.'

In the Ruined City of Dranik, you can find Natvil at +990, -305.

You say, 'Hail, Natvil'

Natvil says, 'Greetings, well met, salutations, and good day! I hear you are trying to change the resonance on a shield from Discord. Well I believe that is something with which I can assist you. You will need to have a temper made from some of the native creatures of Discord, you'll need the plasma from one of the giants of Discord, one of those flying squids, and the plasma from one of those fiery women. Brewing the temper should prove no trouble for you. Once you have the temper combine it with the shield in the forge with a flask of water, and it should become attuned to you. Once you are finished return to me, so I may evaluate your work.'

You need to collect three plasmas: Bazu Plasma, from bazus in the Wall of Slaughter; Murkglider Plasma, from murkgliders in Nobles' Causeway, the Wall of Slaughter, and possibly elsewhere; and Pyrilen Plasma, from A Dragorn Assassin, in the Wall of Slaughter (bring a good group). Combine the three plasmas in a brew barrel to craft a Soul Temper, trivial 100, minimum skill required 100, identifies as "This can be used to re-attune an item to your spirit."

Combine the Soul Temper, a Water Flask, and the Aegis of Chaotic Worship in a forge to craft the Harmony of the Soul, a.k.a. cleric epic 1.5 (no-fail combine), which identifies as "Although the shield fits, you sense hidden power." You also receive 5 AAs and access to your new 1.5-specific title, Priest.
Reward: Harmony of the Soul

Gather Beaks (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Ieandra Pael'

Ieandra Pael says 'Salutations, ______. I'm working on some magic that will protect the ship on the seas. I've never done anything like this before, but I have certainly fashioned new spells and magic over my years on Norrath. I suppose that is why I was asked to help. I met Nedaria many years ago and I believe she trusts me to handle this task. I could use some assistance in collecting some components I need, if you're [interested].'

You say, 'I am interested.'

Ieandra Pael says 'I appreciate your offer to help. I need three griffawn beaks from this area. If you could bring them to me, I will be able to compensate you for your time and effort.'

Griffawn Beaks are a rare drop from A Serene Griffawn. Give three to Ieandra:

Ieandra Pael says 'This is perfect and couldn't have come at a better time, I've very close to finishing up a new magic that may protect the ship.'
You gain experience!!
You receive 8 copper from Ieandra Pael.
You receive 6 silver from Ieandra Pael.
You receive 13 gold from Ieandra Pael.
You receive 7 platinum from Ieandra Pael.
Gather Claws (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Iggill Jubtob'

Iggill Jubtob says 'Ahoy dere, Matia! Me been making special goo for hull. Me goo protect boat from bad tings in da waters. Me needs help getting parts. You [help] Iggill?'

You say, 'I will help.'

Iggill Jubtob says 'Good newz! Gets me four panther claws from doze animals in da hills. Bring dem and me give you sumting and maybe story too!'

Hunt "A Sleek Panther" until you get four Panther Claws. Turn these in to Iggill.

Iggill Jubtob says 'Dats a big help for Iggill. Take dis as reward.'

You gain experience!!
You receive 15 copper from Iggill Jubtob.
You receive 8 silver from Iggill Jubtob.
You receive 10 gold from Iggill Jubtob.
You receive 6 platinum from Iggill Jubtob.
Gather Eyes (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Maixx Yzi'

Maixx Yzi says 'Well, hello there Matia. I've been piecing this dock together for the last several days. It was somewhat of a simple task. I'm pretty good with work underwater. I find I can easily hold posts in place with my tail while I work with my hands and feet. An advantage I suppose. I would guess that's why I was asked to help Morden. Now, I'm working on creating some very strong glue we will use to seal parts of the hull of the ship we're building. Thing is, I need a lot of cove frog eyes for this job. If you want to [aid] me, I could reward you and give you some information.'

You say, 'I will aid you.'

Maixx Yzi says 'Wonderful! If you could bring me four cove frog eyes, it would be a big help.'

Hunt cove frogs until you have four Cove Frog Eyes. Give them to Maixx.

Maixx Yzi says 'Great, I'm working my way through a batch of glue. I keep it hidden so no one is tempted to steal it or play a practical joke on our friends. Here is your reward. I'll also tell you that I used to be a common thief, but not in the way you think. I had to steal a few supplies now and then when I lived on the lands as an exile. But then Morden Rasp found me and I haven't stolen a thing since!'

You gain experience!!
You receive 7 copper from Maixx Yzi.
You receive 7 silver from Maixx Yzi.
You receive 9 gold from Maixx Yzi.
You receive 6 platinum from Maixx Yzi.
Gather Hides (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Vdrae Qix`Tki'

Vdrae Qix`Tki says 'I am a master tailor, friend, and I'm falling behind in my work here. I am making gloves for all the workers that are here and that will be coming soon. Will you [help] me get through this task?'

You say, 'How can I help?'

Vdrae Qix`Tki says 'Thank goodness! It's very hard to be efficient when I have to hunt, then work the hides, then sew! If you could bring me four basilisk or silverfur hides, I will be able to reward you.'

  • Turn in 4 Basilisk Hide or 4 Silverfur Hide to Vdrae Qix`Tki. 0/4 Nedaria's Landing

    The hides are an uncommon drop, on par with the frequency of polar bear hides.

    Upon turn in:

    Vdrae Qix`Tki says 'What a relief! I was just about out of hides to work with it. Thank you! Here is your reward. Oh, did you know that Morden Rasp has had the Grozmok Stone for some time? Several of us knew, but were sworn to secrecy. Morden plucked it right out of the smelly hands of the trolls at Broken Skull Rock, I hear.'

    You gain experience!!
    You receive 11 copper from Vdrae Qix`Tki.
    You receive 10 silver from Vdrae Qix`Tki.
    You receive 11 gold from Vdrae Qix`Tki.
    You receive 6 platinum from Vdrae Qix`Tki.
    Gather Shells (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Ruanni Annue'

    Ruanni Annue says 'Esthetics are very important, my friend. I'm using the shells of the turtles to make some designs and patterns for the ship. I could use a hand collecting more of them though. Would you be [able] to help?'

