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Quests for Grimling Forest

Acrylia Ore Samples (Normal): At the end of the previous quest, Prospector Keykis mentioned "the wealth of possibilities."

You say, 'What wealth of possibilities?'

Prospector Keykis says, 'Yes. I'm sure you already know the value of the ore. With the war against the Grimlings going so well, I've been sent to sample the purity of the remaining ore. Unfortunately, I'm not a warrior and it's almost impossible to retrieve the [samples] I need.'

You say, 'What samples?'

Prospector Keykis says, 'I need a range of samples from within the mine. Six should be enough. Actually ... would you mind getting the samples for me? Please? Here's a chest for you to carry them in.'

You receive a Prospector`s Sample Chest. Find 6 Acrylia Ore Fragments and combine them in the chest to create a Loaded Sample Chest. Give this to Prospector Keykis.

You receive 300 pp, positive faction with the VahShir Crusaders, and some experience.
Agent Tiesh's Old Books (Normal): Agent Tiesh may be found at +1200, -1000. He spawns once the wars have been completed.

You say, 'Hail, Agent Tiesh'

Agent Tiesh says 'Ahh...yes, I've read reports about you. Always showing up here and there across Luclin. Not always under the best circumstances though, eh? No matter. I need someone who can get [things done]. I'm not looking for a saint.'

You say, 'Get what things done?'

Agent Tiesh says 'I've been collecting information on the Grimlings and a disturbing pattern is emerging. Although the military-minded Vah Shir are focused on the Grimling battle strength, I fear there is something else growing in the [dark depths] of those caverns.'

You say, 'What dark depths?

Agent Tiesh says 'There is a legend of a Vah Shir name Khati Sha. He was one of my people's first great heroes. An explorer and leader, he mysteriously disappeared long ago. I have the unsettling feeling that this war will uncover the [secret] of his disappearance.'

You say, 'What secret?'

Agent Tiesh says 'I believe that Khati Sha is somehow wrapped up in the past and present of the Grimlings. There are tales of a 'Legend of Lies' amongst the common Grimlings...a secret history kept by their elite. If you are willing to help, go into the deep caverns and search out this text. If we can find it, we may be able to unravel the truth of the Grimling past.'

Legend of Lies drops from named grimlings throughout Acrylia Caverns. Bring it back to him.

Agent Tiesh says 'This is disturbing. Is there no corner of place or time that the Shissar have not tainted? I must know more. The Vah Shir people must know the truth of their [hero].'

He hands you back the Legend of Lies.

You say, 'Hero?'

Agent Tiesh says 'I must try and collate this legend with the rest of the information. I must ask you an enormous favor. Will you go and search for more information? I can give you no better direction but to hunt the snake men. The text of 'ledgers and testaments'...perhaps the Shissar have some record of the event. Take this [summary scroll].'

You say 'Summary scroll?'

Agent Tiesh says 'It has a magic on it that will encode any text put into it, hiding meaning in confusion. See if you can track down the answers we need. Return to me when you have sealed the scroll, when you've found all the answers you can. I fear, however, that the final answer may only be found when we find Khati Sha himself...or whatever remains of him.'

He gives you the Summary Scroll 4-Slot container. You must have the Ledger of Lies in your inventory for him to respond to this prompt.

Testament of Night drops from Shissar Assassin in Ssraeshza Temple, Ledger of Pain drops from The Shissar Magister in Ssraeshza Temple, while Mnemonic of Khati Sha drops from Khati Sha the Twisted himself (the final boss in Acrylia Caverns).

Combine the four books in the Summary Scroll to craft Sealed Summary Scroll. Hand the sealed scroll in to Agent Tiesh for your reward.

