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Quests for Innothule Swamp

Froggy Went A-Portin' (Normal): You must be at least level 20 before Anlut will talk to you.

(/loc of Anlut Heavenfall?)

You say, 'Hail, Anlut Heavenfall'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'I see that you've chose the arcane path, young wizard. Very well. I cannot dissuade you now. Only the gods know how much I regret my [own choice].'

You say, 'Your own choice?'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'This power, this mantle of responsibility we wield. This yoke. Truth be told, I know why you've chosen this path. You want the power. You beg for the yoke. Well, I will not teach you as I was taught. There are other, more important, lessons to [learn].'

You say, 'Learn what?'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'First and foremost you must master your budding control of time and space. The other energies you wield pale in comparison to this. You will find practice for them enough in your common experience. It is not the same with [teleportation].'

You say, 'What teleportation?'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Even though you may have learned to gate in retreat or take the broad bridges of the spires, you are far from ready. Let us see if you can use the unwritten knowledge in your blood. Take this Portal Prism. Study it. When you think you've learned its secrets, give it back to me and we shall test your learning.'

At this point I examined the prism and cast Identify on it. Having not seen anything else to do, I gave the prism back to Anlut and here is what happened.

Anlut Heavenfall begins to cast a spell.
Anlut Heavenfall begins to radiate.

Anlut Heavenfall tells you, 'Let us see if you've learned the hidden way or if you must return the crystal to me and beg for further guidance. . .'

You have cancelled the trade.
You have entered Nexus.

As you can see, he TL'd me to the Nexus. Thinking that this was a test to see if I myself could gate back, I did so and here is what happened.

You say, 'Hail, Anlut Heavenfall'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Bah! You think I'll accept you back so easily after that error? Everyone is talking about it! Those smug scions are STILL chuckling. I'll give you a task you can actually accomplish. Go get me 3 fresh Twilight Blooms from Odus. Return them and the prism to me. Perhaps such an inane task will jolt your lazy mind!'

The Twilight Blooms are a rather common drop off the kobolds in Toxxulia. You hand Anlut Heavenfall the 3 Twilight Blooms and the Portal Prism and he reacts like this:

Anlut Heavenfall tells you, 'Hmph. Well, I hope that you've studied it more carefully this time . . .'

He TLs you to South Ro high above the ocean (/loc?).

Upon my return to him and subsequent hailing:

You say, 'Hail, Anlut Heavenfall'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'AMAZING! 'Frogs falling from the sky', the bards are crying. I didn't imagine you could make a bigger fool of yourself. Again, you've proven me wrong. I'll not let you off with some simple job this time. No! Go to the Direlands and slay the Time Torn Acolyte. It is a dangerous land and you will have to use your wits . . .I hope! Find some proof of your success. Return both the prism and the proof to me. I shall consider, one last time, to continue your learning.'

The Time Torn Acolyte is a static spawn on a 12-minute timer in the Dreadlands at +1850, +10100, sometimes replaced by a placeholder "Remnant Spirit." He drops a "Time Torn Skull." Return to Anlut and hand in the skull and the prism.

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Well, at least you are honest. And that deserves some reward. Here is your prism. Your lessons have changed it, see? Keep it. And take this spell. Study the scroll more carefully than you did the stone. When you've grown some in ability, return and we will continue your lessons.'

Receive a Spell: North Portal and a Purged Portal Prism.

You say, 'Hail, Anlut Heavenfall'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Hmph. We shall see how expert you are. Now it is time for greater subtlety of skill. Are you [well prepared]?'

You say, 'I am well prepared.'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Good. No more precipitous plunges, I hope. Now, even though you may feel you know how to take others with you as you step through the threads of the universe, there is still much to learn. Give me your prism so that I may attune it.'

Hand Anlut the purged prism and receive an Attuned Portal Prism.

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Yes. It grows in power. As do you. Now, I've started a spell within it. Let's have you experiment a bit. Use Igok. He's daft and nearly useless. A perfect test subject. Take the prism and focus your energies on it, but keep me as your target. You must split your concentration. Good. Now, slowly, allow those energies to extend towards Igok there. Do you feel the [growing power]?'