    You say, 'I would be able.'

    Ruanni Annue says 'Nice to see you have kindness in your heart. Bring me four turtle shells from the nearby turtles and I'll reward you. I'll also be able to give you some information.'

    Hand in 4 Sea Turtle Shells from the sea turtles near the beach.

    Ruanni Annue says 'Perfect, ______. Now I can crush these and have them mixed into some dyes as well as shape some patterns. Right, now for your information. One night recently, I heard Morden Rasp recount the tale of his early days as a rebellious student in the Rogues of the White Rose in Halas. They taught him all of his skills. I bet you didn't know that!'
    You gain experience!!
    You receive 8 copper from Ruanni Annue.
    You receive 6 silver from Ruanni Annue.
    You receive 13 gold from Ruanni Annue.
    You receive 6 platinum from Ruanni Annue.
    Gather Skins (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Oppella Nuanyal'

    Oppella Nuanyal says 'Greetings, fair ______. I need a bit of help collecting some cove frog skins if you have a bit of time. I can't talk too long as there is much to do, so if you're willing to give me a [hand], just let me know. If you help me, I might have a secret for you too.'

    You say, 'I can lend a hand.'

    Oppella Nuanyal says 'Wonderful! If you could hunt down four cove frog skins from around here, I can start producing a lot more material for the brotherhood.'

    Cove frogs can be found along the shore and range in level from 25-28. The skins are rare drops. Hand in four:

    Oppella Nuanyal says 'This is superb, ______! I was running low. I suppose I can tell you what my job is. I'm here to make riggings for the ship. It turns out that the cove frog skins are strong components for the riggings I'm working on. Who would've thought, huh?'

    You gain experience!!
    You receive 5 copper from Oppella Nuanyal.
    You receive 11 silver from Oppella Nuanyal.
    You receive 8 gold from Oppella Nuanyal.
    Ranger Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest (Normal): This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you don't have Swiftwind and Earthcaller (epic 1.0).

    Find Targen Stonefall in Nedaria's Landing at +1390, -150, on the second floor of the building.

    You say, 'Hail, Targen Stonefall'

    Targen Stonefall says 'Hello there, ______. I hope you fare well in your travels. I've decided to settle in here, next to the warm fires of the smithy rather than visit the plane of discord again. It's nasty, but is certainly has some [interesting stones].'

    You say, 'What interesting stones?'

    Targen Stonefall says 'Well, I've been hearing about stones that have inherent power, much like those that we've been calling augmentation stones. These are cruder and you'd have to talk to someone else about exactly how to work with those. I'm more of a geologist myself. I study the way earth and stone are formed. I think there's a lot we can learn about this place from the formation of the [native stones].'

    You say, 'What native stones?'

    Targen Stonefall says 'Just about any of them, really. I've seen most of what can be found, but if you see anything interesting, please let me look at it. You never know what gems you might find! Best of luck to you, my friend.'

    Forage a Blasted Stone in The Bloodfields. Give it to Targen.

    Targen Stonefall looks carefully at the stone. He takes out a cloth and some liquid and rubs the stone thoroughly. 'Why do you waste my time, friend? This is a rock from Norrath. I suppose it's kind of you to bring it to me, you probably didn't know any better, but I can't do anything with this. Where did you find this?'

    You receive a Washed Blasted Stone. Make sure you have an open slot, then:

    You say, 'I found it in the Bloodfields.'

    Targen Stonefall says 'What? You found this there? Now that is unusual.' Targen pauses a moment to scratch his chin. 'This might bear further investigation. I'll need a sample to compare to this new stone of yours. Maybe you can do me a favor. Gather up a stone from someplace like [Odus] and bring it to me. I'll be able to compare results from that stones to this one you brought and maybe we can learn something. Here, take this sample cloth and this vial of emulsion. When you find a rock that you think might work, use the emulsion and the cloth. If it reacts you know you've got a good enough sample. Then place it with the blasted stone of yours in the cloth and bind them up. Bring the bundle back to me and I'll take a look at them.'

    You receive Targen's Emulsion and Sample Cloth, a 2-slot container.

    You say, 'From Odus?'

    Targen Stonefall says 'It's pretty obvious where all the good stone on that little rock is.'

    Go to the Ruins of Old Paineel. Find Stone Collector at +110, +420 (just before the tunnel to Jaeil) and kill him. Loot a Dusty Stone. Combine Targen's Emulsion and the Dusty Stone in the Sample Cloth to create a Rock of Odus. Combine the Rock of Odus and the Washed Blasted Stone in the Sample Cloth to craft a Closed Sample Cloth. Give this to Targen.

    Targen Stonefall works a fine cloth on both stones for a while, then takes out what appears to be a prism and peers at the stones through it. 'Well, the stone is indeed native to the Plane of Discord. It just has many properties in common with the stone native to Norrath. I have never seen something like this before. My best guess is that it is some sort of stone amalgamation. I believe that matter is pulled into Discord when gates open. From what I have been told a gate was opened to Norrath in the past. Perhaps matter from Norrath and matter from Discord were merged when the gate was opened. That would make sense if there was a powerful magical disruption or explosion. I understand that Taelosians had powerful geomantic magic. If this stone came from Taelosia many years ago during the height of their power, it might be very special. It's too bad there isn't any way to remove the [impurities] from it.'

    You say, 'What impurities?'

    Targen Stonefall says 'A large portion of this stone is infused with material native to this place. I call those impurities because to me the real stone here is the stuff that seems to be from ancient Taelosia. I hope you can find someone with enough earth magic to purify it for you.'

    You receive a Polished Blasted Stone. Head to North Karana and find Xanuusus in the northern part of the zone at 1340, 500.

    You say, 'Hail, Xanuusus'

    Xanuusus says, 'You make my limbs ache. There is something unnatural about you. What is it?'

    Give Xanuusus the Polished Blasted Stone.