Agent Tiesh says 'Truly incredible, . I only wish that this was just a legend. The war pales in comparison to this treachery. There is too much truth here, too much danger. I fear I've made Luclin an unsafe place for you now. Here, take this as some small consolation. And know you will always have one stalwart ally to call. Good Luck,'

Your faction standing with VahShir Crusaders has been adjusted by 20. Reward: Fused Mnemonic of Khati Sha

Captain Necin's Challenge (Removed): You say, 'Hail, Captain Necin'

Captain Necin says 'Hello, Illia. I'm looking for an accomplished soldier to help me carry out a very dangerous mission. If you know of one please have them report to me at once.'

You say, 'I am an accomplished soldier.'

Captain Necin says 'Very well, acquire a chest of valor and fill it with the medals you receive from scouts Husman, Danarin, and Derin. Give me the resulting soldier's chest and I will reveal the details of my mission.'

The chest of valor can be purchased at the nearby vendor. The medals are the results of the Scout's Raid quests. Combining these medals in the chest of valor produces the Soldier's Chest. On handing this in:

Captain Necin says 'Take this map and study it carefully. The mission we are preparing to embark upon will make your previous raids seem like child's play. Many friendly forces will need to help us to achieve our objectives. Two dozen soldiers as powerful as me to be exact. When you have selected and briefed the troops that will carry out the offensive, give me the map and I will lead the assault.'

He hand you a Map of Grimling Forest. Handing it back to Captain Necin will initiate a raid on two Grimling camps.

More info needed. Reward: Vambraces of Living Shadow

Danarin's Raid (Removed): This is the OLD version of the Grimling War quest series which is no longer available on live servers.

This is one of 4 or 5 quests which results in a key for entry into the castle area of Acrylia Caverns. It is designed for a group of about 10 Level 40 players.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Danarin'

Scout Danarin says 'Hello Illia, welcome to the front lines of our war against the bastard grimlings. As I'm sure you know, we Vah Shir shun violence, but with this enemy there is no other way. Let me know if you'd like to see some action.'

You say, 'I would like to see some action.'

Scout Danarin smiles, 'I can escort you to a camp rich with enemies. With my help you can take possession of their camp. They'll try desperately to reclaim their lost territory and, if we're lucky, an officer will show up. You'll want to bring about ten soldiers as powerful as me. When you're all here and ready for battle, give me a marbled acrylia sphere.'

The sphere can be bought from Shopkeeper Chirrin in one of the huts in the Val Shir outpost for 72p. Handing Scout Danarin the sphere will have him respawn with weapons, and lead you to the camp.

Scout Danarin says 'May the spirits guide us Bobbybick. Now summon your friends and all the courage you possess, this won't be easy.'

Follow Scout Danarin across the bridge towards the grimling camp.

Scout Danarin says 'As we approach the camp it's important that we remain silent. I'm sure you're aware of the advantages we gain with the element of surprise.'

Continue westward, following the Scout to the camp he chooses at random.

Scout Danarin says 'Here we are, now half of you stay here with me and the other half quietly swing around to the ledge south of the camp. Make your final preparations and wait for my command. It is vitally important that I stay alive, the camp will fall to the grimlings if I am slain. Fight well friends.'

Scout Danarin shouts 'For the honor of the Vah Shir, Attack!'

You must keep Scout Danarin alive in order to complete the quest. After the initial attack, you'll need to continually fight off waves of grimlings before the Grimling Officer will eventually appear. Be warned that the Grimling Officer is stronger than the others and cannot be stunned, mesmerized or the like.

NOTE: The "a grimling officer" appears to be completely random as to how long he will take to spawn. He will eventually pop inside one of the waves of grimlings that charge the camp but we saw it take anywhere from 2 to 40 waves.

Kill the grimling officer and loot "Grimling Officer's Tooth" from him, hand this in to Scout Danarin to finish the assault.

Scout Danarin says 'Congratulations Bobbybick, this medal signifies that you have successfully completed a raid on this encampment. Continue conducting missions like this and we're certain to prevail over the enemy. Leave now, as this place will fall again into the hands of the enemy. May the spirits grant you good fortune!'

