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Quests for Lake of Ill Omen

Berserker Epic 1.5: Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe (Normal): If you have the Kerasian Axe of Ire (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

Berserker 1.5 checklist
[ ] Berserker 1.0 or 1.5 prequest done
[ ] Speak to Keras McArik in Lake of Ill Omen
[ ] Speak to hometown Berserker GM
  [ ]Receive Raging Soul Shard
[ ] Speak to Keras McArik
[ ] Gather and Turn in the following to Keras McArik
  [ ] Shimmering Aligned Ore x4– Turn in unstacked
  [ ] Hynid Blood x4 – Turn in unstacked
  [ ] Cragbeast Blood x4 – Turn in unstacked
  [ ] Taelosian Fern Sample x4 – Turn in unstacked - Kod'Taz and Yxtta
   Zone wide respawn of one hour. Pick one in Kod'Taz and Yxtta
   Repeat hour later for two more - No Trade
  [ ] Taelosian Tea Extract x4 – Turn in unstacked - No Trade
   Brewing combine required skill 125 No-Fail
   [ ] Taelosian Mountain Tea x4
    [ ] Give Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves to Galidnus
    Corkpopper in Abysmal Sea get 2 Taelosian Mountain Tea
    for each Tea Leaves given
    [ ] Sacred Water x4 Plane of Valor
[ ] Receive Taelosian Tempered Ore from Keras McArik
[ ] Turn in Taelosian Tempered Ore to Baeldarr Hawkeye – PoK
[ ] Gather Darkwood Sapling Branches x4 – Dranik Scar ground spanws
[ ] Turn in Branches to Baeldarr Hawkeye – PoK
[ ] Receive 4 axes
[ ] Old Sebilis – An Ancient Sebilite Protector - No raid as of Sep 21, 2016
  [ ] Test all 4 axes till they break (ie placed on cursor) on the Protector
  [ ] Protector must be defeated only after all 4 axes have been tested.
[ ] Return to Keras McArik in LoIO
  [ ] Turn in all 4 tested axes
  [ ] Receive Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe
[ ]Turn in Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe and Raging Soul Shard to Teekan
  Opousbabolaoi (Enchanter GM) – Abysmal Sea

Gather Ye Components While Ye May

Keras McArik may be found at -110, -3400, +235 by the Lake of Ill Omen.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik says, 'It is good to see you again, friend. It seems my axe has fared well thus far, aye? Indeed it has. Have you spoken with your guildmaster yet? They will be glad to see that you are well on your path to controlling your rage.'

Find your hometown berserker guildmaster.

Shanis MacDarren is the GM for barbarians in Halas.

You say, 'Hail, Shanis MacDarren'

Shanis MacDarren looks around briefly, 'It's a great day out here today, it almost makes me want to be out on the tundra enjoying it!' She continues to admire the day for a moment more. 'What can I help you with today? What's that? Something about your soul gem? Hmm . . . Let's see what we can do here. Here you go, but please take care of this one, they are not easy to create. You may wish to seek out Keras. He will be interested in one so young as you who has begun the process of learning to control and focus their rage.'

Dravel Axethrasher is the GM for dwarves in North Kaladim.

Your Location is 488.94, 304.54, -33.50

You say, 'Hail, Dravel Axethrasher'

Dravel Axethrasher says 'Well hello thar! It's good to see ya again, what can I do fer ye? Oh, you lost your soul gem, eh? Well, let's see what I can do here. Ahh yes, here ye go, but take good care of this one, they are not easy to create. Ye might want to seek out Keras and apprise him of yer progress in your quest to learn to focus and control yer rage.'

Baddi Waca is the GM for ogres in Oggok.

You say, 'Hail, Baddi Waca'

Baddi Waca says 'Me's kan tell dat yuz lose da soul gem. Iz yuz wanting anoder wun? Mez tinkin yez! Yuz needz to takez gud care uv dis wun now becuz dey are not easy to make! Mez tink dat Keras may want to knowz dat yuz is doin gud on yer serch for focusin' and controlin' yur rage.'

Vrasha Piennsa is the GM for vah shir in Shar Vahl at 61.12, 48.84, -258.12.

You say, 'Hail, Vrasha Piennsa'

Vrasha Piennsa says 'What can I help you with today? What's that? Something about your soul gem? Hmm...Let's see what we can do here. Here you go, but please take care of this one, they are not easy to create. I'd imagine that Keras will want to see that you are progressing nicely on your quest to seek a way to focus and control your rage.'

Dabbo Dogak is the GM for trolls in Grobb (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Daboo Dogak'

Daboo Dogak says 'Me's kan tell dat yuz lose da soul gem. Iz yuz wanting anoder wun? Mez tinkin yez! Yuz needz to takez gud care uv dis wun now becuz dey are not easy to make! Mez tink dat Keras may want to knowz dat yuz is doin gud on yer serch for focusin' and controlin' yur rage.'

After you've spoken with your guildmaster, you receive a Raging Soul Shard. Head back to Keras McArik.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik appears to be lost in this own thoughts, mumbling to himself occasionally, and barely acknowledging your existence. Just as you're about to speak again, he says, 'Ach, ya have to forgive me absentmindedness, friend. I've been rather busy pondering matters at hand.'

You say, 'What matters at hand?'

Keras McArik says 'Since the recent discovery of the portal on Taelosia, we've been finding many different types of ores, plants, and minerals that were unlike anything we'd ever seen before. These materials have been used to craft simple weapons, potions, and sometimes even been used in various recipes for. . .uh. . .some interesting dishes. Yet I believe that they can be used for something much, much more.'

You say, 'Something much, much more?'

Keras McArik says 'Some of these materials were of a quality that I feel can be used to craft implements of incredible power and perhaps these materials can even be incorporated into the processes used to craft the Axe of Ire to create an even more durable weapon.'

You say, 'What materials?'

Keras McArik says 'Smiths have used many different types of tempering materials, from water to plant extracts to even blood from exotic animals on occasion. Why I've even heard about one legendary smith using the tears of a god! But given the magical properties of the ore that yew are collecting for me, I suspect that the plants and even some of the animal have been affected by the same type of magic. It is my theory that if we combined the ore with blood and extracts from the plants and animals of Taelosia, we would increase our efforts doubly.'

You say, 'What ore?'

Keras McArik says 'I thank ye for volunteering. The ore I seek comes form the areas closest to where the portal to Discord was originally opened. Ore from this area, I've been told, seems to be the purest form available. Once yew've gathered 4 pieces of this ore, return to me so that I may continue my research.'

You say, 'What blood?'

Keras McArik says 'There are many different types of creatures lurking throughout all of Taelosia though two intrigue me the most. . .the cragbeasts and the hynids. In order to craft the various tempers that I need, I will require 4 vials of blood from each of these creatures.'

You say, 'What extracts?'

Keras McArik says 'Taelosia is vibrant with some of the most exotic plants known to Norrath, with nary a tree in sight. That in and of itself is a bit unusual but the plant-life that does exist in Taelosia seems to be very potent in nature. Gather 4 samples from two different plants and return to me once this has been done.'

You say, 'What durable weapon?'

Keras McArik says 'Ever since I've heard stories about these materials, I've been working on various designs for a new axe. . .trying to figure out how one could imbue it with the essence and spirit of a true berserker. Unfortunately I have been unable to get my hands on any raw ore of a high enough quality to experiment with.'

Shimmering Aligned Ore drops in GoD zones at Kod'Taz level and above. Hand in four unstacked.

Keras McArik 's eyes open wide in excitement as you hand him the 4 pieces of ore. 'Very good work indeed, young berserker!' As he examines each piece one at a time, he nods slowly, his smile widening each time, 'These pieces will do very well, no doubt. I will hold onto these until yew manage to bring me the rest of the components.'

Hynid Blood drops in various GoD zones. Hand in four unstacked.

Keras McArik says 'Ah, the hynid blood. Excellent work my young friend, excellent work. As I mentioned earlier, I have a theory about hynid blood and how their unique physiology has allowed them to adapt to the harsh conditions of their environment. It is my hope that their essence of adaptability is also contained within these samples you have retrieved for me. I will store these safely until yew return with the other components I also need.'

Cragbeast Blood drops (need drop locations). Hand in four unstacked.

Keras McArik takes the samples and slowly examines each one carefully. 'Ah, yes, the cragbeast blood and in very good condition too. This should work quite nicely for my experiment. It is my theory that capturing and utilizing the durability of cragbeasts could help to forge a weapon of unsurpassed durability. I will hold onto to these until yew bring me the rest of the necessary components.'

Go to Kod'Taz (+635, +1870; -750, -955; -2030, -1180) or Yxtta (+630, -1075; +365, -330 ; -450, -450). Click the bushes in Kod'Taz or the pots in Yxtta in the middle of the golem ring to receive a Taelosian Fern Sample. Reuse timer on the pot/bush is one hour. Turn in four samples unstacked to Keras.