    Xanuusus says 'Hmmm... this is an unusual stone. I sense an ancient love in this stone, a love for the earth as well as for the crafting of stone. But I also sense blood, pain and confusion. I want to destroy it and yet I want to set it among my roots to nourish me. You found this on another plane? I think you have the strength and will to purify this stone, if you have faith. Let me recite a poem to you, small one. It will guide you on this path.'

    You receive the Polished Blasted Stone back.

    Xanuusus sways in the breeze. It is impossible to tell if he is trying to remember the poem or if he has fallen asleep.

    The great treant turns his head down to you and you hear a creaking from his trunk. He then turns his face to the sky.

    Xanuusus says 'The darkness seeps and crawls in the night'
    Xanuusus says 'It eats away at the roots while light sleeps'
    Xanuusus says 'There are ways to against the darkness fight'
    Xanuusus says 'The stormy waves revere the rocky shoal'
    Xanuusus says 'With polish and shine those stones it saves'
    Xanuusus says 'Respect of the worthy enemy is the goal'
    Xanuusus says 'It is friendship that are our best armor'
    Xanuusus says 'A true ally will help a friend when he slips'
    Xanuusus says 'When they ask for some, we give them more'
    Xanuusus says 'In the darkest midnight faith is the thing'
    Xanuusus says 'While one waits for the glory of light'
    Xanuusus says 'Your trust is the best thing you bring'

    Xanuusus says 'That is the poem. I hope you like it. Now, you shall have to decide how this poem applies to you, or to others, without my help. Return to me when you have what you need and we shall see if we can cleanse that stone.' You had plenty of time to write down the poem as Xanuusus recited it.

    You receive a Poem of the Storms.

    You say, 'I need help.'

    Xanuusus says 'Well, I suppose I can help you a little, small one. There are three principles expressed in my lovely poem.'

    Xanuusus says 'First one must defeat a worthy enemy of the Storm Lord, as you obviously understood from the second stanza. Seek a weapon born by one that would shackle the world if he could. He takes his name from his home, as if to claim it as his own.'

    Xanuusus says 'Secondly one must aid a friend of the Storm Lord. There is one that considers himself small and worthless. Heal his heart so that his bare feet may roam again.'

    Xanuusus says 'Finally one must perform and act of faith in the Storm Lord. When you have accomplished the other tasks, return to me and we shall again speak of this act of faith.'

    Head to Torigran Mines and kill Taskmaster Waggad Brokenskull, who spawns at +1770, -900. Loot the Taskmaster's Cutlass.

    Next head to Misty Thicket and find a tired farmer in the middle of the zone in a hut next to the Plane of Knowledge stone (/loc?). He'll only respond to you if you have the Poem of the Storms.

    You say, 'Hail, a tired farmer'

    a tired farmer looks worn out. His boots are stained with mud and his clothing is torn and frayed. 'Hello there. I hope things are going well for you, at least better than they are for me. I wish I had time to be more social, but I need rest before I go out and battle with the weather again.'

    You say, 'I am a friend of the Storm Lord.'

    a tired farmer says 'Please, not another lecture. I know, I know, I need to accept that it will rain when it rains. Rain is good, it grows my crops. I understand all that. But now the rain is rotting my crops on the vine. It's flooding out my seeds. It's ruining me. I want to remain true to Karana, but I can't be quiet while my family and friends starve. I understand why Karana is worthy of worship. I want to have faith, but I just can't afford to feed my family without my crops!'

    How do you know to do this?

    Give a tired farmer 300pp and the Poem of the Storms.

    The farmer looks at you with a stunned expression on his face. He carefully sets the coins down in a neat stack on the ground and slowly unfolds the paper. As he reads the poem, heavy tears form in the corners of his eyes and drop onto the page. When he is done reading he carefully folds it back up and hands the page back to you. He then wipes his nose with his sleeve. 'I think I understand a little better about faith. Maybe my faith brought you here, maybe yours did, I don't know. I don't think it matters. You've shown me something about kindness as well. Thank you so much!

    At this point a tired farmer becomes a faithful farmer and you receive a Tear-stained Poem of the Storms. Head back to Xanuusus and equip the Taskmaster's Cutlass in your offhand, the Tear-stained Poem of the Storms in your primary, and the Polished Blasted Stone on your face. They must be exactly in those slots or it will not work.

    You say, 'I am ready.'

    Xanuusus says, 'Stay close or this won't work. It is better that you do this, for trees are not very well structured to withstand lightning.' The treant releases a sound from his hollows that sounds much like thunder.

    At this point he'll walk a short ways, and he'll cast a spell on you called Bolt of Faith. It's an unresistable stun, 50% snare, and gives -50 to dexterity. It lasts one minute. Once it lands you'll see text.

    As the lightning courses through your body, you feel the stone dissolving. That material flows from your mouth in an unnatural fashion and you see it fade as it rushes away from you across the planes toward something moving in the distance.

    When the stun portion wears off, you'll see:

    You now understand the measure of your own faith.

    During all this, A Tainted Beast spawns who /cons blue at level 75. He hits for around 200, and dies quickly. However, you MUST aggro him within a minute or he despawns and you lose the Taskmaster's Cutlass and the Polished Blasted Stone. If you fail, you can hail Xanuusus for another stone, but the Taskmaster's Cutlass must be acquired again. A Tainted Beast is a griffon who beelines for Xanuusus from the southeast. Once it's dead, loot the Stone of Winde. Now go talk to Xanusuus again.

    You say, 'Hail, Xanuusus'

    Xanuusus says 'I see you have purified that stone. Can I look at it?'

    Give the stone to Xanuusus.

    Xanuusus says 'It is free now. It is wonderful. It, hmmmm . . . makes the wind sound . . . windier. Much like that sword you rangers like so much. I bet someone could make a wind for that stone that would make it even more wonderful.'

    Now go find Merchant Tenra in the Kelethin bard guild hall at -220.16, 251.55, 78.79.

    You say, 'Hail, Merchant Tenra'

    Merchant Tenra says, 'Hello traveler. I hate to bother you while you are shopping, but have you seen a [young researcher]? She would be a wood elf, like me. She's younger than me, but she would look a lot like me. Have you seen her?'

