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Quests for Halls of Honor

Alternate Access: Temple of Marr (Normal): Completion of this quest will grant you access to the Temple of Marr (AKA Halls of Honor B) without going through the three raid trials.

Find Minok Targsk located at -220, -1400 in Halls of Honor.

You say, 'Hail, Minok Targsk'

Minok Targsk says 'Who defines the lines of being right or wrong? When a good man is under pressure he sometimes makes bad choices. Should this man not be forgiven or should he be judged to be wrong for the rest of his life? It's just not right. [Grenic] should be allowed back into the halls as he once was.'

You say, 'Who is Grenic?'

Minok Targsk says 'Grenic Drere was the man who saved my life. We fought together in the battle of Amn`Oren. Grenic lost sight of our objective for a second and killed innocent people rather than making them prisoners. Mithaniel Marr banished him from the Halls of Honor. Grenic has asked me for a favor to try and find an alternate way into see Mithaniel Marr. I hid pieces of a [map] that I had drawn up around here but the other guards have been keeping a close eye on me.'

You say, 'What map?'

Minok Targsk says 'I had a well drawn map of this place. It was so good that I tore it into four pieces and hid it. If that map fell into the hands of the enemy it could mean destruction. I need help collecting the map. Will you [help] me out _____?'

You say, 'I will help you out.'

Minok Targsk says 'I hid each section in the four corners of the Halls. Collect them and bring them back to me.'

You will need to find and kill four named mobs in the Halls of Honor. Reports indicate they have average hps, summon, do not see invis, and can hit from 1000-1650. Each of them holds one piece of the map:

Valorian Guardian Kreike may be found at -1800, -1360 and drops - Bottom Left Section of a Map.
Valorian Guardian Breiok may be found at +1180, -1925 and drops - Bottom Right Section of a Map.
Valorian Guardian Ralthin may be found at +1970, -1225 and drops - Top Right Section of a Map.
Valorian Guardian Florik may be found at -1050, -550 and drops - Top Left Section of a Map.

Give the four parts of the map to Minok Targsk:

Minok Targsk says 'Thank you for helping me assemble the map, it was quite detailed and displayed a secondary entrance to Mithaniel's temple, which you may use as your entry point.'
You gain experience!!

To complete the flag, zone into the Temple of Marr via the second entrance located south of the main entrance to HoHb. It is an electric fence that you click on, just like the main entrance.

Note: This quest flags only one person in the group - the person doing the hand in.
Paladin Epic 1.5: Redemption (Normal): The three Soulstone portions of this quest may be done in any order.

Receive Your Noble Quest

If you have the Fiery Defender or have completed the pre-quest, speak with the version of Irak Altil in the Halls of Honor. He may be found in a temple near the zoneline to the Temple of Marr, at +5, -1365, +25.

You say, 'Hail, Irak Altil'

Irak Altil says 'Ah ______, it is so good to see you again. I hope my sword has been treating you well. What [brings you here], friend?'

You say, 'What brings me here?'

Irak Altil says 'Yes, what is your purpose here? Perhaps you are curious as to how I've gotten here? Would you [like me to tell you]?'

You say, 'I would like you to tell me.'

Irak Altil says 'Let us start at the beginning. I, in my mortal form, was a follower of Quellious. As a young paladin, my tutors early on noticed my talents at spell-casting and my skills as a swordsman. I surpassed all of my mentor's expectations but I still had a [lot to learn].'

You say, 'A lot to learn?'

Irak Altil says 'My knowledge grew quickly, to the point where I could not learn anymore from my mentors. One day, I was given the choice of learning from a new master, one that rarely teaches knights. To be taught by him, I was given a series of rites that I had to pass. The path was long and difficult, but I was able to [impress my new master] and convince him to teach me.'

You say, 'You able to impress your new master?'

Irak Altil says 'Oh yes, I apologize if this sounds like boasting, but my master was both impressed and surprised with my progress. He took me as his student. Years later I had gained all the knowledge I could acquire from my master and I was able to craft a great sword, the Fiery Defender. At this point in my life I decided to on a mission to help people in need, to promote the paladin ideals to those that wished to listen, and spread the word of my Lady Quellious. However, this is not [where the story ends].'

You say, 'Where does the story end?'

Irak Altil says 'A few years after I set out on my own, I met a man named Kirak Vil. Despite being a dark elf, I welcomed him as an equal. Though I was cautious, I decided to teach him the ideals of paladins; courage, honor, truth, as well as all of the other ideals that encompass our lives. One day something [bad happened].'

You say, 'What bad happened?'

Irak Altil says 'Kirak one day turned on me. We set on an expedition deep inside Old Paineel to save a kidnapped child, when a creature named a Thought Tormentor attacked us. Kirak did not help defend me and our small expedition. Last thing I remember before blacking out was a being named the Keeper of the Tombs drawing the life out of me. I [remember little after that].'

You say, 'What little do you remember after that?'

Irak Altil says 'I have intermittent memories of being tormented and imprisoned in the Fear plane. I was stripped of my dignity and honor, and all that was left was a shade of my former self. Most of my vivid memories of that time consisted of unbearable flashes of pain. With whatever cognitive thought that remained, I prayed to Quellious to give me strength. That is when you came to my side and [saved me].'

You say, 'I saved you?'

Irak Altil says 'Yes, by giving me the honor of wielding my sword, shield, and armor, I was set free from my torment in that wretched place. I was still not whole, however. I journeyed to many places in Norrath, looking for a place to sacrifice myself upon the spear of pain. I eventually found my way to some of the [outer Planes].'

You say, 'What outer Planes?'

Irak Altil says 'As I stepped foot into the Plane of Tranquility, my soul began to yearn to be complete. This must have been a gift given to me by my Lady Quellious. I ventured into the Plane of Valor and this is when the Lord Mithaniel Marr found me and felt my suffering. I was summoned to the Temple of Marr and upon arrival, I was greeted and welcomed by every knight there. While I commanded respect in my former self, nothing I had ever experience was as intense as this. For the first time after the betrayal, I had felt complete. Lord Mithaniel and his priests gathered around me and chanted for three straight days. What happened next was [unbelievable].'

You say, 'What was unbelievable?'

Irak Altil says 'My soul and the lifeless bones that were my body began to burn like fire. It felt both painful and soothing at the same time. Energy poured out of my body and then a flash of light occurred, I passed out shortly thereafter. During my slumber, the Goddess of Love nurtured my mind and kept me company. I awoke a week later to find myself still in the Temple of Marr. The priests of Marr took care of me during my [transformation].'

You say, 'Transformation?'

Irak Altil says 'Indeed, Lord Mithaniel endowed me with this body and spoke to me, he said "My brother, while you are not a follower of Marr, I offer you a place of brotherhood here in the Halls of Honor. Your courage and perseverance are extremely commendable and I would like you to serve in my army." Honored by the ascension Lord Mithaniel had given me, I still had to take time to [consider] the offer.'

You say, 'Consider?'

Irak Altil says 'Yes, I was afraid my Lady Quellious would be saddened if I stayed in Mithaniel's realm. So I prayed to her and asked for guidance. My Lady appeared to me in my dreams and praised me for my loyalty. She then gave me approval to serve as a Soldier of Marr and offered me a place in her realm once my services to Lord Mithaniel were over. I was most [honored] and grateful at the same time.'

You say, 'Honored?'

Irak Altil says 'Honored is an understatement. I was overwhelmed by the fact that the god of Valor and Honor chose me to serve in his army. I was also overwhelmed by my own god's offer to serve her after my tour was done in this plane. I try to be very humble about this honor, for that is a virtue held dear to all paladins. Now that my story is over, I [require something of you].'

You say, 'What do you require of me?'

Irak Altil says 'When I ascended to this plane and was transformed, Mithaniel gave me a specific purpose. I was graced with the ability to sense others who were like me, others who were tortured and tormented. I have a sensitivity to other poor beings that have been tormented the same way as me. I would like you to find these beings who were being tortured, and perhaps that may shed some light on my past. I have had a few [visions] on what may help you find these other tormented beings.'