Keras McArik begins to ruffle though the leaves holding them up to the light. 'Yes, surely these are the Taelosian Fern extracts I asked you to retrieve. They're far greener than I expected but surely these are the samples. It is said that the winds that roar down from the Taelosian mountains can strip the flesh from a man in but a few fleeting moments. Yet these gentle Ferns manage to survive because of their flexibility allows the winds to pass harmlessly through their branches. It is this essence of flexibility that I hope to capture and use. I will store these safely until yew return with the rest of the components.

Taelosian Tea Extract may be brewed by combining Taelosian Mountain Tea (received by giving Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves to Galidnus Corkpopper in the Abysmal Sea) and Sacred Water (dropped in Plane of Valor), trivial 125. Turn in four extracts unstacked to Keras.

Keras McArik says 'Yes, the Tea Extract. These are fine samples indeed and should do quite nicely. This extract should help to purify the other components required for the tempering materials. These remaining pure essences should allow us to create an alloy out of the Taelosian Ore that is unmatched. I will hold onto these until you finish bringing me the remaining temper ingredients.'

Once you have handed all the required items (four each of Shimmering Aligned Ore, Hynid Blood, Cragbeast Blood, Taelosian Fern Sample, Taelosian Tea Extract), you'll see this:

Keras McArik says 'Excellent. I've managed to imbue all of the temper components you brought into the 4 pieces of Taelosian Tempered Ore. Take the samples to Baeldarr Hawkeye who can be found in the Plane of Knowledge. His knowledge and artistry of smithing is unmatched. Surely he can tell us the value of what we have created here.'

You receive four pieces of Taelosian Tempered Ore. Find Baeldarr Hawkeye in the Plane of Knowledge at -420, +510. Give him the four pieces.

Baeldarr Hawkeye says 'What's this ye got here? From Keras, ye say? Hmm. . .let me look at this. Aye, these aren't ordinary pieces of ore fer sure. Don't tell me that that son of a she-wolf finally managed to sucker someone into helping him make that Taelosian Tempered Ore he's been blathering about! Hah! But as surely as Ogres are stupid here it is! Fer me to truly understand what this ore is capable of will take me some time you understand. So in the meantime, fetch me some Darkwood Sapling Branches. If Keras is right, only this wood will make suitable handles.'

Darkwood Sapling Branches are ground spawns in Dranik's Scar at +1005, -20; -400, -650; -1215, -1250. Respawn time is 20 minutes. Give four branches to Baeldarr.

Baeldarr Hawkeye looks pleased to see you. 'Excellent timing friend! I just finished turning the ore samples you brought me earlier into some fine axe heads. It'll be but a moment till I complete the axes . . . The only thing that remains is they need to be thoroughly tested against a very hard-skinned creature, which will allow us to discover their durability. Deep within the recesses of Old Sebilis reside several golems of massive proportions. Slay the largest of these golems to test these axes out thoroughly. Return to Keras with the result so that he may inspect his handywork.'

You receive four different Trial Taelosian Alloy Blood Axes.

Testing the Axes

Bring a small raid to Old Sebilis. Kill the four static juggernaut spawns near -1555, -166. This will cause An Ancient Sebilite Protector (level 75) to spawn along with two untouchable adds (A Sebilite Guardian, red /con to 70) that will heal it. The Protector hits for 1600 max, AE rampages, and procs Death Shackles starting at 75% (which is when the guards begin to heal it as well). The Guardians proc Blurring Focus, Complete Heal, and Curse of the Protector. During the fight, you need to wield each of the four trial axes until you see one of the following messages and the axe gets moved to your cursor:
  • After several heavy swings, the axe shatters into many fine pieces. Time for a new axe!
  • After raining down nearly two dozen blows you begin to notice small hairline fractures developing in the axe head. You think testing for this axe has been completed.
  • After many swings you can feel this axe is failing and think that it will fall apart at any moment. You think that testing for this axe has been completed.
  • The rigors of battle have had no effect of this axe. Keras should be very pleased with the result of this particular axe.

After the fight, if you tested the axes properly, you should see this in red text:

Stepping back for a moment, you look over the axes that you have crafted. Two of them seem to be no more durable than any other axe you've seen, another is completely broken, yet the fourth catches your eye. The blade has nary a nick anywhere on it, the handle seemingly able to withstand immense amounts of punishment.

You should end up with a Broken Taelosian Alloy Axe, 2 x Damaged Taelosian Alloy Axe, and a Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe. Return to Keras.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik once again looks lost in deep thought, 'Apologies ______. Another student o'mine has not returned yet and shall soon be overdue. I am beginning to worry that she may be in trouble. Yet she still has more time to complete her task so mayhap I shouldnah worry. Shaking himself of his concerns Keras asks, 'Come now, how well did the axes fair?'

Give him the four resulting axes.

Keras McArik grabs each axe individually and mutters something inaudible. He takes each axe in his hands and looks them over. 'This axe seems to display almost no wear, which is highly unusual, given the amount of punishment ye must have put it through. Surely all three of these axes are of higher quality than the ones we normally make, but this one is vastly superior. Given the quality of this axe, I'd say that it could very easily benefit from some enchantments. So the next step in this axe's journey should be to imbue it with some of the owner's essence. This will create an axe that can actually become aware of its owner's wishes to help him realize his true Berserker's potential. Why if I were the owner and had a rare Soul Gem handy, I'd be headin' off to Teekan the Enchanter in the Abysmal Sea. Her abilities to weave such magic are unsurpassed.'

You receive the Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe. Head to the Abysmal Sea and find Teekan Opousbabolaoi at -200, -195.

You say, 'Hail, Teekan Opousbabolaoi'

Teekan Opousbabolaoi says, 'Hail to thee friend! No doubt you sought me out for my expertise in enchanting though I admit to wondering what need a bersrker like yourself would have of me. Pray tell how may I serve thee?'

Give Teekan the Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe and Raging Soul Shard.

Teekan Opousbabolaoi takes the axe and the Soul Gem and begins the chant in low, near inaudible tones. Smoke begins to swirl around the axe as the orb twists and writhes like a serpent around the haft of the axe, melding itself to the dark wooden handle. When the smoke clears, she hands the axe back to you and says, 'This should be what you're looking for! Be sure to show this to Keras and give him my regards. Tell him he should stop by and visit sometime!'

You receive the Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe, a.k.a. berserker epic 1.5, along with 5 AA points and the ability to choose the new title "Axe Master." Reward: Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe

Berserker Epic 2.0: Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe (Normal): If you have the Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe (berserker epic 1.5):

The Lost Student

Keras McArik may be found at -110, -3400, +235 by the Lake of Ill Omen.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik eyes your axe in a somewhat awe-stricken fashion. 'What have ye got there? Let me take a look at that!'

You stride up to Keras and proudly outstretch your finished Axe but notice that it takes Keras a moment before he realizes that you've even arrived. 'Ach. . .sorry lad. Let's have a look, shall we?' Keras begins to carefully examine the axe, each step of the way nodding approvingly. 'This is truly excellent work. Teekan has never let me down. This axe is possibly the highest quality that I have ever seen and should serve ye well in ye travels.' As he hands you the axe back, you once again notice a deep concern growing over his countenance. 'I am sorry that I canna' spend more time wit ye but ye've no doubt noticed that as of late, I've been troubled.'

You say, 'Troubled by what?'

Keras McArik says 'That student o' mine is now long overdue and I fear she may have her failed in her lesson. Would ye do an old man a favor and find out what has happened to me other student?'

You say, 'I will find out.'

Keras McArik says 'I dinnah not exactly know where she may be, but her name is Julei Direaxe and I fear that she may be in trouble. Please, hurry, strike out and find her, rescue her from any troubles she may be in. Return her to safety and bring me proof that she is alright and ye shall forever have me gratitude.'

Head to the Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole) and find Julei Direaxe in the castle near the drop-down, behind the small underwater tunnel, at +496, -224, -217. As soon as you enter her room, she will begin to walk out of the castle.

You say, 'Hail, Julei Direaxe'

Julei Direaxe ignores and continues to move forward.

She stands up and starts walking to the entrance.

Julei stands up and begins to head back to the entryway.

Once she's at the entryway:

You say, 'Hail, Julei Direaxe'

Julei Direaxe says 'Here take this back to Keras. This should be proof enough that I am fine. My thanks to you berserker. May you honor the path.'

You receive Julei's Twilight Pendant. Take it back to Keras.

Keras McArik 's demeanor quickly changes from one fraught with worry and guilt to one of relief. 'Ach! Julei is in good health. Tis good news indeed! My thanks to ye. If'in there be anything I can do for ye, ask and ye shall have it.'

You say, 'Enhance my axe.'

Keras McArik chuckles as he hears your request. 'I knew ye would be askin' fer this soon enough!' Keras slowly drags his eyes over your axe examining it from tip to tip. 'Ah, yes. Teekan's enchantments have weathered your journey fine. Yet I sense that even that even more may be done with it. Like yerself, the potential within this axe is truly astounding. As the basis of power of yer axe comes from gems and metals I would seek those out. Ye may also wish to look for other items of power that could fortify it further. After ye've managed to procure such things, come back and give them and yer axe to me and I'll see what I can dew fer ye then.'