    You say, 'What young researcher?'

    Merchant Tenra says, 'Well, she's my little sister, Mera. She is a student here at the guild. She isn't a singer, she just doesn't have the voice for it, poor dear. She studies sound. She has some interesting ideas about how to make music sound better. She had just received a device from a gnome that he claimed could capture sound. It was some crazy jar with a gear on the top or something. Well, Mera left here in a rush after receiving the jar from a courier and hasn't been heard from since. I have nothing to offer you as payment, but you look like a kind person and an adventurer. If you see her, please send her home.'

    Someone who has seen Mera would be Godbin Strumharp in the Steamfont Mountains, in a windmill at +50, -615.

    You say, 'Have you seen Mera?'

    Godbin Strumharp says 'Mera? Sure, I know her. Bright girl. She left here a while ago with one of my new [sound capture jars]. She helped me design them. Bright girl. She ran off saying that she was going to find a great sound to capture in the jar. She was very excited. I hope she's safe. She said something about howling or something like that. I just didn't hear her properly. She's a very bright girl.'

    You say, 'What sound capture jars?'

    Godbin Strumharp says 'The sound capture jar does exactly what it sounds like it does. If you use it properly, you can capture a sound in the jar for use later. I haven't worked out the details about how exactly you might use a sound, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I have a few with me. They aren't part of my regular inventory, but I can sell you one if you need it for something. Seeing as you're a friend of Mera, I'll let you have it for cost, thirty platinum.'

    Give him 30pp.

    Godbin Strumharp says 'Here ya go. Good luck finding Mera.'

    You can find the Ghost of Mera in the north wing of the Howling Stones at +545, +155.

    You say, 'Hail, Ghost of Mera'

    Ghost of Mera says 'What? Oh, hello. You're . . . you're alive, aren't you. I'm dead, I think. Why can't I leave here? I need to be free so I can continue my [work]. Oh, but I'm dead, I can't.'

    You say, 'What work?'

    Ghost of Mera says 'My work . . . I was working with sound, I remember that. I remember hearing all of the wonderful noise that the stones make in the wind. I think I found the perfect sound, but then they killed me. A sacrifice, I think. That makes me sad. I do have one happiness, though. I know the perfect sound. I just wish I could have saved it so that others could hear it. If only they hadn't broken my jars.'

    Give her the Sound Capture Jar.

    Ghost of Mera says 'Thank you!' Mera breaths [sic] into the jar. You hear nothing, but she seals the jar and says, 'Now all you must do is free my spirit! Do so and you may know the perfect sound of the wind and I will be free!'

    For some reason she can't just give you the completed jar back, so you must kill her instead. She doesn't hit that hard, so once she's dead loot the Echoing Jar from her corpse. Finally, head to Erudin Palace and go to the back room of Sothure's Fine Gems where you'll find Mairee Silentone. Hand her the Echoing Jar and the Stone of Winde.

    Mairee Silentone takes the stone and the jar. She smiles and nods to you. She drops the stone into the jar while singing a quiet but powerful song. When she is done she takes the stone from the jar and hands it to you. You immediately feel soft air flowing out of the holes in the stone and hear an intriguing sound. 'This stone feels much like a weapon I helped to create. I won't claim to be a fortune-teller, but I sense that this thing might be very important to you. You might want to keep it with you.'

    You receive Essence of Earth and Wind. Congratulations on finishing the ranger epic 1.5 pre-quest! Reward: Essence of Earth and Wind

    Ranger Epic 2.0: Aurora, the Heartwood Blade (Normal): If you have the Heartwood Blade (ranger epic 1.5), find a Wayfarer's Brotherhood Officer in Nedaria's Landing at +500, +1450.

    Hail a Wayfarers Brotherhood officer in Nedaria's Landing
    Get Heated Loadstone from Siflu (proximity trigger) (Caution: do not kill Siflu, it will spawn a non-kos version at low health) in NC. It's possible to get the loadstone by doing some damage to Siflu and then say "What adventurers" while Siflu is still kos/attacking. Confirmed this works if Siflu is below 50%. May work when greater than 50%.
    Loot Travelers Journal and Spirit Manacles from a mangled muramite captain in WoS, proximity trigger with Loadstone.
    Give a Wayfarers Brotherhood officer in Nedaria's Landing the Travelers Journal
    Loot Crooked Cage from a crazed miner, a delirious miner, a broken Skull Bruiser (Bruiser appears best bet) in Torgiran Mines
    Loot Living Fragments of Fire (PoFire) and Water (PoWater) from mephits.
    Combine in Crooked Cage Earthcaller and Swiftwind (returned), Fragments, Heated Loadstone and Spirit Manacles. Receive Spirit Cage.
    Note: If you do not have Earthcaller and Swiftwind use Living Fragment of Air (PoAir) and Earth (PoEarth)
    Loot Ring of Warmth from Craftmaster Tieranu (proximity trigger) in Riftseeker's Sanctum.
    Loot Hoarfrost Wand from Herrian Warfrost (proximity trigger) in WoS located in the tunnels leading to MPG.
    Combine Hoarfrost Wand and Ring of Warmth in Spirit Cage.
    Loot Globe of Discordant Energy from Warden Hanvar in Asylum of Anguish or other Anguish events.
    While in Asylum of Anguish combine Globe of Discordant Energy in Elemental Ice Spirit Cage, this will spawn Oshimai Spirit of the High Air. If outside of Anguish, yellow text will appear "You sense that the spirit you wish to save is trapped in Anguish and that you will need the Heartwood Blade to free it."
    Give Oshimai Spirit of the High Air the Globe of Discordant Energy, Heartwood Blade, Elemental Ice Spirit Cage.
    Receive Aurora, the Heartwood Blade


    You say, 'Hail, a Wayfarers Brotherhood officer'

    A Wayfarers Brotherhood officer says, 'Hello. I can tell that you are a great hunter and tracker. I wanted to pass on to you some information, act on it as you will. A group of adventurers stopped in here a while ago. They said that they had information about a particular member of the Muramite army, some general or something, that had enslaved some elemental spirits. They went looking for him but haven't returned. I would appreciate any information you can find out about them. For now I am going to have to assume that they have all been killed.'

