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Quests for Icewell Keep

Coldain Ring #10: Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV (Normal): This is the 10th and final Coldain Ring Quest.

Overview: This is a large encounter that requires a fair amount of players to complete. It involves multiple waves of giants of different levels attempting to overrun Thurgadin. You must kill the giants and the final giant in the war, Narandi the Wretched.

Once you have the 9th Ring and the Dirk of the Dain, you hand the Dirk to Dain Frostreaver IV in Icewell keep.


* Use a ranger or other tracker to make this easier. The waves of giants spawn as a cluster in a random location, a tracker can see when they spawn and hunt them down and kill them and make sure there are no stragglers.

* Zrelik the Scout is kind of like a charmed pet who follows you around and you can relay troop commands through him. Do not invis or he will get angry and attack you. (My ranger has a habit of casting group invis when he starts to travel. Oops.) If that happens you can drop aggro, the Scout will continue to accept commands but he will no longer follow you. If the Scout dies, no big deal, but you can't command the troops anymore. I did not bother with troop commands anyway.

* During the two zone repops at the start and end of the event, your mount will poof if you are riding one. Pets poof temporarily but stay with you. Campfires and mercs are ok.

* Every giant drops a weapon. If you really like velium, you can save the Velium Two Handed Swords to convert to velium using a forge, there will be about 100 of these swords. The other giant weapons are not useful.

General Outline:

4-10 minutes to start the event and do setup.
War begins.
6 Coldain dwarf leaders to protect.
5 different places where giants can spawn and march toward the different sets of dwarf camps.
3 Phases of war, about 20-25 minutes per phase, with a 10 minute break in between phases.
Phase 1: 7 waves of giants, some led by Kromrif Captain, 7th wave is a double.
Phase 2: 6 waves of giants, some led by Kromrif General.
Phase 3: 5 waves of giants, some led by Kromrif Warlord.
Finale: Narandi the Wretched.
7 minutes to loot head and do turn-ins.

Total time 1 hour and 45 minutes

    Obtaining the Orders:

    Dain Frostreaver IV says, 'My good ______, you have served me well. You have flushed out all who sought to oppose me and my people. I am afraid I need to call upon you and your friends one final time. The dissension and treason ran deeper than I had anticipated. Our population has been cleansed, but we lost a full third of our army to the poisonous words of those rebels. In retaliation for your deeds, the Kromrif have made plans to attack us in this, our weakest hour. Can I count on your help outlander?'

    You say, 'You can count on my help.'

    Dain Frostreaver IV says 'Several of our greatest officers, including a few veterans from the war on Yesterwinter are assembling just outside our city. Gather your army at once and give this parchment and the ninth ring to Sentry Badian. I will remain inside the city with a few of my troops to defend it against any who might penetrate your defense. May Brell be with you, ______.'

    Dain Frostreaver IV gives you Declaration of War.

  1. Take the Declaration of War to Sentry Badain who is located in a guard tower in the Great Divide, at -1080, +140.

    Hand Sentry Badain the declaration and Ring 9 to start the "WAR".

    Sentry Badain Breathes deeply and blows into an ornate horn. The sound echoes through the mountain pass. All local inhabitants scurry to take cover.

    Sentry Badain says 'I'll be right with you, _____.'

    He and the other Coldain despawn. He reappears shortly.

    Sentry Badain says 'Excellent! All of your commanders have reported to the Dain, and none too soon mind you. We are getting reports of Kromrif troop movement in the area and final preparations must be made. Follow me and the Seneschal will brief you.

  2. Follow him to a circle of dwarves that are in the middle of a conversation:

    Garadain Glacierbane says 'With all due respect, Seneschal, I feel my men are best suited for the eastern post. If the outlander has rounded up enough soldiers to hold 'em off from the south then they'll definitely test us in the gorge. We'll be needin' a solid defense there.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'Very well, Garadain, the eastern post is yours. I'll place Kargin and his bowmen on the hill to the west, and Churn, you'll station your troops up near the caves just past them.'

    Churn the Axeman says 'Understood sir.'

    Sentry Badain says 'Excuse me, Seneschal Aldikar, you instructed me to report to you when the outlander returned. I have brought him.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'Perfect timing outlander, please be seated and listen carefully. Badain, yer dismissed.'

    Sentry Badain says 'Sir, yessir!'

    Sentry Badain then walks off towards Thurgadin and despawns.

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'We knew the day might come when the Kromrif would discover the location of our beloved city. It was only prudent for there to be a plan for such a circumstance. In light of recent developments, however, our plans have been adjusted. Outlander, the Dain has appointed you to lead our armies in defense of Thurgadin.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'I will stand here with a handful of men as a final line of defense. Should I fall, all will be lost. You will have these men and their soldiers to command. Use them wisely, you will be richly rewarded if your forces are able to keep them alive.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'Garadain will post his men in the gorge to the east. Churn and his men will await your command in the caves to the west. Dobbin will have his forces at the ready in the clearing directly south of here near the towers. If any Kromrif make it to his vicinity he and his men will attack with or without your command.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'Lastly, Corbin will hide his men in the worm caves to the south, call on him for a surprise attack. Remember where these men are stationed, outlander. Should they call out for help you may wish to send some of your people to aid them.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'The leader of this invasion is a powerful Kromrif named Narandi. Rumor has it that he is more powerful than any ten of his peers. He must fall. When he is slain you must show his head and the ninth ring to me.'