You say, 'What other items of power?'

Keras McArik says 'I'm no tinkerer so I cannah tell ye what ye should be lookin' fer. Perhaps ye should head to Steamfont and seek out the advice of a Gnome as they are clever folk with all sorts of objects.'

You say, 'What gems?'

Keras McArik says 'I have heard of a Dwarven jewel merchant that goes by the name of Tarvash Scriller that is currently studying the gems found Discord. Seek him out fer I am sure he can help ye with information as he is an expert in all manner of gems and jewels. Ye need keep ye purse strings tightly closed though as I've heard he's a crafty devil with a sly tongue that would surely sell ya the stars if'in he could.'

You say, 'What metals?'

Keras McArik says 'Ach, there's the rub! I dinnah know much about the metals ye brought back the first time as they were all used in those axes. Maybe ye should look for a smith from that area. You must let them look at the axe but be wary though fer little do we know of them.'

The gnome mentioned is Greeble Blacktoe, found in the Steamfont Mountains at -1100, -1400 post-revamp.

You say, 'Hail, Greeble Blacktoe'

Your approach seems to catch the Gnome a little off guard as he's visibly shaken by your presence. 'What can Greeble do for a berserker who is so far from home? Greeble can't have anything that ye might need, can he? What's that ye say, yer lookin fer sumthing that ye can power yer fancy axe with? Greeble knows jest the thing!'

You say, 'Power my fancy axe.'

Greeble Blacktoe says 'What do ye think I am, some sort of fergetful gnome!? Give me a minute, would ya!?' he says, as he looks around scratching his head. 'Ah, yes, me thinks you need a Lightning Core. These lightning cores are only found where the discordant energy flows freely. Seek out these lands and ye shall surely find what you are looking for.'

Loot a Lightning Core, a random rare drop off any lightning warrior in the Muramite Proving Grounds.

Tarvash Scriller may be found in the western part of the Bloodfields, on the zone wall due west of the crater where there is a small broken part of wall/masonry, at -514, +1136, -680.

You say, 'Hail, Tarvash Scriller'

Tarvash Scriller nearly jumps out of his shoes. Clearly shaken by your presence he feebly says, 'Ach! Dinnah sneak up on me like that! Ye be lucky I had enough control to not smite ye where ye stand else I surely woulda cut ye in twain! But that be not good fer business', he says as you notice a twinkle forming in his eyes upon that last spoken word. 'Now what can I dew fer ya lad? Ye be lookin' fer some rubies perhaps? Or perhaps a pretty diamond as a gift for ye mum?'

You say, 'I want information.'

Tarvash Scriller says 'Information? Ye came all this way to bug me about information on the local gems? Are ye daft? Ach, it's been so long since I've seen anyone from my world, that as ugly as ye be, I am happy to lay me eyes upon ye. Very well, for a mere 50 gold I will help ye.'

Hand Tarvish 50 gold or the equivalent.

Tarvash Scriller says 'I can see that axe ye carry already has some enchantments woven into the haft. By my eye tis not a half bad job but I bet there is room a'plenty in that axe for more wild magics yet. Ye won't find any gems right around here though, that will help ye in your search. I think that if ye managed to weave a Facetted Moonstone into the haft of yer axe, one could imbue it with another essence at a later time. Fer another 50 platinum pieces, I could be persuaded to tell ye where ye could find one.'

Hand Tarvish 50 platinum or the equivalent.

Tarvash Scriller says 'Ah, thank ye lad! Nothing like a bit o' coin to keep me company! Seek ye out the beasts that reside deep within the causeway, some of the ancient beasts there often hoard gems. As surely as Gnomes have sumpth' wrong in their heads ye shall find what ye seek there.'

Kill Bazu Smasher in Nobles' Causeway at +1788, +1754, +330, and loot the Faceted Moonstone (full raid recommended).

Find Grithyank Avlonnon in the Ruined City of Dranik at +832, +1101, +145.

You say, 'Hail, Grithyank Avlonnon'

Grithyank Avlonnon pretends not to notice you. Just as you are opening your mouth to call out to him again he slowly and methodically lets the words drip out of his mouth as if to make sure you understand him. 'Yes outlander? What can Grithyank do for you? What is it you seek from him?'

You say, 'I wish to enhance my axe.'

Grithyank Avlonnon turns fully towards you as if now willing to pay more attention to you. 'An interesting specimen of a weapon. It blends craftsmanship from your world, components from mine, and magic from both. I would love the opportunity to study it further but I know you did not bring it to me to study. I gather you wish to learn more about it though?'

You say, 'I wish to learn more about it.'

Grithyank Avlonnon says 'The ore chosen for the head of the axe your people would call Chaotic Steel. It is an extremely durable base to form a weapon from so likely there is little I can do for this piece. I notice the handle, however, appears to be made of a fairly strong yet flexible wood. Yet I believe the smith did not know that this metal can cause undue stress upon the handle eventually shattering it at the least convenient time, in the heat of battle. From my studies of your world I suggest lacing it with a small portion of what our people call Shadowed Bronze. I believe you can find the proper Shadowed Bronze on an ancient shade in Grieg's End. This should help to absorb much of the stress passed along from the axe head.'

Head to the very southeastern end of Grieg's End and kill the Ancient Shade there at -627, +1785, -69 (2-3 groups recommended). Loot its Shadowed Lump of Bronze.

Loot a globe of discordant energy in the Asylum of Anguish.

Hand in the Lightning Core, Faceted Moonstone, Shadowed Lump of Bronze, and your Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe to Keras to receive an Unhoned Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe.

Keras McArik says 'Ah ye've returned with the necessary components, me friend? Give me but a moment to look over what you've managed to get yer hands on. Yes, these should do the job quite nicely. We'll see just what potential can be unleashed in this axe of yours! So the Dragorn smith said to reinforce the haft with this ore, eh? I can accomplish that surely. Work with the Moonstone should be easy enough tew as it don't seem to require much enchantment from me. The Lightning Core will require a bit o' work though as I'm not very experienced with it. Still though, I can surely do something with it. I would na ever thought of using one of these on an axe though! Crafty Gnomes indeed.' After some time and a bit of effort, Keras hands you back your axe. 'Here ya go, lad. I tried honing the edge further but I dinnah have a whetstone strong enough. Maybe that smith o' yours can help ye futher?''

You receive an "Unhoned Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe".

Head back to Grithyank Avlonnon and hail him.

You say, 'Hail, Grithyank Avlonnon'

Grithyank Avlonnon says 'Yes outlander? What would you have of me now?' You notice his eyes widen further upon glancing over your improved axe. 'So you managed to successfully lace the Shadowed Bronze into the haft as I spoke of. Very good. I also notice this extra moonstone that wasn't here before. As to its purpose I can not speak of.' Running his sinewy finger carefully across the edge he says, 'But the edge here could still use some sharpening. Blades such as this though can not be sharpened by a normal means. No, a blade this strong will require naught but a portion of Discordant matter itself. It has been said that this matter can sometimes be found captured within the tears of those that have been tortured. Return to me only when you have succeeded in finding one. Then we will see how else I can aid thee.''

Hand in the unhoned axe and globe to Grithyank Avlonnon to receive your epic 2.0, Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe, 10 AA's, and access to the title "Rageheart."

Grithyank Avlonnon says 'Ah, very good outlander, you managed to find some Discordant Matter. Very well, I will see what I can accomplish. Though the ore in this axe is originally from my world, the smithing technique and some of the magic are from yours. Therefore I can make no promises.' After some time and much effort the Dragorn hands the axe back. You immediately notice that edge has a brilliance to it that is nearly blinding. There outlander. I think you will be pleased with the results. The smithing technique used to forge that axe is quite unique. . .I doubt another of its kind exists. Be wary though for as I was applying the Discordant matter to the edge, I felt a disturbing presence emanating from the axe. There is someone or something that endures within it. . .something that seeks to control those who wield it. You must be ever cautious lest the axe is able to compel its influence onto you. I fear that though the axe will bring you many victories, those victories may come at a cost. Travel safe and fair, my friend!' Reward: Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe

Berserker Epic: Kerasian Axe of Ire (Normal): Axe Me No Questions

Keras McArik is located at -110, -3400, +235 in the Lake of Ill Omen.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik says 'Aye, I see a familiar look in yer eye. Ye are much like me, friend. If ye truly wish to [master the fires] within ye and become a true berserker, ye must learn many lessons.'

You say, 'I wish to master the fires.'

Keras McArik says 'Much as ye are now, I was once saddled with unbridled rage, and now with age and experience, I have learned to master the power that comes with my anger. Once ye have mastered yer abilities, ye will be rewarded with a gift that only a true berserker can control. It is a gift that will harness yer rage and use it to yer advantage. This is why ye must walk the same path I did in me youth. Do ye wish to take this [great stride]?'