You say, 'I feel the growing power.'

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Very good. Focus. . .harder. Imagine it surrounding Igok . . .weave the unseen threads. . .good. . .yes . . .wait. Wait! No! Not like that! INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe it! Not only did you miscast the spell, you've sent poor Igok to who knows where! He's been shattered, made into three! There. I was able to snatch one piece before he completely dispersed. Use all of your powers to find the other two. Give each facet you find the prism to hold. It will reconcile the dimensional dissonance and you will be able to capture his fragments. Return both fragments to me so that I can help him. . . What are you still standing here for!?!'

Gate to Nektulos and look for the First Fragment of Igok. He spawns around 195, -990 but aggroed on any critters around and gets killed in short order, so you must either keep the area clean until he spawns or run up to him quickly and hail him, then give him the Attuned Portal Prism.

You say, 'Hail, First Fragment of Igok'

First Fragment of Igok says 'Oh . .yes yes. Good good.'

Receive the "First Igok Fragment" (TEMPORARY). Now gate to Greater Faydark and look for the Second Fragment of Igok. He spawns behind a tree near -1620, 135. He does not aggro on critters but players have figured out he is a good froglok hit and have taken to killing him. Hail him and give him the Attuned Portal Prism.

You say, 'Hail, Second Fragment of Igok'

Second Fragment of Igok says 'Oh . .yes yes. Good good.'

Receive the "Second Igok Fragment." Gate back to Anlut. Hand him the prism and two fragments.

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Always repairing your blunders doesn't make up for them! Bah! If it weren't for your obvious talent, I would end you myself. Leave me! Go and search the world. Perhaps you'll find some grain of intelligence, some iota of wisdom. Do not return to me until you've gained many, many seasons. And here. . .keep this with you as a token from me.'

Receive "Anlut's Hint." Turn in Anlut's Hint and get ported to Dreadlands on top of the structure closest to the where you killed the Time Torn Acolyte, around 2500 feet up in the air. I recommend you use Levitate before turning in.

A Time Terror will appear next to you. It is not aggressive, but will despawn after 10 minutes if not killed. It is a wizard and was red to my level 29. I killed it with a few blasts from a level 56 druid. The Time Terror is immune to changes in run speed, i.e., snare/root, and will run off the edge when its life is low. The bad news is he is hard to find when he jumps off. When killed, it drops a "Time Terror Essence."

Gate back to Anlut and give him the Time Terror Essence.

Anlut Heavenfall says 'Go away! You are not the one finishing the trial!'

Anlut Heavenfall says . .amazing. . . I knew there was some gift within you, some desire to do more. Well, now you've proven it. It is good to see you succeed after so much failure. I cannot deny it. Nor can I deny that you deserve recognition for your efforts. Here, take this. Perhaps it will keep you safe. Good luck, ______.'

Receive the Heavenfall Girding. Reward: Spell: North Portal
Reward: Attuned Portal Prism
Reward: Anlut's Hint
Reward: Heavenfall Girding
Reward: Purged Portal Prism

Going Postal (Innothule to Freeport) (Normal): Dark Deathsinger may be found in the southwest corner of the zone.

Your Location is -2150.03, 1079.25, 20.51

You say, 'Hail, Dark Deathsinger'

Dark Deathsinger says 'Hail, _______ - Are you [interested] in helping the League of Antonican Bards by delivering some [mail]?'

You say, 'What mail?'

Dark Deathsinger says 'The League of Antonican Bards has a courier system made up of travelers and adventurers. We pay good gold to anyone who will take messages from bards such as myself to one of our more central offices. Are you [interested]?'

You say, 'I am interested.'

Dark Deathsinger says 'I have messages that need to go to - well, right now I have one that needs to go to Freeport. Will you [deliver] mail to [Freeport] for me?'

You say, 'I will deliver mail to Freeport.'

Dark Deathsinger says 'Take this letter to Felisity Starbright. You can find her at the bard guild hall. I'm sure she will compensate you for your trouble.'