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'Scout Zrelik here will follow you and serve as your herald. He will relay your orders to the troops. Show me your ninth ring now to verify your identity and I will give you the orders to memorize.'

  3. Give Seneschal Aldikar the ring. He gives it back along with an item called "Orders of Engagement."

    Seneschal Aldikar says 'Commit these orders to memory, ______, have them ready to speak at a moment's notice. When you are finished memorizing, repeat them to me. Tell your soldiers to prepare themselves. When the orders are handed to Zrelik we will take up our positions.'

    The Orders read:

    OFFICIAL COLDAIN ORDERS OF ENGAGEMENT: To call Garadain's men: "Garadain to my side!" To call Dobbin and his men: "Dobbin assist me!" To summon Churn's troops: "Churn protect me!" To call upon Corbin's team: "Corbin, attack!" Call all available troops: "For the Dain, attack!"

    You should make hotkeys to turn off attack, target Zrelik and /say one of those commands to Zrelik the Scout.

    Triggering the War

  4. Give the Orders of Engagement to Zrelik.

    Zrelik the Scout says 'At yer service, ______. Remember now, before issuing me an order ya must disengage from any combat and be sure yer speakin to me. I advise you to avoid combat at all costs, your leadership is crucial.'

    00:00:00 - War timer begins when you hand your Orders of Engagement to Zrelik the Scout.

    This begins the war. You'll see:

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Good citizens of Thurgadin, hear me! Our city, our people, our very lives are in danger this day. The Kromrif are at this very moment marching towards us in an offensive they hope will bring about our demise...'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'I hereby command, by authority of Dain Frostreaver the Fourth, that all able bodied Coldain fight to the death in defense of our land. Children, disabled citzens, and unseasoned travellers are advised to evacuate immediately!'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My fellow soldiers, take heart! For we are not alone in this endeavor. One among us, an outlander, has earned the title Hero of the Dain for valiant service to our people. This newcomer has brought with him allies that will fight alongside you to help bring about our victory.'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'My friends... Brell did not place us here so many centuries ago to be slaughtered by these heathens. Nor did our forefather, Colin Dain, sacrifice himself simply to have us fail here now. Through these events we were brought to this day to test our strength and our faith.'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Will we be shackled together to slave away in Kromrif mines or will we stand united and feed these beasts Coldain blades? By Brell, I promise you, it is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees!'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'TROOPS, TAKE YOUR POSITIONS!!'

    The 6 dwarf leaders take up their positions:
    Seneschal Aldikar -- (30, -110) north at entrance to Thurgadin behind waterfall, last line of defense
    Dobbin Crossaxe and his troops -- (-1090, 0) south, between the sentry post and the creek
    Corbin Blackwell and his troops -- (-2880, 100) further south, near wurm cave entrance
    Kargin the Archer and his troops -- (-1095, 870) west of Dobbin
    Churn the Axeman and his troops -- (-1070, 1545) further west of Dobbin
    Garadain Glacierbane and his troops -- (-570, -1835) far east at monument

    Commands to Zrelik

    These are the commands you can give to Zrelik the Scout:

    You say, 'For the Dain, attack!'

    Zrelik the Scout shouts 'All able Coldain, come to me at once!'

    You say, 'Churn protect me!'

    Zrelik the Scout shouts 'Churn, get yer men and c'mere on the double! _____ needs ye!'

    You say, 'Corbin, attack!'

    Zrelik the Scout shouts '_____ is in need of yer help Corbin. Bring yer men!'

    You say, 'Dobbin assist me!'

    Dobbin Crossaxe closes his eyes and in a graceful motion, gives a low, sweeping bow, 'Greetings to you, friend, and welcome to the district of Selia. We are the beacon of light and justice, of all that is good and kind. As Tanaan is the cornerstone of neutrality, we are the shining jewel of righteousness, valor, and honor. I am Phantasmist Abaur and in my years upon Norrath, served as an enchanter within the arcane council of Freeport. Then, the city was in a fledgling state of being -- the Temple of Truth was still in the primordial beginnings of its construction and the city served solely as a port rather than the functioning metropolis I'm told it has come to be today. If you practice the same art and require aid in learning the fundamental basic skills, then I will be more than pleased to oblige that necessity.'

    In the Event of a Loss

    If any giant gets past you to the Thurgadin entrance, you lose. You'll know this has happened if you see that Zrelik is missing and the giants are lined up on both sides of the river to Thurgadin.