    Find Siflu in Noble's Causeway.

    Siflu spawns as you approach a bridge headed towards Slavedrive Menlo, at +240, +655. He is a fire elemental which you need to fight.

    The Heartwood Blade thrums as you battle the flame spirit.

    Siflu will become unaggro'd when low on health.

    Siflu says 'Well, that was interesting! I guess you've broken their power over me. I suppose I should be grateful or something. I was having fun here, killing people without having to worry that it might be wrong. So what is it that you want from me? You're not going to yell at me for beating up [adventurers], are you? That wasn't my fault, I was forced to do that by the muramites.'

    You say, 'What adventurers?'

    Siflu says 'There have been plenty of those, that's for sure. If you mean recently, then, I suppose I know the group you're talking about. They were hunting us, just as I suspect you are. I was sent to kill anyone that might be on our trail. They gave me a loadstone that I could use to find them again. Here, you take it; I'm getting out of here while I still can.'

    Receive Heated Loadstone [sic].

    Head to the Wall of Slaughter and follow the left wall upon entering the zone to find a mangled muramite captain at approximately -1115, +40. It's probably a good idea to clear the area before triggering the spawn. If you have the Heated Loadstone on you, you will see an emote to the effect of "Your Heated Loadstone gets warm for a moment." The captain will spawn with 2 x Aged Ukun. (Fight info?) Kill the captain and loot the journal and spirit manacles.

  • Journal Text:

    We have learned a few things. These Muramites are definitely capturing people and making slaves out of them. So far they haven't caught too many of us since the Wayfarers opened the portal. Mostly they seem to have been taking elementals. Not sure why. Hopefully we'll have some real information to return to the Brotherhood officer when we're done here.

    We're on their trail now. Rolf managed to get close enough to them to notice that they had a fire elemental with them. He says there are only four of them, the elemental, two flunkies and some sort of leader. He heard the two flunkies talking about how it would be when they were reinstated into the army, so it sounds like these are independents. Their leader appears to be permanently injured. Rolf says that they talked about his failure at a trial of some sort and how they would get a chance to earn another try if they brought the big cheese enough slaves. We shouldn't have any trouble taking them out; they appear to be failures on all levels.

    Head back to Nedaria's Landing and hand the Traveler's Journal to the Wayfarers Brotherhood Officer.

    a Wayfarers Brotherhood Officer say 'Ah, well, this is unfortunate. I shall inform their families. On their behalf I thank you for your efforts and for discovering their fate, however unpleasant.'

    You feel words forming in your mind. They come from the Heartwood Blade. 'I sense it now, the one that put Siflu under the control of that Muramite is the same one that destroyed my body. It is too powerful for me to defeat if we encounter it directly. You will need to create a device that can harness and control the power of the elements. This will be difficult because I do not know exactly what you need. I can describe their function. You will need a container. It must be open to the elements but still hold the items you will put inside. You will be able to use that loadstone to focus the power on the right target, since it was made by the one we seek. Those horrible manacles will also serve to contain the energy and focus it. Then you will need a powerful segment of each element. You can use Earthcaller and Swiftwind to represent the spirit of Earth and Air, but you will need such a thing for Fire and Water as well. Without this item I will not be able to free any spirit directly under his control.'

    You must head to the Torgiran Mines and find a Crooked Cage. It seems to be a random drop. Confirmed to drop: A Delirious Miner, A Broken Skull Bruiser. It is a six-slot container.

    You will now need to get Living Fragments of Fire and Water (dropped rarely off mephits in the Planes of Fire and Water).

    Inside the Crooked Cage, combine the two fragments, your Earthcaller, your Swiftwind, the Heated Loadstone, and the Spirit Manacles.(see recipe) If you don't have your Epic 1.0, you may use this alternate recipe that also requires Living Fragment of Earth and Living Fragment of Air.

    Very Good. Now we must attune the cage to the specific element we wish to free. You will need two items, one must protect from the element and the other must be able to absorb an incredible amount of that element. This is not a simple task. You must first discover the nature of the spirit that you wish to free and then find such items that will allow you to redirect its power. You must know that each spirit represents a specific area within their element and that is what you must focus on, not their element specifically. For example, Grinbik was an earth spirit, but his area of power was fertility. Senvial was a spirit of Water, but his power was in mist and fog.

    Receive Spirit Cage, a two-slot container, and your Earthcaller and Swiftwind epics back.

    Find Craftmaster Tieranu in Riftseeker's Sanctum at about Loc is 1385, -17, 62 (northwestern part of the Pyrilen area). He hits for 2,500 and single-target rampages. He also spawns several adds, the higher levels of which come with a 1500 AE.

    Upon Tieranu's death, loot a Ring of Warmth. A chest can spawn with additional loot.

    Find Herrian Warfrost in the Wall of Slaughter in the tunnels leading to the Muramite Proving Grounds. He is not an easy encounter -- his AE Winter's Freeze goes off frequently for 1500, quads for 2700, hits fast, and procs a 10 second stun which will make holding aggro a difficult task. He is perma-rooted. He also spawns with 3 x "an excited builder." Kill him, and loot the Hoarfrost Wand. A chest can spawn with additional loot.

    In your Spirit Cage, combine the wand and the Ring of Warmth. This combine results in an Elemental Ice Spirit Cage, a one-slot container.

    The Red Dogwood Treant speaks to you from within your sword. 'Well done. This should allow me to free a spirit with power over cold and ice. Now you need to find the power that binds the spirit and unleash it where that spirit is bound.'

    You must obtain access to Asylum of Anguish via this quest. In there, kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, or kill Arch Magus Vangl, or kill Overlord Mata Muram, or finish Jelvan's ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, inside which you will find the globe.

    In the Asylum of Anguish, place the Globe of Discordant Energy inside the Elemental Ice Spirit Cage and hit combine. You keep the globe and cage, and Oshimai Spirit of the High Air will spawn near you.