He gives you the "Silver Lined Copper Medal of War" and walks back to the Vah Shir base camp. Reward: Desecrated Platemail Vambraces
Reward: Desecrated Two Handed Sword
Reward: Desecrated Spiked Wristband
Reward: Staff of the Horde
Reward: Mangy Fur Bracer
Reward: Desecrated Platemail Greaves
Reward: Desecrated Crown
Reward: Breastplate of Living Shadow
Reward: Greaves of Living Shadow
Reward: Silver Lined Copper Medal of War

Derrin's Raid (Removed): This is the OLD version of the Grimling War quest series which is no longer available on live servers.

This is one of 4 or 5 quests which results in a key for entry into the castle area of Acrylia Caverns. It is designed for a group of about 12 Level 40 players.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Derrin'

Scout Derrin says 'Greetings Illia, what brings you to the battlegrounds? Looking to raid a grimling camp perhaps?

You say, 'I would like to raid a grimling camp'

Scout Derrin says 'I can lead a dozen men of my strength on a raid against a well fortified grimling encampment. It's a risky mission, but one that has the potential to yield substantial rewards. If you have the manpower and the courage, give me a glowing acrylia sphere and we'll get started.

The sphere can be bought from Shopkeeper Chirrin in one of the huts in the Val Shir outpost for 100p. Handing Scout Derrin the sphere will have him respawn with weapons, and lead you to the camp.

Scout Derrin says 'Draw your best weapons, memorize your most deadly spells and cast your best enhancements. Prepare yourselves for a fierce battle!'

Follow Scout Derrin across the bridge towards the grimling camp. He will pick a camp at random and walk towards it.

Scout Derrin says 'Follow me closely, we cannot afford for anyone to get lost.'

Continue westward following the Scout to the grimling camp.

Scout Derrin says 'I must survive this invasion in order for it to be successful. Stay alert and make certain that I do not perish! When you are ready to bring our invasion to a close hand me the eye of an officer.'

Scout Derrin says 'The target camp is just over this ridge to the west. Half of you stay here and make your last minute preparations. Listen, and when you hear my command, charge the camp. The other half of you follow me now.'

You must keep Scout Derrin alive in order to complete the quest. After the initial attack, you'll need to continually fight off waves of grimlings before the Grimling Officer will eventually appear. Be warned that the Grimling Officer is stronger than the others and cannot be stunned, mesmerized or the like.

NOTE: The "a grimling officer" appears to be completely random as to how long he will take to spawn. He will eventually pop inside one of the waves of grimlings that charge the camp but we saw it take anywhere from 2 to 40 waves.

Kill the grimling officer and loot "Grimling Officer's Eye" from him, hand this in to Scout Derrin to finish the assault.

Scout Derrin says 'Excellent! Completing a raid upon this encampment is a feat to be proud of. May this medal dispell all doubt that you have indeed accomplished this feat. I advise you to leave now, as this area will surely be taken over by the enemy at any moment.'

He gives you the "Gold Lined Copper Medal of War" and walks back to the Vah Shir base camp. Reward: Acrylia Inlaid Wooden Staff
Reward: Carved Bark Mask
Reward: Charred Bone Ring
Reward: Bracer of Living Shadow
Reward: Gauntlets of Living Shadow
Reward: Dirk of the High Grimling
Reward: Small Twisted Stave
Reward: Ornate War Totem
Reward: Claw of the Horde
Reward: Primitive Clay Medicine Totem
Reward: Gold Lined Copper Medal of War

General's Challenge (Removed): You say, 'Hail, General Staginar'

General Staginar says 'Greetings, ______. Are you here to serve in the war against the grimling horde?