    All of Thurgadin dies in the event of a loss. You'll see dead Coldain throughout the zone: A Gutted Guard, A Gored Guard, A Butchered Butcher, A Murdered Merchant, A Bludgeoned Banker, A Conquered Coldain, A Punctured Priestess, and A Perforated Priest.

    The War

  5. Once Seneschal Aldikar shouts for troops to take their positions, the battle begins.

    00:01:50 - 2 lines of Kromrif Spearman spawn, to the SW (12), and SE (6). Leave them alone until after wave 1.

    Waves of giants can spawn at one of five locations:
    West of the creek:
    giant A -- 10 men + leader -- (-2545, 240) further south (north of Corbin Blackwell), march north along the creek toward Dobbin Crossaxe
    giant B -- 10 men + leader -- (-2140, 900) SW, march NE at first, then turn and march NW toward Kargin the Archer
    giant C -- 10 men + leader -- (-2060, 930) SW, march NW toward Churn the Axeman
    (B and C are close together)
    East of the creek:
    giant D -- 6 men, no leader -- (-2100, -1100) SE in a valley, march east to the creek, then turn and run north toward Dobbin Crossaxe
    giant E -- 6 men, no leader -- (-1900, -2700) further SE at spires, march north toward Garadain Glacierbane

    Before the first wave, head south and watch over Corbin because he is still walking to his post when the giants spawn. After that first wave, Corbin and his troops don't see any more action.

    Phase 1: Kromrif Captain and troops of giants
    00:02:30 - giant wave 1 -- always spawns to the south at giant point A. Protect Corbin.
    After defeating wave 1, clear out the 2 lines of giant spearmen on either side of the creek.
    00:05:35 - giant wave 2 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:08:55 - giant wave 3 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:12:05 - giant wave 4 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:15:20 - giant wave 5 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:18:35 - giant wave 6 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:21:50 - giant wave 7 -- double wave, two sets of giants at two different random locations

    short break, rebuff then head south and wait

    Phase 2: Kromrif General and troops of giants
    00:30:45 - giant wave 8 -- always spawns to the south at giant point A
    00:35:40 - giant wave 9 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:40:30 - giant wave 10 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:45:25 - giant wave 11 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:50:15 - giant wave 12 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    00:54:45 - giant wave 13 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E

    short break, rebuff then head south and wait

    Phase 3: Kromrif Warlord and troops of giants
    01:06:05 - giant wave 14 -- always spawns to the south at giant point A
    01:11:30 - giant wave 15 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    01:16:55 - giant wave 16 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    01:22:20 - giant wave 17 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E
    01:27:45 - giant wave 18 -- a random location at A, B, C, D, or E

    01:33:00 - Narandi the Wretched -- spawns to the south at giant point A

    Person with 9th ring loots Narandi's Head (and Narandi's Lance), and does turn-ins to the dwarf leaders to receive 10th ring and other rewards.

    Once he is dead:

    Narandi the Wretched's corpse says 'Rallos! Please accept my soul... I pray that you may find me worthy.'

    Seneschal Aldikar shouts 'Outlander! You've done it! The Kromrif invasion has been frustrated! Bring me the head of Narandi and your Hero's ring.'

    Turn-In for the 10th Ring

  6. Once you have won, turn in ring 9 and Narandi's head to Seneschal Aldikar to receive the 10th Coldain ring.

    Seneschal Aldikar unsheathes a knife and shaves the beard from Narandi's face and returns the head to you, 'The Dain will require the beard for his trophy room, please accept this ring on his behalf. May its effect aid you as you have aided us. Be certain to present the ring to the Dain when you're in town. If you remain an ally he will be most gracious, but be warned, if you fall from his good graces he will keep the ring.'

    Your faction standing with Coldain could not possibly get any better.
    Your faction standing with Dain Frostreaver IV got better.
    Your faction standing with Kromzek could not possibly get any worse.
    Your faction standing with Kromrif could not possibly get any worse.

    You receive the 10th ring and the Shorn Head of Narandi.

For your greatdivide map file:

P -140.8979, 1086.0707, 19.9692, 0, 0, 0, 2, Sentry_Badain
P 110.6287, -30.4656, 98.4868, 0, 0, 240, 2, Seneschal_Aldikar
P -0.8778, 1089.5574, 21.3290, 0, 0, 240, 2, Dobbin_Crossaxe
P -101.7317, 2879.9351, -147.5464, 0, 0, 240, 2, Corbin_Blackwell
P -870.5677, 1096.0801, 52.8605, 0, 0, 240, 2, Kargin_the_Archer
P -1544.1824, 1070.0249, 318.4990, 0, 0, 240, 2, Churn_the_Axeman
P 1835.3717, 569.7529, 67.9730, 0, 0, 240, 2, Garadain_Glacierbane
P -241.0330, 2545.4253, -102.8853, 240, 0, 0, 2, giant_A_(10_+_leader)
P -899.8578, 2140.5923, -68.4469, 240, 0, 0, 2, giant_B_(10_+_leader)
P -930.2473, 2060.9253, -61.2691, 240, 0, 0, 2, giant_C_(10_+_leader)
P 1100.0325, 2100.8440, -59.8942, 240, 0, 0, 2, giant_D_(6)
P 2699.7483, 1889.6426, -47.4634, 240, 0, 0, 2, giant_E_(6)
P -240.5835, 2545.6619, -102.2962, 127, 0, 0, 2, Narandi_the_Wretched
P -19.4524, 2517.1030, -107.8818, 127, 0, 0, 2, (Narandi)
P -679.8284, 2230.1731, -78.5928, 127, 0, 99, 2, giant_spearmen_(12)
P 733.3732, 2219.2273, -78.5174, 127, 0, 99, 2, giant_spearmen_(6)
L -491.9565, 1840.9690, -42.6600, -752.4586, 1301.3185, -1.9065, 240, 0, 0
L -899.6506, 2140.7405, -68.4849, -491.6444, 1841.0205, -42.3858, 240, 0, 0
L -929.1405, 2062.2490, -61.4814, -1338.3960, 1233.5393, 37.6956, 240, 0, 0
L 1100.2030, 2100.7883, -59.9417, -42.0502, 2161.7610, -70.8139, 240, 0, 0
L -42.0502, 2161.7610, -70.8139, -35.3498, 1750.0957, -6.8502, 240, 0, 0
L -240.7111, 2545.5566, -102.8815, -0.5404, 1379.7933, 5.0979, 240, 0, 0
L -35.4947, 1750.1780, -30.3821, -62.5974, 1806.3041, -38.8796, 240, 0, 0
L -34.9191, 1750.4731, -30.0860, -10.0100, 1805.5049, -39.6174, 240, 0, 0
L -0.4882, 1379.9471, 4.8516, -29.1439, 1413.8013, 0.6348, 240, 0, 0
L -0.5513, 1379.6868, 5.1911, 11.1830, 1420.3633, 5.1911, 240, 0, 0
L -752.2214, 1301.2167, 19.5392, -753.4218, 1350.4380, 30.3684, 240, 0, 0
L -751.6429, 1303.0729, 19.5846, -714.5646, 1329.5950, 18.5932, 240, 0, 0
L -1338.4795, 1233.5630, 247.7913, -1341.4237, 1288.8704, 228.1974, 240, 0, 0
L -1337.6941, 1234.6218, 247.2597, -1295.1370, 1267.7123, 215.0856, 240, 0, 0
L 2699.7483, 1889.6426, -47.4634, 2494.3928, 1185.4153, 313.5359, 240, 0, 0
L 2494.3928, 1185.4153, 313.5359, 2485.1653, 1232.4016, 307.9298, 240, 0, 0
L 2494.5894, 1185.7124, 313.4759, 2527.7456, 1220.6357, 309.2332, 240, 0, 0
L -240.5835, 2545.6619, -102.2962, -19.4205, 2517.0564, -107.8445, 127, 0, 0
L -600.1660, 2420.1313, -87.1292, -874.4609, 1758.8580, -32.9297, 127, 0, 99
L 764.3409, 2276.6443, -83.7867, 648.7021, 2059.9014, -60.9299, 127, 0, 99

Additional Rewards

01:40:00 - Great Divide zone repops to end the event.

Be sure to visit the Dain in Icewell to receive your bonus reward.

Hand in the Shorn Head of Narandi to each of the dwarves near the Seneschal. This may only be possible if none of the dwarves die (need confirmation either way):

Churn the Axeman pries a crown from the head of Narandi, 'The halls of Thurgadin will echo with praises to you for as long as we grace the face of this land. May this crown serve you well. Honor through battle!'

You receive the Crown of Narandi.

Kargin the Archer picks up a stick and hits the back of the dismembered head with all his might, knocking one of its eyes out of the socket, 'Bastard killed my brother! Hope his ghost felt that one!'

You receive the Eye of Narandi.

Corbin Blackwell unhooks a glowing earring from Narandi's shorn head, 'Hmm, this looks like something special. Take it, ______, you've earned it! Be well.'

You receive an Earring of the Frozen Skull.

Dobbin Crossaxe gives a gentle, warm smile and slight nod of his head in warm welcoming, 'Good day to you, ______, and welcome to the district of Selia. We are children of the light -- beings who valiantly uphold the ways of honor, valor, and merits of goodly faith and virtue. Rather, we are crusaders of these things, collectively comprising the beacon of these traits within the universe in our position in New Tanaan. We are quite pleased to have you approach us with such confidence -- perhaps the inner light has brought you to us, seeking a way to unlock the purity of these merits that you faintly mirror now. If you are seeking council in the ways of enchantments, then I would be more than pleased and honored to aid you where I can, my friend.'

You receive the Faceguard of Bentos the Hero.