You say, 'What visions?'

Irak Altil says 'I have had visions recently of various beings who have been captured by some foreign minion and tortured. The visions all were similar in nature. Very horrible things were done to these beings, very gruesome things. As the being kept fighting the pain and anguish, more torture was applied to break was a horrible vision. A spell was casted mid-way though this ritual and the tormented being was held in a stasis. I felt a tugging at my soul, and I saw that the being's soul was being pulled from their body. The soul was removed from the being and imprisoned in a crystal of foreign origin. My only guess is that whoever is behind this ploy has been stealing the souls of various races of Norrath for some dark purpose. Help those that are tormented, find the crystals, and this will help you find the minions behind this plot. Go now noble Crusader!'

Help a Fellow Paladin

  • Head to North Qeynos and find Enic Ruklin roaming around the pond at the Temple of Life.

    You say, 'Hail, Enic Ruklin'

    Enic Ruklin says '______! I'm glad you are here. Something terrible has occurred recently. Would you like to know [what happened]?'

    You say, 'I would like to know what happened.'

    Enic Ruklin says 'A few nights ago, I was standing guard at the Pool of Jahnda like any other night, but something was different. The night air was cooler than usual and the sky was barely visible because of all of the dark clouds. Sometime around midnight, a flash occurred near the pool and I saw an Iksar run off with a Koalindl. As I chased him, he casted a portal spell and disappeared. This is grave indeed! I will need your help, ______. Will you help [track down] this Iksar and return the Koalindl?'

    You say, 'I will track down this Iksar and return the Koalindl.'

    Enic Ruklin says 'Very well, ______. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any hints. My only guess is that this Iksar might be near a large body of water, for the Koalindl needs to be kept near water at all times. I fear that the Koalindl may have been destroyed. Go now and find the Koalindl or the remnants of that great servant of the Prime Healer!'

  • Next find Brunar Rankin on the docks of East Freeport at -100, -1015.

    You say, 'Hail, Brunar Rankin'

    Brunar Rankin says '______! Are you looking for a Koalindl? I have heard some knights such as yourself were searching for that sacred fish of Qeynos. I saw one come through here recently. An evil looking Iksar had one in some sort of stasis spell and the fish didn't look too good. Now, I'm not sure what exactly the Iksar was going to do with it, but I did see a chunk of the fish fall into the water. A few minutes later I ended up fishing up an odd looking fish scale. Immediately after I was attacked by a large and evil fish! Luckily I was carrying with me a flaying dagger and I was able to slay the evil fish before it could hurt me. Here is a note I found on the dock before the Iksar left. You must put a stop to whatever it is this Iksar is planning on doing!'

    You receive An Iksar's Note (identifies as "Possibly a list of destinations"), which reads:

    My master, I have acquired a Koalindl. I plan on twisting the fish to my will and then feeding the remains of this fish to the ocean. This should taint the ocean with the dark remains and convert all fish to undead. We will corrupt all of the oceans for our master Cazic Thule!

    I plan on visiting the Ocean of Tears first, then I will head to the Overthere, I will visit the Gulf of Gunthak and finally I will go to Nedaria's Landing. Once I have fed the waters with the dark remains, it will only be a matter of time before they are tainted. You will be pleased, master.

  • You will need a Fishing skill of at least 100 for this part. Bring a healer and head to Sister Island in the Ocean of Tears and fish off the docks at +265, -9195 near where you zone in until you see this:

    You cast your line.
    As you reel in the dark fish's scale, you notice a large fish in the water.

    You catch A Dark Fish's Scale (identifies as "Found on a dark and evil fish"). A Corrupted Koalindl (level 55) will immediately spawn and attack you.

    A Corrupted Koalindl swims toward you in a blood frenzy.

    It hits for 500, flurries, and may be hasted. Once it's dead, loot A Corrupted Koalindl's Heart (identifies as "Taken from a dark fish in Ocean of Tears").

  • Next, head to +3800, -2000 in The Overthere and repeat the process, looting another heart (identifies as "Taken from a dark fish in the Overthere").

  • Next, head to the middle of the beach in the Gulf of Gunthak location -181, -598, -47 and repeat the process, looting another heart (identifies as "Taken from a dark fish in Port of Gunthak").

  • Next, head to Nedaria's Landing and repeat the process directly out from the Wayfarers Camp location 297, 1291, 51 , looting another heart (identifies as "Taken from a dark fish in Nedaria's Landing").

  • Head back to Enic Ruklin and give him the four hearts.

    Enic Ruklin says 'So this is what happened to the Koalindl? This is sad indeed. I have heard that you have stopped a greater tragedy from occuring by treating the pestilence that was being brought to the seas. You have done a very good job, ______. I present you with a seal of nobility that was given to me long ago. This seal has granted me audiences with many of the different races of Norrath, including the Ring of Scale. Perhaps it will aide you in your journeys. Thank you again, sir.'

    You receive a Seal of Enic (identifies as "A noble seal of great notoriety").

    Rithnok's Soulstone

  • Bring a group and head to Skyfire Mountains. Find Dry Sapara near the zone-in to Veeshan's Peak (/loc?).

    You say, 'Hail, Dry Sapara'

    Dry Sapara says 'Welcome ______. I see you have the Seal of Enic, I imagine you have done a very good deed for Enic to acquire that. If Enic gave you that, he must trust you. And if he trusts you, then so shall I. I ask a favor of you, paladin. I wish for you to help me with a servant of mine. Rithnok, a very loyal servant of the Peak, disappeared a few days ago. He has returned, but he is not the same. . .he appears beaten and torn. I feel he has been tormented by some unknown being. For what reason? I do not know. However, he must be relieved of his suffering. I ask you to release him from the confines of this world and bring me back anything you find. Go now.'

    Rithnok the Tormented (level 68) spawns. He's undead, harm touches, and hits for about 800. Once he's dead, loot Rithnok's Soulstone (identifies as "Cracked and incomplete"). Hand this to Dry Sapara.

    Dry Sapara says 'This appears to be a vessel that housed Rithnok's soul. However, it appears to be missing a few shards. Take this soulstone and piece it back together. I have a feeling once this item becomes whole it will lead you to whoever did this to our poor Rithnok. Thank you for releasing him, ______.'

    You receive Rithnok's Soulstone back, this time as a 4-slot GIANT container (identifies as "Cracked and incomplete").

  • Now you must collect four of Rithnok's "A Soulstone Shard" (each of which identifies as "One of four shards for Rithnok's Soulstone"). They are ground spawns and may be found in Dranik's Scar (+1000, +100), The Bloodfields (+450, +730), Nobles' Causeway (-900, -350), and the Ruined City of Dranik (-500, +360). Combine them in the container.

    You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

    You craft Rithnok's Soulstone (identifies as "Rithnok's soul encased in a delicate prison").

    Drema's Soulstone

  • Find Mikhal Young in Dawnshroud Peaks at +1340, -1285.

    You say, 'Hail, Mikhal Young'

    Mikhal Young says 'I'm so glad to find a fellow knight. Hail to you ______. I was curious, are you traveling through or could you possibly help me [try to find my sister]?'

    You say, 'I will try to find your sister.'

    Mikhal Young says 'My sister Drema and I were traveling through Tenebrous Mountains after trading some supplies in Katta Castellum. We ended up setting camp in Mons Letalis for the night, so that we could have an early start on our journey back to Dawnshroud the next day. The next morning I woke up and my sister was gone! Nothing remained on her cot from the night before. . .I'm not sure where she disappeared off to. I spent the course of several days searching all of Mons Letalis for her, but I couldn't find any clues that would lead me to her where-abouts. I journeyed back to Dawnshroud Peaks and had my friends here make a rescue party so that we could find her. We set out to look for her and spent several days in Marus Seru, Mons Letalis, and the Grey looking for any sign of her. We did not [find anything.]'