You say, 'I wish to take this great stride.'

Keras McArik says 'Ye do understand there is no turning back? I hope so. This is a journey -- and sometimes a long one -- depending on what ye've leared so far. Yer skills and wisdom in battle will be tested. Go talk to an old, fallen friend of mine, Lingering Axefall. We call him that because he reguses to let his spirit rest. He failed his task and remains bound here to lead others into the trial he lost. Be wary, though. He is elusive. The foe he stood against and lost to still wishes to extinguish his spirit. Take this axe and give it to him so he will know that ye are ready for the test and that I sent ye. Also, take this medal with you. It will help me keep track of your progress. Best of luck, friend.'

You receive Throwing Axe of the Spirit and Medal of Blood.

Trial of Blood

Lingering Axefall may be found at +65, +2490, +210. He does not respond to hails. Give him the Throwing Axe of the Spirit.

Lingering Axefall says 'Ah, yes. The signature axe of my good friend, McArik. Here to test your control, hm? I hope you have better luck than I did. As you can see, I didn't fare so well against the enemy I was sent to [defeat]. Here, take these. I fashioned them for you from McArik's throwing axe. You will need them.'

You receive 3 TEMPORARY Bore Axes of the Spirit.

You say, 'What were you sent to defeat?'

Lingering Axefall turns and begins to shiver. 'Argh, it has sensed my presence. It is near! You must protect me and save me from this beast. If you do, you will pass this test. You must yourself take a tooth from its mouth as evidence to show to McArik that you've passed this trial.'

He begins to follow you around as though he were a pet. An Impervious Bloodbeast, a large chokidai-looking mob, spawns near +635, +2455, +260. Your best bet is to stay out of melee range and throw Bore Axes of the Spirit at it. When you've depleted your three axes, hail Lingering Axefall for three more. The Bloodbeast does not aggro or summon. Upon killing the beast:

You gain experience!!
Impervious Bloodbeast's corpse roars in pain as its fixed gaze on the spirit begins to dim.
Lingering Axefall says, 'You have indeed proven your worth, my friend. McArik will be very pleased. Now I can rest and set my spirit free. I am all too pleased to have played a part on your glorious path of becoming a true berserker.'

Loot a Bloodbeast Tooth from the corpse and head back to Keras McArik. Give him the tooth and the Medal of Blood.

Keras McArik says 'Aye, ye have done well, ______. However, that was a simple task and I'm sure ye had much help with it. Now ye must go alone. Ye may want to take some bandages with ye and be sure yer skill with them is top-notch. Ye'll likely need 'em. Here, take some o'mine. Ye may find 'em to be most useful. Do ye believe ye're [ready for this challenge]?'
You gain experience!!

You receive McArik-Crafted Bandage (3 charges of Greater Healing) and a new Medal of Mirages.

Trial of Mirages

You say, 'I am ready for this challenge.'

Keras McArik says 'The challange is for ye, and ye alone. If you have anyone try to assist ye, ye will fail. Do not attempt to cheat yerself of yer own development. Ye must seek out Mardic Crimsonsteel and get his guidance. He will prepare ye to fight a mirage of a berserker that has been created through years of refined magic. I cannot tell ye the source of such magic, but ye must know that I used that mirage as me sparring partner, constantly improving me skills against it and advancing. Perhaps now it's yer turn to face it... alone. Take this sealed note to Mardic. It will give him instructions for yer test.'

You receive A Sealed Note for Mardic. You can find Mardic in the Field of Bone at +2115, +3625, -145.

You say, 'Hail, Mardic Crimsonsteel'

Mardic Crimsonsteel says 'Hail to you, feared one. I see the glint of rage in them eyes of yours there. One day you'll be able to recognize the same in others. I suppose now is the time to talk to you about the mirage around here. Tell you the truth, I wasn't able to beat it myself... that's why I'm out here and not establishing myself as a berserker. I wasn't meant for that path. I'm here to guide folk like yourself and help you gain control of the insane beast that lurks inside you. You must be prepared to fight one like yourself. All ye need are your wits, brawn, and skill, nought else. When you are ready give me the note McArik gave you and I'll send you to the training grounds.'

Give him the note. You get teleported to a sealed room by yourself. You will have a vah shir female called "Berserker's Image" spawn. The image cons dark blue at 46. You have to fight it one-on-one. At certain health percentage intervals, the Image stops fighting to let you heal, bandage, etc.

You have slain Berserker's Image!
You gain experience!
Berserker's Image's corpse nods and grins at you as you release its essence and falls. As its hands rest on the ground, one unfurls, revealing an essence vial. A notion enters your mind. It says, 'Speak return and you shall be back.'

Loot Axe of Lost Souls from Berserker Image's corpse.

You say, 'Return.'

You are teleported back to Mardic Crimsonsteel.

You say, 'Hail, Mardic Crimsonsteel'

Mardic Crimsonsteel says 'Hail, ______. Run along and give McArik the items he requested.'

You receive Image Essence. Head back to Keras.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik says 'Don't just stand there! Ha! Give me the essence and medal if you have them!'

Give him the Image Essence and Medal of Mirages.

Keras McArik says 'Well, I am indeed hopeful and pleased about yer progress, ______. Ye should be proud that you have now attained the Medal of Strategy. Well done, indeed! It seems that ye can best yer equal now. The next test of yer masters of yer abilities is much more difficult, however, and may require ye to ask yer friends for some 'elp... but it must be the right kind of 'elp. This test will determine how well ye [strategize in battle]. Ye must gather trustworthy friends and they must be willing to work under yer command.'
You gain experience!!

You receive the Medal of Strategy.

Trial of Strategy

You say, 'I will strategize in battle.'

Keras McArik says 'One of the best strategists I've ever met is ready and willing to help any who attempt to prove their skills in battle. Seek out Treanik Ireblade. She won't give ye any advantage, however. This is yer fight to win, not hers, though she'll be itchin' to get her blade bloodied. Take this note and give it to her.'

You receive Note for Treanik. Treanik Ireblade is located in Dagnor's Cauldron at -1585, +210, +180. Hailing her doesn't do much, so give her the note.

Treanik Ireblade says 'Me hopes you can hold your breath, ______. Me make sure to stock up before makin' dat long swim. Pesky goblins all over. Treanik must tell dat dere is much more dan pests here to taunt da likes of us. Dere be a beast down dere dat me not killed yet. Me much younger dan you, but me learn how dat [beast fights] -- it smarter dan da average creature, you know. Don't be fooled.'
You gain experience!!

You say, 'How what beast fights?'

Treanik Ireblade says 'Da only way to learn is to fight. It called Praklion of the Cauldron or sometin. Me hear it live here very long time, but rarely come out. It feed at weird times. Course, dat when it most mad. McArik found it traveling through deep craggy lands. Dat is how he decided it was good beast to test his ability to beat a baddy dat had some [sense of strategy]. It even took him long time to defeat it.'

You say, 'What sense of strategy?'

Treanik Ireblade says 'It do have sense of stragegy. It a creature dat has got smartz wit da magic too. Da way it mixes its abilities is good stuffs. You gots to try to catch it when it eats. It usually comes out when it dark out. And when you kill it, can you get my axe back? Me lost it to dat beast. Plus me needs proof you killed it so me can give you sumtin to give to McArik.'

You must find and kill Praklion of the Cauldron (location -525, -1400). Loot Treanik's Tarnished Axe and give it to Treanik Ireblade.

Treanik Ireblade says 'My axe! Me so happy! You are big force to be rekoned with, ______. Me wasn't sure... but now, look at you, like spiroc fluffing feathers. McArik be so pleased! Take dis amulet me made. I know not much, but me swore to McArik that anyone who passes dis test would get a trinket from me.'
You gain experience!!

You receive A Bone Trinket. Go back to Keras.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik says 'Seems ye need to hand over some goods to me still. How about ye give me the Medal of Strategy and the trinket me friend gave ye?'

Give him the items.

Keras McArik says 'Ye are well on the way, me friend. I knew the moment I saw ye that ye were going to get through this. I'm just not convinced that yer as powerful as even ye may think. So, are ye [ready] for the next trial ye must face?'
You gain experience!!

You receive the Medal of Fervid Rage.

Trial of Fervid Rage

You say, 'I am ready.'

Keras McArik says 'Eager one, aren't ye? Good to see, but do not underestimate how volatile our rage is. In me youth, it snuck up on me and in a blind rage, I had slain me sparring partner. It was then that I knew I was different and shouldn't keep close friends until I'ad my rage under control. There are some, though, that will [never control the rage].'

You say, 'Never control the rage?'

Keras McArik says 'Well, you see, the fire that drives the rage through us and into our muscles and minds can burn out of control in come creatures. I have encountered several in my travels, aye. They are merciless and blind to the rage, which makes 'em poor at strategy, but deadly in combat. Ye will have to [face one] of 'em so that ye may learn how dangerous ye can truly become if ye do not complete these trials and master the rage. I do 'ope ye appreciate this lesson.'

