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Quests for Great Divide

Mining Picks (Normal): Relik may be found at -4900, -3510.

You say, 'Hail, Relik'

Relik says 'Huh? What are ya needin'? Speak up! I ain't got all day. Are you here to help out or just eat up valuable time chatting?'

You say, 'I am here to help.'

Relik says 'Ah, good. That's what I wanted to hear. We be needin' help with supplies. I been needin' pickheads for a while now but the minin' guild hasn't had the stock ta send 'em. We're gonna need ta improvise. I've seen the gashes left in rock after a shardwurm crawled over it and I think that be the thing we need. If ya can bring me four shardwurm claws, maybe I can rig 'em up into enough picks to keep us runnin' on time with our crystal mining.'

Loot 4 Shardwurm claws from various Shardwurm mobs. Give 4 Shardwurm claws to Relik.

Relik says 'Oh, yeah. That's strong, very strong. With these, we can make our shipment for this month. I gotta be thankin' ya properly. This be one of our best tools. Here, ya can swing a pick with us anytime, ______.'

Relik gives you a Coldain Velium-Pick.
You gain experience!!
Reward: Coldain Velium-Pick