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Quests for Hate's Fury, The Scorned Maiden

Thieves Aboard the Ship (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Attendant Mi`Ta'

Attendant Mi`Ta says 'Thieves! Thieves aboard the ship! Return what you have stolen and I promise, your death will be swift.'

You say, 'What have I stolen?'

Attendant Mi`Ta says 'Do not try my patience dryfoot, the Captain and his hands will soon return. If he finds his things missing there will be death, he has been in foul spirits since losing the Stone. Your death if you are found with them. You did steal them? Admit it!'

You say, 'I did not steal them.'

Attendant Mi`Ta gets a suspicious look in his eyes, 'Ok, I will be honest. I lost the Captain's trinkets. If you help me find them before his return, I am sure I can track something down that will not be missed. I have access to the treasure room, and there is much there in the way of spoils.'

You say, 'I will help you find them.'

You sense that when you return you should be ready for a battle, despite Mi`Ta's assurances.

Attendant Mi`Ta says 'Excellent! It is not much, I was below deck with his compass, spyglass, ocean map, and a bottle of his favorite spirits. I would be in your debt should you find them for me.'

The Ancient Compass is a random but very rare drop from any rare spawns on the lower deck.

The Mystical Spyglass is a random but very rare drop from any rare spawns on the upper deck.

The Map of Norrath's Oceans drops from The Broken Skull Navigator. The navigator spawns in the same area as High Priest Anaanci. He does NOT have a regular placeholder and seems to be triggered by clearing the "helm room," the most forward room of the lower level. If he spawns he will ALWAYS drop the map.

The Drunken Buccaneer is your next target. His common drop is Vodka. His rare drop is Krasnok's Private Reserve. The Drunken Buccaneer spawns on the lower deck in the "weapon room." It is hard to explain exactly where this room is. Basically, if you enter Hate's Fury, and then drop down the first ladder to your left, it is the room straight ahead of the room you drop down into (two undead will aggro when you drop down). The room you drop down into is the "interrogator" room, with the room being directly across the door opening being the "armsmaster room." The "drunken buccaneer" room is the one down the hall and to the right. He is a random spawn by clearing this room and/or the back room with three trolls.

After you get all four items, you need to turn them into the Attendant. She will despawn after the turn in but respawn in 10 minutes. BE PREPARED. Once you turn in the four items you cannot enter OR leave the room. Captain Krasnok will spawn in the middle of the room towards the back wall. Each corner of the room will spawn a 60th level Luggald (Fist of Krasnok). You will need to have a tank on each fist, as well as your main tank on the Captain. The goal is to kill the Captain but NOT kill any fists, as if you kill any fists another will immediately spawn. The ROOM has several AE's on a timed schedule. It is suggested you bring a minimum of 25-30 well-equipped level 65's with balanced, typical raid groups.
Reward: Vander's Bane
Reward: Serrated Flamberge of Hatred
Reward: Wondrous Silver Gauntlets
Reward: Diamond Stud of Purpose
Reward: Hoop of Waning Power
Reward: Headdress of Dark Rituals
Reward: Runed Ring of Broken Skull
Reward: Black Leather Bracer of Agony
Reward: Etched Silver Stud
Reward: Necklace of Dread
Reward: Etched Zraxthril Leggings
Reward: Polished Diamond Prism