    You say, 'You did not find anything?'

    Mikhal Young says 'As we were turning back to Dawnshroud Peaks, my good friend Ryann Desgrey found her locket in the dirt in the Grey. Here, take the locket. Perhaps you will have a better chance of finding her, and perhaps she will come with you once you present her with the locket. Please, let her know that I miss her and that we all want her to come home safely. Go now, noble paladin.'

    You receive Drema's Locket (identifies as "An important item to Drema").

  • Find Drema Young in Mons Letalis at +835, -1280. She won't respond to hails. Give her the locket.

    Drema Young groans, 'Uuuurgh. . . Crystal. . .' As Drema reaches out to receive the locket, her fingerbone breaks off in your hand.

  • You receive Drema's Fingerbone (identifies as "Mikhal would probably want to see this"). Take this back to Mikhal.

    Mikhal Young says 'You have found her in Mons Letalis? This is her fingerbone, what has happened? She has turned into a skeleton? Oh my, this is grave news indeed. Show this fingerbone to Denns, maybe he can figure out a way to investigate this dire situation.'

    Denns Rootenpaw may be found in the same camp.

    You say, 'Hail, Denns Rootenpaw'

    Denns Rootenpaw says 'Can I help you? Can't you see that I'm busy right now.'

  • Give him the fingerbone.

    Denns Rootenpaw says 'What is this? Drema's fingerbone? While I don't usually help paladins, in this situation I will help you and Mikhal investigate this tragedy. Here is what will need to be done: Take this bag and collect three dark skeleton remains, found somewhere here in Luclin. Bring them back to me so that I can cast a dark spell on it. The spell will turn bones into powder, a powder that should revive Drema long enough to have her explain what occurred. Go now and find these bones.'

    You receive A Bone Collector's Bag, a 4-slot GIANT container (identifies as "Used to retrieve bones").

  • Go and collect 3 x Dark Skeleton Remains, one from Disturbed Elysian Remains in The Umbral Plains (identifies as "Found in the Plains of Umbral"), one from any Soriz skeleton in the basement of Ssraeshza Temple (identifies as "Found in the Temple of Ssraeshza"), and one from a sun revenant in The Grey (identifies as "Found in The Grey"). Combine them in the bag:

    You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

    You craft A Bone Collector's Bag (identifies as "Ready to be returned"). Return this to Denns.

    Denns Rootenpaw says 'Very well, I have turned this collection of bones into powder. Take this powder to Drema and see if it awakens her. Good luck, knight.'

    You receive Enchanted Bone Powder. Bring a group and take this back to Drema.

    Drema Young groans 'Please end my torment ______. I beg of you!'

    She will respawn as an undead KoS mob. She summons, uses Lay on Hands, hits for up to 700, is immune to root/snare, and is very resistant. Once she's dead:

    Drema Young's corpse says 'Thank you for releasing me. Avenge me by defeating that insidious Vampire!'

    Loot Drema's Soulstone (identifies as "This appears to be missing something"), a 2-slot GIANT container.

  • Now you must collect two of Drema's "A Soulstone Shard" (each of which identifies as "One of two shards for Drema's Soulstone").

    One comes from Coterie Corruptor in The Tenebrous Mountains, killable solo or with a small group.

    The other comes off the Shade of Mujaki the Devourer in the Plane of Nightmare (24-person max raid). Find Etumer near the city area (/loc -1653, -1310, 141).

    You say, 'Hail, Etumer'

    Etumer says 'Mujaki! Haha! He.. He captured me and.. Imprisoned me here as punishment for some supposed transgressions against him. Mujaki always was jealous of my own prowess and resentful of our fathers favor toward me. He has only further proven his weakness through trapping me with power granted to him by Terris Thule. Hmm, [perhaps]. . .'

    You say, 'Perhaps what?'

    Etumer says 'Perhaps you could find some way to overwhelm Mujaki? I might be able to work an enchantment to transport you closer to my brother. I only feel I have the power to send twenty four of you, when you have formed rank please have the leaders of your groups let me know when you are ready.'

    Have each group leader say "I am ready." The group will be teleported into the raid area near the stage, where Mujaki the Devourer waits, untargetable.

    In three directions away from the stage are three large gravestones. Post a group at each grave, as they are the spawning point for 4-7 waves of mobs called "a servant of Mujaki" and "a helot of Mujaki." Kill these until at some point Mujaki becomes targetable. Kill him.

    Mujaki the Devourer's corpse falls lifelessly to the ground.
    A low laughter is heard as the corpse falls to the ground. A gathering of dark clouds occurs where Mujaki stood, as something else materializes.

    The Shade of Mujaki the Devourer will spawn: it is level 80, AE rampages, has a 150 DD proc called Devouring Nightmare and a fear proc called Instill Nightmare. Once it's dead, loot the shard and a chest may pop with additional loot.

    Combine 2 x A Soulstone Shard in the Drema's Soulstone container to craft Drema's Soulstone (identifies as "Drema's soul encased in a delicate prison").

    Reiya's Soulstone

  • Head to the Abysmal Sea and use the Find function (Ctrl-F) to locate Lovine Lemise at -185, +195, +130.

    You say, 'Hail, Lovine Lemise'

    Lovine Lemise says '______, I am glad you are here. My name is Lovine and the poor soul lying on the bed over here is my good friend Reiya. My friend could use some [assistance].'

    You say, 'What assistance?'

    Lovine Lemise says 'I should probably begin by telling you what happened. Reiya was found a couple of days ago on the shore in Natimbi, face down in the water. The Wayfarers that found him were not sure if he was dead or not, until they brought him here to Abysmal. It appears he was unconcious at the time, since he later awoke on this bed. Something is terribly [wrong] with him though.'

    You say, 'What is wrong?'

    Lovine Lemise says 'I'm not sure what is wrong with him, though he constantly fades in and out of consciousness. His speech is erratic when he is awake, and his thoughts do not appear to be in this world. I have a feeling that he is being tormented in some way, but I do not know how or why. I would like you to gather a few things for me, to make a concoction that may awaken Reiya. I will tell you what the [ingredients] are.'

    You say, 'What are the ingredients?'

    Lovine Lemise says 'I am looking for the following things: a Potameid seaweed strand, blood from a Mastruq Havocblade, the tail of a Noc Fleshfeaster, and the jawbone of Ra'Tuk Screambringer. Place the items in this enchanted potion bag, and return it to me so that we can attempt to awaken Reiya. Please be dilligent in your search, ______.'

    You receive Lovine's Potion Bag (identifies as "Needed to make a curing potion"), a 4-slot GIANT container. Potameid Seaweed Strands (identifies as "Possibly used for a purifying concoction") drop from an entrapped potameid in Natimbi. You can find a Noc Fleshfeasters Tail (identifies as "Possibly used for a purifying concoction") in Riwwi off a noc fleshfeaster. Mastruq Havocblade Blood (identifies as "Possibly used for a purifying concoction") drops from a mastruq havocblade in Qinimi. Ra`Tuk Screambringer's Jaw (identifies as "Possibly used for a purifying concoction") drops in Barindu from a ra`tuk screambringer. Combine the four items in the bag to craft a non-container Lovine's Potion Bag (identifies as "Lovine will need this to help Reiya"). Bring this back to Lovine. NOTE: Make sure you have spoken to Irak Altil before this and have either Couragebringer (pre-quest) or the Fiery Defender (epic 1.0), or else Lovine will eat the hand-in.

    Lovine Lemise says 'Thank you for gathering these items ______. This potion will help him very much, however, Reiya will need one more potion to help him gain conciousness. I will need you to bring him a potion of Mist of the Breathless. Go now and bring this quickly, friend.'

    Mist of the Breathless is crafted through alchemy (do not confuse this with Breathless Mist, required pre-PoR but no longer makeable). Give it to Reiya the Pained (/loc -198, 192, 133).

