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Quests for Hollowshade Moor

Hollowshade War (Normal): The Hollowshade War is the ongoing tribal battle for control of the Hollowshade Moor by the inhabitants of the zone: the owlbears in the north, the sonic wolves in the east, and the grimlings in the south. Occasionally one side will spontaneously attack another, but you can cause one side to attack another by going to any of these locations (owlbear cave in the north, sonic wolf cave in the east, grimling village in the south) and killing the named NPC there and its two guardians, causing another side to attack. Sometimes you need to kill one or more placeholders to get the named NPC to spawn. If all three sides still exist in the zone, which side attacks will be random.

You will know an attack has begun when you see a zonewide message to the effect of: "One side begins to attack another [in a particular location]. The NPCs at this location look very nervous." Two things happen after this zonewide message: A set of five non-KOS attackers sets out from the attacking location, and a set of five permarooted, summoning, non-KOS defenders spawns out front of the defending location. Unless you kill the defenders, the defenders will always defeat the attackers. If you kill the defenders, the attackers will always win. If you're not happy with which side is attacking, kill the attackers; they're quite weak. If the attackers are victorious, they will enter the defending location, despawning and causing everything in the defending tribe at that location to despawn, to be replaced by members of the attacking tribe, including named NPCs (or their placeholders).

Once one side controls all three locations, you will see a zonewide message to the effect of: "The Vah Shir retreat to the city." You will then see a second zonewide message to the effect of: "Big named NPC roars its triumph." The Vah Shir at the fort will run back to the city, and "Big named NPC" will now spawn in the abandoned fort, surrounded by 5-6 of its closest friends.

Killing the big named resets the zone, causing the tribes to reappear in their original locations and the Vah Shir vendors to reappear in the fort.

Additional notes: Some items only drop from particular NPCs, and some NPCs only spawn when a particular tribe controls a particular location. Reward: Ceremonial Smudging Stick
Reward: Brain of the Beaked Bear
Reward: Curfang's Heart
Reward: Owlbear Feather Circlet
Reward: Elder Wolf Jawbone
Reward: Preserved Owlbear Eye
Reward: Skull Shaped Sacrificial Hammer
Reward: Owlbear Claw Earring
Reward: Black Feathered Circlet
Reward: Urmiir, Sword of Beast Slaying
Reward: Curfang's Torment
Reward: Staff of Living Sand
Reward: Ornate Shell Pestle
Reward: Slightly Chewed Ring
Reward: Elder Owlbear Beak
Reward: Spiked Sonic Wolf Collar
Reward: Mystical Headshrinker's Skullcap
Reward: Shell Trimmed Bracer
Reward: Cloak of the Blind Wolf
Reward: Mask of the Blind Wolf
Reward: Clay Beaded Bone Choker
Reward: Glyphed Shield of the Swamp
Reward: Great Banesword of the Blind Wolf
Reward: Dagger of the Beaked Bear
Reward: Short Sword of the Swamp
Reward: Runed Mace of the Moor
Reward: Paw of the Warwolf
Reward: Sonic Wolf Claw Earring
Reward: Fang Shaped Stone Earring
Reward: Owlbear Feathered Spear
Reward: Belt of the Grimling Skullcracker
Reward: Feathered Owlbear Mantle
Reward: Grimling Mystical Nosering
Reward: Shield of the Pack Slayer
Reward: Broken Fang Earring
Reward: Gnawed Leather Collar
Reward: Ear of the Blind Wolf
Reward: Grimling Armband of Servitude
Reward: Grimling Breastplate
Reward: Silver Streaked Wolf Mantle
Reward: Mask of the Grimling Hunter
Reward: Sinew Wrapped Owlbear Ribcage
Reward: Stretched Skin Drum
Reward: Sacred Grimling Fishing Spear
Reward: Mandible of the Blind Wolf
Reward: Owlbear Bone Club
Reward: Polished Obsidian Claws
Reward: Owlbear Feathered Cap
Reward: Royal Owlbear Cloak
Reward: Eye of the Frenzied Owlbear
Reward: Polished Owlbear Beak
Reward: Eye of the Owlbear Mother
Reward: Smudged Wolf Skin Mask
Reward: Sonic Wolf-fur Collar
Reward: Owlbear Feather Belt

Vah Shir Garrison Cloak (#5) (Normal): Ahom Guzhin may be found just inside the tunnel from Hollowshade Moor to Grimling Forest, off to the left behind a rock.

You say, 'Hail, Ahom Guzhin'

Ahom Guzhin says 'Please do not think poorly of me, but I must see your Journeyman's cloak if you wish to converse. Be quick about it. This place is not completely safe.'