Garadain Glacierbane removes a choker from the severed head and returns both items to you, 'Congratulations on your victory, ______. I couldn't have done a better job myself. May Brell protect and watch over you and your friends. Farewell.'

You receive a Choker of the Wretched.

Make sure your faction is high enough (warmly or better? which faction?), then give the ring to the Dain in Icewell Keep:

Dain Frostreaver IV says '______, your deeds have changed the fate of my people forever. Not since the sacrifice of Colin Dain himself has anyone so selflessly risked so much for our well being. Accept this blessing as a token of my gratitude.'

You receive Protection of the Dain. Reward: Choker of the Wretched
Reward: Narandi's Lance
Reward: Earring of the Frozen Skull
Reward: Eye of Narandi
Reward: Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
Reward: Faceguard of Bentos the Hero
Reward: Crown of Narandi
Reward: Protection of the Dain

Coldain Ring #9: Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring (Normal): Find Seneschal Aldikar in the throne room with Dain Frostreaver IV and hand him your Velium Coldain Insignia Ring (#8).

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Well done _____, I have heard of your victory over the Ry'Gorr. If you are willing to assist the crown further please follow me.'

At this point he leads you out of the throne room and down to his private sleeping quarters.

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Please, shut the door behind you. What I am about to share with you must not be overheard.'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'My army stands prepared to launch an assault on Kael itself, but one task must be completed before this can happen.'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'It seems Rodrick was not alone in his treachery. There is a faction of Coldain who believe that a treaty should be signed with the Kromrif, ending our hostilities with them. This, of course, is impossible. If there is one thing our history here has taught us it is that the Kromrif simply cannot be trusted.'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'These traitors are poisoning the minds of our citizens, promising great rewards to those who will betray the Dain. It will take an unbiased eye of an outlander to flush out masterminds behind this plan. Once again we turn to you.'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Will you accept this task, outlander?'

You say, 'I will accept this task'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'In this box, place the Accursed Dirk of the Fallen Rodrick. With it combine the heads of every traitor you dispose of. When this is done give the box and the Velium insignia ring to the Dain directly. On behalf of the crown and all good Coldain, I thank you.....May Brell be with you.'

Seneschal Aldikar says, 'Farewell'

You receive a Traitor's Bane Box, a 6-slot container in which you are to put Rodrick's Dagger and the heads of the Traitors.

Item #1: Dirk of the Traitor

Kill Rodrick Tardok in the Eastern Wastes. He drops the Dirk of the Traitor you seek.

He spawns in the small tower outside the northwest corner of the Ry`Gorr Keep. Every once in a while, a Ry`Gorr Emissary will spawn there. If you leave him alone for a few minutes, Rodrick will spawn inside the tower.

Item #2: Murdrick's Head

Kill Murdrick Tardok in the Great Divide (-5900, +3700 -- around the southwest edge of the zone, in the caves north-northwest of the zone-in to Velketor's Labyrinth.

Invis yourself and stand next to Murdrick. This will trigger a dialogue script between him and another Coldain. Listen to entire dialogue (it ends with Murdrick telling of his plan to make the Tainted Avalanche Ale). If you attack him before he finishes the dialogue, he'll despawn.

Murdrick Tardok says 'Good day my friends, it is good to see you all are alive and well.'

Davin Fatfist says 'Well, we are alive, but I'd hardly say we're well... We have heard of the death of Rodrick, and the Dain is calling on all citizens of Thurgadin to flush out any opposition to the throne. If we're tied to your dealings with the Kromrif we'll be sent to the bottom of the well for sure.'

Murdrick Tardok says 'The Dain knows nothing, and I have a plan to keep it that way. I have given the matter much thought, and I have gathered you all here to ask for your help.'

Gerton Dumkin says 'We all saw what happened when Rodrick agreed to help you. I, for one, am none too eager to take on these new friends of the Dain.'

Murdrick Tardok says 'Rodrick knew what he was getting into, and so did you. It's a bit too late for second thoughts. I don't recall seeing any hesitation when the loot was being passed around.'

Lapker Geynion says 'Go ahead Murdrick, what's this plan of yours?'

Murdrick Tardok says 'As I said I've thought long and hard of our situation and I feel we are indeed in danger. My cousin Berradin is a captain in the Dain's army. I've always been uneasy about him, but now more than ever. He could easily betray many of us and take credit for destroying the rebellion.'

Murdrick Tardok says 'My plan is to poison him and plant a suicide note on the body, a note in which he would take full responsibility for the actions of the rebels. This would both ensure that he could never betray us and would give the Dain closure. We will be free to continue working with our Kromrif friends without fear of discovery.'

Davin Fatfist says 'Sounds good boss, but how do you plan on poisoning him?'

Murdrick Tardok says 'Berradin has a weakness for drink, one drink in particular... Avalanche Ale. I have had the recipe altered slightly to include a deadly poison. I have much to do, I need one of you to brew the drink and bring it to me. I'll handle the rest.'

Gerton Dumkin chuckles, 'Once again, Murdrick, you've put us at ease in the middle of a treacherous predicament. I will volunteer to brew the drink.

Murdrick Tardok smiles, 'Very well, take this recipe and follow it exactly. It won't be easy, but you'll be richly rewarded for your efforts I assure you. Send word to meet me back here when you are finished.

Gerton Dumkin says 'Consider it done. Be sure to watch yourself Murd, the Dain's gotta be suspicious of ya, being Rodrick's brother and all. And those outlander friends of his are dangerous, chopped down the Ry`Gorr chief like he was nothin!'

Once attacked, Murdrick calls for help from all the mobs in the room (harmony/lull spells will not get around this).

Loot Murdrick's Head and Murdrick's Plan, a note which contains the recipe for tainted avalanche ale.

Item #3: Berradin's Head

Make a Tainted Avalanche Ale (brewing trivial 248):
- Bottle
- An iceball
- Ice Wyvren Stinger
- Artic Mussels
- Seahorse Scales
- Runed Seashell (Cloud)
- Vial of Mind Melt

Hand this to Captain Berradin in the Eastern Wastes.

Captain Berradin says 'You gotta be kiddin me, Avalanche Ale? Haven't had a bottle a this stuff in ages. Brell bless you, ______! Glug, glug, glug...'
Captain Berradin says 'Uhhh... I'm not feeling so good. Someone call for a cleric.'
Auto attack is on.
Captain Berradin shouts 'Yer messin with the wrong Coldain, prepare ta meet yer ancestors!'

All of his bodyguards say the same thing and attack. Kill him after he falls down. His bodyguards WILL help him. Harmony pull works best. Loot his head and the Note to Peffin.

Item #4: Peffin's Head

Peffin Ambersnow is located in the giant fort in the Eastern Wastes. She is invisible.

You say, 'Hail, Peffin Ambersnow'

Peffin Ambersnow gasps in astonishment, 'Oh, I uh... err, hello there. Umm, thank Brelll you're here, those bloody Kromrif were going to torture me! Yes, yes, and you've saved me! How can I ever repay you?

Hand her the "Note to Peffin".

Peffin Ambersnow yells for assistance

At this point, she respawns outside, surrounded by Kromrif Elite guards. Each one says:

Kromrif Elite says 'Regardless of allegiance, no outlanders are welcome here now!'

They see invis and are 51+. Peffin will be standing right in front of the fire at the bottom of the hill. She has five giant guards, all 51+ and rooted. Kill Peffin and loot her head along with a note to Doldigun.

Item #5: Doldigun's Head

Doldigun Steinwielder is located in Iceshard Manor in Kael Drakkel (location -850, +1150). He can be spawned by saying "The Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain." Hand him the note and receive in return "Ring of the Coldain Council".

If you attack him, he runs and two guards show up. Several giants will spawn (perhaps two at a time).

Doldigun respawns as the giant named Valorankt Zekkin dies. He comes in from the door on the north side of the throne, which is the same door that Doldigun attempts to flee out of.

You have slain Valorankt Zekkin!

Valorankt Zekkin's corpse shouts Doldigun, you have caused us too much trouble. You are no longer welcome here! Show yourself!"

"Doldigun Steinwielder says 'Uhh, I think I'll be leaving now... Give my regards to Thurgadin."

Aggro him quickly, kill him and loot the head.

*** Note: He does not seem to spawn if the giants are up ***

Item #6: Juliah's Head

Find Councilor Juliah Lockheart in Icewell Keep at approximate location +540, -25, 65 (in Dain Frostreaver IV's room -- she is the councilman on the far left as you face the council (facing away from Dain), in the front row).

Hand her the ring from Doldigun.

Councilor Juliah Lockheart says, "FOOL! You've ruined everything!"

Councilor Juliah Lockheart says, "You'll pay with your life for meddling in the affairs of others!"

She respawns and attacks, hitting for a max 350. The other Coldain do not aggro. Kill her and loot the head.

Final Combine and Hand-In

In the Traitor's Bane Box, combine the five heads along with the Dirk of the Traitor. This produces a Box of the Guilty. Take this and the 8th ring (Velium Coldain Insigna Ring) to the Dain in Icewell Keep.

Dain Frostreaver IV says 'The people of Thurgadin are in your debt, ______. Please accept the Coldain Hero's Ring as a token of our gratitude. The curse has been removed from the blade as well. I hope you find it useful against our common foes. When you are interested in assisting me further please show me the blade. Until that day, may Brell bless and protect you.' Reward: Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring
Reward: Dirk of the Dain

Custom Plate Helms - Thurgadin (Normal): You can find Royal Armorer Slade in the Huntsman room, to the left of the Dain throne as you're looking at it @ +688, +83, +63.

You say, 'Hail, Royal Armorer Slade'

Royal Armorer Slade says 'Welcome, ______. I'm Slade, Royal Armorer to the Dain and his personal guardsmen. I've heard yer name once or twice in these halls and apparently ye'ver earned the respect of my people. In light of that I'm willin ta offer my [services] to you if'n ye need them.'