    Reiya the Pained says 'Aauuuugh. Ferubi. . .Ferubi is where I was taken. . .' In a bright flash, Reiya has withered away.

    You receive Reiya's Soulstone (identifies as "This appears to be missing shards"), a 2-slot GIANT container. Now you need to gather two of Reiya's "A Soulstone Shard."

  • Gather a group and head to Ferubi. On zoning in, you see this:

    The Shade of Reiya the Pained shouts, 'Fool, you think you can come here and try to defeat me? Try as you may, you will fail.'

    Shade of Reiya the Pained (level 65) spawns near the Qinimi zoneline (/loc703, 887, 99). Bring 1-2 groups, as it flurries and is not enchanter-slowable. When it dies:

    Shade of Reiya the Pained's corpse says 'My master and his followers in Vxed shall avenge my death, mortal!'

    Loot A Soulstone Shard, which identifies as "One of two shards for Reiya's Soulstone."

  • Gather a 6-to-24-person raid and head to Barindu. Find Apprentice Udranda at +255, -750 (in the water, hidden by the rocks, to the left of the gorge that leads to Vxed).

    Make sure you have the Reiya's Soulstone container and the previous "A Soulstone Shard," and make sure that the latter is the first soulstone in your inventory (need confirmation these are required).

    You say, 'Hail Apprentice Udranda'

    Apprentice Udranda says 'I heard you released Reiya from his tourture, ______. I have seen muramites gathering in Vxed and I fear this may have to do with Reiya and the creatures responsible. Go there now and investigate, Noble Knight.'

    The direction to the entry to your instanced zone(s) has been marked on your compass.

    Apprentice Udranda subtly commands her stone worker to open the passage for you before any invaders can take notice.

    The raid will be teleported into a special instance of Vxed, which is like the normal zone except that a raid may enter. Head straight up the center to the top and fight Vuranish Xxuro. He is very magic resistant but can be hit with spells if you are under his belly (a la dragons), procs Insipid Dreams and Quivering Nightmares, is enchanter/shaman slowable, and hits for up to 2k. Loot another "A Soulstone Shard," after which a chest may spawn with additional loot.

    Combine 2 x A Soulstone Shard in Reiya's Soulstone to craft Reiya's Soulstone (identifies as "Reiya's soul encased in a delicate prison").

    Redis' Soulstone

  • Head back to Irak Altil.

    You say, 'Hail, Irak Altil'

    Irak Altil says '______, I see you have returned with three Soulstones. These crystals are very delicate and hold the souls of those tormented beings. The keepers of these Soulstones were being controlled by some superior being, someone dark and evil in nature. I will need you to find one more Soulstone, so that we can find out who is behind all of this. This final tormented soul I feel is a Erudite...a Wayfarer Erudite, though I cannot discern where this person is. Please hurry and find this tormented being.'

    You receive a hidden flag which allows you to proceed to the next step.

  • Next, form a group (you must be leader). The group may wait for you at the entrance to the catacombs in the Ruined City of Dranik (+1023, -293), but you must go to Nedaria's Landing and find Redis Linrok the Suffering, located near the waterfall at the sawmill, at +845, -225. Make sure you bring all three completed soulstones.

    You say, 'Hail, Redis Linrok the Suffering'

    Redis Linrok the Suffering says 'Auuugh. . .Tantelus. . .the. . .catacombs. . .is where. . .my essence. . .is. . .'

    A flash of light occurs as Redis disappears. An entrance to an unfamiliar place has been opened for you. Perhaps you should investigate there.

    Catacombs of Dranik is now available to you.

    Note: Make sure you have at least six people with you when you obtain the instance (you can use mercenaries towards this player count, and they can zone into and be used inside the instance). If you have less than six with you, you will not get the instance and Redis Linrok will despawn. You have around 15 minutes for everyone to enter the instance. When you enter, you'll see:

    Shade of Redis Linrok shouts, 'Fools, I see you have found your way here. Be that as it may, you shall not take my essence!'

    Fight/invis your way to the deep circular room in the northeast corner of the zone. Clear some of the other mobs in the room if possible, then tackle Redis, who is level 73, undead, hits for 1400, and procs Quivering Nightmares. Once he's dead, loot Redis' Soulstone (identifies as "Redis' soul encased in a delicate prison").

    As the four soulstones meet, four voices in unison echo in your thoughts, 'The one who has taken us and tortured us is in Wall of Slaughter. He is the defiler, the tormentor, the end to all of our pain. Find Durunal the Cursebearer, put a stop to his plans, and prevent others from suffering our fate. Go now!'

    An End to the Pain

  • Gather a raid and your four completed soulstones and head to the Wall of Slaughter. Make sure you are the last to enter the zone, as your entry will trigger the spawn of Durunal the Cursebearer (level 80) to the right of the bridge near the Muramite Proving Grounds at 997.50, -1122.39, -14.1.

    Durunal the Cursebearer shouts, 'I feel some souls have returned for me. Redis, Rithnok, Drema, and Reiya. . . I feel your presence here. Come to me now and let us end this!'

    He is leashed, hits for 1700, procs Epoch Conviction, Gyrosonic Disruption, and Ocean's Cleansing, and is slowable. During the fight, adds will spawn at timed intervals: Furious Lightning Elemental (can be mezzed/rooted), Enraged Lightning Elemental (cannot be mezzed or rooted, so must be kited), Vicious Lightning Elemental (cannot be mezzed, can be rooted). Once it's dead:

    Durunal the Cursebearer's corpse explodes into a sizzling cloud as its armor pieces crash to the ground.

    Loot A Dark and Twisted Sword (identifies as "Used to extract souls"), after which a chest may spawn with additional loot.

    As you hold the sword, your soul is tugged for a few seconds and then all four soulstones speak in unison, 'This sword is the key, this sword is the misery, this sword is the instrument that took us away, and this sword is what will set us free. Take this cursed sword to Irak Altil, for he will know how to end our pain.'

    Return to Irak Altil. Make sure you have the sword and all four soulstones. Give him the sword.

    Irak Altil says 'I see you have destroyed the monster responsible for this plot. This sword, this twisted piece of steel and blood that lies in your hands, must be the instrument used by Durunal to twist and corrupt those he tortured. I can feel that this sword has a dark magical power that he used to forcibly and violently siphon the soul of those he tormented. There is only one way to correct Durunal's wrong-doings, as well as lay to rest the souls of those he tortured. You must take the crystals you have gathered and meld them with the sword. . .give those tormented souls a new purpose and a new meaning. After you have joined the souls with this weapon, I will [tell you about my master].'

    You receive A Dark and Twisted Sword (identifies as "Needs to be joined with the souls it forcibly removed"), now a 4-slot GIANT container.

  • Combine the four soulstones in the container:

    As the four soulstones come together, a soft blue light eminates around the dark sword. The soulstones find themselves at home within the sword. A flash occurs and four voices in unison speak in your mind, 'Thank you for saving us and giving us a purpose again. You are truly our savior and our redeemer, and we shall serve you from now on. Thank you, noble knight!'

    You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

    You receive Redemption, 5 AA points, and your epic 1.5 title, "Redeemer." Reward: Redemption

    Paladin Epic 2.0: Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant (Normal): Find Irak Altil in the Halls of Honor in a temple near the zoneline to the Temple of Marr, at +5, -1365, +25. When you received Redemption (epic 1.5), he mentioned that he would tell you about his master.

    You say, 'Tell me about your master.'

    Irak Altil says 'Yes, this was my final master, the one who rarely taught knights. You have proven yourself to be a powerful and honorable paladin, and you have surpassed anything I could teach you. You have already met my master once, a very long time ago. His name is Inte Ikera, the noblest servant of Prexus. Go to him now with Redemption in hand so that you can begin your training. Good bye and good luck, friend.'