You say, 'I will serve in the war'

General Staginar says 'As you probably know, we've been battling the grunts for nearly a generation now. They have proven to be a challenging opponent. We've inflicted great casualties upon their kind in this war, yet somehow, they seem to grow even more numerous. Barring some miracle, they will become a serious threat to Shar Vahl very soon. One remaining strategy has a chance of bringing us victory, but none have met the requirements for its implementation.

You say, 'What requirements?'

General Staginar says 'Our intelligence has provided us with some information about the enemy. They blindly follow a being they refer to as 'the master'. Our high spiritists have sensed a powerful presence from the caverns beyond our mines, but only those who possess a special key can venture there. None who have obtained the key and ventured into the caverns have been seen alive again.

You say, 'What special key?'

General Staginar says 'The grimling high commander holds half of a magical acrylia obelisk that will transport the wielder to their master's stronghold. I have slain the high commander who held the other half of the obelisk and I have the knowledge of it's construction. I will only give it to one who has proven to be a powerful soldier, for nothing less would stand a chance against the enemy ruler.'

You say, 'What high commander'

General Staginar says 'The grimling high commander will only appear if their compound to the north is overrun. There are two encampments near the compound that will need to be invaded as well in order to secure the area. It is a very complex mission and I will only authorize you to lead it if you have demonstrated competence. Serve our people by successfully completing the lesser raids here in the forest. Bring me the Golden Medal of the Shar Vahl as proof of your prowess, or, if you are already at least as powerful as I am, there is another test that will give me confidence in your abilities.'

You say, 'What test'

General Staginar says 'If you are less experienced than I am, performing this task will gain you nothing. With that in mind, take this box and venture through the mines and into the caverns. Combine in it Gooplart's tooth, Gizgargank's scalp, Grikplag's skull, Gnildaria's eye, Gnerpokkel's heart, Gilgaplank's toes, the husk of the summoned burrower, and the shackles of a Vah Shir captive. Return to me with the Box of the Hero of Shar Vahl and I will send a team of our veterans to escort you into battle.'

You get a Box of the General's Challenge (8-slot container)

This is the "short circuit" quest, for higher level players who do not wish to complete the series of raids which comprise the Grimling War in Grimling Forest. By retrieving these items from the named Grimlings inside Acrylia you prove your strength in return for continuing to the portion of the quest which takes place in Acrylia Caverns.

Combining the following items in the container produces a Box of the Hero of Shar Vahl:

Gilgaplank's Toes
Gizgargank's scalp
Gnerpokkel's Heart
Gnildaria's Eye
Grikplag's Skull
Husk of the Summoned Burrower
Shackles of a Vah Shir Captive

(Turn-in dialogues needed.) Reward: Medallion of the Hero of Shar Vahl

Husman's Raid (Removed): This quest is no longer active after the Grimling Forest revamp during the summer of 2003. The mini-wars in the various Grimling camps are still active and still result in the Copper Medal of War for the Beastlord epic.

This is one of 4 or 5 quests which result in a key for entry into the Castle area of Acrylia Caverns.

You say, 'Hail, Scout Husman'

Scout Husman says 'Greetings, ______. Are you [here to help]? You've no doubt heard of the issues with the Grimlings throughout the forest. I fear we may not be able to push them back enough this time to keep our people safe from the dastardly deeds of those vile things. Reports have come in that they may be trying to come at us from the North. While it wouldn't be unheard of, such a move might prove to be a decoy for other attacks coming from the West.'

You say, 'I am here to help.'

Scout Husman says 'I'm glad to hear it. From our reports, they have a rather small group of soldiers North of here, comprising of two encampments not far from each other. We must begin pushing the Grimlings back to their mines so they cannot continue to have a stronghold in this area. For now, you must gather together a group of soldiers to venture with you to help us clear one of the camps out. When you are [ready to go], inform me of such and I will lead you to the camp where you can make preparations for battle.'

You say, 'I am ready to go.'

Scout Husman says 'Right, then. We'll be making our way to, what we believe, is their number one camp, leading the way for the other camp northward down to us. Make sure you have everyone with you, we'll be making our way to the camp in just a minute.'

