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Quests for Elddar Forest

Elddar Corruption #1: Investigating the Elddar (Normal): This is the first group task in a series of three in which corruption among some Elddar elves is exposed. Completing this series of tasks will allow you to request the Corruption of Ro raid.

Find Shalowen the Pure in Elddar Forest at location -5, -127.

You say, 'Hail, Shalowen the Pure'

Shalowen the Pure says, 'Greetings _____, I am Shalowen the Pure. I often come here to pray for the [corrupted souls] that used to walk among us.'

You say, 'What corrupted souls?'

Shalowen the Pure says, 'Long ago there was a group of Elddar priests that would attend the temple with us. We are unsure of why they stopped coming around here. Would you be [interested in observing] them for me?'

You say, 'I would interested in observing them.'

You have been assigned the task 'Investigating the Elddar' (options are normal and hard difficulty).

Investigate the upper levels of the tree - Tunare's Shrine

When you zone in, you will be inside a tree. There is a spiral staircase that runs all along the edge of the tree. There are essentially five platforms inside this tree, each with 1 x "a priest of Ro" surrounded by multiple mobs, which can include "a corrupted warrior," "a corrupted cleric," "a corrupted druid," "a corrupted enchanter," "a corrupted shadowstalker," etc. The mobs do not respawn and are non-KoS to begin with.

Since they are not aggressive, you can quickly run all the way to the top.

Search the chest for information about the corrupted elves - Tunare's Shrine

On the fifth platform is "a mystical chest," from which you must loot a Figurine of Ro (identifies as "An ancient figurine"), a 5-slot MEDIUM container. Once you loot it, all mobs respawn as KoS and some see invisible. The mobs have a fairly small aggro range, so you may be able to loot the figurine without getting attacked if you are careful. You can either keep your group at the top and kill your way down or keep them at the bottom and kill your way up.

Seek out the corrupted priests for answers - Tunare's Shrine

Kill each of the 5 x "a priest of Ro."

Recover the missing pieces from the figurine - Tunare's Shrine

Each priest drops a Stone of Corruption (identifies as "Carved from a figurine").

Place stones inside of the figurine - Tunare's Shrine

Combine the five stones in the figurine to craft a Restored Figurine of Ro (identifies as "An ancient figurine restored to power").

Return the figurine to Shalowen the Pure - The Elddar Forest

After the final turn-in, an old chest will spawn with additional loot. NOTE: In order to spawn the chest for the hard mission, it may be required for you to complete the easy version first... (details about this are sketchy...)

You have successfully observed the Elddar and returned to Shalowen with information about them. Speak with Shalowen for further instructions.

Possible Normal rewards
Headband of the Corrupted
Boots of the Tainted Soul
Club of the Corrupted Knight
Twisted Steel Katar

Hard rewards
Armguards of the Corrupted Mind

Random rare drops
Warped Pearl Bauble< Reward: Headband of the Corrupted
Reward: Armguards of the Corrupted Mind
Reward: Twisted Steel Katar
Reward: Club of the Corrupted Knight
Reward: Boots of the Tainted Soul
Reward: Warped Pearl Bauble