    Optional: Find Inte Akera in a windmill on the fourth island in the Plane of Sky (/loc?). If he isn't up, you may spawn him the usual way by giving 500 pp to Dirkog Steelhand.

    You say, 'Hail, Inte Akera'

    Inte Akera says 'Welcome ______, I have been waiting for you. I see you have brought Redemption with you, which symbolizes the completion of your training with Irak. You must know that I do not train many knights, so for you to be here and receiving training is a special event. You should feel honored and proud, for not many knights will get to this point of Valor and Courage. Though, you still have a [long journey] ahead of you.'

    You say, 'What long journey?'

    Inte Akera says 'Yes, this training will be long and hard, and the risk for failure is very high. Though I have granted you the chance to train with me, that does not mean you can falter; you must be strong and dilligent. Your training will consist of four rites: The rite of compassion, the rite of chivalry, the rite of heroism, and the rite of cleansing. To complete each rite you will need to acquire a token of that rite. These tokens are very important, for they symbolize your virtues as a paladin. Once you have all four tokens, speak to me with them in hand and I will instruct you on further tasks. Good luck on your journey, knight.'

    Rite of Cleansing

    This rite has no additional prerequisites and may be done at any time.

    Find Galrun Starforge outside the Paladin guild in Northern Felwithe, at +45, -210.

    You say, 'Hail, Galrun Starforge'

    Galrun Starforge says 'Hail to you, ______. I'm very glad to see a paladin such as yourself here in Felwithe. There have been some [odd occurrences] as of late.'

    You say, 'What odd occurrences?'

    Galrun Starforge says 'Yes, about a week ago, I was helping Nora close up for the night at the Shop of All Holos. I left the shop and decided to take a quick stroll around Felwithe before going home to sleep, and I found something odd outside of the cleric's guild. I saw a Vampire! He was walking around and for a second our eyes met. . .I ran to get the guards. By the time I returned he was gone and the guards didn't believe that a Vampire was able to get this far into Felwithe. The next day I went and spoke to Lord Tynkale and [explained] to him what I saw.'

    You say, 'Explained?'

    Galrun Starforge says 'I told him how I saw a Vampire near the cleric's guild and how he wasn't there when the guards returned. Lord Tynkale didn't believe me, however, he did promise to give me a chance to prove what I saw. You will need to assist me in proving what I saw, ______, for I think that Vampire may have been scouting for an invasion of Felwithe. Go to all the cities in Faydwer and investigate any odd occurrences there, for I think there might be other Vampire sightings throughout the continent. Take this bag and fill it with any proof you find. Good luck crusader.'

    You receive Galrun's bag, a 4-slot container.

    Find Guard Highmoon in the Greater Faydark at -2005, -2350, 27 .

    You say, 'Hail, Guard Highmoon'

    Guard Highmoon says 'Hail, ______. I got a tip from one of our patroling guards that they saw a meeting in Lesser Faydark between the Teir`Dal and Vampires there. Perhaps you should check it out.'

    Head to the dark elf (Teir`Dal) camp in Lesser Faydark at -900, 1110. The Teir`Dal Blood Pact spawns on a table in one of the tents (or can be dropped by the various dark elves in the camp).

    Next, head to the Butcherblock Mountains and find Guard Mandin at 175, -345, up a hill and behind a tree on the left side of the road as you head south from the Plane of Knowledge book.

    You say, 'Hail, Guard Mandin'

    Guard Mandin says 'Greetings, High Elf. Lately there has been odd occurrences happening at night at the Chessboard area in these mountains. Rumor has it some goblins have been found dead the next morning near there, with their blood sucked dry. You should investigate the area.'

    Near the chessboard area, there is a small hut. By day, you can find a normal, non-KoS level 35 version of Signus Boran. At nightfall in gametime (around 7 PM), she respawns into a level 70 of herself. You need to kill her. She hits for about 200. Once she's dead, she will respawn as a blue-con-to-70 vampire version of herself. She's melee-only and has about 1700 hps. Once this version is dead, loot Signus' Vampire Fangs.

    Next, find Guard Fayfear in the Greater Faydark near the orc lift at /loc +991, +194.

    You say, 'Hail, Guard Fayfear'

    Guard Fayfear says 'Salutations ______, nice to meet you. We have been getting reports of activity in Crushbone lately. The reports have indicated that an orc messenger was seen speaking to a being of some sort. . .some say it was a vampire. Maybe you should investigate.'

    Head into Crushbone and go to the first floor throne room to find the level 65 Orc Messenger at 154, 153, 19. Kill it and loot Orcish Battle Plans.

    Next, find Bigilam Wantilans in the Steamfont Mountains near the entrance to Ak'Anon at -1695, +480 post-revamp.

    You say, 'Hail, Bigilam Wantilans'

    Bigilam Wantilans says 'Greetings ______!! Something interesting has happened in the last few weeks here. . .we found a vampire scouting Ak`anon, though no one knows why. He was captured and slayed, and I ended up buying his heart to keep as a token of his visit. Would you like the heart?! If you would, bring me a battery that allows me to recharge my Anizok Maximizing Device.'

    Bring him a Mana Battery - Class Six.

    Bigilam Wantilans says 'Good! You found a mana battery!! Here is the heart I owe you. Bye bye now!'

    You receive A Slain Vampire's Heart.

    Combine the Teir`Dal Blood Pact, Signus' Vampire Fangs, Orcish Battle Plans, and A Slain Vampire's Heart in Galrun's bag to craft ... Galrun's bag (non-container). Return to Galrun Starforge and hand this in.

    Galrun Starforge says 'Ah, I see now. . .this is the proof I needed. It appears that these Vampires are planning an attack on all four cities in Faydwer. These battle plans show that the Orcs are assisting the Vampires on the Kelethin front, while the Teir`Dal in Lesser Faydark are helping the Vampires with their attack on Felwithe. In Ak`anon and Kaladim, they are using a more deceptive approach by sneaking into the cities or cloaking themselves as dwarves. This attack may come any day now! We must stop this attack before it happens. ______, it appears that Valdoon Kel`Novar is leading this attack against the residents of Faydwer. The fate of the residents of Faydwer now rest on your shoulders. Gather a party of adventurers such as yourself and return to me. When you are [ready to fight Valdoon] I will open a passageway for you to enter the Mistmoore Catacombs. I will only be able to open this passageway once, so make sure to be ready. Good luck ______, and may Tunare bless thee.'

    Gather a raid force between 6 and 54 people (mercenaries don't count) and return to Galrun. At least 6 of the people in your raid must be with you in Northern Felwithe.

    You say, 'I am ready to fight Valdoon.'

    Galrun Starforge says 'Very well, ______. The fate of all of the residents of this continent are now in your hands. Cleanse the Mistmoore Catacombs of the Vampire infestation and put an end to Valdoon Kel`Novar. Bring me his heart when you are finished, for I need proof to show Lord Tynkale that Vampire invasion has been stopped.'

    You will now need to travel to the Lesser Faydark. From there, you may enter the Mistmoore Catacombs: Struggles within the Progeny, a hard raid-only instance. You have three hours to complete this expedition (not an adventure like regular LDoN instances), and can expect to be rushed by several mobs at once on a regular basis. You must first find and kill the "fake" Valdoon Kel`Novar, who hits for up to 1200. This spawns the real Valdoon Kel`Novar. Next, you must find and kill three Guardians of Kel`Novar, whic takes 5% health off Valdoon's health per guardian. Finally, go kill the real Valdoon. He hits for up to 4k, procs Claw of Kel'Novar, Curse of Kel'Novar, and Seneschal's Petrification. Waves of gargoyles (names? levels? abilities?) will also spawn during the battle. Once he's dead, loot Valdoon Kel`Novar's Heart, after which a chest with additional loot may spawn.

    Bring the heart back to Galrun.

