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Quests for Infected Paw

Gillamina's Elemental Research (Normal): Find Gillamina Garstobidokis near the zone-in in Splitpaw.

You say, 'Hail, Gillamina Garstobidokis'

Gillamina Garstobidokis says 'Greetings to you, fellow adventurer. Gillamina Garstobidokis, master mage at your service!' Gillamina bows. 'Beware, should you wish to venture here. In case you didn't know, the lair of Splitpaw has been overrun by fierce elemental creatures.' Gillamina looks down at the dead gnoll near her feet. 'Poor creatures. I am not a fan of the gnolls by any means, but it is still sad to see them all [slaughtered] in this manner.'

you say, 'Slaughtered?'

Gillamina Garstobidokis says 'Yes, the gnolls that once laired here have been destroyed by the elementals it seems. I am not quite sure what happened. These elementals intrigue me so. But I suppose you would like to know what I am [doing here]?'

You say, 'What are you doing here?'

Gillamina Garstobidokis says 'Good question! I have come here looking for a set of unique orbs that contain the essence of the various elementals that have invaded the lair. If you can find four of these orbs, one from a fire elemental, one from an air elemental, one from an earth elemental, and one from a water elemental, I will gladly repay you for your time. I wish to study these orbs and have not had much luck finding any unfortunately.'

The orbs in question drop from named mobs:

Earthmaster Grundag - loc +874,-131 (some roamers path to his spawn and face him before pathing back to their main route)

Blazemaster Arnab - loc +1220, +183 (spawns in same room opposite of Rockbeast Kloorg)

Windlord Brizoris - loc +1075,-48 (spawns out in front in heavy roamer pathing by Breeze Master spawn hallway)

Tidemaster Aquinius - +735, +206 (spawns on ledge up out of the water)

Upon turn in of all four elemental orbs:

Gillamina Garstobidokis says 'Remarkable! I cannot wait to study these! Here is your reward as promised! Safe Travels.'

Receive Elemental Stone (a 60/60/60 aug) Reward: Elemental Stone