You say, 'Face one?'

Keras McArik says 'This creature is unlike any you have seen wandering the lands. this beast is fearsome and ethereal. It strikes out with its rage without thought or care. Ye must learn to recognize this type of beast if ye are to learn how to master it and yer own abilities. It will try to disguise itself so ye don't recognize the fury it holds within it -- it has an [enraged essence] within it and I want ye to bring it to me. Remember, ______, do not be fooled and always be aware.'

You say, 'Enraged essence?'

Keras McArik says 'I will give ye no more hints. Ye must seek this creature out alone. Look far and use your mind and brawn to beat it. Yer noggin will give ye an advantage o'er this un.'

The creature he is referring to is Ireblind Imp, found in the Plane of Fear. Kill A Scareling (/cons scowling) until Enraged Imp (/cons indifferent) spawns. Kill Enraged Imp to spawn Ireblind Imp (/cons scowling, has near-zonewide aggro and nasty AE mez). Kill Ireblind Imp and loot Burning Essence of Rage. Head back to Keras and give him the Medal of Fervid Rage and Burning Essence of Rage.

Keras McArik says, 'I am indeed impressed by yer control and ability to best such a horrific beast, my friend. Ye are certainly well on yer way to mastering yer rage and taking advantage of the abilities ye were born with. Here is your Medal of Hunting. Ye are nearly there -- nearly complete with yer trials, but there are a few more things ye [must do] for me.'
You gain experience!!

Trial of Hunting

You say, 'What must I do?'

Keras McArik says, 'For my mirage to remain part of my trials, I need some very specific reagents. There is a sickly gorilla that carries a rotting organ which I am in need of. Also, I need a paw of a very special and dangerous kobold. Lastly, bring me the poison sac of a dangerous spider. A potion that allows us to create a gate from one place to another is also required. If ye believe ye can do this for me, tell me so, and I will give ye a bag to hold them in. When ye have all of the ingredients, combine them in the bag I've given ye, and bring it back to me. Good luck in your hunt!'

You receive McArik Reagent Satchel.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik says 'Hello again, ______. If you needed yer memory refreshed, I'll tell ye what I need for ye to move on with your trials. Ye need to gather a decaying liver from a sickly gorilla, the paw of a fierce kobold, and a poison sac from a very rigid spider.'

The first item is Decaying Liver from Disease-Ridden Gorilla in Emerald Jungle. The placeholder is "a tottering ape" that spawns at or near -1525, -90 and wanders from there (note there are several tottering ape spawns in the zone, but only one of them is the PH). It is immune to snare/root/slow and is pure melee.

The second item is Gnashing Kobold Paw from Gnashing Kobold in Stonebrunt Mountains. The placeholder is A Kobold. It appears to be a static spawn at location +1885, +2340. It is immune to snare/root/slow and is pure melee.

The third item is Scent Gland from Reeking Skunk in Toxxulia Forest (not a spider as indicated).

Combine the three items and a Philter of Major Translocation (shaman made) in the bag to craft Bag of Image Essence Dust. Hand this to Keras McArik along with your medal.

Keras McArik says, 'Wonderful. Ye have earned yer Medal of Mastery, but ye are not done yet. There is one final test ye must complete before I can recognize ye as a true berserker. Ye must prove that in the face of great adversity, ye can keep yer wits about ye. This final test, naturally, is the most difficult, but I would not present this [next challenge] to ye if I thought ye could not finish yer journey.'
You gain experience!!

Trial of Mastery

You say, 'What next challenge?'

Keras McArik says 'For this encounter, ye must be prepared for the unexpected and, in the face of chaos, be able to focus on the task at hand. Yer stamina will also be tested. When I first encountered this wicked trap in me travels, even I had to attempt it a couple of times. However, I do have faith in ye. With my advance warning, ye shouldn't be caught off guard. This challenge will also prove how loyal and skilled yer own friends are. One thing is for certain, ye can't complete this [next test] alone.'

You say, 'What next test?'

Keras McArik says, 'Make your way to the woods in Kunark. Use the hunting skills ye have gained to find a most unusual and war-hungry creature. It has a very unique magic in its battle repertoire that will definitely test yer mettle. Off with ye, then. I do hope I see ye again...I've become quite fond of ye. I recently sent another like ye to do this trial and I haven't heard from him...'

The woods he speaks of are the Warsliks Woods. The berserker recently sent is the Lurking Hopeful, who is a female troll found at +175, +630 just north of where the river splits. She spawns at approximately 11 PM game time and despawns at 7 AM.

You say, 'Hail, Lurking Hopeful'

Lurking Hopeful says 'Ah, me also got one of dose medal tings. Me guess you here for da same reason me is -- to finish da final berserker trial. Me been waiting for someone to come by here. Me need to figure out how to do dis challenge. Me tried once and didn't have a chance. Me ran. Dat goblin is mad. Hey, if you give me 1000 platinum, me save you some time and show you where da crazy goblin is. Me hate to ask for money, but me needs to hire help for dis.'

Give her 1000 platinum pieces.

Lurking Hopeful says 'Good timing. Me can hear him giggling. Go down to da stream's end where it opens into a big river between da cliffs. Crazy goblin is usually in dat area stirring up troubles. Go tell him dat you are a berserker and be ready. He go nuts. Good lucks. Me go find help.'

She despawns. Go north along the river to where it widens into a gorge, and you will see a large goblin standing on the shore. He /cons blue and scowling to level 65, but will not attack.

Raving Goblinmaster shouts, 'Yes, I see you, you wander in the trees. If you cross me, I will bring you to your knees.'

You can hail him but he will not respond other than to turn toward you. This is the time when you should buff your groups and make sure you have some form of levitation on.

You say, 'I am a berserker and I am ready.'

Raving Goblinmaster says 'Why you come here is a mystery to me. If you are brave, chase me as I flee. Watch to the front and behind. To your right and left do not be blind!'

He begins running down the shore. Once he gets to approximately +1500, 0, he will stop and five of "a frantic goblin" will spawn. There are three waves of these goblins, and you have one minute per wave to kill them all. They are highly magic resistant, so bring melee help. Once the first wave is down, move further north along the shore until the next wave spawns: dispatch it. Once you have killed the first three waves, a wave of three larger goblins called "Ferocious Goblin" will spawn. You have one minute to kill all three. All of the goblins up until this point are green and can be assassinated by rogues or killed with headshot by rangers. Once this wave is down, move further along the shore and hug the left-hand wall until you come to the Raving Goblinmaster. When you ready, hail him and he will attack.

Raving Goblinmaster says 'Yes, indeed. This has been a surprise. You are better than most and more wise. However, you are not yet complete. Be prepared to try to knock me off my feet!'

Once he's dead, loot A Maniac's Garbled Tome and return to Keras. Give him the Medal of Mastery and the tome.

Keras McArik bows and holds your hand in his own. 'I am so impressed and proud of ye, ______. This had been a long journey, hasn't it? That said, this will be the most important adventure of yer life, for now you are a true berserker and a master of all of yer skills. As I promised, the completion of these trials would not only bring ye the honor of being recognized as a true berserker, but also a weapon only a true berserker can wield -- one that I fashioned myself. Use this weapon in yer travels and may it serve ye well in battle. Be well, ______ -- ______ the Berserker.'
You gain experience!! Reward: Kerasian Axe of Ire

Bloodgill Steel Weapons (Normal): On the west shore of the Lake of Ill Omen between the rows of columns that rise out of the lake is an Iksar named Syrik Iceblood. He is indifferent to all. He gives two quests related to Veksar.

You say, 'Hail, Syrik Iceblood'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Oh, hello. You caught me while I was in thought. Currently I am researching the methodology used in smithing weapons during the age of [Veksar]. If you wish to help, let me know. I will take any [help] available, be it friend or foe to the legions of Cabilis.'

You say, 'What help?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'We can tell from the weapons that we have taken back from the Bloodgill goblins, that their smithing process must have been very unique for them to remain so sharp after four thousand years of use. Cabilis would like to study the weapons and learn this technique so we can better outfit our troopers. If you will bring me four of the same weapon I will spread your name through our city, and one day you may be able to walk the streets. I am looking for Steel Ch'Ror, Mak'Stor, So'Shar, Ta'Nak, Ga'Nak, and Re'Stek. Until then I will reward you with whatever coin I can get from turning them in for you.'

Turn in four of the same type of weapons.

Syrik Iceblood says 'Excellent work ______. We will study the architecture of these weapons to better the legions of Cabilis. Soon your name will be known among the Iksar.'
Your faction standing with Syrik Iceblood has been adjusted by 20.
Your faction standing with Legion Of Cabilis has been adjusted by 20.
Your faction standing with Cabilis Residents has been adjusted by 20.
Your faction standing with Scaled Mystics has been adjusted by 20.
Your faction standing with Crusaders Of Greenmist has been adjusted by 20.
Your faction standing with Swift Tails has been adjusted by 20.
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 silver from Syrik Iceblood.
You receive 12 gold from Syrik Iceblood.
You receive 12 platinum from Syrik Iceblood.
Catfish Croak Sandwich (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Klok Foob'

Klok Foob says 'Buy, buy, buy. Go ahead, make a purchase. I am not here to talk. Go to Cabilis for talk. Come to Foob for armor. Now hurry and.. Ooh.. Foob is starvings. Foob wish he had his [munch break favorite].'

You say, 'What is your munch break favorite?'

Klok Foob rubs his tummy. 'Oh!! Catfish croak sandwich is my favorite, it is. Can only eats on my break. I haves one and one is what the Haggle Baron says to Foob. Only thing is Foob gets way tired from standing. Foob needs some broodling to [fetch the catfish croak sandwich] for him.'

You say, 'I will fetch the catfish croak sandwich.'

Klok Foob says 'What?!! You dus gets Foob his sandwich for his munch break!! You be a good tail. Gets me two sandwiches, one fer break and one fer work, then me pay you something for the troubles. But it be no trouble. Foob is sure you know [how to make sandwich].'

You say, 'How do I make the sandwich?'

Klok Foob chortles loudly in disbelief. 'How you not know? It da best food. You gots to get a sewer catfish which swims in da Cabilis, and find lizard who have thin sliced froglok. Then all you need is shrub lettuce and honey mush bread. All dis in da oven makes a good sandwich.'

Klok Foob wants you to fetch him two sandwiches. In order to make these, you need Thin Sliced Froglok Meat, Shrub Lettuce, Honey Mush Bread, and Sewer Catfish.

To get the Thin Sliced Froglok Meat, talk to Klok Ephmir in East Cabilis.

You say, 'Hail, Klok Ephmir'

Klok Ephmir stares at you with a wicked smirk. 'So you share the Brood's love of frogloks, do you? Alive, they provide much trouble. Dead, they provide much delight. I have found many uses for the frogloks. From fine meat to fine mats. Be sure to ask if you do not see something you desire.'

You say, 'I need thinly sliced froglok.'

Klok Ephmir says 'I can provide thin sliced froglok meat, or rather, I used to. First, I need to [sharpen the dull cutting disk].'

You say, 'I can sharpen the dull cutting disk.'

Klok Ephmir says 'That would be good. If you are a blacksmith, I am sure you can find a sharpening stone and bring life back to my disk. If you sharpen this I shall gladly provide you with some thin sliced froglok.'

You receive a Dull Cutting Disk. Combine it with a sharpening stone in a forge to create a Sharp Cutting Disk (trivial 26). Give the Sharp Cutting Disk to Klok Ephmir.

Klok Ephmir takes the disk and attaches it to an odd device powered by a foot pedal. He takes a froglok leg and begins to slice it as chunks of gristle flies into your face. When he is done he hands you some thin sliced froglok. 'There you are. Run along.'

You receive 3 Thin Sliced Froglok Meat.

Shrub Lettuce is dropped off Man Eating Shrubs in Swamp of No Hope.

The location of Honey Mush Bread was unknown for the longest time, but (as of the patch of 14th May 2003), can now be purchased off Klok Bygle, a merchant in the left building when leaving Cabilis into the swamp.

As of the 11th June 2003 patch, Sewer Catfish are fishable in Cabilis and Firiona Vie, the four items may be combined into a Catfish Croak Sandwich, and Klok Foob accepts the results.

Klok Foob says 'No. Foob needs two sandwiches to makes it through da day.'
Klok Foob says 'Me thanks you very much!! Now me stop da tummy grumbles. You have this. And you takes dis. Foob make special, not sold yet, you test it. It is not toughest, but it take a little bashing just like you. It is called Foobscale!!'

Your faction standing with Cabilis Residents has been adjusted by 15.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis has been adjusted by 3.
You gain experience!
Reward: Foobscale Coif

Death to the Drakes (Incomplete): Fullic D`Vinn may be found at +1050, +1175. Note: this may be GM-triggered only.

You say, 'Hail, Fullic D`Vinn'

Fullic D`Vinn Glares at you with contempt. 'And what do you want peasant? Can't you see I'm busy? Go make yourself useful and feed yourself to the deathwing [drakes].'

You say, 'What drakes?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'The drakes that have been attacking the transports recently. If you had half a brain or sense of observance you would have noticed the Dark swarm that's been ravaging the land recently. I cherish a bit of chaos as much as the next Teir'dal but this is beginning to become an annoyance. Make yourself useful and go slay a few of them and bring me back their [talons] and their [hearts].'

You say, 'What talons?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'I'll tolerate your endless yapping if you bring me the talons of any of the deathwing [watchers], [guardians], [furies], [minions] or [lords]. Now leave me before I tear your tongue from your head.'

You say, 'What watchers?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'The watchers seem to be the weakest of the deathwings in this area. Bring me their talons and I will reward you.'

You say, 'What guardians?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'The guardians are dangerous if you are an inexperienced adventurer. They are much weaker then the furies but still not to be taken lightly. Bring me their talons and I will reward you.'

You say, 'What furies?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'The Furies are dangerous indeed. If you plan to hunt them I would suggest finding some companions. Bring me their talons and I will reward you.'

You say, 'What minions?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'The minions are the servents of the drake lords that seem to be the driving force behind these attacks. Bring me their talons and I will reward you well.'

You say, 'What lords?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'This matter is far too advanced for you to handle..come back after you've slayed a few more large rats boyo.'

You say, 'What hearts?'

Fullic D`Vinn says 'The hearts of these drakes may prove useful in some arcane rituals I've been exploring. Bring them to me and I will reward you.'
Enchanter Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest (Normal): This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you don't have the Staff of the Serpent (epic 1.0).

Near the entrance to Veksar in the Lake of Ill Omen, you can find "a bloodgill mimic" at -235, +195, -185:

You say, 'Hail, a bloodgill mimic'

a bloodgill mimic says 'Can't you feel him? I hear the wind blow across the lake and I think he must still be . . . '

You say, 'Who is he?'

a bloodgill mimic says 'He who fell from the sky. I have sought [evidence] of him for my [master].'

You say, 'Who is your master?'

a bloodgill mimic says 'You know my master. Are we not the same?'

Summon and kill Garudon via the Release Garudon quest. It drops Garudon's Statue. Bring this back to the mimic.

a bloodgill mimic says 'I thank you. How terrible it must be to still remain after such time. You must possess some measure of power to return this to me. I believe Aida could benefit from the help of one such as yourself.'

You gain experience!!

You say, 'Who is Aida?'

a bloodgill mimic says 'Aida was once my partner, but it has been years since I have seen her. It does worry me so.'

You say, 'Where is she?'

a bloodgill mimic says 'I last saw her heading into an airless place. So confident, she was.'

Go to Ssraeshza Temple and speak with A Soriz Imitator at -590, +240, -256, in the basement.

You say, 'are you aida'

A Soriz Imitator says, 'How do you know my name?'

You say, 'a bloodgill mimic sent me'

A Soriz Imitator says, 'Then he has sent you has he... I wish that I had fared better in these years of study. It is true that I have learned many things, but there is one tome most closely guarded that I have yet to see.'

You say, 'what tome'

A Soriz Imitator says, 'I believe it contains the very knowledge our master seeks. In fact, I am sure of it. You must obtain it, I have tried and tried and failed at every juncture.'

You say, 'where is it?'

A Soriz Imitator says, 'It is held by a Shissar here in the temple. I believe he wanders in order to think, that would be the best time to retrieve it'

Find and kill "A Shissar Lorekeeper" (/loc?). It drops a Crumbling Tome. Give this to Aida, the Soriz Imitator.

A Soriz Imitator says 'It is remarkable that you have found it! Unfortunately, it appears to be written in some language so archaic I cannot even begin to decipher it. Please, you must see Rilgor about a translating device. I will stay here and see if I can find anything further that would be of use.'

You gain experience!!

You receive an Illegible Tome.

Rilgor Plegnog may be found in Ak'Anon at +2025, -585.

You say, 'Hail, Rilgor Plegnog'

Rilgor Plegnog says 'Oh, what is it now. Can't you see that I am a very busy gnome?'

You say, 'What about the translating device?'

Rilgor Plegnog rubs his chin thoughtfully. 'A translating device? Now that is something rather complicated. It would take all of my skill as both a tinkerer and an enchanter. This is not the sort of thing I would do for nothing, no no no. I would need some sort of [compensation] for a project like that!'

You say, 'What compensation?'

Rilgor Plegnog says 'Hmm, well now that you mention it, some fine silks might do rather nicely. Oh yes, indeed. I do love my robe ever so much, but well, the rest of me could use some sprucing up. I always did feel a bit left out that I never picked up some of that nice Insidious.'

You say, 'What nice Insidious?'

Rilgor Plegnog says 'Yes indeed, it is lovely. Fetch me a set and I just might consider undertaking that translating device of yours. Take this sack. I am quite interested in the halo, sleeves, manacle, gloves, pantaloons, and slippers. As I said, my robe is still serving me quite nicely, so no need to worry about that.'

You receive a 6-slot Compacting Satchel. Go to Plane of Hate and kill "a forsaken revenant" until you have looted Fine Insidious Gloves, Fine Insidious Halo, Fine Insidious Manacle, Fine Insidious Pantaloons, Fine Insidious Sleeves, and Fine Insidious Slippers. Combine them in the satchel to craft An Insidious Bundle, and bring this back to Rilgor.

Rilgor Plegnog says 'Very fine it is. So kind of you to fulfill a dream of mine. I believe this device should be able to handle just about anything you'd need. In fact, if I were you I would take it along to your master right away.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Gnomish Translating Device. Go to "a sarnak imitator," a.k.a. Jeb Lumsed, in the Burning Woods at -1200, -4000 and give him the Illegible Tome and the Gnomish Translating Device.

a sarnak imitator says 'How very interesting. This could prove to be invaluable to my work. I have long been researching a new and most powerful tool to help our kind. It is necessary in these most dangerous of times. Unfortunately, it appears as though time has taken its toll on this tome. It is incomplete. Seek the missing pages so that I may study it in depth. There should be ten, unless they have been destroyed by time and decay.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Tattered Illegible Tome. Congratulations, you have completed the pre-quest. Reward: Tattered Illegible Tome

Explorer Survival Knives (Normal): Speak with Trooper Vaurk in the Lake of Ill Omen, about halfway bewteen Cabilis and the lake shore, at loc 4575.60, -3095.45.

You say, 'Hail, Trooper Vaurk'

Trooper Vaurk says 'Have you been sent by the War Baron to [assist]? The explorers from Firiona Vie draw closer. '

You say, 'i am here to assist'

Trooper Vaurk says 'That is good, I will stay here to halt any advances. Head out near the lake and destroy the trespassers on our land! Bring me four of their knives that they carry for survival. Prove your allegiance to the Legion of Cabilis. '

Not far from Trooper Vaurk is a large yellow tower, which was previously uninhabited. It is now occupied with about 6 explorers and a lead explorer.

The explorers were extremely green to a level 51, had about 600 hit points.

You have slain an explorer!
Your faction standing with Inhabitants of Firiona Vie has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Emerald Warriors has been adjusted by -3.
Your faction standing with Storm Guard has been adjusted by -3.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Pirates of Gunthak has been adjusted by 1.

The lead explorer was a paladin, LoHed himself, and took quite a bit more killing, although still a pushover for a 51 warrior. We'll call killing him step 2 just to keep the factions clear.

You have slain a lead explorer!
Your faction standing with Inhabitants of Firiona Vie has been adjusted by -10.
Your faction standing with Emerald Warriors has been adjusted by -7.
Your faction standing with Storm Guard has been adjusted by -7.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Pirates of Gunthak has been adjusted by 1.

The explorers dropped ringmail armor, food items, and the occasional Explorer Survival Knife (stackable). They aggroed on me thru the walls of the tower even though I was a reasonable distance away, so lower level players should be careful to avoid the tower.

Give the knives to Trooper Vaurk (I did not stack them):

Trooper Vaurk says 'Great work, the Legion of Cabilis will not soon forget your dedication. The trespassers shall all be dealt with. '
Your faction standing with Legion Of Cabilis has been adjusted by 100.
Your faction standing with Cabilis Residents has been adjusted by 25.
Your faction standing with Scaled Mystics has been adjusted by 25.
Your faction standing with Crusaders Of Greenmist has been adjusted by 25.
Your faction standing with Swift Tails has been adjusted by 25.
You gain experience!!
Medallion of the Kylong (Normal): This quest results in the Medallion of the Kylong, which is one of three medallions needed for the Rune of Scale Quest to get into Veeshan's Peak.

In the Lake of Ill Omen, somewhere left of the lake, if your back is to Cabilis, there's a tower with some things spinning around it. It's odd and tall, not too hard to find. Anyway, inside of that tower, there's an Erudite standing in there who's red to me at 49, and is indifferent. His name is Professor Akabao, and here's the log.

You say, 'hail Professor Akabao'.

Professor Akabao says 'Salutations traveler I dont get many visitors in these isolated regions. Have you come to learn of the ancient tribes of the Iksar?

You say, 'i have come to learn of the ancient tribes of the iksar'.

Professor Akabao says 'There were five tribes of Iksars that rose from the ashes of the Shissar Empire and founded their kingdoms on the continent of Kunark. Three of the tribes were extinguished many years later by the Kunzar tribe which is the tribe that the current Iksar are descendant from. I focus my studies on learning of the extinct tribe of Kylong.

You say, 'who are the kylong?'.

Professor Akabao says 'The Kylong were a mountain dwelling tribe of Iksar that strove for esoteric knowledge. They had vast libraries of ancient magical tomes that had been acquired from the Shissar sorcerers, and strove to understand and put the rituals documented in the tomes to practical use. When the Kunzar armies marched upon the Kylong, the three greatest Kylong mystics shattered the Medallion of Kylong, a holy relic of their tribe and fled their mountain homes in order to prevent the Kunzar from reassembling the Medallion of Kylong.

You say, 'where is the medallion'.

Professor Akabao says 'I have been attempting to learn of the destinations of the three Kylong leaders that held the fragments of the medallion. I know only that they sought shelters to hide and continue the practice of their mystical arts In order to one day return their tribe to it's former glory. Their remains may exist beneath some of the fortresses that are centers of Iksar and Sarnak necromancy. I have seen indications that some of the tomes within those fortresses are in fact the very tomes once cherished by the Kylong. Should you manage to recover the broken pieces of the Medallion of Kylong bring them to me so that I may restore the ancient artifact.

Remember that there are three separate medallions in the game, each broken into three pieces that just say a piece of broken medallion when you find it. You need to identify the piece of medallion you find to determine which one it is.

These are the locations:

(1) Middle Portion: Dropped by Verix Kylox's Remains, found in the sewers of Karnor's Castle.

(2) Bottom Portion: Found sitting on the floor in the library in Kaesora.

(3) Upper Portion: Found via the Niblek's Gems quest in Chardok. (bring Niblek a Black Sapphire and a Ruby)

Upon turn in of the 3 pieces.

Professor Akabao says, 'Are you daft? How can I reconstruct the medallion of the Kylong without all three pieces?!'

Professor Akabao says, 'Are you daft? How can I reconstruct the medallion of the Kylong without all three pieces?!'

Professor Akabao says, 'For ages this medallion has been scattered across these inhospitable lands, I had just about given up hope of locating the pieces and rebuilding this piece of Iksar history. You may keep it. It is enough to know that I have done my part to restore such an artifact to the people of Norrath.' Reward: Medallion of the Kylong

Release Garudon (Normal): On the west shore of the Lake of Ill Omen between the rows of columns that rise out of the lake is an Iksar named Syrik Iceblood. He is indifferent to all. He gives two quests related to Veksar.

You say, 'Hail, Syrik Iceblood'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Oh, hello. You caught me while I was in thought. Currently I am researching the methodology used in smithing weapons during the age of [Veksar]. If you wish to help, let me know. I will take any [help] available, be it friend or foe to the legions of Cabilis.'

You say, 'What is Veksar?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Veksar was an opulent resort enjoyed by privileged nobles and generals of the empire. It was built near a small freshwater spring with legendary restorative properties, this small outpost was considered one of the finest treasures of the realm. Highly-ranked Iksar from the empire came here to cure their illness and extend their lives with the mystical [waters]. This town was originally created by the Kylong tribe of Iksar, but was assimilated into the ranks of Venril Sathir when he united the five tribes. Many [legendary Iksar] lived there.'

You say, 'What about the legendary Iksar?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'When the Kunzar armies marched upon the Kylong, the three greatest Kylong mystics shattered the medallion of Kylong, a holy relic of their tribe, and fled their mountain homes in order to prevent the Kunzar from reassembling it. These three Kylong were [Verix Kylox], [Dakon Sythrax], and [Sirk Vemat]. As they fled from their tribe they knew that the chances to form the medallion together would be less if the Kylong split up. Verix attempted to hide in the hills of the Dreadlands. Dakon headed north to the Field of Bone. Sirk Vemat headed to the Burning Woods to hide in the forest.'

You say, 'Who is Verix Kylox?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Venril Sathir found Verix Kylox the shaman while he was combining the lands for undead. Venril was angered by his lack of devotion. For his punishment he was sacrificed, but resurrected to become a part of Venril's undead army.'

You say, 'Who is Dakon Sythrax?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Dakon Sythrax the necromancer fled to the Field of Bone. It was here that he raised a small troop of skeletons to build an underwater dungeon where he could hide his treasures. He hid the amulet and some of his more powerful tomes here. One of which was a great [book of necromancy]. The possessor of the book could have full control over an army of undead. He left the skeletons to do his work and returned to surrender to the Kunzar's forces. He was sent to Veksar to work through his days studying the effects of the spring.'

You say, 'What about this Book of Necromancy?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Xalgoz later discovered the cove and he took the medallion back to the five towers of Teraaz, which is now referred to as Kaesora. He left all of the tomes because he did not find them of particular interest. Decades after the war between the dragons and Iksar, a troll that fell from a passing ship found Sythrax's small cove. The skeletons milled around in disarray. After finding the book and reading what of it he could he found that the skeletons would do his bidding. I have heard rumors that Sythrax was able to assume the form of a great lich to live through the decades. His hatred for being trapped, and for being forced to work for Venril has built over the ages. He only wants to escape this place so he can retrieve his medallion and books that he believes to be in the Field of Bone.'

You say, 'Who is Sirk Vemat?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'The Sarnak captured Sirk Vemat the warrior. They took him to Chardok where they forced him to work in mining out caves that would be used as their city. He still carried the medallion of the Kylong. He knew that in death they would find it on his body so he decided to hide it. He dug a hole as deep into the mountain as he could and placed it in the hole and covered it over. I have heard tales that a slaving rat by the name of Niblek would find the necklace. Niblek's love for shiny things meant that he would keep it with him, but would offer it as trade to anyone that had his favorite type of gems.'

You say, 'What waters?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Veksar was guarded from the constant attack of dragons and the skulking bands of goblins living in the nearby hills. For years the city thrived with all sorts of visitors. Soldiers harmed by the war were sent there to mend their wounds. High-ranking officials came here to relax and escape the tedium of war. Even Iksar commoners came here desperate to cure whatever ailed them. Since the war with the dragons was always escalating, a massive dome was built overhead to keep the attacks of the dragons away. In spite of efforts, the [dragons] found a way to attack.'

You say, 'What dragons?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Trakanon sent many dragons here to scout out why this town was so popular. After learning about the Iksar being healed, he know that he had to take action on the city. He formed a plan to first cripple the cities walls so that their own dome would trap them, and then flood the water of the healing spring. This would not only trap them, but also dilute the waters, preventing any further healing from taking place. [Garudon] would lead in the direct attack of the town.'

You say, 'Who was Garudon?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'During the formation of Trakanon's ranks he did not garner the support he desired. One of the first dragons to come to his side was Garudon. He quickly grew to be Trakanon's most trusted ally, and aided in drawing support from the dragon ranks. Because of his high ranking position Garudon would lead the [fight] against Veksar.'

You say, 'What fight?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'The Dragons clawed at the supporting pillars of the dome. The town began to shake and the dome began to fall. The Dragons fled from the pillars, but one was trapped. Garudon was caught in a snare set up by the town's defense. Crumbling to the ground the dome sealed their fate. Garudon fought with the Iksar from under the dome with no hope of escaping. The Dragons then called upon the waters to flow, and flood the valley. The spring was flooded, its magical properties lost forever. The soldiers finally brought down Garudon. With his last breath he let out a flame that scorched much of the dome and then fell from the air, crashing through the ceiling of the theater that was built to entertain the Iksar on the mend. Most of his [bones] still remain there, while others were ground up in necromantic ceremonies.'

You say, 'What bones?'

Syrik Iceblood says 'Scout reports tell of his bones laying scattered across the floor of the theater. Because a constant surge of necromancy was needed to keep the citizens of Veksar animated it could not be stopped. They would have to find a way to prevent the magic from flowing into the theater and reanimating Garudon himself. The mystic words painted onto the wall of the theater seem to point to the fact that the flow of necromancy into the theater is stifled. This is all the lore of the town of Veksar that I can recall.'

To the north of the central square of the submerged city of Veksar is a ramp that leads up to the theater entrance. In a recess next to the bottom of the ramp is an invisible man named "Spirit of Garudon." He is level 35 and indifferent to all.

You say, 'Hail, Spirit of Garudon'

Spirit of Garudon says 'Traveler, you must help me. I have been tortured in this city for generations. The mark of Kylong adorns the walls of the theater that houses my remains. These markings are preventing me from passing into the theater and rejoining with my body so that I may pass on in peace. If you can reclaim four samples and return them to me, it may be enough to draw power from. With this power I will pass into the theater and rejoin my body and rest in peace. You do this for me, the torture of eternal capture is more than I can bear.'

The mobs that spawn inside the theater can drop "Dragon Boneshard" which identifies as "Boneshard of Garudon." Collect four of these and give them to Spirit of Garudon unstacked. This will spawn an undead dragon named Garudon inside the theater, who drops various nice items. Reward: Ceremonial Kylong Shroud
Reward: Kylong Darkmail Leggings
Reward: Breastplate of the Healing Waters
Reward: Tempered Gold Mask
Reward: Garudon Boneshard Earring
Reward: Dukatlos
Reward: Moss Covered Sleeves
Reward: Draconian Idol
Reward: Garudon's Statue

Revenge for Pagik (Normal): After Pagik Tsissun has been freed from slavery in the Temple of Droga, he will respawn in the Lake of Ill Omen in one of the buildings near Cabilis. He's not so deep in the complex that you should be in danger of getting attacked if you are KOS to the iksars.

You say, 'Hail, Pagik Tsissun'

Pagik Tsissun says 'The feeling of freedom is good indeed, greetings wanderer. Having escaped the clutches of the drogan goblins I desire for them to know the true meaning of fear. Will you help teach them the meaning of fear?'

You say, 'I will help teach them the meaning of fear.'

Pagik Tsissun says 'Very well head to the Temple of Droga and seek out the so called goblin bone depredators. Slaughter them until you have three Blades of the Depredator and bring those back. Also seek out the Jailor Maufan and bring back the Mark of Imprisonment. Do this and I shall reward you well.' Reward: Aged Earring of Aptitude

Sarnak Hatchling Brains (Normal): Warlord Geot can be found at 5982.67, -6586.45, 73.63.

You say, 'Hail, Warlord Geot'

Warlord Geot says 'Greetings!! You look like an adventurer. I have a bit of a problem with which you might be able to help. You see, there have been reports of sarnak hatchlings near the lake. I do not know why they are here, but I do know we need them exterminated. Here is the deal ... You bash them good and return their brains for me. For every four brains, I shall reward you.'

Hand in four:

Warlord Geot says 'Bravo!! You have done well. Here is a small reward. The greater reward is service to the empire.'

You faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
You faction standing with Cabilis Residents got better.
You faction standing with Scaled Mystics got better.
You faction standing with Crusaders Of Greenmist got better.
You faction standing with Swift Tails got better.

You receive 1 silver from Warlord Geot.

Reward: Dried Froglok Leg

Vengeance of Crix (Normal): Crix Tzo`mok can be found in the Lake of Ill Omen at -1390, +3360, near the Sarnak fort's back door. He will appear there after he has been freed from slavery in The Mines of Nurga.

You say, 'Hail, Crix Tzo`mok'

Crix Tzo`mok says 'Hello fleshling it is great to be here at our fortress once again freed from the enslavement within the goblin mines. Vengeance weighs heavily upon my mind. Would you help me bring vengeance to the goblins?'

You say, 'I will bring vengeance to the goblins.'

Crix Tzo`mok says 'Yes this is what you must do to bring vengeance. Seek out the goblin death callers in the Mines of Nurga and bring to me three Death Marks of Nurga. I will also require you to bring me the Silver Braclet of Crizz. Do this and I will reward you.'

Both items can be found in the Mines of Nurga. The Death Marks of Nurga are a rare drop off the goblin death callers, while the Silver Bracelet of Crizz is a common drop from Taskmaster Crizz.

Give these four items to Crix:

Crix Tzo`mok says 'This is exactly what I wanted. Vengeance is mine! Take this small token as a reward.'
You gain experience!!

Reward: Hideous Coif of Woe Reward: Hideous Coif of Woe

Vengeance of Doovix (Normal): After Doovix Mruzzik has been freed from slavery in the Mines of Nurga, he will respawn in the Lake of Ill Omen at 6175, -6898. He wants three Blackguard Caps (drops off goblin blackguards) and one Malam's Lucky Charm (drops off Overseer Malam). Reward: Silver Bracelet of the Heavens

Vengeance of Xiokai (Normal): After Xiokai Rissthrum has been freed from slavery in the Mines of Nurga, she will respawn in the Lake of Ill Omen at 6222, -6952. She wants you to bring her three Bracers of Blood (off goblin blood knights) and the Scrolls of Joepla (off Death Caller Joepla). Reward: Crafty Mask of Awareness

Vengeance of Yimic (Normal): After Yimic Pxo`hab has been freed from slavery in the Mines of Nurga, it will respawn in the Lake of Ill Omen at -2982, 2579. It wants three Totems of Death Casting (drops off goblin death casters) and Donkot's Deathblade (drops off Death Knight Donkot). Reward: Grim Necklace of Destruction