    Galrun Starforge says 'Amazing, ______. You have cleansed all of the Mistmoore Catacombs of the impeding Vampire attack, as well as defeated their leader, Valdoon Kel`Novar. I shall take this to Lord Tynkale now and explain everything to him. You have saved us from a potential travesty. Take this, it may aide you in your journeys.'

    You receive a Token of Cleansing.

    Rite of Compassion

    This rite has no additional prerequisites and may be done at any time.

    Head to Natimbi, The Broken Shores and find Kemik Arulon in a tent in the Wayfarers camp on the beach at -910, -1615, 252 .

    You say, 'Hail, Kemik Arulon'

    Kemik Arulon says 'Cough, cough, hello ______. I apologize for my cough, my sister and I were injured badly by Muramites in Discord when some of the initial Wayfarers ventured there to explore. I luckily escaped before being mortally injured, but I lost my sister in the exodus. I have been stricken with some odd disease that appears to be eating away at me everyday, and I fear there might not be anything that can cure me. However, maybe you can try to find a cure for me. I have heard a set of prayer beads might cleanse my body of this illness, which can be found in various holy temples throughout Norrath. Curing me might be hard to do, but someone in one of those temples might be willing to help.'

    Head to the Temple of Life in North Qeynos, and find Camlend Serbold inside the "flying saucer" at -205, -680, -11 .

    You say, 'Hail, Camlend Serbold'

    Camlend Serbold says 'It has been a while, ______. You look troubled, is there anything I can help you with? Do you know anyone that needs the [curing] touch of Rodcet Nife?'

    You say, 'Kemik Arulon needs curing.'

    Camlend Serbold says 'I might have something that will aid you in curing Kemik. Make a small donation of say 500 platinum to Ziska and she will craft powerful prayer beads that will help Kemik. With the beads Ziska crafts you will need to combine them with [special gems].'

    You say, 'What special gems?'

    Camlend Serbold says 'The gems that will be needed I can't help you with, ______. Travel to the city of North Freeport and seek out a holy knight like yourself. Hopefully he will be able to help you for Kernik's sake.'

    You receive An Unfilled Set of Prayer Beads, a 6-slot container.

    Find Ziska Ironforge at +50, +60 (also in North Qeynos) and give her 500 pp to receive a Qeynos Prayer Bead. Note that you must have at least amiable Merchants of Qeynos faction.

    You say, 'Hail, Ziska Ironforge'

    Ziska Ironforge says, 'Welcome to the home of the finest jewlers in all of Norrath'

    Hand her 500pp.

    Ziska Ironforge says, 'Camlend gave me an old set of prayer beads ages ago. He said that they would be needed at some point. Over the years I crafted sockets in them thinking that one day I would add a few gems to them. Take the beads. I'm glad to hear they could be of some use to help someone. Thank you for your donation. It should be enough to cover the cost of creating the sockets'

    You can get the bead from Ziska at indifferent faction with Merchants of Qeynos.

    Next, travel to West Freeport and find Arem Ulosia in the Temple of Marr (+1333, -1550 on the balcony overlooking the bridge leading into the Temple).

    You say, 'Hail Arem Ulosia'

    Arem Ulosia says, 'That looks like an interesting set of beads you have around your hand _____. Where did you get them from?

    You say, 'Camlend Serbold sent me.'

    Arem Ulosia says 'Camlend from Qeynos?'

    You say, 'Yes.'

    Arem Ulosia says 'I see, I see. Well what brings you and those beads here to Freeport ______? Are you seeking more [special gems]?'

    You say, 'What special gems?'

    Arem Ulosia says 'I might know of such a gem that would fit inside one of those sockets. A knight in the palace watches it over it. You're welcome to use it if it's for a good cause. Are you [looking for others]?'

    You say, 'Yes, I am looking for others.'

    Arem Ulosia says 'Very well, I know it's only one gem but head to the high elf city. I've heard many jewels come from there and you might be able to find some of use for your cause.'

    Head upstairs to the very top floor. Loot a Freeport Prayer Bead from the top of a desk in a room at +135, +385.

    Next, head to Northern Felwithe and find General Jyleel in a room downstairs in the paladin guild (+16, -204, -16).

    You say, 'Do you have a special gem?'

    General Jyleel says 'I might have just the gem that you are looking for. Tunare blessed it herself! If you would make a 1000 platinum donation in the name of Tunare I will let you have it.'

    Give him 1000 pp.

    General Jyleel says 'Tunare thanks you ______ for the kind donation. For another small donation of 500 platinum I will give you some more information on where you can find another gem.'

    You receive a Felwithe Prayer Bead. Give him 500 pp more.

    General Jyleel says 'I once heard a story from a drunken Dwarf knight. He boasted about this rare jewel he happened upon. You should head in his direction and send my regards.'

    Head to North Kaladim and find Datur Nightseer, a paladin guildmaster upstairs in the Kaladim Paladin guild(+1345, +133).

    You say, 'Do you have a Kaladim Prayer Bead?'

    Datur Nightseer says 'You're trying to tell me that those beads in your hand are supposed to help cure someone?'

    You say, 'Yes.'

    Datur Nightseer says 'Well who am I to argue with you. I'm just a holy knight of Brell! Lad, I'm feeling a little parched. Help an old knight out and run along down to a pub and get me a bottle of that double brewed double dry stout.'

    Give him A Bottle of Double Brewed Double Dry Stout (brewing, trivial 226).

    Datur Nightseer says 'Now that is a tasty beverage!! It sure is strong too for this tiny dwarf! I guess I should give you some kind of thanks. Take this jewel that I found and see if it will help your friend Kemik. I wish I had the second jewel that was with it. You will find that one with a young but brave froglok.'

    You receive a Kaladim Prayer Bead.

    Next stop is the Mountains of Rathe, where you will find Shin Master Grubbus, a paladin guildmaster (/loc?).

    You say, 'Do you have any prayer beads?'

    Shin Master Grubbus says 'This gem that you're in search for, it [will help] cure this Kemik?'

    You say, 'It will help cure Kemik.'

    Shin Master Grubbus says 'Bring me a quiver of Marr and I will help your cause.'

    Quivers of Marr are summoned by magicians. Hand one in:

    Shin Master Grubbus says 'You are quite the noble Paladin ______. Take this gem and see if it fits into that set of prayer beads. If my memory is correct I believe you will find a similar gem on Odus. You should head that way to continue your journey. Be well ______.'

    You receive a Gukta Prayer Bead.

    Head to Erudin and find Reklon Gnallen, a paladin guildmaster in the Temple of Quellious (location -720, -85, 65).

    You say, 'Hail, Reklon Gnallen'

    Reklon Gnallen says 'Good to see you friend. You appear to have had a long journey so far. We have been expecting you after Camlend sent word that you might be headed this way. Do you still [seek a rare gem] to help cure your friend Kemik?'

    You say, 'I seek a rare gem.'

    Reklon Gnallen says 'In preparation for your arrival we discussed such a rare gem that we might have for you. After the long discussion we decided it was for a good cause and we would be glad to help you. But first we must have a peaceful meal together. Go over to the Erudin Surplus store and buy us both an iron ration and a bottle of mead.'

    Do so and hand them in.

    Reklon Gnallen says 'That was excellent ______. Take this gem and bring peace to Kemik. I don't want to hold you up any longer as you have further to travel on your journey. You should head to the city that sits before giant windmills.'

    You receive an Erudin Prayer Bead.

    Head to Ak'Anon and find Lewis Reldnok, a paladin guildmaster (/loc?).

    You say, 'Hail, Lewis Reldnok'

    Lewis Reldnok says 'Greetings High Elf! What can a brave and noble Paladin like I help you with? Are you possibly looking for a [blessed gem]?'

    You say, 'I am looking for a blessed gem.'

    Lewis Reldnok says 'So you're the one that we been hearing about. Excellent work so far ______. Helping Kemik out like you are brings pride to every Paladin on Norrath. Sit before me sir and you shall receive the holy gem of Ak`Anon.'

    Sit down.