After a minute he runs to the site.

Scout Husman says 'Here we are, at their primary camp to the direct North of our outpost. It is up to you to clear the camp of these worrisome Grimlings so we can help to push them back into those wretched mines. They'll likely use the hills behind those huts as cover for their casters, but be sure to clear out those in the huts first, as they will no doubt be more trouble than you are expecting. Also, watch out for any officers, as they can cause more problems still if you're not careful. When you are [ready to start], let me know and I will let you loose to wreak havoc on the Grimlings of that camp.'

In yellow:

Your primary objective is to eliminate the main force of the camp and then assault the casters on the hills afterward. Good luck!

Once you're ready:

You say, 'I am ready to start.'

Scout Husman says 'Now is the time, my friends, to prove yourselves in the thick of battle! Charge to the enemy and leave no Grimling standing!'

Kill all the mobs in the camp and the spellcasters on the hill come active. Kill those until the boss spawns at the campfire. Kill him and collect your loots. Make sure you keep Scout Husman alive in order to collect.

You have slain Arcanist Ukigit!

Other mobs encountered:

grimling gruntling
grimling corpsecaller
grimling painsoother
grimling spiritchanter


All of the gruntlings drop Captured Grimling Document I.

Arcanist Ukigit dropped:

[Wed Jan 11 09:02:52 2012] --You have looted a Desecrated Spiked Wristband.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:02:55 2012] --You have looted a Bloody Stone Dagger.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:02:59 2012] --You have looted a Copper Medal of War.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:05 2012] --You have looted a Short Sword of the Horde.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:13 2012] --You have looted a Grimling Officer Toes.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:16 2012] --You have looted a Complex Velium Silvered Rune.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:17 2012] --You have looted a Thick Silk.--
[Wed Jan 11 09:03:18 2012] --You have looted a Crude Animal Pelt.--

Do you still need a Polished Acrylia Sphere (or the other spheres) at some point? If so, when? Reward: Woven Bark Gloves
Reward: Bag of Bone Dust
Reward: Desecrated Spiked Wristband
Reward: Mangy Fur Mantle
Reward: Captured Grimling Document I
Reward: Hammer of the Horde
Reward: Short Sword of the Horde

Kill the Grimling Leaders (Normal): [The Vah Shir must have taken the town in the north for Major Ehmdish to spawn.]

Major Ehmdish regards you indifferently -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

You say, 'Hail, Major Ehmdish'

Major Ehmdish says 'I have no time. The Grimling counterattack may come at any moment. We live in danger].'

You say, 'What danger?'

Major Ehmdish says 'Of course! You're standing in a Grimling town, Wrye. This isn't Shar Vahl. My only hope is that we can press our advantage here and strike a truly [lethal blow] to these vermin.'

You say, 'I will deal a lethal blow.'

Major Ehmdish says 'Yes, we must strike at the heart of the Grimling horde. Apparently the day to day leadership duties are divided between four Grimling leaders. Unfortunately, we don't know their names or where to find them. But you look resourceful. Here. Take this chest. If you can fill it with the heads of the four leaders, you will have the thanks of Shar Vahl. . .the golden thanks.'

[He hands you a "Wax-Sealed Trunk." The grimling leaders are all uncommon spawns in the four dead end rooms of the mines in Grimling Forest, one in each. They drop their head every time, along with a weapon of the horde or grunt, and another piece of okay loot. Their names are: Highpriest Giplish, Spiritmaster Ugreth, Spymaster Gephes, and Corrupter Ahgra. Each is somewhere between level 45 and 50 and underconned. Expect to spend an hour per grimling leader. Combine the four heads in the trunk.]

You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

[Give the trunk to Major Ehmdish.]

Major Ehmdish says 'Ha! It's heavy! A sign of your success, no doubt. What a glorious tribute this will make. Here, take this as some small payment for your effort. Continue to fight the good fight, Wrye.'