    Oshimai Spirit of the High Air says, 'So you are the one that I have been sensing all this time. I had hoped that you would come to rescue me. I am Oshimai of the High Air. I owe you and your guardian spirit my thanks. I think I know how I can repay you. Give me the Heartwood Blade, the Globe of Discordant Energy and that device you used to free me.'

    Give him the globe, Heartwood Blade, and spirit cage.

    Oshimai Spirit of the High Air shouts 'Everyone present shall know of your deeds. Each of you take notice of this ranger that has freed me! Oshimai of the High Air thanks you, friend and those that have aided you!' Oshimai raises the blade to the level of his eyes. A cold wind stirs in the area. It gathers around him and then flows from him into the sword in his hands. When he hands the weapon back, it has an animate life in it, a power that you can see and sense. 'I have given your ally some of my strength. He, through this blade, will be better able to aid you in your work. Thank you.'

    Receive 10 AAs, and more importantly: Aurora, the Heartwood Blade. Reward: Aurora, the Heartwood Blade

    Rogue Epic 2.0: Nightshade, Blade of Entropy (Normal): Once you have your Fatestealer (rogue epic 1.5), find and hail Lirprin in Nedaria's Landing.

    You say, 'Hail, Lirprin, Head of Affairs'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'I'm sure Stanos has already briefed you on his concerns: An assassin is planning to start a war between the Dragorn and the Wayfarer's by offing a well-respected member of their society and making it look like it was us. This is true. I've verified the information myself. What Stanos doesn't know, and I'm embarrassed to admit . . . It's one of my people that's behind it all.' He fumes, and smashes his left fist into his opposite palm. 'Bah. If I ever get my hands on the scoundrel! If I even knew WHICH one it was! We've had a disturbing number of our rank go 'deserter' since my group's last visit to the Realms of Discord. Haven't heard from some of my members in days, weeks, or months. It's one of those scumbags. I'd bet my [bronze breastplate] that it's either [Lairyn Debeian], [Wren Simsy], [Longarm Larithim], [Durgin Skell] or [Keetra the Lost]. If you can prove without a shadow of a doubt, please tell me you [know who is guilty].'

    This opens a task in which you must confront the deserters. You can do the first four in any order.

    They are Lairyn Debeian (in the Gulf of Gunthak), Longarm Larithim (in Iceclad), Durgin Skell (in Miragul's Menagerie), and Keetra the Lost (in the Bloodfields). Wren Simsy is the guilty party, but you must prove the other four are innocent before moving on to her.

    You say, 'Your bronze breastplate, Lirprin?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs sighs, 'I'm not really wearing a bronze breastplate, _____. That's what we like to call a 'figure of speech'.'

    Lairyn Debeian

    You say, 'Who is Lairyn Debeian?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'Yes, Lairyn Debeian. Does his name sound familiar to you? It should - that's Nedaria's brother. He left my side long ago to research new magics, and for the better part of the years he kept in touch. We had been corresponding by mail. The last letter I received from him was written in a desperate scrawl. His tone was fearful and angry, which isn't like him at all. He spoke of shadows and hearing voices in his head. I'm afraid he may have done something rash. Something horrible. Don't let his frail appearance fool you, Atwa. He's from the same blood as Nedaria and very powerful. If you find him, drop my name. Let him know Lirprin sent you and see if he can explain his odd behavior.'

    Take 1-2 groups to the Gulf of Gunthak and locate Lairyn Debeian in the second hut behind the lighthouse.

    You say, 'Hail, Lairyn Debeian'

    Lairyn Debeian stares at you directly in the eyes. 'Greetings, _____. I suppose you're here like everyone else in search of fame and fortune. Good luck to you, and good day. I have many things to attend to.'

    You say, 'Liprin sent me'

    Lairyn Debeian is disturbingly pale for an Erudite. He looks terribly frightened. 'They'll return any moment! The shadows are everywhere, always watching . . . Waiting for me to rest so they can kill me. I try to fight them off but they always return. They whisper to me when I am all alone. No one else in the gulf believes me. You must help! Please believe that what I say is true! Oh no, here they come - please don't let the shadows take me away!'

    Lairyn runs to the beach to approximate location -490, -320.

    Lairyn shouts, 'They're still following me! Help!'
    a shadowed enforcer says 'Your time has come, Lairyn!'
    a shadowed thug says 'Your time has come, Lairyn!'
    a shadowed assassin says 'Your time has come, Lairyn!'

    There are five waves of shadowed men which you need to protect Lairyn from. There are three per wave. Assassins are mezzable while thugs and enforcers are not. They each hit for up to 785 and have no other special abilities. Most of them drop healing potions which can be given to Lairyn to keep him alive.

    a shadowed assassin's corpse says 'It's still too late to stop our plans. . .'
    Lairyn Debeian says 'Oh no . . . I'd recognize the echo of those footfalls anywhere. That sounds like Krill . . .'

    The final wave is Krill the Backbleeder, who hits for an average of 820, and up to 1669. Kill him and loot the Bloodied Torn Parchment and Krill's Head.

    Lairyn Debeian says 'For my own knowledge and to bring some closure to this terror, can you bring me his head? I want to see with my own eyes. I need to know if it was him.'

    Give Krill's Head to Lairyn.

    Lairyn Debeian adjusts his spectacles and peers at the head, 'True enough. This is a Wayfarer . . . Errr, was at one time. I imagine he renounced his membership in the Brotherhood sometime before he took up a career of tormenting a poor scholar. They must have been trying to get to Nedaria by coming after me. I am famliar with Krill and he is a follower, not a leader. Someone else is the mastermind behind this - a person with access to magical disguises to hide their identity. Lirprin must know of this at once, _____.'

    This confirms Lairyn's innocence. Head back to Nedaria's Landing and give Lirprin the Bloodied Torn Parchment. This narrows the field down a bit.