    Lewis Reldnok says 'Here is the gem that will help you out. The final piece you seek is hidden in the vale.'

    You receive an Ak`anon Prayer Bead.

    Head to Rivervale and find Kaya Cloudfoot, a paladin guildmaster (-260, -312)?).

    You say, 'Hail, Kaya Cloudfoot'

    Kaya Cloudfoot says 'Hello there noble Paladin. We have been expecting you. Word has been traveling fast about the great deed you are doing to help Kemik out. You seek the final gem to that set of prayer beads you're making?'

    You say, 'Yes.'

    Kaya Cloudfoot says 'We halflings don't come across special gems every day ya know. A few seasons ago we happened to be preparing this huge feast for the mayor when a strange [visitor] happened to pass through the vale.'

    You say, 'What visitor?'

    Kaya Cloudfoot says 'He didn't stay long. Just long enough to have a bite and some drink and he continued his journey. Before he left he left a gem for the vale. None of us were expecting anything in return. We held onto it because we knew there was something [different about it].'

    You say, 'What was different about it?'

    Kaya Cloudfoot says 'I think your eyes should see for themselves. Take this note over to Cheel. He will give you the precious gem of ours. Good luck with your journey ______.'

    You receive a Note from Kaya. Find Deputy Cheel inside the bank at 105, -148, 5.75 and give him the note.

    Deputy Cheel says 'The note looks in order. Here you go ______. I would be careful holding that out in sight around here though. You need to watch your back around the fool's gold.'

    You receive a Rivervale Prayer Bead. Combine the six beads in An Unfilled Set of Prayer Beads to craft A Set of Prayer Beads. Head back to Kemik in Natimbi and hand it in.

    As Kemik holds the prayer beads close to him, a blessing falls upon his body from the goddess Erollisi.

    Kemik Arulon says 'Thank you ______. Praying with these beads has cured me of my sickness. Now, all that is left to be done is for you to find my sister Anetal in Discord. I have received reports that she is being held in an area called Dranik Hollows. When you are ready, bring these prayer beads with you, gather up a few of your friends, and return to me. I will see about opening up a passageway for you to find her.'

    You get the beads back. Gather a group and make your way to Dranik's Hollows C, a.k.a. Murkglider Hive, an instance, which you may enter by hailing the usual expedition-giver, Grand Historian Gersh, who may be found in Dranik's Scar. You need to find and kill an undead rat named Muridae the Plagued, which may be found in a dead end off the second-to-last room on the map. It has two procs, Venomed Mist and Plagued Earth. Once it's dead, you will find Anetal on the ground behind where Muridae spawned. Give her A Set of Prayer Beads.

    It is reported that this step can be a bit buggy. If the Paladin doing their epic is unable to target Anetal to hand her the Prayer Beads it is suggested that they camp out then log back in as a potential fix.

    Anetal says 'Thank you ______, you are very compassionate. My brother must have sent you! Return to him, and he shall reward you. Goodbye, fair knight.'

    Head back to Kemik in Natimbi.

    You say, 'Hail, Kemik Arulon'

    Kemik Arulon says '______! I hear you have saved my sister Anetal! This is very good news indeed. You are truly a daring and compassionate knight. I do not have much to give you for a reward, but this might be valuable to you in your endeavors. Thank you again ______, and good luck to you, compassionate knight!'

    You receive a Token of Compassion.

    Rite of Chivalry

    This rite may only be completed after you have completed the Rite of Compassion.

    Head to the Southern Desert of Ro and find Instructor Maerceci at the LDoN camp at -135, -310.

    You say, 'Hail, Instructor Maerceci'

    Instructor Maercecl says '______! How I am glad to see you! Something grave has [happened] to a stundent of mine, Keelee Rayin'

    You say, 'What happened?'

    Instructor Maerceci says 'Keelee was gathering a few research components for different spells that I was going to create. She had visited a few locations in Deeper Guk and then was heading to Rujarkian to gather some items there. On her way through Oasis, she was attacked by a band of Orcs. ______, you must save her! I am not sure where she is currently, but I would begin by searching Oasis for her. Good luck, friend.'

    Gather a group (used to be a raid), buff up, and head to the northwest corner of the zone. Keelee Rayin is lying on the ground at 4775, -665, near one of the LDoN entrances.

    You say, 'Hail, Keelee Rayin'

    Keelee Rayin says '______!! Watch out, there are aggressive orcs here! Be careful. . .Aiiiieeeeeeeeee'

    This triggers a ring event that you and you alone must win within a certain number of minutes (how many mobs in how many minutes?). An untargetable version of Remal the Black spawns along with four waves of four orcs who will attack you, each hitting for 100-600 and each leashed. The waves are timed, so kill them quickly before the next wave spawns. Try to conserve your Lay On Hands and disciplines for late in the fight. Once the event starts, no one else is allowed to help you in any fashion at all: no spells, bard songs, etc., and if anyone else gets too close, they will be teleported into the water by the docks. If you get too far away for more than about 15 seconds, the event will stop and you will have to wait for Keelee to respawn in 25 minutes.

    Once you are done with the solo part, Keelee and Remal will despawn. A targetable version of Remal the Black eventually spawns at 2928.39, -2040.68, east of the entrance to Takish-Hiz near the shoreline.

    A mystical portal is formed. Keelee and Remal dissappear.

    Keelee shouts, 'Help me, I'm at some orc camp, help please!'

    They respawn at the orc camp in the southeast corner of what used to be the Oasis, now north of the middle of the zone (/loc?). If your raid is here and waiting, they can immediately attack. Remal the Black procs Black Plague and Venomed Mist, AE rampages, and hits for 1500-2800. He is very fire resistant but can be slowed. If you wipe, he has been known to remain up for up to two hours, so you can try again. Once he's dead:

    You say, 'Hail, Keelee Rayin'

    Keelee Rayin says '______! You are my savior. Thank you very much for saving me. Here is my Brooch, take it as a symbol of friendship from me to you. I need to depart. I still have some collecting to do.'

    You receive Keelee's Brooch. A chest may spawn with additional loot. Take the brooch back to Instructor Maerceci.

    Instructor Maerceci says 'Oh my, this brooch is from Keelee? You have saved her? That is great news! Thank you so much for your help, chivalrous knight, for without it Keelee would have not been safe. Take this as a token of my appreciation.'

    You receive a Token of Chivalry.

    Rite of Heroism

    This rite may only be completed after you have completed the Rite of Cleansing.

    Find Duram Firechaser in Nedaria's Landing outside partly constructed building across from the mill(+1405, -251?).

    You say, 'Hail, Duram Firechaser'

    Duram Firechaser says 'Hail to you, ______. I see you are a knight. Do you happen to be on a [quest of truth]?'

    You say, 'I am on a quest of truth.'

    Duram Firechaser says 'Perhaps you can assist me, then. My sister, Pashia, is a Wayfarer just as I am. She is very bold, however, and ends up getting herself in a lot of trouble quite a bit. This time, she has gotten herself into [deep trouble] and I'm not sure if anyone can help her.'

    You say, 'What deep trouble?'

    Duram Firechaser says 'Reports are coming in from the Wayfarer scouts that she has wandered off deep into Discord by herself. She is always reckless and it's frustrating; I care for her a lot, but she doesn't take anyone else's feelings into account when she does something like this. Well, I won't dwell on this much more. Here is what I wish for you to do. . .I would like you to find Pashia in Discord and escort her back to safety. Please be careful, the reports show that Discord is a very dangerous place. One last thing. . .if you find Pashia, tell her that [Duram wants you to come home]. Thank you, heroic knight!'

    Pashia Clouddancer lies injured in the Muramite Proving Grounds at -935, -1890.

    You say, 'Hail, Pashia Clouddancer'

    Pashia Clouddancer says 'Uuugh. . .'

    Clear the room behind her of adds, then:

    You say, 'Duram wants you to come home.'