You receive a Bardic Letter (Freeport). Take it to Felisity Starbright in East Freeport at -1082, -940, 14, on the bottom floor of the bard guild, behind the performance stage in the
southeast of the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Felisity Starbright'

Felisity Starbright says 'Hail, ______ - If you are interested in helping the League of Antonican Bards by delivering some mail, you should talk to Ton Twostring.'

Give her the letter.

Felisity Starbright says 'Mail from the front - thank you very much! Please take this gold for your troubles. If you are interested in more work, just ask Ton Twostring.'
Your faction standing with League of Antonican Bards got better.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better.
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better.
Your faction standing with Ring of Scale got worse.
Your faction standing with Mayong Mistmoore got worse.
You gain experience!!
You gain experience!!
You receive 12 gold from Felisity Starbright.

If you are actively working on the quest from Postmaster Aric Songfairer, you will also see something like:

Mail Delivery Challenge: You are one step closer to earning the respect of the League of Antonican Bards! You have delivered 1 out of 18 pieces of mail!
Guja Token No. 1 (Normal): Sugal the Fist is a blue froglok, located on the Hand in Innothule Swamp (loc approximately 1185, 535). He is a red con to level 65, and attacks non-Frogloks who hail him with a knockback spell. You can't do this quest until all your slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon skills are at least 75. When I hailed him at low levels, he told me I was not ready.

You say, 'Hail, Sugal The Fist'

Sugal The Fist says 'You're late! Feast of flies, what a weakling you are! We have no time to lose. [No rest] for the strong.'

You say, 'No rest?'

Sugal The Fist says 'You've slept your last easy night, recruit. If you want to stay a common footman, then keep hopping. But if you think you can be elite, if you think you can hack being a commando, then you've come to the [right place]. Welcome to the Guja.'

You say, 'What right place?'

Sugal The Fist says 'First things first. You need weapon practice. The army will take anyone who knows how to hold a pointy stick. A Guja, however, must know every means of combat. Go. Find some fights. Return to me when all your skills with blunt, slashing and piercing weapons have been honed to at least 75. Tell me then that you are [truly ready].'

You say, 'I am truly ready.'

Sugal The Fist says 'Good. That's a foundation we can build on. Now for your first round of training. A Guja must be adept at surviving in all forms of terrain. The swamp is warm, moist and comfortable. But you must learn to [live anywhere].'

You say, 'How can I live anywhere?'

Sugal The Fist says 'Extremes of temperature and humidity are the worst. Deserts, tundra and rocky terrain are our enemies. And so they shall be the first enemies you defeat. Take this pack. Go to Lavastorm, the Northern Desert of Ro, and distant Everfrost. Live in each for a time, taking your food from the land. Bring me back two [different examples] from each area to prove your skill.'

At this point, he gives you a 6-slot Basic Survival Pack.

You say, 'What different examples?'

Sugal The Fist says 'From North Ro collect Blackrock Lichen and Dry Eye Weed. From Everfrost collect Ice Blood and Winter Lilly. And finally, from Lavastorm collect Stonefruit and Lava Pears. Combine them into a useful bundle and return once you've learned your way.'

The items in question appear to drop from random mobs in these zones. They are non-stackable but droppable. I found the items in North Ro and Everfrost on vendors in those zones for about 1.5pp each, and bought the Lava Pear from another player in Lavastorm. The Stonefruit dropped off a Rock Dervish.

Combine the items in the pack to craft a Filled Survival Pack, and return the result to Sugal the Fist. (Oddly, the filled pack has a listed race of DWF, but that doesn't seem to affect the quest...)

Sugal The Fist says 'Excellent. You look much more hardy and lean. But you have a long way to go still. Take this token as a mark of your achievement. Make sure to keep it safe. Now go practice your weapon skills some more. When you think you're ready, come back here. We'll see what other weaknesses we can whittle away.'

He rewards you with a Guja Token. Reward: Guja Token

Guja Token No. 2 (Normal): After obtaining the Guja Token in the previous quest, Sugal tells you to practice your combat skills more and tell him when you have really trained. He would not give me the quest when my slashing, blunt, and piercing skills were all above 110, but he did so when they were all 130 or higher.