Your faction standing with VahShir Crusaders got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 300 platinum.

[It may be possible that pure casters receive a different reward.]

Need current dialogues and faction hits (if any), /loc of quest mobs, quest items involved, prerequisites to get this quest (if any), and more information in general. Reward: Grimling Thrasher

Pristine Acrylia Shards (Normal): Prospector Keykis spawns in Grimling Forest near the cave to Tenebrous Mountains only after the successful completion of all of General Staginar's raids.

You say 'Hail Prospector Keykis.'

Prospector Keykis says 'Oh, hello! Are you busy at the moment...I need a [quick favor].'

You say 'Quick favor?'

Prospector Keykis says 'With your prowess, this task shouldn't be too difficult. A bit time consuming maybe, but worth the effort. I need ore samples from deep within the mountain .. from Acrylia Caverns itself. Now, I'm looking for a specific form of the ore .. pristine shards. The Grimlings of the caverns apparently use these as money so you'll no doubt have an easier time finding the shards on ...ahem...them. But you have to be [careful].'

You say 'Why careful?'

Prospector Keykis says 'Well, no one outside the caverns has actually ever seen a pristine shard. And I'd like to keep it that way. Take this staff and put the samples in it. It has secret compartments in it that should hold the eight shards I'm after. Return it to me and I'll make it well worth your while.'

At this point he gives you an 8-slot container Compartmented Staff to be filled. The shards are random drops form any grimling in Acrylia Caverns. Combine eight of them in Compartmented Staff and give it back to Keykis.

Prospector Keykis says 'Yes...exactly whay I was after. On the down side, such a pure source of Acrylia will no doubt fuel this war further. But, on the up side, there's a lot of profit to be made. Thank you, Sharrien. Here, this should give you a taste of the wealth of possibilities. Ha!'

He then gives you 750pp and a nice little chunk of experience.
Vah Shir Officer's Cloak (#6) (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Captain Darznel'

Captain Darznel says 'Well met, friend. May I be of assistance?'

Hand him the form given to you from General Avilah after completing the quest for your Garrison Cloak.

Captain Darznel says 'Let's see, yes... yes... It looks like you signed everything in the correct spot. That can only mean that you're not only brave, but you have some wits as well. If you have all of your teeth and can stand on one leg until the count of five, I think we can make use of you.'

Captain Darznel says 'Take this Polished Acrylia Sphere and give it to Scout Husman. He's been leading raiding parties against the grunt camps. Adventures are great, but we need a real soldier to assist him this time. Perhaps we will get better results with your help.'

Captain Darznel says 'After you complete that raid, please go with Scouts Danarin and Derrin. Once you secure those camps, bring me any grimling intelligence reports or documents that you may have found. Place the documents and your Garrison Cloak in this bag and bring them back to me. Complete this task and you may even get a promotion.'

Captain Darznel gives you a 4-slot box and a Polished Acrylia Sphere. Complete all three raids and loot the captured grimling documents dropped by each officer. Place captured grimling documents I, II and III plus your garrison cloak in the box and hit combine. Hand the result to Captain Darznel.

Captain Darznel says 'This documentation is a great start. Judging by the amount of material here, we'll be able to formulate a new battle within the week. it shouldn't take our linguists too long to decipher this scribble.'

Captain Darznel says 'I cannot help but think that your presence and leadership are what made those missions such wonderful successes. I have been authorized to give you a field promotion for your valor and bravery in combat. Your ability to lead was the keystone in the success of those engagements. Welcome to the rank of Garrison Officer, ______.'

He gives you a 2-slot container for the next series of raids and your Officer's Cloak. The old class-specific Officer's Cloaks are no longer given out.

Need all dialogues, /loc of quest mobs, faction hits if any, quest items, any missing quest information. Reward: Officer`s Cloak of Service