    Pashia Clouddancer says 'Duram sent you? Unbelievable. Before I go anywhere, I need my sword back, it was taken from me earlier. That beast in there took it and knocked me down. . .he thought I was dead because I didn't move. Defeat him and bring me back my sword and I will leave with you.'

    Diad the Devourer spawns. He is level 73 and one-groupable. Once he's dead, loot Pashia's Sword and give it back to her.

    Pashia Clouddancer says 'My sword, you have brought it back to me. Thank you ______, you truly are heroic. Now, let us get out of here. I will [follow] you when you are ready.'

    You say, 'Follow me.'

    Pashia Clouddancer says 'Ok, let's get out of here!'

    Just like in a LDoN rescue adventure, you must protect and escort Pashia to the Wall of Slaughter zoneline. She will not fight with you, but will complain as you fight. If she does not get up to follow you, pull a mob or two on top of her and she will stand up to complain allowing you to proceed. Once you get to the walls of Slaughter Zoneline:

    You say, 'Hail, Pashia Clouddancer'

    Pashia Clouddancer says 'At last I am free again! Thank you so much for saving me from the horrors of this vile place. You have my gratitude. I can find my way out from here friend. Here take this [note] back to my brother. It should explain what good deed you have done for me today.'

    You say, 'I will take the note.'

    Pashia Clouddancer says 'Ok, here's the note for you. Thank you again!'

    You receive a Note from Pashia. Take it back to Duram.

    Duram Firechaser says '______! I see you have returned with a letter from Pashia. I am so glad to hear she is doing well. This letter states you slayed a beast and reclaimed Pashia's sword for her, that is truly honorable. This letter also states you escorted her out of a very dangerous area of Discord. . .you are truly heroic. Thank you so much for your assistance ______, here is your reward: a token of heroism.'

    You receive a Token of Heroism.

    The Final Stretch

    Once you have the Tokens of Cleansing (1st Rite), Compassion (2nd Rite), Chivalry (3rd Rite), and Heroism (4th Rite), find Inte Akera on the fourth island in the Plane of Sky (/loc?).

    You say, 'Hail, Inte Akera'

    Inte Akera says 'Excellent job ______, I see you have acquired all four tokens. You are now ready for the final two rites: The rite of loyalty and the rite of conviction. For these final two rites, your task is simple, yet very difficult to accomplish. The main commanders in the Muramite army, found in Anguish, are set on destroying Norrath. They have already attempted once to abduct me from this plane and use me for some dark purpose, and I feel that they are doing the same to other prominent residents of Norrath. You will need to head to Anguish and defeat them and bring back proof that this has been done. Once you have completed this task, I will give you the token of loyalty and the token of conviction, for your help in defending all of Norrath. May Prexus be with you, crusader.'

    The proof mentioned is the Globe of Discordant Energy, so you will need to pass the six raid trials of the Muramite Proving Grounds and proceed into the Citadel of Anguish. In there, kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, or kill Arch Magus Vangl, or kill Overlord Mata Muram, or finish Jelvan's ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, inside which you will find the globe.

    Give it to Inte Akera.

    Inte Akera says 'You have defeated the minions of Anguish and have exceeded my expectations, ______. You have proven yourself to be a powerful paladin and a savior of all of Norrath. These tokens are the embodiment of your virtues, ______. Take them and this scabbard and create your final sword. Place all of your tokens into this scabbard along with Redemption and forge the sword out of your own virtues. Today is a joyous day among paladins everywhere, for we have a new mentor lord protector among us.'

    You receive a Token of Loyalty, a Token of Conviction, and a Scabbard of the Righteous, an 8-slot container. Combine the six tokens with your Redemption in the scabbard:

    As you combine all six tokens in the scabbard with Redemption, you feel a tugging at your soul. An energy flows through you as you feel the virtues of your inner self being tugged and tempered into the weapon. For a second you feel drained, but now that feeling has subsided. A final flash of light occurs and a new sword is tempered; Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant.

    You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

    You also receive 10 AAs and access to your 2.0 epic title, "Valiant."

    Task List:

    1. Halls of Honor: Irak Altil: "what long journey"
    2. North Felwithe: Galrun Starforge: "explained" (get bag)
    3. Great Faydark: Guard Highmoon -2005, -2350
    4. Lesser Faydar: Teir' Dal camp -900 1110, loot TEir' Dal Blood Pact
    5. Butcherblock Mountains: Guard Mandin 175, -345, at nightime go to chessboard area and kill Signus Boran , Kill Vampire that then spawns
    6. Great Faydard: Guard Fayfear, hail...
    7. Crushbone: throne room: kill Orc Messenger, loot plans
    8. *** Bring Mana Battery - Class six*** Steamfront Mountains: Bigilam Wantilans -1695 480, hail
    9. combine heart from 8, plans from 7, blood pact from 4, fangs from 5 in Galrun's bag from 2
    10. North Felwithe: Galrun: give bag
    11. 10 people in raid in Felwithe, say "i am ready to fight valdoon"
    12. Mistmoore Catacombs: Raid, kill Valdoon and loot heart
    13. North Felwithe: Give heart to Galrun, get Token of Cleansing
    14. Natimbi: Kemik Arulon, -910 -1615, hail
    15. North Qeynos: Camlend Serbold -205 -680, "kemik arulon needs curing" (get container)
    16. North Qeynos: Ziska Ironforge 50 60, hail, give 500, get bead
    17. West Freeport: Arem Ulosia in Temple of Marr, hail, "camlend serbold sent me", "what special gems", go upstairs and loot Freeport Prayer Bead from the top desk at +135, +385
    18. North Felwithe, General Jyleel in paladin guild, "do you have a special gem", give him 1000pp, give him 500pp Receive Felwither Prayer Bead
    19. *** Brew Double Brewed Dry Stout *** North Kaladim: Datur Nightseer paladin guild, "do you have a Kaladim Prayer Bead", give him stout, receive bead
    20. *** summoned Quiver of Marr from magiacians *** Rathe Mountains: Shin Master Grubbus paladin guildmaster, "Do you have any prayer beads", give quiver, get bead
    21. *** 2 iron rations, 2 meads *** Erudin: Reklon Gnallen, "i seek a rare gem", hand in rations&mead, receive bead
    22. Ak'Anon: Lewis Reldnok paladin guild, "I am looking for a blessed gem", sit down, get bead
    23. Riverdale: Kaya Bloudfoot paladin guild, hail follow dialog, receive note
    24. Riverdale, Deputy Cheel inside the bank, give him note, get bead
    25. Natimbi: combine the beads, give to Kemik, get beads back
    26. Dranik Scar: Grand Historian Gersh, hail and get expedition to Dranik's Hollow C (murkglider hive)
    27. Dranik's Hollow C: Kill Muridae the Plagued, hail Anetal (behind Muridae), give beads
    28. Natimbi: Hail Kemik Arulon, get Token of Compassion
    29. Southern Desert of Ro: Instructor Maerceci -135, -310, Hail follow dialog
    30. Southern Desert of Ro: Keelee Rayin 4775, -665, hail/dialog and do ring event solo, go to Remal the Black 2928.39, -2040.68, kill him (fire resistant), hail Keelee, get Brooch
    31. Southern Desert of Ro: Instructor Maerceci -135, -310, give Brooch, get Token of Chivalry
    32. Nedaria's Landing: Duram Firechaser, hail/dialog
    33. Muramite Proving Grounds: Pashia Clouddancer -935, -1890, clear room behind her, "Duram wants you to come home" kill Diad the Devourer, loot sword, give sword to Pashia, protect her to WoS zoneline then hail, dialog and get note.
    33. Nedaria's Landing: Duram Firechaser, give note, get Token of Heroism
    34. Plane of Sky 4th Island: Inte Akera, give Globe of Discordant Energy, get Token of Loyalty, Token of Conviction, Scabbard of the Righteous, combine six tokens and redemption, get 2.0
    Reward: Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant