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Quests for Erud's Crossing

Key to Marauder's Mire (Legends Only) (Normal): Erud's Crossing:
Ghost Ship at -1750 +930

Hail 'Idelia the Serene' (Doesn't exist on Live servers)

Idelia the Serene says 'Yes, hello. I am quite busy and afraid that I cannot... unless... do you know anything of the Marauder's Mire?'

You say, 'I wish to know about the Mire'

Idelia the Serene says 'You've not been to the Mire before, and I am afraid I am powerless to send you there without a
charged piece of this ancient relic. Perhaps you would like to be of some assistance to me in my quest.'

You say, 'I will assist you in your quest'

Idelia the Serene says 'Well, I have Jago leFar's notes on the day that he brought this curse back upon the world, but I am having trouble getting anything other than legend and lore about the day that Captains Vekeros and Dulein met in battle and created the Mire in the first place.'

You say, 'Who is Captain Vekeros'

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Erud's Crossing:
Find Captain Vekeros at -1218, +3352, -291 and say 'What ring?' (Doesn't respond on Live servers)
You get a "White Pearl Wedding Ring"

Butcherblock Mountain docks:
Faydwer Port Authority at +1060 +3015
Give "White Pearl Wedding Ring" to Vedico Windwisper. You get a "White Eyepatch".

Take the Boat (not Shuttle) to Ocean of Tears

Ocean of Tears:
Spectre Island at -1000 -7000
Kill a tortured revenant to get an "eyepatch gem" (TEMPORARY) Combine "White Eyepatch" and "eyepatch gem" in a Large or Deluxe Sewing Kit.
You get a "White Eyepatch" (Serpent Sight effect).

Kill a pirate sentry to get a black spirit (Doesn't drop)

Erud's Crossing:
Find Captain Vekeros -1218, +3352, -291
Give "White Eyepatch" to Captain Vekeros. You get a "captain's log entry".

Erud's Crossing:
Ghost Ship at -1750 +930
Give "captain's log entry" to Idelia the Serene. You get "a piece of a relic".

Put "a piece of a relic" in the black spirit and hit combine. You get "a charged relic fragment" (TEMPORARY) and "a piece of a relic" back. Give "a charged relic fragment" to Idelia to get transported to Maurader's Mire.

To exit the Mire, tell Idelia's sister 'I wish to go home'.

After this, if you kill enough mobs in Marauder's Mire, you will get good faction with Idelia the Serene and you can enter Mire by simply saying 'I wish to enter the Mire'.