    Longarm Larithim

    You say, 'Who is Longarm?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'Bah, just hearing his name is like hearing the screech of a harpy. The little twerp didn't care for the dangerous environment of Kuaa and deserted us without so much as a goodbye. This is the kind of behavior I have to deal with on a daily basis, and what's going to be the death of me. I swear I'll throw shackles on the next walking panic attack that whimpers about wanting to go back to their home. It goes without saying that Larithim was a roguish type and I wouldn't put it past him to do something rash and stupid. Someone overheard him saying he'd do anything to send us packing back to Norrath, for good. Starting a war with the Dragorn would fit that bill. Who knows what hole Larithim's cowering in now. There are a lot of hiding spots for a fainthearted three-foot tall gnome. If you find him, drop my name. Let him know Lirprin sent you and see if he can explain his desertion.'

    Take a raid force (30-36 recommended) to Iceclad Ocean, find Lookout Larithim in the pirate camp and hail him.

    You say, 'Liprin sent me'

    Lookout Larithim says 'Lirprin sent ye, did he mate? I was beginnin' ta wonder when the perils of me dastardly mutiny would catch up with me. Tis my shame, and I'll shoulder the burden 'til the day I rest at the bottom of the ocean. To tell ye the truth Cap'n Lirprin treated us alright, but te be away from ship n' sail was murder. I'd rather be scrapin' barnacles for all eternity than spend another moment in yon Discord Plane. Only, well, it seems that me ship and sail are gone again.' Larithim sighs dramatically, and waits for the effect to sink in before continuing. 'Would ye like ta [hear the tale], landlubber? Tis guaranteed to bring a tear ta the eye o' even the saltiest sea dog. Arrrr.'

    You say, 'I'd like to hear the tale'

    Lookout Larithim says 'Allow me te paint ye the picture, Sanam, of a story so strange and frightenin'! Twasn't more than a fortnight followin' my glorious return to plunderin'. I was bringin' me ship, Glaciersmash, into the coast ye see before ya now. The weather was cruel and unrelentin'. Waves they were crashin' up against the port bow.' He motions with his arms to indicate large waves, and makes a shrill blowing sound to imitate the wind. 'Hoist the main sail, tug the riggin's and man the longboats men, says I. That's when a twisting tentacle as thick as yer leg stretched out from the waters and latched ahold of the main mast! Guess ye [what happened then]?'

    You say, 'What happened then?'

    Lookout Larithim says 'Arrr. The boat she tipped and groaned, wood bucklin' and rope snappin'. My precious cargo of metal alloy spilled overboard. Before we knew it, she capsized like a maiden's . . . Wait, is that . . .? Well I'll be a crusty barnacle. Ye see that there, Sanam!? NO, not the tower. There it is again - the scurvy squid has returned. IT BE THE POLAR KRAKEN! Get out there and harpoon its backside, Sanam. I'll keep a sharp lookout here and we'll split the booty. The alloy will oxidize right quick if ye expose it to the air - stash it in here and bring it back te me.'

    You receive a four-slot container named Air-Tight Strongbox. A Polar Kraken spawns in the water directly south of Larithim (approximate location +2850, +760).

    The Polar Kraken hits for ~2000 and AE rampages for ~500. It has casts the spells Blinding Tentacle (single target DD), Squid's Ink (single target blind), and Binding Tentacle (an AE DD for 2500 and snare).

    It also spawns mezzable Kraklings, four at a time.

    Kill the Polar Kraken and loot the Lump of Raw Alloy (a chest spawns). Combine the alloy in the container to produce Strongbox Full of Alloy. Give this to the lookout and receive Strongbox Half Full of Velixite. This confirms his innocence.

    Durgin Skell

    Form a raid with up to 36 people and situate them in Everfrost. You must have at least 10 people in the raid to do this, and up to a maximum of 36 -- the more the better.

    You say, 'Who is Durgin?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'I've had the pleasure of serving with a beastlord named Sharalla for quite awhile. For years, she was a reliable friend and companion. At one point I nearly asked her to become my betrothed - we were that close. However, things changed the moment she met that scoundrel Durgin Skell. Her dedication to the Wayfarer's cause wavered noticably whenever he was about. Last time I saw them, Durgin and Sharalla were preparing for [some foolish expedition]. They took a cadre of my best people, ventured off in search a 'great threat' to Norrath and haven't been seen since. I trust Durgin about as far as I can pitch an orc. There's a good chance he's used his silver tongue and charismatic appearance to misguide his group into doing something foolish. If you find him, drop my name. Let him know Lirprin sent you and see if he can explain what he's been up to.'

    You say, 'Some foolish expedition?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'Yes, foolish indeed. He kept mentioning something about a frozen underground cavern below Everfrost and the nightmarish creatures that resided within. We had heard rumors of such a place, but I wouldn't give them much credibility. They're only rumors, after all.'

    You are assigned an expedition in to Miragul's Menagerie in Everfrost.

    Upon zoning in, your raid will be rushed by some spiders. Nothing special about them; they hit for ~900. Kill them and move into the first hall. This will trigger the goblin event. Ignore the mass amount of green-con goblins attacking you and find the horde leaders. There are two of them which need to be killed. Kill them, and the green-con goblins despawn.

    Clear your way to Durgin Skell. Follow his dialogue and receive four tasks to be completed within the expedition. Each of these tasks is an event.

    Task 1: one involves the sundering sludge in the room past Durgin. Kill off the blobs in the surrounding rooms and then kill the sundering sludge. Upon its death, it will split into four severing sludges. Each of those four will split into an additional four - slippery sludges. Be mindful about your kill order here. Each blob hits for ~1500 and flurries. Upon killing the last one, the task updates.

    Task 2: involves killing four skeletons. They hit for ~1100 and must be killed at the SAME TIME. Beat them down until they turn red, and then beat them down further to within a few % short of their death. Then AE them to death. This updates your task window.

    Task 3: involves the slaying of Marrow the Broken, who hits for ~1800 and rampages. He also has an AE (named what?) and spawns adds (named what?). Kill him to update your task window.

    Task 4: involves protecting Durgin's love. Spread your raid about the room and then hail the warder in the room to spawn the event. Mobs spawn, attempting to defile Sharalla's corpse. Prevent this from happening by killing them. This completes the tasks.