Most of this quest takes place in the water in Lake Rathetear. I didn't find an EB item necessary, but it might be a convenince.

You say, 'Hail, Sugal The Fist'

Sugal The Fist says 'And hail to you. Well, let me have a look at you. You sure that you have [really trained]?'

You say, 'I have really trained.'

Sugal The Fist says 'I see that you were right. Well, you'll need all of those skills for the next round of your training. You've proven you could survive where frogloks do not flourish. Now let's see how adept you are in our own elements. Go find Guja Master Therik in Lake Rathetear. And by in, I do mean IN. But watch out for the barbarians nearby. Ha! That old war dog. Take him this as a gift. I'm sure he'll get the joke.'

He gives you Therik's Tooth (LORE, NO DROP).

Guja Master Therik is at the bottom of Lake Rathetear, around location 75, 1530, somewhat southwest of the Barbarian camp where the Totemic Armor quests are given. (The Barbarians conned indifferent, so I assume he only warns you about them to give you an idea of where to search.) Find him and give him the tooth.

Guja Master Therik says 'Ha! Oh my, it's been awhile. So Sugal is still kicking, eh? Sending me frog teeth. . .what a pain he is. Hmm . . .something wrong? Oh! You haven't fully developed your [amphibious abilities]. I'll get to the point.'

You say, 'What amphibious abilities?'

Guja Master Therik says 'That's why you're here, recruit! The lake is a great place to train swimming and aquatic combat. And those skills are core to the Guja way of life. We use land and sea to assault our foes. Whoops. . .I'm going on again. Let's get to your [training].'

You say, 'What training?'

Guja Master Therik says 'First off, you need to get your swimming as high as possible. Get it to 130 and we can start. The numbers? Oh, that's just Sugal's own little accounting. Tell me when your [swimming] is [ready].'

You say, 'My swimming is ready.'

Guja Master Therik says 'Good! Kick those legs. Ready for your first amphibious attack? Good. Gnolls wander all around the lake edge. Conceal yourself in the water. Stalk them. Slay them. Then bring me 4 of their tongues to show you've done your work.'

The gnolls at the camp near the South Karana zone drop these tongues. They call /con'd green to me at level 28. I had to kill perhaps 15-20 to get four tongues. The only difficulty was the tendency of the shaman mobs to flee at SoW speeds into the lake, where latency made pursuit difficult, but if you wait on the shore they will return.

Return to Therik and hand him the four NO DROP Gnoll Tongues. He will hand you an item called First Marker.

Guja Master Therik says 'Good trophies those are. Let's test your skills again. This time, the target is up to you. But you must fight only in the water. Hunt the fish and goblins that fill this lake. Find me 4 lake pebbles. The aquatics here swallow them as ballast. Bring them back and I'll know you've slit some bellies.'

The Lake Pebbles are NO DROP blue stones (they look like Lambent stones) that drop off the fish and aqua goblins around the lake. (I got three from fish, one from a goblin.) The difficulty is finding and targeting the fish, given the limited visibility and latency problems in the water; it took me at least an hour. I would suggest bribing a tracker to come with you, which would probably cut this part of the quest to ten minutes.

Return again to Therik and hand him the four Lake Pebbles; he will return a Second Marker.

Guja Master Therik says 'Sugal is an amazing judge of talent. Take this second marker for the moment. But, unfortunately, we must follow procedure. Every Guja is required to prove their ability in the water beyond a doubt. And only a fight will do. Give me both of your markers and your Guja token when you are ready. I'll call a beast from deep within the lake. Make sure to take the creature's eye. . .assuming you live. I will want it as proof of your success.'

Hand in the two markers and your Guja Token, and a Lake Lurker immediately spawns. This looks like a large hammerhead shark and was a dark blue con to level 28. Just to be on the safe side, I had a level 62 druid friend give me buffs and stand by, but I don't think I would have had too much trouble handling it solo at that level. Interestingly, my friend reported that the beast appears to be immune to snare spells.