You say, 'What services?'

Royal Armorer Slade says 'If'n ye've had the fortune to earn any of the plate helms that are made by my people in the city then I can use my skills to custom fit and detail it for a Human of yer like. I can do this fer the Dark Runed Crown, the Runed Protector's Helm, the Resonant Helm, the Crown of Forbidden Rites, Crown of the Kromzek Kings, Frostreaver's Velium Crown, Cowl of Mortality, and the Champions Crown. Simply hand me one of these and I'll do the work for you.'

Upon hand in,

Royal Armorer Slade says, 'Here you are, XXXXX. Ah, a perfect fit! May it serve you well.'

The result is a "Custom" helmet with the same stats but different look under pre-Luclin models.

Reward: Custom Champion's Crown
Reward: Custom Cowl of Mortality
Reward: Custom Crown of Forbidden Rites
Reward: Custom Resonant Helm
Reward: Custom Crown of the Kromzek Kings
Reward: Custom Dark Runed Crown
Reward: Custom Frostreaver's Velium Crown
Reward: Custom Runed Protector's Helm

Dain Frostreaver the First: The Founding of Thurgadin (Normal): The Dain monster mission series may be completed in any order.

Dain`s Historian Duggans can be found in a small room near the throne area at the top of Icewell Keep. (He /cons Coldain faction, but will not attack no matter what your status. His roommate may, however.)

You say, 'Hail, Dain`s Historian Duggans'

Dain`s Historian Duggans says 'Welcome ______, welcome! It's always a pleasure to speak with an Outlander such as yourself. All Coldain appreciate the services you have rendered us and the blows you have dealt to our Giant foes. Have you come to learn more of our [history]?'

You say, 'What history?'

Dain`s Historian Duggans says 'The Coldain are a proud people, and with good reason! We have proven ourselves time and again in this unforgiving land, flourished and thrived. Of course all Coldain must acknowledge the [leadership] that has brought us through the dark times we faced.'

You say, 'Leadership?'

Dain`s Historian Duggans says 'Yes indeed, we have been blessed with leaders beyond compare. All Coldain know the story of Colin Dain, and I'm sure you have heard of our great first leader. But even after Colin fell the Coldain have always been guided as if by Brell's own hand through each Dain's reign. Would you hear more about [Dain Frostreaver the First]? Or perhaps [Dain Frostreaver the Second]? And who can forget [Dain Frostreaver the Third], the father of our current magnificent leader?'

You say, 'I want to hear about Dain Frostreaver the First.'

Dain`s Historian Duggans says 'Who can forget the great Dain Frostreaver the First? Certainly not I, and certainly you will not once you have heard of his [greatest triumph.] In a dark time he led us to this place and carved a home for us with his arm and his axe, driving before him the Giants that sought to bar our way.'

You say, 'What was his greatest triumph?'

Dain`s Historian Duggans says 'Well I could tell you about it, or I could show you. Would you like to [see for yourself]?'

You say, 'I would like to see for myself.'

Dain`s Historian Duggans says 'A wise choice indeed ______! Happily Brell has gifted me with the power to bring the exploits of our great leaders to life. Prepare yourself and let me know when you are [ready].'

You have been assigned the task 'The Founding of Thurgadin'.

After being forced to abandon the Crystal Caverns the Coldain were in search of a new home. Dain Frostreaver I led his people through the mountain pass to the Great Divide. There they found a new place to call home, but not before Dain himself and his five greatest warriors carved a space for his people through the Giants and wolves already there. Each Dwarf with our Dain knew that if the Dain were to fall it would be a blow too terrible for our people to bear. Thus did they guard him even as they brought the assault to the Giants. Relive Dain the First's greatest moment as he kills the three Giant Chieftains and the Giant Warlord.

Our scouts report three main clusters of Giants in this area. Each is commanded by a Chieftain, and all report to a single Warlord. Our first objective is to eliminate all three bands.

You are given a list of six dwarves you can play:

Dain Frostreaver I: Level 65 Paladin (required)
Faltan Brittleblade: Level 65 Warrior
Otan Restil: Level 65 Cleric
Brita Timus: Level 65 Cleric
Lothem Brightsteel: Level 65 Rogue
Brimhem Brightsteel: Level 65 Berserker

You say, 'Ready!'

You have entered The Great Divide.

Kill the Kromzek Chieftains 0/3 (Great Divide)

Four giant scouts Kromzek Scouts protect one chieftain in three different areas. Each scout has approximately 75k hp. Each chieftain has approximately 200k hp and rampages frequently. There are two types. The shamans wear gold and rust armor. They cast the "Toxic Snare" spell, among others. The warriors wear light blue and metallic light green armor.

The first chieftain is in the fort by the wizard spires. He's in the center building, all by himself. The front entrance to the fort has one shaman scout and one warrior scout. The back entrance has two warrior scouts. Since you only need to use one entrance, most people just kill the the scouts at the front entrance, kill the chieftain, and leave by the same entrance.

