Last updated: Fri Feb 8 05:00:26 2019

Quests for Mines of Nurga

Free the Nurgan Slaves (Normal): In the Mines of Nurga, there are slaves of various races who wish to be set free. Each slave asks for 3 items: a small iron shackle key, a pouch of supplies, and a strong restorative. The small iron shackle key drops from Overseer Pruckib, the pouch of supplies drops from Taskmaster Yajo, and the strong restorative drops from Slave Driver Nimol.

Once you've handed in the items, 6 waves of 5 goblins spawn. At the end, a named will spawn (Mine Overseer Narrik). When he is killed, the slave escapes and flees to his home where he gives another quest.

A different slave will spawn to take the freed slave's place.

Known slaves in order: Pungub Brawlum (ogre male), Xiokai Rissthrum (iksar female), Rinnala Sweetsong (wood elf female), Rock Shaper Dritam (burynai), Crix Tzo`mok (sarnak), Wekland Greenfoot (wood elf male), Osvima K`Matim (dark elf female), Doovix Mruzzik (iksar male), Cenobite Pakclaw (burynai), Yimic Pxo`hab (sarnak).

Need all dialogues, /loc of quest mobs, faction hits if any, fight information, etc.