Loot the eye (what is it called? and turn it in to Therik for your Notched Gukta Token.

Guja Master Therik says 'Well done. You have earned a notch for your token, warrior. You are but a step away from joining our ranks. But that step is a long one. Practice your skills, for they will need to be very advanced. Then return to Sugal and give him your token.' Reward: Notched Gukta Token

Guja Token No. 3 (Normal): With your Notched Gukta Token in hand, visit Sugal the Fist with your weapons skills greater than 160 in each. Hand your Notched Gukta Token to him.

Sugal the Fist says 'Hmm, You've learned much. You know how to survive in a wide variety of environments. You've learned the ways of watery warfare. Yes, I will notch your token. But the [third notch] is something you must earn on your own.'

You receive the Twice Notched Guja Token. Reward: Twice Notched Guja Token

Guja Token No. 4 (Normal): What are the minimum skill levels to get this quest? Skills @ 200 works.

You say, 'Hail, Sugal the Fist'

Sugal the Fist says 'We must learn how to fight them. We must learn how their dark lord changed them. Go, fight them at the footsteps of that black temple. Harvest their scales, their claws and their fangs. Get me three of each and put them in this bag. Turn the bag and your token in to me. It may take some time, but the blood you spill and the information you gain will help greatly. Now go.'

You receive a Guja Battle Pack, a 10-slot TINY container. You need to head to the temples outside of Cazic Thule and kill the Tae Ew until you have 3 of each part: Scales, Claws and Fangs. Combine the parts in the container to craft (what?) and return it to Sugal with your Twice Notched Gukta Token to receive your Thrice Notched Gukta Token.

Need hand-in dialogues, faction hits, actual name of reward.
Guktan Scout Aid (Normal): Starts in Innothule Swamp, 'a Guktan Scout' can be found wondering the zone usually near the sro zoneline.

A Guktan Scout says 'You wear the colors of the Guktan Army, I thank you for coming to my aid. I have returned after a dangerous mission to gather information on the movements of our enemies, the Trolls. I have much to tell the Assembly, but it has become dangerous through the swamp, and I grow weary from my arduous journey. Might I be able to [follow you] to Gukta?'

You may follow me.

A Guktan Scout says 'Thank you, soldier. Lead on and I will stay as close as I can. Beware of the surrounding dangers!'

Take him to the guards outside Gukta. NOTE: he will attack trolls on sight

A Guktan Scout says 'You have proven yourself a loyal and worthy soldier of the Guktan Army. I will speak your name in high regard when I speak with the Assembly. I must make my leave now, but have this small semblance of my appreciation of guiding me back to the outpost. I may not have made it back alive without your help. Fare well, Zuklan.'

Your are rewarded with some gold.
Guktan Shield No. 1 (Normal): In Innothule Swamp, you will find a Shaman trainer by the name of Yun Trainer Kintok. He will be on your map as (GM) Trainer Shaman. His location is -1335, 920.

You say, 'Hail, Yun Trainer Kintok'

He then talks about the dangers of the swamp and a shield that has saved him.

You say, 'What shield?'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'It's quite simple and surprisingly effective. Bring me some [Stretched Kobold Leather], a [Bundle of Faydark Twigs], a [Bundle of Thicket Twigs], and some [Leathery Twine] and I'll weave you one in a frog's blink. It is the least I can do for a fellow spiritist.'

You say, 'What stretched kobold leather?'

Yun Trainer Kintok nods knowingly, 'With a pair of kobold hides and a skinning knife, it is a relatively simple matter for one to make Stretched Kobold Leather'

You say, 'What bundle of Faydark twigs?'

Yun Trainer Kintok gasps, 'Oh, I almost forgot! Here you are. Collect four of the twigs and place them into this box to combine them into a full bundle.'

He gives you a container for combining the twigs. This will work for both sets of twigs. The Faydark twigs are at location -135, 285 in Greater Faydark (under Kelethin). The Thicket twigs are in Misty Thicket at -375, 1050 (nearly due East of Runneye, closer to the wall). Both of these are ground spawns with timers of around 20 to 25 minutes. Once you have four, combine them in the container to produce your bundle of twigs.