The second chieftain is in the Southern part of the zone. He's near the river. He has two warrior and two shaman scouts as guards. Of the three cheiftains, this one is the most difficult because the shaman scouts can snare.

The third chieftain is by the druid port (aka dragon circle). He has four warriors as guards.

Fight throught the Heart Wolves 0/8 (Great Divide)

Eight heart wolves may be found near the entrance to Thurgadin. They are melee only and have approximately 60k hp apiece.

Slay the Warlord 0/1 (Great Divide)

The warlord spawns when the last heart wolf is killed. This allows you to setup before you kill the last one. Because of the warlord's knock back, the best place is in the cave behind the waterfall. He has approximately 400k hp, rampages, and procs a knockback/stun that happens every 20 seconds. The cave has hard corners that the tank can use for the knockback.

He drops a shield or ring, a coldain seal, and six shards of wisdom (loot this for experience).

The shield is a Reinforced Kromrif Buckler (ARTIFACT) and can transmute to:
Battered Kromrif Buckler (level 1-10)
Dented Kromrif Buckler (level 11-20)
Worn Kromrif Buckler (level 21-30)
Kromrif Buckler (level 31-40)
Ornate Kromrif Buckler (level 41-50)
Runed Kromrif Buckler (level 51-60)
Reinforced Kromrif Buckler (level 61-70)

The ring is a Blue Diamond Kromrif Citizen's Ring (ARTIFACT) and can transmute to:
Chipped Kael Citizen's Ring (level 1-10)
Worn Kael Citizen's Ring (level 11-20)
Kael Citizen's Ring (level 21-30)
Jade Kromrif Citizen's Ring (level 31-40)
Ruby Kromrif Citizen's Ring (level 41-50)
Diamond Kromrif Citizen's Ring (level 51-60)
Blue Diamond Kromrif Citizen's Ring (level 61-70)

In addition to these rewards, a Portion of a Coldain Historical Seal drops every time. Turn this seal in to Dain`s Historian Duggans in order to receive an augmentation, based on your level (these are listed in order of level - need information on level ranges for each):

- Minor Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 5)
- Lesser Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 15)
- Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 25)
- Greater Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 35)
- Golden Crested Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 45)
- Platinum Crested Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 55)
- Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal (recommended level 65)

The strength of the augmentation is determined by how many and which Dain monster missions you have completed:

Dain Frostreaver the First - 15% power
Dain Frostreaver the Second - 20% power
Dain Frostreaver the Third - 65% power
First and second - 35% power
First and third - 80% power
Second and third - 85% power
All three - 100% power (maximum stats as shown on item display) Reward: Runed Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Platinum Crested Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Blue Diamond Kromrif Citizen's Ring
Reward: Blue Diamond Kromrif Citizen's Ring
Reward: Reinforced Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Reinforced Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Dented Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Ornate Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Ruby Kromrif Citizen's Ring
Reward: Diamond Kromrif Citizen's Ring
Reward: Jade Kromrif Citizen's Ring
Reward: Worn Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Portion of a Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Minor Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Lesser Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Greater Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Golden Crested Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal
Reward: Kael Citizen's Ring
Reward: Chipped Kael Citizen's Ring
Reward: Battered Kromrif Buckler
Reward: Worn Kael Citizen's Ring

Giant Helmets (Normal): This quest begins with Chamberlain Krystorf in Icewell Keep.

You say, 'Hail, Chamberlain Krystorf'

Chamberlain Krystorf says 'Greetings and welcome to Thurgadin, ______. I am Chamberlain Krystorf and it is my duty to assist the Dain in the management of Icewell Keep and the Royal Court. One could say that Seneschal Aldikar is the Sword of the Dain while I am the Shield, protecting all of his interests and those of the kingdom.'

Dialogues? How do you know he's looking for helms?

Chamberlain Krystorf wants you to bring him four giant warrior helmets. These are dropped by various Giants in Kael Drakkal. Hand in four:

Chamberlain Krystorf says 'For storage reasons I'm afraid I can only accept four of these at once for the bounty.'
Chamberlain Krystorf says 'For storage reasons I'm afraid I can only accept four of these at once for the bounty.'
Chamberlain Krystorf says 'For storage reasons I'm afraid I can only accept four of these at once for the bounty.'
Chamberlain Krystorf says 'Well done, ______, the Dain is pleased with your efforts. With a few more brave allies like you, we'll soon be tearing down the halls of Kael Drakkel.'
Your faction standing with Dain Frostreaver IV got better. (+50)
Your faction standing with Coldain got better. (+50)
Your faction standing with King Tormax got worse. (-25)
You gain experience!!
You receive 20 platinum from Chamberlain Krystorf. Reward: Coldain Velium Morning Star
Reward: Coldain Velium-Pick
Reward: Coldain Velium Short Sword
Reward: Coldain Velium Rapier