Give him your class-specific Journeyman Cloak.

Ahom Guzhin says 'Ah, there it is... I haven't seen one of those in a while. I remember when I first became a journeyman myself. That was many seasons and twice as many trails ago. Time becomes most deft in the period just after you figure that you've got a grasp on it.'

Ahom Guzhin says 'Well, let us get back to pebbles and tax, shall we? You displayed a great deal of bravery in coming out here and looking for me. I fear my age is beginning to show. I can't evade danger as I did in my youth. With that in mind, I would like you to take this journal back to town for me. Historian Sharar will tend to my notes for me. She is a trusted friend and a valuable scholar. Please give it to her with my thanks.'

He will hand you Ahom's Journal. Go to Shar Vahl and give the journal to Historian Sharar, who may be found in the Palace courtyard in the library area to the right as you enter from the merchants area.

You say, 'Hail, Historian Sharar'

Historian Sharar says 'It is a pleasure to meet you, friend. Please let me know if you have trouble finding the book that you seek. If you request something that we do not have available, I can make a note to keep an eye out for it. We are getting in a great variety of interesting new material these days. Speaking of which, I need someone to take a tome to Elder Animist Dumul. He has been frantically researching something or another. I'm sure that you could pry a little and learn more about it if you were to take this book to him. Is that something that you would be interested in doing?'

Give her the journal.

Historian Sharar says 'I see that you've found the codger. He really should settle down and come in from the weather. I often find myself worrying about him these days. Adventure takes its toll on everyone. I'd like to see him settle down before the moor takes a final toll from him.'

Historian Sharar says 'Well, I can't say that it isn't a pleasure to have his journal. He's documented the moor with such splendid detail. I cannot wait to see what he's written in these last few seasons. It is all so very helpful. Just take a look at these earplugs. They are a product of his last set of notes. He came up with the idea, while hunting owlbear in the moor. They are supposed to keep the sound they make from harming you. You can keep them, if you take this note to General Avilah for me.'

Historian Sharar hands you an Earring of the Owlbear and a Note for General Avilah. The earring is NO DROP with unlimited charges of Screech Immunity, triggerable at level 20 and above.

Take the note to General Avilah, who may be found in the north section of Shar Vahl in a room on the third floor of a building, reachable via the outside stairs.

You say, 'Hail, General Avilah'

General Avilah says 'Thank you for delivering this. While I have you here, perhaps you can help. We are in dire need of assistance in the moor. All of the reports from our Taruun are indicating the same thing. The area has to be swept clear of the factions that currently inhabit it. The land itself seems defendable, we need someone to gather some soldiers and clear the area.'

General Avilah says 'If you accomplish this mission for us, I will be able to reward you for your actions in this leadership role. You will need only to return this box to me to collect your reward and promotion. It will need to contain a grimling chieftain staff, an owlbear guardian talon, a sonic wolf guardian fang, and your Journeyman's Cloak. Good luck to you, should you elect to accept this challenge.'
You gain experience!!

General Avilah gives you a Long Wooden Box, a 4-slot GIANT capacity container in which to combine the items. The staff, talon, and fang drop rarely from in Hollowshade Moor from the eponymously named mobs: grimling chieftain staff from grimling chieftains, owlbear guardian talon from owlbear guardians, and sonic wolf guardian fang from sonic wolf guardians. Once you have all four items, combine them in the box with your Journeyman Cloak to create a Box of War Trophies. Give this box to General Avilah.

General Avilah says 'You have proven to be a great leader and excellent soldier. Please accept this cloak as a symbol of your accomplishment. We would be proud to have you as a member of our ranks. You can choose to stay within the ranks of your sect or you can work with us was a member of the Shar Vahl Garrison. If you wish to continue your work as a member of the garrison, please take this form, sign it in triplicate and give it to Captain Darznel. Either way, please stand still, while I offer you our formal salutation.'

General Avilah shouts 'Ahem... Citizens of Shar Vahl, Attention! It is my duty and honor as commander of the Shar Vahl Garrison to thank ______ for their fine work. Give 'em your complete respect and salute 'em when you see them in passing. We enjoy our freedom, because of brave citizens like ______. Thank you for your time... Carry on!'

You receive a form to take to Captain Darznel and your new class-specific Garrison Cloak. Reward: Earring of the Owlbear
Reward: Khati Sha Garrison Cloak
Reward: Dar Khura Garrison Cloak
Reward: Jharin Garrison Cloak
Reward: Khala Dun Garrison Cloak
Reward: Taruun Garrison Cloak