You say, 'What leathery twine?'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'For the best twine I've found that the medium quality skin from a bear and a pair of spider silks does the trick. You will need a skinning knife, of course.'

Note: This combine consumes the Skinning Knife, so you'll need two of those.

Once they are all combined, give Yun Trainer Kintok the four pieces and you get your "Guktan Initiates Shield". Reward: Guktan Initiate's Shield

Guktan Shield No. 2 (Normal): You must do the first Guktan Shield quest before doing this one. When you hail him again, he advances the quest for the shield.

You say, 'Hail, Yun Trainer Kintok'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'Ahh, so you have returned to me with your shield. It appears to have gotten some good use in the recent months. Before I can get to work on your shield, I need a few components. Would you mind [retrieving the components] for me?'

You say, 'I will retrieve the components'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'A brave young initiate, indeed. This task may prove to be a bit daunting, but the items I require are quite rare, and are not available in this section of the world. Return to me with a [chunk of prismatic metal], a [chunk of refined metal], a [shield frame mold], in addition to your Initiates shield, and then I will get to work on rebuilding your shield for you!'

You say, 'What chunk of prismatic metal?'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'This particular type of metal is very difficult to come by, and has only ever been reported to me as being found in the caverns of Permafrost. Last I heard, some sort of sage or something had been hoarding it for some sort of an experiment that he was working on. If you can find the sage, you'll find the metal.'

You say 'What chunk of refined metal?'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'The refined material has only ever been found in the depths of Unrest Mansion. It is regretful, but I cannot recall what, or who was guarding this item, but I'm sure, if you explored the mansion thoroughly, you would find some.'

Kill dark boned skeletons in Unrest until you loot a Chunk of Refined Metal.

You say, 'What shield frame mold?'

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'Ahh, the mold, yes. . . Unfortunately, I do not know exactly where one would obtain one of these particularly useful molds. I used to know a smith in Halas, he may have one, you might go speak with him. Tell him that I sent you.'

Head to Halas and find Kevan McPherson. This is a vendor in the McPherson's Bloody Blades shop (southeastern part of the city).

You say, 'Hail, Kevan McPherson'

Kevan McPherson says 'Well met, _____! I'm Kevan McPherson, the best darn smith in the north. Have ye come to purchase my finely crafted weapons or are ye wanting me ta teach ya the secrets of Northman smithing?'

You say, 'Kintok sent me.'

Kevan McPherson says 'He did, did he? How is that fool doing? Its been a while since I saw him last! So, what has he sent you here for? Oh, a mold? I have a stockpile of those laying around. I suppose I could part with one if you were able to somehow get a fire goblin skin.'

Give Kevan the fire goblin skin.

Kevan McPherson says 'Well, arent you full of surprises! I appreciate you retrieving this for me, as I cant really leave my shop here for very long, the services I provide are nearly irreplacable. As promised, here is your mold! Good luck!'

He gives you a Shield Frame Mold.

Head back to Gukta and give Yun Trainer Kintok your Guktan Initiate's Shield (from step 1), Chunk of Prismatic Metal, Chunk of Refined Metal and the Shield Frame Mold. Upon turn-in:

Yun Trainer Kintok says 'You have proven to be quite a resourceful young initiate! I had not expected to see you again for quite some time. This was definitely not an easy task to complete, by any means' he says, as he begins working on the shield. A few hammer swings, and a jug of water later, he holds the new shield up for inspection. ' Here you are, you've earned it! I replaced the old wooden shield frame with a metal one, it should increase the durability of the shield ten fold. May it serve you well!'

You receive your Guktan Apprentice's Shield. Reward: Guktan Apprentice's Shield

Guktan Shield No. 3 (Normal): You must have completed the first two Guktan Shield quests before being able to do this one.

In Innothule Swamp, speak with Yun Trainer Kintok at location -1335, 920. He'll send you to Erud's Crossing.

There is a sunken ship right off the beach on the north shore. In it are 2x "a zombie sailor" and Yun Assistant Maldok. Speak with him and, when ready for a fight, say you're "prepared for an attack".