    Return to Durgin and hail him. Tell Durgin your 'progress' to spawn the final boss of the zone, Laskuth the Colossus who is located to the north. Levitate yourselves as he is located on ice near a pit. He hits for ~2280 and has a single-target banishment (to an area not far from the fight). He also uses the spells Crystal Shield (chance to reflect spells by 25%) and Ice Rain. He has about 650k HPs. Killing him lowers your faction with the "Lost Minions of Miragul".

    After killing Laskuth the Colossus, say to Durgin "Lirprin sent me". This confirms his innocence. This also spawns a chest.

    You say, 'Lirprin sent me'

    Durgin Skell sighs, 'There's no need to mince words "player name". I have no quarrel with Lirprin, but unfortunately the reverse is not also true. The man is undoubtedly angry with me. He will never forgive me for courting Sharalla and does not realize that it was her choice. She loved me, and not him. His paranoia and overbearing attitude, and eventually the outright abuse of his leadership position merely pushed her away. Now that she has fallen in the valiant service of the Brotherhood there is no further need for his insecurity.'
    You have confirmed Durgin's innocence.

    Keetra the Lost

    You say, 'Who is Keetra the Lost?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says ''Keetra the Lost' is right. She was simply 'Keetra' until we discovered her uncanny knack for straying off the beaten path. We couldn't travel half a mile without having to double back to find Keetra. You don't want to know how many times we sent a search team to locate her sorry hide. What I need to know is, was this simply absent-minded disorientation or was she feigning ignorance, trying to escape? I'm inclined to say it was the former, but with this war on the horizon we can't be too careful. Having another thief slip out of sight is not something we can afford to ignore. If you find her, drop my name. Let her know Lirprin sent you and see if she can explain where she's been.'

    Take 1-3 groups to the Bloodfields and do the reclusive girplan event. The girplan is located in the northern caves. It hits for ~1000 and AE gravity fluxxes for ~1500. Kill this to spawn another girplan elsewhere in the zone (have a tracker handy). Do this three or four times to spawn Myrhee the Flighty (who has a short despawn time, so engage pronto), who hits for ~1600 and casts the spell Crushing Blow. He also memblurs himself.

    If "a reclusive girplan" is not up, you can trigger him by turning in 4 pieces to Caller Donivin. (neg 570 neg 1145)

    4 drops: random from Bloodfield mobs.
    Bucket Mute
    Brass Mouthpiece
    Thin Leader Strap
    Polished Bone Horn

    Killing Myrhee spawns Keetra the Lost in the back of the cave. Tell her that Lirprin sent you. This confirms her innocence and spawns a chest.

    Wren Simsy

    You say, 'Hail, Lirprin, Head of Affairs'

    You say, 'Who is Wren Simsy?'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'Ah, Wren. Mistress of disguise and as deadly as they come. She always obeyed orders and was ruthlessly efficient in her tasks, but I've got this feeling that what she did for the Brotherhood was done begrudgingly. That is to say, I think she was biding her time waiting for an opportunity to leave. And leave she did. She and some of the impressionable members of my group disappeared a few weeks ago. In typical rogue-like fashion, they made off with most of our supplies, too. The more unsavory Wayfarer pledges were quite taken with her striking beauty and her skill with a blade. I imagine they'd follow her anywhere. If you find her, drop my name. Let her know Lirprin sent you and see if she can explain her disappearance and theft.'

    Head to the Ruined City of Dranik with only four people. (If you bring more, bad things may happen..) Find Daignal the Revered behind the Bridge Keeper.

    Follow the dialogue and say 'an assassin plans on killing you Daignal'

    Wren Simsy spawns and assassinates Daignal. You must now kill Wren, who hits for ~2200 and spawns two shadowed assassins which hit for ~1500 (mezzable?).

    Kill Wren and loot Wren's Fatestealer.

    You will need to loot a Globe of Discordant Energy from the Asylum of Anguish. After doing so, head to Smith Dandi in Nedaria's Landing.

    You say, 'Hail, Smith Dandi'

    Smith Dandi wipes her sooty hands on her apron and smiles at you. 'So, it looks as if you'll need the services of Smith Dandi once again. I was hoping you'd stop by soon so we could talk. Fantastic work clearing the names of those innocent Wayfarers. I knew them all personally and they weren't bad folk. It's a shame Lirprin can be so quick to judge. Now, something tells me you're looking to get that blade of yours improved. Let's see if you have what we need. . .'

    From the freezing depths of Iceclad, you have recovered a lump of Velixite alloy.
    You have slain Wren Simsy and recovered her blade, which courses with discordant energy.
    From the deadly realm of Mata Muram himself, you have recovered a source of discordant energy.

    Smith Dandi says 'Seems you're all ready to craft the blade. We'll need the Velixite alloy, the weapon I crafted for you last time, an example of someone else's weapon that I can use for a reference, and a source of pure discordant energy. Show those items to Lirprin and we'll get started!'

    Head over to to Lirprin and give him your Fatestealer, the Globe of Discordant Energy, Wren's Fatestealer and the Strongbox Half Full of Velixite.

    Receive 10AAs and your epic 2.0, Nightshade, Blade of Entropy.

    You have completed achievement:Epic 2.0

    You say, 'Hail, Lirprin, Head of Affairs'

    Lirprin, Head of Affairs says, 'We're done now, no more favors. My obligation to assist you has been fulfilled. If I can be frank, ---- , I no longer have the stomach for this job. I've compromised so many of my morals, I've lost touch with what's truly important. I've lost touch with who I am. Would my guildmaster be proud of what I've done? Do I even meet the standards of a paladin anymore?' He sighs, 'To hell with the Wayfarer's! I'm tending my resignation as Head of Affairs and returning to my people, who truly need me.'

    You say, 'Hail, Smith Dandi'

    Smith Dandi greets you, though her typically cheerful disposition has been replaced by a somber one, 'Hold tight to that dagger, ----. You might need it soon. There are rumors of a war on the horizon...' Reward: Nightshade, Blade of Entropy