The four zombie guardians (previously untargettable) now attack you and Yun Assistant Maldok. They hit for a max of 50 (higher if you turn your back to them).

If Maldok dies, the guardians despawn. Maldok won't respawn again for over two hours.

If the guardians die and Maldok survives, you can proceed with escorting him to the docks. Once at the docks, hail him to receive a Note to Kintok. Take the letter and your second shield to Kintok to receive a Guktan Assistant's Shield.

(Full dialogues needed.) Reward: Guktan Assistant's Shield

Larvae Nest Extermination (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Dar Guard Argup'

Dar Guard Argup says 'Unless you're here to clean up the [infestation], begone with you! I haven't the time to mind you and deal with that at the same time.'

You say, 'What infestation?'

Dar Guard Argup says 'It seems that there are… things… massing under the soil in various spots all over the swamp. These nests have only recently begun cropping up, leading us to spend precious effort and resources clearing them whenever we find them. I noticed you're working on your training to become a soldier in the Guktan Army. If you were to find and [clear one of these nests], you would be proving you have what it takes.'

You say, 'I will clear one of these nests.'

Dar Guard Argup says 'I'm glad to see that you are willing to help. The latest reports says that there is a nest near a worn down, moss-covered building to the north. Take this Larval Detection Fork and use it to search out the nest and return to me when you have some proof that you have cleared it.'

He will then give you a Larvae Detection Fork. The location of the nest can change, as I have heard him tell me it was near the northern hand, Guk, and the above area. Once you get there, wander around a bit. Eventually you will get a message that your fork is detecting larvae in the area, and to be ready for anything. 5 larval hatchlings will spawn and attack you, all about level 8. Once you defeat the 5 hatchlings, a larval gouger will spawn, level 10. Defeat the gouger and loot the nest remains. Then return to Dar Guard Argup.

You say, 'Hail, Dar Guard Argup'

Dar Guard Argup says 'You found and dispatched the larvae nest! Hand it to me so that I may show your superiors what a fine job you have done with this task.'

Hand the larvae nest remains to him, and you will gain reasonably nice experience (at level 10) and 5 gold."
Leathery Girdle (#1) (Normal): Kor Trainer Galdok looks up at you and blinks, 'Oh hello, initiate. This is by no means aimed as an insult, but you look as if you could use a new waistguard. Perhaps I could interest you in a [leathery girdle] of my own design?'

You cleverly say "What leathery girdle?"

Kor Trainer Galdok says 'It is quite trivial to craft this girdle, for someone of my experience, however, I will require that you gather some components for me before I can craft it. The items that I require are the raw materials that I will need to craft the belt, the first of which would be a pair of High Quality Gnoll Furs, which can only be found in the depths of Blackburrow. The second item would be the scale of a Mermaid, which would be found in the Ocean of Tears, though I highly doubt it will come easily. The third, and final item, admittedly, is not a component for the belt, but rather a task of a more [personal nature]. This item would be a Minotaur's Battle Axe, which can be found in several areas of Norrath, including the Gorge of the great King Xorbb. Return to me with these, and I shall craft
for you a belt of fine quality.'

And YOU say "What personal nature?"

Kor Trainer Galdok smiles, 'While it is common knowledge that the Kor refrain from the use of sharp edged implements of war, I do appreciate fine craftsmanship and so do my friends in the guard. It is to be a gift.'

Which means absolutely nothing to you I am sure.

Turn in the four items needed for your reward. (NOTE: The items most prone to trouble are the High Quality Gnoll Furs....not PELTS....not SKINS....FURS!) Reward: Leathery Girdle

Lynuga's Gem Collection (Normal): Speak to Lynuga, a wandering troll in Innothule Swamp (usually found near the entrance to Guk).

You say, 'Hail, Lynuga'

Lynuga says 'Hrrump?! Who you? _____? What you want with Lynuga? Me am out [collecting]. Leave me be!'

You say, 'Collecting what?'

Lynuga says 'I collect all sorts of things. Gems be my favorite. Me really like rubies. If you have ruby, give to me! Why you want to know? You want to steal my collection?!?! I squish you if you do!!'

You can buy a Ruby from most jewelry vendors for about 131pp. Upon giving her a Ruby:

Lynuga says 'Mmm. Ruby!! Me thanks you! Here take this, me got it off dead someone who try take my collection. Me thinks this valuable thing..'
Your faction standing with Broken Skull Clan got better.
Your faction standing with Shadowknights of Night Keep got worse.
Your faction standing with DaBashers got worse.

You receive a random item:
Ivandyr's Hoop
Midnight Mallet

The Hoop is the rarest of the rewards. Reward: Brutechopper
Reward: Midnight Mallet
Reward: Ivandyr's Hoop

Reinforced Leathery Girdle (#2) (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Kor Trainer Galdok'

Kor Trainer Galdok chuckles, 'Well, well. You've made good use of this in the field, I see. Are those a few notches in the belt? Luckily all this wear and tear is repairable. I can reseal the leather and reinforce it with bone for improved protection if you like. Are you interested in [reinforcing] the belt?'

You say, 'Reinforcing?'

Kor Trainer Galdok says 'Splendid. I will require some supplies. Return to me with the girdle, a pouch of red powder from the goblins of Solusek's Eye, a belt from the gnolls of Split Paw, and a large kobold bone.'

Pouch of Red Dust is an uncommon drop off goblins in Solusek's Eye. Split Paw Hide Belt is an uncommon drop off gnolls in Splitpaw Lair. Large Section of Kobold Bone is an uncommon drop off a large kobold in the Warrens. Turn all three items and your Leathery Girdle in to Kor Trainer Galdok.

Kor Trainer Galdok rubs his hands together, 'Let's get to work. First, we'll cure the belt in a paste made from the goblin's dust. While that does its magic, I will work arced slices of the bone into your leathery girdle. Ah, there we go. Lastly we weave the cured belt in, and it is complete!' Reward: Reinforced Leathery Girdle

The Revolt (Incomplete): "a froglok protester" may be found at +245, -745, near the zoneline to Upper Guk.

You say, 'Hail, a froglok protester'

a froglok protester says 'Hail, stranger. I hope you are hear my [plea] to you today.'

You say, 'I will hear your plea.'

a froglok protester says 'Yes. Thousands of frogloks are killed everyday without thought or consequence. I beg of you to look at their [plight] through my eyes.'

You say, 'I will look at their plight.'

a froglok protester says 'I am glad you are open to seeing the cruel ways of blood hungry adventurers. Let me know when you are [ready], and I will show you first hand just what I am speaking of.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Revolt'.

You play an undead froglok, and can choose from the following monsters:

Wan Ghoul Knight 0/6 (L50 Warrior)
Yun Ghoul Shaman 0/6 (L50 Shaman)
Tal Ghoul Necromancer 0/6 (L50 Necromancer)
Kor Ghoul Enchanter 0/6 (L50 Enchanter)

You may be able to bring a raid force in (need confirmation either way).

You say, 'I am ready.'

You have entered The Ruins of Old Guk.

Defend the area from the Norrathian invaders. Lower Guk

The Norrathian invaders are at it again! Locate the locations they are trying to camp and save the commander in charge of that region from their impending doom.

Common drop is a Four-Strap Belt (ARTIFACT) (please upload this to Lucy), which can transmute to: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), ???? (level 21-30), ???? (level 31-40), ???? (level 41-50), ???? (level 51-60), Fire-Branded Silken Sash (level 61-70) (please upload this to Lucy).

Rare drop is Etchshine Plate Gauntlets, which can transmute to: ???? (level 1-10), ???? (level 11-20), ???? (level 21-30), ???? (level 31-40), ???? (level 41-50), ???? (level 51-60), ???? (level 61-70).

Need all details: dialogues; task stages and descriptions; level, names, classes, and abilities of monsters you can play; in-game name, /loc, level, and fight abilities of NPCs; quest items; faction hits if any; quest rewards if any; additional (instanced?) zones involved and their exact in-game names. Reward: Etchshine Plate Gauntlets